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    How to Style  Aviator Sunglasses

    How to Style Aviator Sunglasses

    How to Style Aviator Sunglasses

    Updated on 13 July 2023 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Do you happen to follow fashionable trends, or do you like to do your own thing? In both cases, if sunglasses aren't part of your wardrobe, then you are missing out on a lot! There is no doubt that aviators are one of the most iconic styles of polarized sunglasses. They have been around for a long time and have never gone out of style!

    We can all agree that anyone can pull off a pair of aviator sunglasses, and they're the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit! For all the aviator fans out there, we're here to tell you all about the best ways to style your aviator sunglasses.

    1. A Brief History About Aviators
    2. Which Face Shapes Suits Aviator Sunglasses Best?
    3. Aviator Sunglasses Styling Tips
    4. Different Years, Same Aviator Design
    5. Different Types and Materials for Aviator Sunglasses
    6. Types of Aviator Lenses
    7. How to Style Aviator Sunglasses

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    1. A Brief History About Aviators

    Do you happen to know how aviator sunglasses became popular? The story began in 1936. The US Army Air Corps asked the luxurious Italian/American company Ray-Ban to design sunglasses for pilots as protection from the sun.

    The were specifically made for those entering World War II because the pilots were getting headaches and sick from the heavy rays.

    It resulted in them creating a large pair of glasses featuring thin wireframes and green lenses. And thus, the aviators were born.

    A year later, the sunglasses were available to the public. Fast forward to 1942, pictures of General Douglas MacArthur made the first page of the newspaper during the war.

    He was wearing his aviators while landing on the beach in the Philippines.

    General Douglas MacArthur wearing aviator sunglasses and smoking a pipe

    However, it took some time for the frames to become popular among people. Once musical icons started wearing them, the people went nuts.

    Can you guess which icons? British band members of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, were photographed wearing aviator sunglasses in the 1960s.

    Years later, Queen's lead singer Freddie Mercury wore them on their album cover in the year 1985. That's how the sunglasses introduced themselves into the world of pop culture.

    However, it really piqued after a certain movie. Who can forget about Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer as Air Force pilots in their famous movie Top Gun? No need to ask what happened next. Having the sunglasses next to you is an answer by itself.

    Tom Cruise wearing aviator sunglasses in Top Gun

    2. Which Face Shape Suits Aviator Sunglasses Best?

    When shopping for aviator frames, one may ask should you consider your face shape when buying trendy aviators? There is no doubt about that!

    Your face is one of the most critical aspects that will determine if a particular pair of specs look good on you or not. The sunglasses are there to balance your facial features.

    Therefore, the first step is to ask yourseld, what is my face shape? Once you get to know your facial features, picking stylish sunglasses becomes easier.

    We guarantee that the stylish aviators will look good on men and women that have an oval, diamond, round, rectangle, square, oblong and heart face shape.

    Female celebrities wearing aviator sunglasses in different colours and sizes

    3. Aviator Sunglasses Styling Tips

    Most people might stay away from aviators. The reason is simple: they don't know how to style aviator sunglasses. However, we know that when it comes to fashion, the sky is the limit. For accessories like sunglasses, the rule is no different.

    They are considered to be statement makers. Contrary to beliefs, the aviator glasses look good on everyone and can be easily styled.

    Gentlemen, when you buy aviators, you'll want to look like Val Kilmer. But, pairing the right sunglasses with the wrong attitudes, you'll be looking like you're trying too hard. Therefore, we gathered up six tips for you to keep in mind when wanting to buy your next pair of aviator.

    With Aviator Sunglasses, here are the do's:

    1. Take your sunglasses off when speaking to someone: as mentioned earlier, the aviator shape is known to have reflective black lenses. So, in order not to be a jerk, remove them.
    2. Take the sunglasses off once you greet people, even when you're dining outside, then put them back.
    3. Choose classic colours: a gold frame with green lenses is the OG combination.

    With Aviator Sunglasses, here are the don'ts:

    1. Avoid wearing them indoors, even if it's in broad daylight.
    2. Don't overwork the accessories: avoid wearing gold necklaces or bracelets and even big chunky rings.
    3. Don't feel like you have to wear the original shape. If aviators are too large for your face, you can always go for the smaller size.

    4. Different Years, Same Aviator Design

    Before delving into the ideal outfits for aviators, it's worth noting that eyewear brands globally offer unique designs and interpretations of the aviator frame. This classic style has even emerged as a formidable rival to wayfarers. In essence, aviator sunglasses are available in various sizes and colors, providing a diverse range of options.

    However, if you take a trip down memory lane, you will notice how the shape itself never changes. You might find slight differences, but you'll find the same form if you do your research. Have you ever stopped and asked why it was designed like this?

    As mentioned earlier, the sunglasses got created for pilots during WWII. The teardrop-shaped lenses are large to allow pilots to look down at their control panels while protecting their eyes from the sun. In addition, the straight top bar or brow bar is included to keep the sweat off the pilots' eyes while shooting aerial enemies.

    Though fashion has evolved, notice how the sunglasses follow the same characteristics:

    1. A lens area twice as large as the eye socket
    2. Adjustable nose pads
    3. Thin metal frame with a double or triple bridge
    4. Cable or earpiece style temples that hook behind the ears
    5. Lenses in the shape of a teardrop that curves along the cheekbones

    5. Different Types and Materials for Aviator Sunglasses

    There is a reason why aviators are primarily men's first choice when going on an eyewear shopping spree. Everyone wants to have their own version of Tom Cruise. So, men associate with it quickly. However, not all people can rock the original shape. Did you know there are different types of aviator black sunglasses?

    1. Classic Teardrop: The original shape provides the best and most coverage from the sun. A small tip here, if you happen to have a long face. Don't go for the original shape.
    2. Navigator: The second type leans more to having a square shape rather than a teardrop shape. The navigator is better for men with a longer face shape.
    3. Sporty: Companies are looking into consideration the lifestyle of people. If you happen to be active who like to go on adventures or just running errands, then these will do you good. Sporty aviators include squared bottoms with wider lenses.

    Moving towards the material, did you know that the first original pair of aviators were made from actual gold? Talk about twelve thousand dollars gold! Since we can all settle for less, you can find the sunglasses in three different materials:

    • Metal Aviator Frames: They are lightweight and durable. These type of sunglasses are probably the closest to the original style. So, if you're looking to go for a pair of classic aviators, then metal gold frames are the way to go. Try out our Leo sunglasses and you'll experience nothing but comfort.
    • Plastic Aviator Frames: If you're planning on wearing them for a long time, then go for acetate frames. Not only are they comfortable, they are extremely durable, hypoallergenic and retains colours well. These frames are perfect if you spend a lot of time in the outdoors. You can find them in many different colours, patterns and style. Like the Runner Sunglasses, you can opt for oversized aviator sunglasses for extra UV protection.
    • Wood Aviator Frames: go for these sunglasses if you are looking to stand out from the crowd. They combine a classic frame shape with new and improved materials. Long lasting and definitely stylish, don't miss out on wooden sunglasses like the Ash Sunglasses.

    6. Types of Aviator Lenses

    Aviators will always be known for their dark reflective lenses and mirrored lenses. However, adding a little modern touch cannot harm. Find the lenses for different degrees of light-blocking:

    1. Brown Lens: It allows you to see details better. You can wear them while driving a car or a motorcycle.
    2. Mirrored Lens: it absorbs and reflects glare giving you maximum protection.
    3. Dark Grey Lens: It does darken the colours a bit and won't give you the details you need. But, it provides coverage. They are also known as gradient.
    4. Green Lens: It neutralizes the view in front of you. The colour green is the original of a classic aviator. If you're looking for a middle level of saturation and light blocking, ask for the green.

    7. How to Style Aviator Sunglasses

    It is true that we all follow trends but to each his own classic style of clothing and accessories. It is so easy to put on a pair of sunglasses, but the trick is not to look like you are trying too hard. You wouldn't want to send the wrong message. Therefore take into consideration these little tips and tricks to put the spotlight on you.


    Gentlemen, you know that ladies put in twice the effort to make themselves look classy and confident. Did you know that the way you style your hair can actually make a difference? Here are the top hairstyles that you can easily do to show off your aviator sunglasses:

    1. Bangs: For an effortless look, go for the bangs. Yet, they can be tricky because your face will determine their length. Women love bangs because they are easy to style, and they have a way of highlighting your face, specifically your eyes. As a result, your aviators will be doubtlessly noticeable.
    2. Braids: Who said that braids are for little girls? If you look online, you'll notice that there are different types and styles of braids. They all work well with your sunglasses. As long as your hair is away from your face, the focus will instantly be on stylish aviator sunglasses. So, are we thinking French braid or fishtail?
    3. Top Bun: This is a favourite to so many. When you don't feel like doing anything, you can effortlessly tie it back in a bun. You can go for a low one too! But, in summer, a top knot is preferable. It's a simple hairstyle and suits all women. You can add a dash of hair accessories. Please don't overdo it; your primary focus should be the trendy aviators.


    Pilots are generally confident and precise. You should want to give out that vibe, too. So, what are the outfits to wear with your aviator? Let's divide ourselves into two teams: men and women. Ladies go first.

    Since you got a clear idea about the hair section, think about the casual outfit you want to match once you pick your go-to style. Women have a little more thinking to do. Ask yourself this, where am I going?

    • Our initial advice for you would be to keep it simple and casual: pair your aviators with a plain t-shirt, blue jeans and white sneaker shoes or sandals. For accessories, you can put on a strapped scarf.
    • For a more modern look, go for a fabulous tucked-in white t-shirt with a bright-coloured skirt.
    • For a fall look, change it up with pair of pants and a turtle neck sweater.
    • Should you wish to look edgy, go for the black-on-black outfit, with black sunglasses on a black leather jacket.
      For several styling do's, wear solid colours and simple jewelry such as thin necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

    Moving on to our gentlemen, it's undeniable that you can make aviator sunglasses look cool with an outfit like no other. Do you want to know the best ways of styling? It all begins with the location you are going to.
    For a business attire in a meeting, there is nothing better than sporting a well-tailored suit. Put on your aviator sunglasses, and you'll feel like a million bucks.

    • If we're going slightly less casual like a brunch, you can get away with your look by keeping it simple: pair of pants, shirt and a blazer.
    • For an everyday errand, we advise you to group your aviator with a plain white t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and sneakers.
    • For our men's styling do's, watches go wonderfully with aviators. If you are more of a jewelry kind of guy, we advise you to follow the ladies; nothing flashy only simple. You can also throw on your baseball cap for a change.

    The very first popular sunglasses that marked themselves into the fashion world are none other than aviator sunglasses. To think that aviators are in style in the year 2023, you'll know that these frames are timeless. As long as you keep the factors in consideration, we trust that you will be doing the aviators justice. Now that we have prepped you, are you ready to feel like a movie star?


    How to Style Aviator Sunglasses

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