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    What to Do with Old Prescription Glasses?

    What to Do with Old Prescription Glasses?

    Old Prescription Glasses

    Updated 19 February 2024 • Chelsea from Kraywoods

    Are you in the market for a new pair of prescription glasses? As you shop for your next set of frames, it's important to think about what you'll do with your old glasses. Not only is it important to consider the environmental impact of disposing of them, but it's also crucial to ensure that your old glasses don't end up in the wrong hands.

    The most common question we ask ourselves is : What to do with old glasses? We'll take a look at various options for replacing your old prescription glasses in a responsible and sustainable way. From recycling programs to creative options, we'll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, whether you're searching for a stylish new pair of frames or just want to dispose of your old ones in an ethical way, read our helpful tips and suggestions.

    1. Recycle Your Prescription Glasses
    2. Donate Your Prescription Glasses
    3. Sell Your Prescription Glasses
    4. Gift Your Prescription Glasses
    5. Turn Your Prescription Glasses into Arts

    Trending Prescription Glasses

    Trending Prescription Glasses

    Are Your Prescription Glasses Old?

    It's important to remember that your vision can change over time and it's essential to keep your prescription glasses updated. Optometrists recommend updating your glasses every one to three years, in addition to getting a new vision exam and updated prescription. However, there are also signs your body can give you to indicate that it's time for a new pair of glasses:

    1. Do you get headaches more often than usual? Your glasses might not be providing the proper support for your vision.
    2. Are your eyes tired and fatigued even after a short period of time? It might be time for a new prescription.
    3. Are you constantly blinking? It could be a sign that your old glasses aren't doing their job correctly.
    4. Are things looking a little blurry? Time for a new pair of glasses that will help you see the world in all its crystal clear glory.

    Don't let your old prescription glasses hold you back from seeing the world in all its colorful, crisp, and clear beauty. Schedule an appointment with your optometrist and get ready to say hello to your new favourite accessory.

    How to Get Rid of Prescription Glasses

    The shift to remote work and increased screen time during the pandemic has led to a significant change in how individuals use technology on a daily basis. Statistics have shown that the global internet user now spends 6 hours and 58 minutes online across all devices. Many people are spending more time in front of screens for work, leisure, and communication, which can lead to eye strain, headaches, and other symptoms related to prolonged screen use. To combat these symptoms, many individuals have likely upgraded their prescription glasses or switched to blue light glasses. Many have upgraded their old prescription glasses to new ones that are better suited for prolonged screen use.

    However, with this change in technology and usage, many individuals may be left wondering what to do with old prescription glasses?

    1. Recycle Your Prescription Glasses

    Fashion trends come and go, but one thing that remains constant is the importance of recycling. When it comes to prescription glasses, many people make the mistake of throwing away their old frames when they no longer need them. But did you know that you can send your old glasses to recycling centers to help those in need?

    One organization leading the way in this effort is the Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (CLERC). With a network of collection boxes located in various public locations across Canada, including libraries, schools, optometrist offices, community centers, and Lions Club offices, CLERC is dedicated to providing recycled eyewear to people in developing countries free of charge.

    As of June 30, 2022, CLERC has sent a staggering 6,137,613 pairs of prescription glasses to those in need. So the next time you're ready to throw away your old frames, think about recycling them instead. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you'll also be giving the gift of clear vision to someone in need.

    Watch Below: CLERC Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre

    Recycling old glasses is a simple and effective way to reduce waste and help people in need. There are a few different ways to recycle glasses, depending on the condition and type of glasses you have. One of the easiest and most common ways to recycle glasses is to drop them off at a local collection point. Many optometrist offices, libraries, and community centers have designated collection boxes for used glasses. These glasses are then collected by organizations such as the CLERC, which clean, sort, and distribute the glasses to people in need around the world.

    Another way to recycle glasses is to mail them to a recycling organization. Some organizations will accept glasses through the mail and will either clean and distribute them or recycle the materials to make new glasses. If the glasses are not in good condition, they may be recycled into new materials, such as plastic or metal.

    To recycle your old glasses, start by cleaning them thoroughly and removing any lenses. Next, check to see if there are any local collection points near you. If not, look for organizations that accept glasses through the mail. By recycling your old glasses, you can make a difference in the lives of people in need and reduce waste in the environment.

    2. Donate Your Prescription Glasses

    Since we're talking about doing good for the environment and helping out those in need, another way for you to get rid of your cool looking prescription glasses is to donate them! Some charity shops will accept donations of sunglasses, prescription glasses, and even reading glasses. You can easily change lives with a simple act of kindness.

    According to OneSight, a nonprofit organization, over 1 billion people worldwide have vision loss and lack access to eye care. Therefore, imagine yourself giving someone the gift of better eyesight. So far, the organization has helped more than 9 million people in 46 countries. In addition, they have charitable clinics around the world where they accept donations.

    Although some glasses wearers might question the safety of this move, however, if you don't have any contagious diseases, it is perfectly safe to donate your prescription glasses frames. Of course, you should rub the lenses with alcohol before giving them away. But, you know you'll reduce environmental waste while improving someone else's life.

    Donating old glasses is a safe and responsible way to help those in need. Many non-profit organizations and charities accept donations of used eyeglasses, and these old glasses are then cleaned, repaired, and distributed to people in developing countries who cannot afford to purchase new glasses. It is important to ensure that the glasses are in good condition, free from scratches or damage, and current prescription. Choosing a reputable organization to donate to is also crucial to ensure the glasses reach those in need. By doing so, you can help provide the gift of sight to those who would otherwise not have access to eyeglasses.

    3. Sell Your Prescription Glasses

    You might not think of it as possible, but have you considered selling your cool looking prescription glasses? You'd be surprised by the number of buyers online who wouldn't mind going for used prescription glasses frames. So whether you're into oversized prescription or hipster glasses, a person might be interested.

    Better yet, you can fix your used glasses, contact your local thrift store, and ensure they're willing to take popular prescription glasses. Moreover, eBay is also a good place for you to sell old prescription glasses. Finally, you can inform people about your prescription or have your local optic store remove them, and should anyone wish to buy designer prescription glasses; you'll be a winner!

    If you're looking to sell old glasses, there are a few options you can consider.

    1. Online marketplaces: Websites like eBay and Amazon allow you to list and sell your glasses to a global audience.
    2. Local classifieds: Websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace allow you to sell your glasses to people in your local area.
    3. Second-hand shops: Many second-hand shops will buy used glasses in good condition.

    It is important to note that most of the above options may require that you clean and properly package the glasses before you sell them.

    4. Gift Your Prescription Glasses

    As we approach the finish line, it's essential to keep in mind that blue light glasses, reading glasses, and even prescription glasses frames are all about expressing your unique personality. These accessories can enhance any outfit and make you the envy of everyone around you.

    So, if you have a friend or loved one who wears prescription glasses and shares your style, why not surprise them with a fashionable pair of frames? Not only will they be thrilled with your thoughtful gift, but they'll also be making an environmentally conscious choice by not having to purchase a new glasses frame. Be the trendsetter and bring some style to your loved one's eyewear game!

    In summary, new and old glasses frames are a great way to express your individuality and add a touch of personal style to your everyday look. And by gifting a stylish pair of frames to a loved one, you'll be helping them look and see their best, and also contribute to a better environment.

    Gifting old prescription glasses

    5. Turn Your Prescription Glasses into Arts

    We're leaving our final solution to your creativity. Did you know you can turn your prescription glasses into an art project? That's correct; some people pick their brains and transform their oversized prescription glasses into a work of art. There's always a way for you to embrace the old by making them modern and new.

    So, have you ever considered painting your cheap prescription glasses? It will be as if you got yourself a new pair of cool looking prescription glasses. Better yet, people tend to go far and turn their best online prescription glasses into chandeliers to display! The idea may not seem very easy to believe, but it exists.

    Crystal Chandelier made from old Prescription Glasses at Southern Tier Optometry

    Are you tired of your plain, boring prescription glasses? Why not add a touch of creativity and turn them into a one-of-a-kind work of art? From painting them to creating a chandelier out of them, the possibilities are endless. It's time to embrace the old and make it new again. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. So why settle for ordinary glasses when you can make them extraordinary? Unleash your inner artist and transform your prescription glasses into a unique masterpiece.

    If you're willing to paint your next prescription glasses once they age, you might want to stick to metal framed glasses.

    Instead of leaving your old prescription glasses in the drawer of your nightstand, you know now that there are creative ways for you to get rid of your cool looking prescription glasses. You can even do the same with your reading glasses; it's a matter of helping the community and doing better for the environment.

    Watch Below: How to Make Plain Reading Glasses Colorful


    What to Do with Old Prescription Glasses?

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