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  • Top 15 Cute Sunglasses Made From Bamboo and Wood

    Posted at 3:30 pm • 12 June 2020 • Chloe from Kraywoods Sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, pollution, dust, and other wind particles when we go out. They also help with visual clarity and comfort by preventing glar... View Post
  • What is the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses?

    Posted at 11:30 am • 10 July 2020 • Chloe from Kraywoods Both polarized and non-polarized sunglasses give you a dark shade on a bright sunny day, but the similarities between both ends here. Although polarized sunglasses offer man... View Post
  • Best Ways to Style Clubmaster Sunglasses for Men

    Posted at 1:30 pm • 07 July 2020 • Chloe from Kraywoods In the 1950s, the Browline Sunglasses were born and later came to be known as the famous Clubmaster sunglasses. The Clubmaster style is undeniably one of the most popular sun... View Post
  • 8 Reasons Why Vegan Fashion Is Trending in 2020

    Posted at 3:30 pm • 04 June 2020 • Chelsea from Kraywoods Over the years, fashion trends have been changing all around the world and continually evolving. Some trends stay for a few months, while others stay for a few years. In re... View Post