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    How To Replace Nose Pads on Glasses
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    How To Replace Nose Pads on Glasses

    Updated on 4 October 2022 • Chelsea from Kraywoods

    If you're someone who wears glasses regularly, you've likely experienced the struggle of dealing with nose pads at some point. We've all been there - you put on your glasses and within minutes, the nose pads are digging in, leaving unsightly marks and making you want to take them off altogether. But fear not, there are ways to solve this pesky problem and make your glasses-wearing experience much more comfortable. Let's dive in!

    In case you didn’t know, nose pads secure and balance the weight of your prescription eyeglasses on your nose. So, with daily use and long-time wear, nose pads on glasses tend to become looser, uncomfortable and eventually wear off. Even their colours change too! If you’ve already experienced it, then you know how uncomfortable your glasses can be when this happens.

    Now, are you ready for the good news? You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new pair to fix them. A simple nose pad replacement can work its magic. You can have your glasses feeling like brand new all over again. Let's explore everything you need to know about glasses nose pads and how to choose the right ones for your glasses. You will also find out how you can replace nose pads on your glasses in these 7 simple steps:

    1. Wash your hands properly.
    2. Hold your eyeglasses and remove the screw.
    3. Insert the new nose pads into the mount of the frame.
    4. Use the magnet to attract the screw head.
    5. Bring the magnet to the screw hole and place the screw in the hole.
    6. Move the magnet horizontally and remove it from the screw head.
    7. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver gently.

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    Featured Glasses

    The Invention of Nose Pads

    When eyeglasses were first created, the nose took a lot of attention while making the final product. Research says that since the nose bridge separates the eyes, the glasses’ lenses have to be joined together. They were referred to as rivet spectacles. The mastermind behind the invention of glasses was Salvino D'Armati in Italy sometime around 1285 to 1289.

    In 1784, Benjamin Franklin first invented the side or temple pieces that rest on the ear and bifocals on the glass. By the 1800s, eyewear manufacturing started on a larger scale with a few styles. Different designs of glasses began to be created, considering factors like comfort, practicality and the hold of glass on the nose bridge. This was where nose pads became part of the standard design of eyeglasses.

    Nose pads are essential for a comfortable and optimal fit while wearing eyeglasses. They allow your glasses to have support and stay in the right place, all while reducing the pressure of the frame on the nose for a more comfortable fit. Without nose pads on your glasses, the metal frames can scratch your skin, and your glasses wouldn't be able to stay in place.

    Old reading glasses from the 18th century resting on old books

    When to Replace your Nose Pads

    When you eventually want to replace your nose pads, you have to be careful not to stain your lenses. So, clean your glasses regularly. Do you know the specific ways to do so? It's important to know the do's and don'ts of prescription glasses.

    Your nose pads need to be replaced after a certain time. If you started to notice some grime and dirt accumulating on your nose pads, you’ll know it’s time. Another indication for replacement is when your nose pads become too loose or turn too yellow.

    What do you think a small repair can do? A longer lifespan! Nose pads are very simple and easy to replace. They won’t cost you anything close to a new pair of glasses. They’re available at a very reasonable price in local optical shops, even online too!

    Old dirty yellow nose pads and their screws

    Choosing The Right Nose Pads

    Can you remove nose pads for glasses? Before going into the juicy steps on how to replace the nose pads on your glasses, we need to go over some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind. There are four main things you need to remember when you're looking to replace your nose pads. You need to choose the right type, shape, size and material of the nose pad for your glasses. Depending on the ones you have, the replacement method can vary slightly.

    First, there are three main types of nose pads to choose from:

    1. Screw-in
    2. Push-in
    3. Adhesive

    Second, there are several shapes of nose pads such as D-shaped, oval, button, teardrop, etc. You need to know which shape of the nose pad is most suitable for your frame. The easy way not to go wrong is to find a nose pad that is the same shape as what you already have installed on your metal glasses.

    Third, usually, nose pads are sized in millimetres. And, size is very important in any eyewear purchase. Just like the necessity of choosing the right glasses for your face shape, you need to know the right size of the nose pads. This measurement is taken from top to bottom. You can measure the nose pads you already have in order to know the appropriate size for replacement.

    Finally, nose pads are available in different materials. They can be made from silicone, glass, rubber, ceramic or other types of plastics. Generally, silicone nose pads are the most common as they offer great comfort, so, we recommend going for those.

    Once you've found out the type, shape, size and material of your desired nose pads, you're ready to purchase a new pair and replace them with your old ones. Let's see how to replace each type of nose pad.

    15 different styles and pairs of eyeglasses nose pads

    How to Replace Screw-in Nose Pads?

    Screw-in nose pads are the most common type in glasses. But their replacement can seem more complicated than others. Don’t worry, you know we got your back. We’ll make it easier for you to learn by going through the steps one by one. So, grab a pen, a paper and start writing the instructions:

    Here are the tools you will need:

    • A nose pads
    • A 1.0 mm flathead screwdriver
    • A magnet
    • An extra screw (in case of an emergency or if you lost the one in your glasses)

    Watch Below: How to Replace Nose Pads on Glasses

    Having problems finding them? You can now purchase a nose pad replacement kit which already includes all the tools you'll need! Phew, what a smart move, right?

    Now comes the moment of truth, here’s how to replace the nose-pads:

    1. Wash your hands properly.
    2. Hold your eyeglasses gently and remove the screw from the padded arm.  
    3. After you remove the old nose pad, insert the new ones carefully into the mount on the frame. The nose pad should line up with the screw hole.  
    4. While holding the nose pad in place, gently use the magnet to attract the screw head. Keep in mind that the screw needs to be vertical to the magnet so that the screw head gets stuck on it.  
    5. Bring the magnet to the screw hole and carefully place the screw to the hole.
    6. Move the magnet horizontally and remove it from the screw head carefully. Remember, you need to do these with steady hands; otherwise, the screw will come off.
    7. You have a loose screw head pointing upwards on your glasses. With the help of a screwdriver, tighten the screw gently.

    Et voila! Your eyeglasses are finally ready to be worn!

    step by step images about how to replace nose pads on eyeglasses

    How to Replace Push-in Nose Pads?

    Unlike screw-in nose pads, push-in nose pads for glasses are easier to replace as they require no extra hardware.

    For this type, the process is straightforward. All you need is to push the old nose pad off your glasses with your finger and snap on the new ones and your eyeglasses are ready!

    A push in a transparent nose pad for eyeglasses rested on a finger

    How to Replace Adhesive Nose Pads?

    What are adhesive nose pads? What are they for? Adhesive nose pads are used for glasses that don't come with nose pads. Yes, this can happen. They are generally used on acetate frames to provide additional comfort and to help keep the glasses from sliding down the nose.

    To use them, you have to peel away the back paper of the pad to reveal the sticky side, it’s like ripping off a band-aid! Then, stick the adhesive nose pad to the portion of the frame that rests on your nose and you are done!

    Can we offer you a fantastic tip that would come in handy? For your nose pads to sit comfortably, apply the adhesive pads closer to the top sides in case you have a skinny or narrow nose bridge.

    A picture of the self adhesive nose pads for eyeglasses placed on tortoiseshell acetate glasses

    Now that you know how to replace your nose pads, you can enjoy optimal comfort with glasses that feel like new ones for a long time! Remember, when replacing your nose pads, make sure to choose the right type, size, shape and material for your glasses. Otherwise, you may end up with a pair of misaligned frames and an uncomfortable fit.

    When it comes to glasses, the perfect fit is essential on all levels and we’re not just talking about the nose pads. You can even learn how to adjust your wooden sunglasses.


    How To Replace Nose Pads on Glasses

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