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  • 5 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses

      We can all agree that a beautiful pair of sunglasses always makes for a great fashion statement piece to elevate your outfit! That being said, if you think sunglasses were made to be merely a fashion accessory, think again. These pairs of shades were definitely invented for more than one good r... View Post
  • Wooden Sunglasses - 5 Reasons to Embrace the Trend

    Multiple trends for eyewear can be found, but this season’s popular pieces aren’t the usual bright-coloured accents, heavily-printed plastic pieces and the like; high street brands took a contrasting turn when it comes to designing for the new season. In an expected but slightly twisted turn, cr... View Post
  • Your Wooden Sunglasses Will Plant Trees In The Amazon

    The Amazon rainforest is in flames... Over the past few weeks, the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has been experiencing a rash of intensifying forest fires and Brazil has declared a state emergency for the region. More so, the number of wildfires recorded this year in Brazil is at 73,000, nearly dou... View Post
  • Top 5 Sunglasses Trends For Summer 2019

    With summer just around the corner, we've surfed the runways to bring you our top 5 favorite sunglasses styles for summer 2019. This year’s sunglasses trends draw a strong inspiration from the late '60s and  ‘90s, with bold shapes and geometric designs stealing the spotlight! Keep on reading so y... View Post