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    How Can You Tell If Glasses Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    How Can You Tell If Glasses Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    5 min read • Posted on 28 November 2023 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Today's blog post is titled "How to determine if the glasses are blue or white light-blocking glasses?" Modern life is filled with screens, which makes protecting eyes from the damaging blue light necessary. The harsh blue light filter has attracted interest in blue light-blocking glasses to filter the blue light rays and minimize eye strain.

    However, how do you know that your glasses are providing this protection? In this post, we will explore in-depth blue light sensitivity, its effects on the eye, and how you can identify if your spectacles contain the best blue light in blockers.

    Therefore, if you are reading glasses, you're already used to them, or are planning to wear or buy them for the first time, this information will be helpful for you.

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    Understanding Blue Light

    Blue light is a part of the visible spectrum that human eyes can see. However, it's about more than just seeing the world in different shades of blue light. Blue light has specific properties and effects on our eye health, which are essential to understand, particularly in our digital age, where exposure to blue light has significantly increased.

    What is Blue Light?

    Blue light is a coloring in the observable, blue light spectrum that human eyes can see. It has a very short wavelength, which means it has a more increased quantity of vitality. Studies indicate that, over time, openness to the blue end of the visible light spectrum could induce severe long-term damage to our eyes. It's important to note that not all blue light is terrible.

    Sources of Blue Light

    Daylight serves as the first source of blue light. Furthermore, almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea, and the lens ends up at the retina. Such blue light wavelengths may be harmful and can age the eyes before their time.

    However, exposure of blue light lenses to screen time is becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to the proximity and hours of viewing. Examples more blue light used are fluorescent and LED lights, flat-screen TVs, computer monitors, smartphones, and tablets.

    The Impact of Blue Light on Your Eyes

    Exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light can usher in digital manifestations, eye fatigue, and stress, including sore and tired eyes, poor sleep, and potentially even retinal damage.

    Current studies indicate a connection between openness to blue light emitted in darkness (such as from screens or energy-efficient LED lights) and health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even cancer, possibly due to disrupting the body's natural circadian rhythm. It's essential to take regular breaks from screen time and consider using protective eyewear if necessary.

    The Concept of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    In recent years, blue light-blocking glasses have appeared as a possible resolution to the problem of excessive blue light exposure. They are designed to filter out digital screens' potentially harmful blue light, reducing related eye strain and improving sleep quality. Understanding how these blue-blocking glasses would work is crucial to determining whether they could benefit you.

    What are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

    Blue light-blocking glasses are specialized computer eyewear designed to filter or block some of the blue light we are exposed to from digital screens or other artificial blue light filters and other light sources elsewhere.

    How Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?

    These glasses work to reduce eye strain by filtering the high-energy blue light that digital screens emit. They have a special coating on amber lenses that reflects harmful light away from your eyes.

    Identifying Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Identifying genuine blue light-blocking glasses is essential to ensure you get the protection you need. Here are some ways to get the best blue light glasses and blue light-blocking lenses and identify them:

    Look for Specific Markings or Labels

    Genuine blue light-blocking glasses should have specific labels or markings indicating their ability to block blue light. These can often be found on the packaging or in the product description. Always check for these when buying your artificial blue or light show-blocking glasses.

    Test the Glasses with a Blue Light Source

    One way to test if the glasses truly block blue light is to wear prescription glasses using a blue light source. When you wear the glasses and look at a digital screen with the blue light, it should appear dimmer or even black if the glasses effectively filter blue light.

    Check the Color Tint of the Lenses

    Most blue light-blocking glasses have a slight yellow or amber tint to their lenses. This is because these colors are effective at neutralizing blue light. However, not all effective blue light-blocking glasses have noticeable yellow-tinted lenses except on prescription lenses. Some newer models use clear lenses that can still block a significant amount of blue light.

    Benefits of Using Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Improved Sleep Patterns

    One of the primary benefits of wearing blue light-blocking glasses is improved sleep patterns. Studies suggest that vulnerability to blue light in the daylight hours and the darkness can interrupt the creation of melatonin, a hormone that handles sleep. These are maximum blue light protection in glasses that can enhance rest rate and duration by blocking this light.

    Reduced Eye Strain

    Wearing blue light-blocking glasses may also assist with blurry vision and addressing digital eye strain. Some symptoms of dry eyes are headache, blurred vision, and tired eyes. These glasses filter out light bulbs and blue light to help relieve these symptoms.

    Protection against Age-Related Eye Problems

    Long-term openness to blue light has been connected to age-related eye troubles such as macular deterioration. While more research is needed, some studies suggest that blue light glasses offer protection against these conditions3.

    Misconceptions About Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Despite their potential benefits, several things could be improved about blue-light-blocking glasses that are important to dispel.

    Can They Block All Blue Light?

    While blue light glasses are created to purify blue light, it's important to note that they cannot block all blue light. The technology used in these blue light glasses works and can significantly reduce exposure to blue light filtering. The blue light glasses work well alone, but some blue light will still reach the eyes4.

    Do Heavy Screen Users Only need them?

    While heavy computer screen users may benefit the most from wearing blue light glasses, they say computer glasses can also be helpful for anyone who spends time indoors under LED or fluorescent lighting emitting blue light.

    Choosing the Right Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Several factors must be considered when choosing the right pair of blue light glasses.

    Factors to Consider When Buying

    These include the amount of blue light they block, lens clarity, comfort, style, and price. It's also important to check customer reviews and ratings to ensure you get a quality product6.

    Recommended Brands for Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    While many brands are on the market, some recommended ones based on customer reviews and ratings include Felix Gray, Warby Parker, and Gunnar Optiks.

    Embrace the Digital Age Safely with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    In our digital age, protecting our eyes from excessive exposure to blue light is more critical than ever.

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    Final Thoughts

    We believe this article will have made you understand better "How Can You Tell if Glasses are Blue Light Blocking Glasses"? However, always remember that protecting your eyes from harmful blue light is crucial in this digital age, where screens and digital devices are ubiquitous.

    With this information, you can now identify authentic blue-light-blocking prescription glasses that will keep your eyes safe; it is all about choosing wisely for your eyesight.

    Stay tuned for the next post as we examine matters promoting a healthy and happy existence. Wear your best blue light-blocking glasses until then to see clearly and comfortably worldwide.


    How Can You Tell If Glasses Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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