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  • Eco-friendly Products To Reduce Plastic Waste

    Posted at 3:00 • 24 March 2020 • Ray from Kraywoods In our day to day, we happen to produce so much plastic waste without even realizing. Plastic is found everywhere, in our homes, in grocery stores, in shopping stores, in the wrapped and packaged products we buy, etc. Whether ... View Post
  • What is Sustainable Fashion and Why it Matters

    Posted at 6:00 • 20 March 2020 • Chelsea from Kraywoods Sustainable Fashion – a term you’ve most probably heard of already, but not with enough importance. What is sustainable fashion and what does it mean? Sustainable fashion, a... View Post
  • Eco-Friendly Products We Love to Use

    Posted at 5:00 • 9 March 2020 • Chelsea from Kraywoods Have you ever thought of the environmental impact some of our actions and the products we buy and use can have on our planet? Many of the products we use on a daily basis can... View Post
  • Why is ebony tree called a million dollar tree? Know the facts!

    Posted at 3:00 • 11 March 2020 • Chelsea from Kraywoods It’s for good reason that the Ebony tree is called a million dollar tree. Ebony wood comes from Ebony trees. One of the most expensive woods in the world, it’s valued for its rich black colour and aesthetic appeal. Its ric... View Post