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    18 Top Vintage Sunglasses Shapes In 2024

    18 Top Vintage Sunglasses Shapes In 2024

    Top Vintage Sunglasses Shapes

    Updated on 05 February 2023 • Chelsea from Kraywoods

    Sunglasses are an accessory that can play a vital role in your outfit. A pair of fashionable and trendy sunglasses can easily transform your look and elevate your style. However, fashion is always on the move and so are sunglasses trends! Vintage fashion has made its way back to the runaways and the eyewear world.

    Eyewear designers are reinventing vintage sunglasses styles, shapes and designs, and they're trending more than ever. Vintage sunglasses have grown so much in popularity that they're often spotted on celebrities, designers and fashion influencers.

    Eager to find out what the top vintage sunglasses are? If you're looking to update your wardrobe with a stylish pair of women's sunglasses or men's sunglasses, we've rounded up the 14 top vintage sunglasses in 2023

    Featured Vintage Sunglasses

    Celebrity Style of Vintage Sunglasses

    Many well-known actors, musicians and even people in history have stood out because of their fashion sense and their right use of vintage sunglasses. There are many people that come to mind that have owned the best retro sunglasses in fashion that truly live on to this day. So, here's a trip down memory lane for some vintage glasses inspo:

    1. John Lennon: Who can forget the iconic style of musician John Lennon that engraved his words, music and fashion sense in the world forever. The Lennon vintage round sunglasses live on to this day from the 1970s.
    2. JFK: It's truly fascinating how accesories can have you remember a person in time and all the amazing things they did in the past. Former president Kennedy loved looking his best at all times. His vintage sunglasses that were wayfarers were one of the most iconic frames ever to have crossed a presidential face.
    3.  Steven McQueen: The American actor not only had great talent to make it to the screens but had a good taste in wearing some of the best vintage eyewear like the Fog retro aviato sunglasses. The aviator sunglasses McQueen wore may have been 50 years old but they're still ranking first when it comes to vintage sunglasses.

    What Are The Top Vintage Sunglasses in 2023?

    Who doesn't want to turn back time? With fashion, anything is possible. You can turn back time in just a few basic steps. In other words, just put on your vintage sunglasses and you'll feel like you're back as a teenager.

    Stylish people know that sunglasses are the essence of every outfit. You can go all retro or futuristic. We can make it easier for you, all you have to do is look at celebrities! They know what's in-style.

    Now tell us, do you dare to leave your house without a pair of good looking sunglasses in 2023? Have a look at what's in.

    1. Vintage Round Sunglasses

    The first vintage sunglasses on the list are taken from the 90s. The slim and tiny frames are rapidly getting more fan followers from years to years. Many celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, and Rihanna love to wear them on any occasion and casually; they also added them to their wardrobe.

    Many people say that these tiny and slim vintage sunglasses complete their overall look. They love to wear these stylish skinny sunglasses for their high-fashion and comfortable feel. You can rock our small vintage round Magnolia sunglasses for this look!

    2. Vintage Mirrored Sunglasses

    The other most wanted retro sunglasses in the market are the mirrored lens ones. Are they trendy sunglasses? Of course! These vintage mirrored frames can give you a new taste of fashion. These best vintage sunglasses are flashy and quite funky.

    In addition, people can see their reflection while they talk to you thanks to your mirrored lenses. We're basically describing a round pair that is perfect for you. Mirrored lens sunglasses are classy and stylish at the same time. You can opt for the Groove Sunglasses for a true vintage style look!

    3. Vintage Gradient Sunglasses

    Our third choice is musically inspired. These stylish colour-tinted vintage sunglasses are one of the biggest sunglasses trends in 2023. You can pick your favourite rainbow of pastel colour options. In these days, light blue, sunshine yellow, pink, and burnt orange are the most wanted colours for best vintage eyewear.

    Moreover, these stylish colour-tinted sunglasses are going to offer you good protection from the sun. You can keep them in your collection of best vintage sunglasses for any of your spring outfits. Many celebrities like Selena Gomez and John Lennon have all worn vintage round colour-tinted frames. You can rock our Lennon sunglasses with purple gradient tint lenses.  

    If you feel like round glasses are not for you, we've got plenty of tinted sunglasses. You can go for wooden frame sunglasses with gradient tint lenses for a vintage frame with a modern twist. We're talking about the Hazel sunglasses. The brown gradient lenses and metal temples contribute for this on-trend vintage look!

    4. Vintage Square Sunglasses

    The 90's fashion trend influenced these best vintage sunglasses as retro-square and rectangular shaped sunglasses. It's quite funny how you thought old trends will not come back. These popular vintage-inspired sunglasses has become any fashionable person's favourite.

    These two-tone retro square shaped specs are the perfect pick for hot summer days. They are also practical, trendy and give full protection from the sun. You can sport the Oxford retro sunglasses for this fashionable retro look!

    Another one of our vintage style retro-square picks is the Carter sunglasses. These squared retro sunglasses with winged edges are designed with an alluring tortoise frame, keyhole bridge and slim Burl Wood arms. They fuse a classic silhouette with retro details for a fashionable look that is contemporary and versatile.

    Featuring the classic retro green lenses, these best vintage sunglasses combine premium craftsmanship with vintage design elements for an upscale look, flawless comfort and protection from the sun.

    5. Vintage Aviator Sunglasses

    The revamped aviator sunglasses are the most wanted accessory for both men and women. You'll guarantee a full protection from the sun with their polarized lenses. People love to wear aviator-style vintage sunglasses in both classic and oversize options.

    For a pair of vintage-inspired aviator sunglasses, you can go for the Tanner sunglasses. These retro-squared aviator sunglasses boast a sleek and timeless design. The translucent brown acetate frame and straight double bridge exude vintage charm, while the slimline Zebra wood arms add a touch of natural elegance.

    Combining vintage inspired design elements and colours, our second pick of vintage aviators is the Parker sunglasses. The oversized aviator shape adds a touch of vintage allure, making them a perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless elegance with a contemporary edge.

    If you're looking to channel your inner celebrity from the 80s, go for these iconic glasses.

    6. Vintage Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Elevate your vintage style with our Selena sunglasses – a bold and chic choice that embodies the timeless allure of cat-eye frames, a trend that has endured since the 70s. These small, black retro cat-eye sunglasses are the perfect vintage accessory to enhance any outfit. Meticulously handcrafted from luxurious ebony wood, they exude sophistication and evoke a sense of classic charm. The sleek and stylish curved brow line adds an extra touch of vintage elegance.

    Not only do these sunglasses pay homage to the retro era, but they also prioritize your eye protection. Featuring dark grey polarized lenses, they not only enhance the overall aesthetic of the wood frame sunglasses but also ensure your eyes are shielded from harmful sun rays. Experience the ultimate combination of vintage fashion and functional eyewear with these small cat-eye sunglasses – a statement piece that stands the test of time.

    For another take on best retro sunglasses, you can still opt for cat eye sunglasses but with a special twist. In case you haven't figured out, oversized sunglasses like the Audrey retro cat eye Sunglasses will make a great addition to your vintage sunglasses collection.

    These best vintage eyewear are designed with bold translucent pink acetate and alluring walnut wood temples that can help you channel your inner diva.

    In addition, these playful vintage sunglasses feature amber polarized lenses that boast a unique silhouette along with angled lines and a luxurious finish. Tinted glasses have been a huge hit and continue to make their stamp in the trend of 2023 including vintage fashion!

    7. Vintage Geometric Sunglasses

    The comeback of thick geometric sunglasses became one of the biggest trends in 2023. Enhance your vintage-inspired style with the timeless Mia Black sunglasses. These bold octagon-shaped shades are crafted to exude a retro charm that turns heads wherever you go. Featuring an acetate frame in a classic black hue and exquisite ebony wood arms, the Mia Black sunglasses seamlessly blend vintage allure with natural beauty. The geometric octagonal shape adds a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to your look, ensuring that the Mia sunglasses are the standout accessory for any vintage enthusiast.

    If you're not a fan of black sunglasses, the Mia octagon shaped frames are also available in striking ivory. These slender octagon-shaped shades are designed to make a statement and capture the essence of a bygone era. With an enchanting ivory-colored acetate frame and exquisite cherry wood arms, the Mia Ivory sunglasses effortlessly harmonize classic and modern elegance with the beauty of nature. The brown polarized lenses not only offer essential protection from the sun's harmful rays but also enhance your vintage-inspired look with their timeless appeal. Embrace the vintage revival with the Mia Ivory sunglasses as your essential accessory.

    9. Vintage Oversized Sunglasses

    If you rock a pair of oversized square sunglasses in perfect shape, you'll look like you're straight out of a 70s or 80s vintage vogue magazine. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Bob Dylan, and famous Hollywood celebrities, square sunglasses are the perfect accessory to nail that vintage fashion look.

    Square sunglasses are known as the big plastic frames from the '70s. But, you might ask yourself how can you make it more modern? We'll give you a hint and we want you to think BIG! Just go oversized!

    The Ava oversized sunglasses are a recreation of exactly that! Featuring a thick round frame made from luxurious ebony wood and accentuated with bold black acetate, these cat eye glasses were made for a vintage fashion look!

    10. Vintage Shield Sunglasses

    One of our top vintage sunglasses choices of the day are frames that are a part of the trending sunglasses in 2023. We're talking about oversized sunglasses, or our Shade shield sunglasses as we like to call them.

    The flat top shield vintage sunglasses will help you elevate your outfits and give you an old-school vibe. The angular details of these flat top sunglasses are perfect for both men and women. Often oversized, the best retro sunglasses are a favourite accessory for many celebrities. You can sport them for a retro yet fashion-forward look!

    11. Vintage Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

    Our next pair of vintage sunglasses pick is all about the tortoiseshell colour sunglasses. They were one of the leading trends in 2023 for women. And, they happen to continue this year. Dark tortoiseshell coloured sunglasses are a perfect match for you if you're looking for best vintage eyewear to wear something different.

    The blue tortoise shades sunglasses will make you look more stylish than ever. They radiate gradient hues and they will brighten your mood immediately. Any outfit with these horn-rimmed sunglasses will make you different from others. The bright retro sunglasses aren't just helping you hide those dark circles but they also protect your eyes from the sun at the same time.

    For this best vintage sunglasses look, you can rock the Sky blue tortoise sunglasses combining a tortoise frame and ebony wood temples for an extra sophisticated touch!

    Vintage sunglasses are the perfect way to make a statement while also adding a touch of sophistication and style to any outfit. And these tprtoiseshell square sunglasses are no exception!

    The striking grey tortoise frame is sure to catch the eye, while the raised bridge and ebony wood arms add an element of luxury and elegance. With their oversized shape, these Cosmo tortoise shell sunglasses are the ideal accessory for any occasion.

    But it's not just about the looks – these cat eye glasses also offer important protection for your eyes. The gradient brown polarized lenses not only enhance the overall aesthetic of the tortoise frame, but also help shield your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

    Made from high-quality acetate, they are both durable and comfortable, ensuring that you'll look and feel your best all day long. So why wait? Add these must-have tortoise polarized frames to your collection today and get ready to turn heads wherever you go.

    So whether you're lounging by the pool or hitting the town with friends, the Cosmo oversized square sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory. And with their flattering shape, these vintage sunglasses are perfect for a variety of face shapes, including oval, round, heart, and diamond.

    12. Vintage Coloured Sunglasses

    Our last pick for the top vintage sunglasses of the year is once again all about coloured frames. These best retro sunglasses will allow you to channel a vintage look on every level: design, colour and shape!

    We present to you the Jazz retro round sunglasses, a trendy pair of retro-round sunglasses designed with a translucent brown frame, a keyhole nose bridge and slimline wooden arms for an irresistible throwback finish.

    Featuring amber coloured lenses, these fun and bold cat eye glasses will add a retro flair to any look and shade your eyes from the sun with a dose of vintage fashion.

    Our final pair of vintage sunglasses is also similar to the round sunglasses mentioned before but a different take on it. Since you're playing with coloured round sunglasses, you might find the colour that speaks to you most.

    These vintage sunglasses have made it to the list of best vintage eyewear. They will certainly help make you look cooler in front of your friends. One look at the Flash blue sunglasses and the rest becomes history.

    These best retro sunglasses are designed with smooth translucent blue acetate and ebony wood temples for a perfect piece to create a simple, versatile and retro look. The round sunglasses have a standout keyhole bridge featuring gradient grey polarized lenses as well to give off the cat eye glasses feeling.

    Now that we narrowed down our list of top vintage sunglasses for 2023, it's time for you to update your wardrobe! With retro-inspired shapes and colours of best vintage eyewear recreated by brands in their new collections, you can't go wrong in finding the perfect pair of vintage sunglasses for you! If your still confused, take a look at our sunglasses guide.


    18 Top Vintage Sunglasses Shapes In 2024

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