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    12 Best Sunglasses for Diamond Face (Updated 2024)
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    12 Best Sunglasses for Diamond Face (Updated 2024)

    Updated on 10 February 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Best Sunglasses For Diamond Face

    Sunglasses are the best accessory to complete your outfit, not only in the summer but any season! Whether you are hitting the beach, hiking up the mountains, or hitting the road for a road trip, sunglasses are the best addition to help you get through the blazing sun while protecting your eyes.

    Choosing the best wood sunglasses that complement your face can be challenging, especially if the ones that appeal to you are not what suits your face shape. Fashion is what is worn and offered at a particular time that changes regularly. However, style is all about wearing what fits your shape comfortably and what reflects your personality, whether it is in fashion or not. So, having the right type of sunglasses that perfectly match your face shape is all you need to get your eyewear game on.

    If you have a heart face shape, then this blog for you! So let's dive right in and explore the best sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces in 2022:

    1. Cat-Eye sunglasses
    2. Browline sunglasses
    3. Retro-Square Wood sunglasses
    4. Black Square sunglasses
    5. Double-Bridge sunglasses
    6. Aviator sunglasses
    7. Oversized sunglasses
    8. Printed Cat-Eye sunglasses
    9. Mirror sunglasses
    10. Round sunglasses

    Featured Sunglasses

    Featured Sunglasses

    Characteristics of a Diamond Shaped Face

    Having a diamond-shaped face is the rarest shape to have! The year 2017 states that this type of face shape was the most desired form by women. This response was due to the elegance and femininity that the diamond-shaped face actress Megan Fox showed.
    Celebrities other than Megan Fox that possess a diamond face shape are Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp, Elizabeth Hurley, Jesse Eisenberg, Scarlett Johansson, Kourtney Kardashian, etc.

    If your face is narrower at the top and the bottom than it is in the middle, you are considered to have a diamond-shaped look. To determine if you have a diamond face shape, all you have to do is take a look in the mirror or snap a selfie-and trace a line from the centre of your hairline to each side of your cheekbones and down to your chin. If the result is the shape of a rhombus, you must have diamond faces.

    This sort of face has a narrow forehead and a pointed chin. Their cheekbones are usually high and form the widest part of the face. In contrast to the heart-shaped faces, the main difference between the heart-shaped and the diamond-shaped faces is that a diamond face shape has a tapered hairlines.

    This is a game changer when it comes to picking out glasses for your face shape. Now you'll be able to pick out your sunglasses easily and without any hassle!

    Celebrity with diamond face shape - Jennifer Anniston
    Celebrity with diamond face shape - Emma Watson
    Celebrity with diamond face shape- Vanessa Hudgens

    How to Choose Sunglasses For a Diamond Shaped Face

    As we already said, it is essential to choose the right style of glasses that fits your features. When shopping for eyeglasses, be open to all the options and don’t limit yourself to just one particular type. If full-rimmed glasses look great on your face shape, so will rimless and semi-rimmed glasses with the right style. Plus, this can help you work your fashion spirit as well if you are a fashionista.

    So next time you are shopping for eyewear, here are some tips you could use and keep in mind to assist you in buying the perfect pair of glasses:

    • Do not hesitate to buy frames that are opposite to your face shape. Cat-eye frames and horn-rimmed glasses fit perfectly on diamond-shaped faces.
    • If certain frames that are fierce and bold do not interest you, that is totally fine! Oval frames and rectangular ones work just fine to help you keep that casual look, and it softens the angular features in your face.
    • Buying big-style glasses with bold colours and thick rims will distract people from looking at the face structure. It will draw the attention of your facial features and to the thick, bold glasses. Frame Size Guides can educate you on how to size your sunglasses properly!
    • Whenever possible, always try your eyewear gadget in person. This will ensure that the glasses picked's style and colour are suitable for your facial features, skin tone, and style.

    Thus, the angular features of diamond faces work perfectly with softly-curved frames or with rectangular glasses that have contrasting lines. Do not be afraid to try bolder and daring styles that compliment your face shape too!

    12 Best Sunglasses For Diamond-Shaped Faces

    If you have a diamond face shape and need help choosing the right apparatus that compliment your style, you came to the right place. Without further ado, let's explore the best shapes and styles of sunglasses for diamond shaped faces!

    1. Cat Eye Sunglasses

    For diamond-shaped faces, cat-eye sunglasses are the best style for your face structure. This style will give you a fierce and bold look. Bold brow lines and sharp temples help bring the focus to the upper part of your face and away from your jawline, making your look balanced and complete. It is perfect for diamond faces considering a strong and feminine look.

    For this look, we recommend the Willow Cat Eye Sunglasses for a sophisticated yet classical appearance that fits best with diamond-shaped faces.

    2. Browline Sunglasses

    The brow-line sunglasses are a good option for you if you have a diamond face shape. The dark frame help balance the facial features. Especially if the pair of glasses has a thick rim at the brow line, it will define the attention and emphasize the eyes. The browline sunglasses are a fashionable option and suitable for different diamond faces forms. We recommend the Black Jaguar browline sunglasses for this flattering and fashionable look.

    3. Retro-Square Wood Sunglasses

    Like cat-eye frames, the retro-square frames draw attention away from the jawline and the upper part of the face. The shape of the frames adds more definition to the eye area. Traditionally, this style of sunglasses had a more masculine impression. However, nowadays, it is considered a stylish choice for both men and women.

    The Oxford retro square wood sunglasses is excellent for this look. With the straight browline and slightly winged tips, these two-tone sunglasses will look extra flattering on diamond shape faces and will add a unique reflective touch to your outfits.

    4. Black Square Sunglasses

    Many people argue that black square sunglasses are not as appropriate as other eyewear styles for diamond face structure. In opposition to what the vast majority think, this eyewear style is suitable for diamond-shaped faces. The right angles of a square emphasizes the eye area. It helps offset your face's sharp features, and the thick rims at the brows will aid full-face concentration while building a stylish look.

    For this look, the Challenger Square Sunglasses are the best addition. These light shades give comfort and optimal protection from the sun.

    5. Double-Bridge Sunglasses

    In general, the basic rule of choosing the right style of glasses for yourself is to find the style that contradicts your face shape. So for diamond shaped faces, eyewear accessories with a double bar bridge frame style are foolproof. If the sunglasses are round shaped, that's an added flattering feature for diamond shaped faces. Whether the sunglasses have thick frame or thin one, double-bridge sunglasses are a safe choice and for men and women with a diamond-shaped face.

    We recommend the Aspen Gold round sunglasses with a double bar bridge for a flattering look on both men and women. It is the perfect pair of sunglasses for a vintage, fashion-forward look.

    6. Aviator Sunglasses

    This style of glasses is one of the first propagated styles of sunglasses to be advanced. It is characterized to have thin metal frames with two or more bridge lines between the right lens and the left lens. The lenses are large, teardrop-shaped, convex lenses that cover the entire eye area. As long as it has a slightly wide frame, the aviator style sunglasses is one of the best-fitted styles for a diamond-shaped face.

    The Leo aviator sunglasses are what you need for this look. It is a classic and timeless accessory style for every outfit and provides the required protection from the sun's harmful rays.

    7. Oversized Sunglasses

    Many diamonds faced shape owners wonder if wearing oversized, full-rimmed glasses suits their face shape. Absolutely. Oversized full rimmed frames –or even semi-rimmed frames- are considered one of the best sunglasses style for a diamond-shaped face. This style shortens a long face structure. The heavy full rimmed frame balances a strong jawline and a narrow forehead, which are two essential features in a diamond-shaped face.

    What is better than the Oversized Ava Sunglasses to compliment this look! These oversized square frames are how you enhance any outfit to get a picture-perfect vogue fashion look. These square sunglasses include dark grey polarized lenses, straight lines and sophisticated details for a flawless fit and maximum coverage. They will help you freshen up your style and make an effortless statement.  

    8. Printed Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    You probably wondering; why you want to change from classical sunglasses to colourful eyewear or printed frame sunglasses? The answer is simple. When it comes to sunglasses, it is all about the colour and interaction of the accessory. If you are considering colourful frames, you should look at intense and optimistic colours if you have a light skin tone. It is also best to avoid eyewear that is of a light shade close to your skin tone. However, for darker skin tones, light shade glasses are commonly suitable.

    Cat-eye sunglasses are the best fit for diamond-shaped faces! The Sky Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses are the right shades and style for this look. They have a sophisticated modern appeal to them, designed with tortoise acetate and standout wooden arms.

    9. Mirror sunglasses

    No doubt, mirror sunglasses fit all face shapes without any exceptions. Hence, it is suitable for diamond face shapes. As we previously said, it is the right frame style that matters. Mirrored sunglasses are made by creating a layer of reflective optical coating on the outside of the lens. This layer usually gives the viewer a tinted vision of brown or grey colour. The mirror coating diminishes the brightness of the light passing through the lens to the eye. This makes mirrored sunglasses very useful for conditions involving sand, snow and higher altitudes.

    Whether you are lying on the warm sand or sliding down the fluffy snow, the Rover Mirrored Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for maximum comfort and protection on long days in the sun.

    10. Round Sunglasses

    Round or circular sunglasses are usually referred to as tea-shades. It was a popular choice for musicians in the sixties and the seventies, and it was considered part of their signature look. Round sunglasses are made in different sizes. Since it is advised to wear sunglasses styled opposite to your face shape, round frames go great with diamond-shaped faces. People should be comfortable wearing tea-shades because it draws attention to your face. So if you enjoy being in the spotlight, circular frames might be for you.

    Kraywoods has a variety of trendy and fashionable round sunglasses to choose from! We recommend the vintage-inspired Lennon round sunglasses. These vintage-motivated shades will turn into your most loved go-to assistant to protect your eyes from the sun with style.

    For a more vintage look and throwback appeal of round sunglasses, you can opt for the Ralph wooden Sunglasses. These wooden sunglasses are handcrafted from layered Walnut and Ebony wood. They are also designed with winged frame tips and a raised keyhole bridge to create an irresistble vintage effect for the perfect throwback frames. In addition, these slimline circle sunglasses include dark grey polarized lenses that will add a retro touch to your everyday looks.

    Sunglasses and other eyewear accessories are becoming a great want that people acquire just like shoes, bags and other fashionable components. Not only are sunglasses always in popular demand for their fashionable aspect, but also for their practical aspect to protect your eyes from the sun. It is essential to know your face shape and which style of frames and glasses best suits your features. This will allow you to have a less challenging buying experience and increases your satisfaction upon purchase. Make sure to buy the right sunglasses that accentuate your features and highlight your beauty instead of dimming it. If you are looking for a pair of fashionable and sustainable eyeglasses as well, go for glasses for diamond face shape. Elevate your style with eyewear that suits your face shape


    12 Best Sunglasses for Diamond Face (Updated 2024)

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