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    What Are Asian Fit Glasses or Low Bridge Glasses?
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    What Are Asian Fit Glasses or Low Bridge Glasses?

    Best Asian Fit or Low Bridge Glasses

    Updated on 29 September 2023 • Chloe from Kraywoods

    Have you loved a certain pair of glasses that fits well with your overall look and style, and after trying it on, you got utterly disappointed when it didn't fit quite right? These situations often happen because of your face shape, size, features and other factors.

    Eyewear trends are always on the move, which makes it only natural to want to update your glasses style every now and then! But what do you do when you can't seem to find the perfect fit? This may happen often if you have specific facial features such as a flatter nose bridge, higher cheekbones or a wider face. With the evolution of eyewear designs, you can now find what we call Asian Fit Glasses or Low Bridge Glasses. These glasses were designed with these specific facial features in mind, specifically for those of asian decent.

    We're sure you have plenty of questions if this is your first time reading about them:

    1. What Are Asian Fit Glasses Or Low Bridge Glasses?
    2. Who are Asian Fit Glasses For?
    3. Features of Asian Fit Glasses
    4. How Are Asian Fit Glasses Designed?
    5. Standard Fit Vs Asian Fit
    6. Best Asian Fit Glasses & Low Bridge Glasses


    What Are Asian Fit Glasses or Low Bridge Glasses?

    Whether it is sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses, the eyewear experience is being improved to the maximum. No matter what style, pattern or specific frames you choose, two things matter the most. Say it with us: comfort and fit to all people. For Asian descents, you may have trouble with eyewear frames as they are holding your head a little too tightly at the temples. After realizing this problem, slight adjustments to eyewear frames have been made.

    So, what are these glasses? They are used to describe glasses made for those with lower nose bridge. As a result, they are either called Asian fit glasses frames or low nose bridge glasses. How can you tell that you need these specific glasses frames? Just ask yourself these questions:

    • Do you have more flat facial features?
    • Do you have a rounder and wider face?
    • Do you have a low nose bridge and/or higher cheekbones?

    If your answer is yes to the questions above, then you should go for Asian fit glasses.

    Who Are Asian Fit Glasses For?

    Part of being human is to embrace your uniqueness. To each his/her own facial features, likes and dislikes and face shapes. What makes the world of eyewear so popular is how sunglasses or eyeglasses can be unique too. The main thing they advise you in any eyewear shop is to go for the pair that is close to your own lifestyle. There is no doubt that your face shape will be attached to a particular pair of eyewear. So, who are asian fit glasses or low bridge glasses for? Are Asian fit glasses only for Asians?

    1. Asian Features

    As the name suggests, if you are originally Asian or come from Asian descent, your facial features are different from those of other countries. These low bridge frames are the best for you. Many of the factors, which will be listed below, are not specifically for Asian people. Many with different ethnic backgrounds may have similar facial features and struggle to find a good pair of glasses. If you are Asian and have had trouble finding the right pair of eyewear, you might be searching wrong. Now you know which path to choose: Asian fit glasses.

    2. Lower Nose Bridge

    If your nose bridge is lower than the average one, then consider trying a pair of low bridge glasses. An easy test at home can help you to find out. First of all, your nose bridge refers to the hard part of your nose where it begins near your forehead, between your eyes. To know whether you have a low bridge, follow these simple instructions:

    • Stand in front of a mirror.
    • Utilize your finger to find the highest point of your nose bridge.
    • Notice if your finger sits above, in-line with or below your pupils.

    If it is in line with or below your pupils, this indicates that you have a low bridge! If your nose bridge is above your pupils, then it is an indication that you are good to go with traditional glasses. There is a reason why Asians fit are also known for lower nose bridge glasses.

    3. Wider Face

    Those who possess a lower nose bridge tend to be the ones who have broad faces. These people generally struggle with wearing regular glasses. They just simply don't fit well. Their wider faces make the traditional glasses become too narrow. The feeling can be totally uncomfortable. In addition to that, the reason why these glasses just don't fit well is because they often sit too high on their face. That's why they go for Asian fit glasses.

    4. Higher Cheekbones

    Like a wider face, higher cheekbones can be common among people. If that's the case, then with that comes a lower nose bridge. Having higher cheekbones can break the chance of wearing traditional fit sunglasses or eyeglasses. Eyewear sitting at the right point on the nose helps prevent the glasses from touching the cheeks. For many people, the fact that the glasses touch the cheeks is the number one cause of discomfort. They even dislike the way they look.

    Features of Asian Fit Glasses

    Do you know what makes a good pair of Asian fit prescription glasses and sunglasses? Frame, color and design. More importanly, we can move to the features of the Asian fit glasses or low bridge. So, what are the adjustments made to traditional eyewear that are exclusive for the Asian fit glasses?There are four different ways to make a couple of drinks more complimentary to individuals with lower nose bridge and higher cheeks.

    These are:

    1. Flattening the frame.
    2. Narrowing the nose bridge.
    3. Enlarging the nose pads.
    4. Adjusting the temple's curvature.

    Smoothing the casing can help reduce the heaviness of the glasses. Moreover, the other features work to make sure that the glasses can stay upright. The expansion and widespread of the modern eyewear market, into Asia and beyond, pushes the luxury brands and manufacturers to start their own Asian fit eyewear line. They are making sure to add the latest adjustments to classic frames and designs. How about those round glasses now?

    How are Asian Fit Glasses Designed?

    Even though the glasses are not limited to Asian people only, some unique designs of Asian fit glasses make a good pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses more comfortable than traditional ones. If you have a rounder face or more flat facial features, you might want to read below:

    1. Large Nose Pads:

    The Asian fit glasses come in a variety of styles. However, all of them have larger nose pads meaning the low bridge glasses sit at just the right height. Nose pads should be able to sit on the sides of the nose and not straightforwardly on the slope of the nose in the middle of the eyes.

    For those with a lower nose bridge and high cheekbones, the pads' increased surface area helps prevent annoying nose slippage. Especially if you have a nose that is less sharp and angular, don't worry you will have zero extra weight or tension.

    2. Adjustable Fit:

    When it comes to Asian fit glasses or low bridge, you can get a custom fit with adjustable nose pads. They can make a frame more suitable for those who have a lower nose bridge. If the Asian fit glasses frames are too loose, you can gently bend them inward for a tighter fit and vice versa. Fixing the nose pads in every direction based on your nose shape will definitely ensure comfort and style.

    Also, the brigde in shape of a keyhole can suit your face if you have a lower bridge on your nose. Keyhole glasses tend to sit higher on the face which is exactly what you need to prevent it from slipping. Make sure to get the best keyhole glasses for superior comfort and feel!

    3. Curved Temples:

    Normal glasses can be a pain: their straight temple closes mean they don't fit too correctly. Therefore, Asian fit glasses have outward curved temples for more comfort. They are slightly further apart at the temple tips than they are at the lenses. In other words, low nose birdge glasses provide more space and prevents them from rubbing against your cheekbones.

    4. Adjusted Lens Tilt:

    Frames are more comfortable when they don't rest on the cheeks or move when you smile. So, the lower nose bridge glasses feature lenses that tilt upward and away from your cheekbones. This will decrease movement while walking, talking and smiling. The Asian fit glasses are slightly angled so that their tops lean away from your face.

    Standard Fit VS Asian Fit

    When choosing a pair of men's or women's sunglasses, look for one that works perfectly with your facial features. In other words, you either go for a standard fit or Asian fit glasses. But what is the difference between Asian fit glasses and standard fit glasses? Which is better?

    Standard fit glasses refer to the old-fashioned, traditional fit that hasn't changed at all. They work best for people with higher or more prominent nose bridges. So, when we say standard fit glasses, we usually mean:

    1. Straight Temples Arms
    2. Fixed Nose Pads  

    Now that you know the qualities of Asian fit glasses, is there a better option to go for? The answer comes down to your face shape. Remember that to achieve the most optimal fit and look, each pair of eyewear, whether it is standard fit or Asian fit glasses, needs to complement and balance out your facial features. You need to keep in mind the best glasses shape for your face shape, that's why it's important that you get familiar with your facial features.

    Best Asian Fit Glasses & Low Bridge Glasses

    Now that we've delved into the essential features of asian fit glasses, also known as low bridge glasses, especially those with round shapes designed for low bridges, you're well-equipped to embark on your quest for the ideal pair. Explore our diverse collection at Kraywoods to discover the perfect Low Bridge Glasses that seamlessly blend comfort and style. Each pair in our selection meets the criteria for achieving the best fit and look, ensuring a satisfying and stylish eyewear experience tailored to your unique preferences. Happy shopping!

    In conclusion, the nuances of features in Asian fit glasses or those designed for low bridges are understated yet impactful. For many individuals, particularly those with a low nose bridge, opting for this specialized eyewear can significantly enhance both the aesthetic and comfort of their glasses. If you've encountered challenges in finding the perfect prescription eyeglasses or polarized sunglasses, considering the avenue of low bridge glasses could be a transformative step in the right direction. Explore this alternative for a tailored eyewear solution that not only addresses practical concerns but also elevates your overall eyewear experience.


    What Are Asian Fit Glasses or Low Bridge Glasses?

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