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    10 Best Thick Frame Glasses Styles Trends in 2024

    10 Best Thick Frame Glasses Styles Trends in 2024

    Best Thick Frame Glasses Style & Trends

    Updated 5 March 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Glasses are accessories that we depend on to see the world clearly. In fashion, eyewear styles are rocking the runways and our wardrobes too. They are key to complementing our overall looks elegantly. Therefore, we must be on the lookout for on-trend men's eyeglasses and women's eyeglasses.

    Thick frame glasses are staying strong and have gained popularity over the years. We see them as part of modern fashion, and we know you can't live without your prescription glasses. But, opting for thick glasses shapes is not an easy task.

    So, we're here to give you a new look at the best thick frames glasses styles and trends.

    Featured Thick Eyeglasses

    History of Thick Frame Glasses

    Eyeglasses have been around for more than a hundred years. Of course, glasses shapes have evolved over the years. So, what's the secret behind the popularity of thick frames glasses?

    So, for a bit of history, thicker frame glasses gained popularity in the 1920s. First, comedian Harold Lloyd wore them in 1917 in his movie "Over the Fence." Then, although the mens thick frames glasses were associated with the elderly or the physically weak, people suddenly started wearing glasses in stylish, often large, chunky shapes. They saw the accessory as a way to express themselves and show off a part of their character. However, their popularity decreased once the Great Depression hit. Also, metal glasses were starting to appear, and as you know, people need to follow the following fashionable eyeglasses trends. Everything is bound to change. But, the historical event did not stop glasses-wearers from wearing thick frame glasses in the 1940s and 1950s. The glasses' shapes will give you a distinctive look like no other.

    Celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Anne Hathaway, John Lennon, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez were spotted going for large thick frame clubmaster glasses at different events throughout the years. So, despite the glasses shapes' setbacks in the past, they're here to stay, waiting to be worn by you!

    Ryan Reynolds wearing a blue coat, white shirt, red tie and thick frame glasses

    How to Style Thick Frame Glasses?

    According to the Vision Council of America, over 5 billion people will have Myopia or nearsightedness by 2050. So, unfortunately, our extended hours in front of the digital screens will have us pay the price. But, you can look out and take care of your eyesight while staying fashionable. As mentioned earlier, if you've wanted to update your wardrobe for a while now, especially eyewear, thick framed glasses are a great way to start.

    Styling any outfit is not an easy thing to do. First, you have to discover your taste and what looks good on you. For eyewear, it's the minor details that can make a difference. So, style them with fashionable accessories and trendy jewellery like glasses chains for thick framed glasses! They're a must-have because you won't have to worry about losing your thick frames glasses. Moreover, you can find trendy eyeglasses chains in different materials and colours, such as lanyards, pearls and Cuban links.

    We all know that thick framed glasses can be statement-making pieces. So, you have to pay attention to your clothes, like your t shirt. We advise you to tone it down in terms of colours, patterns and prints. You don't want to walk out the door with too many things happening with your outfit. We guarantee the thick frames glasses will blow your entourage away and have you look fashionable and confident for the new year.

    What are the 10 Best Thick Frame Glasses?

    Glasses frames are meant to express a particular style. No matter how you define your character, your accessories, including prescription eyeglasses, will complement the side you're trying to show. Whether you're into vintage elements or you want to look artistic, there's at least one pair of thick frames glasses ready to be worn by you. So, how can you choose the best glasses shapes? The answer lies with you! It all comes down to a matter of personal preference, a study of your face shape with our face shape glasses guide and your lifestyle. Here are the ten best thick frames glasses: styles & trends:

    1. Round Thick Frame Glasses

    We're starting the list of best thick frames glasses with a standard choice. However, if this is your first time buying glasses frames, you would want to get it right from the first try. Fashion offers you a variety of eyeglasses trends that can make you feel confused. Round eyeglasses like the Cheer collection can be an excellent option for thick frames. You'll have yourself statement-making pieces that can never go out of style.

    The round, thick frames glasses are available in two colour. The Cheer Rose eyeglasses are handcrafted from authentic Rose Wood while the Cheer Black eyeglasses are handcrafted from the original Oak Wood. Both round glasses are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. The high-end wooden materials make the thick framed glasses comfortable for an all-day stay.

    As for the design, the thick eyeglasses frames for men and women combine subtly winged tips and a standout keyhole bridge for a throwback appeal with modern styling that is trendy and elevated. These fashionable thicker frame glasses will add flair to your everyday style without making any additional effort.

    The round glasses shapes look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong faces.

    2. Rectangle Thick Frame Glasses

    People often wonder why thick frame glasses are so popular. Glasses wearers seem to enjoy their edginess which adds a flair to their style. Also, Rectangle glasses are great for any occasion, add to them a thick frame and you've got yourself a winner. Whether you're wearing your thick square retro frames to work or a fun day out with some friends, the rectangle thick rimmed glasses, like the Bold collection, will turn your look into a classic with a touch of modern.

    The rectangle glasses shape is available for men and women. Also, you can find them in two colours: Bold Brown eyeglasses and the Bold Black eyeglasses which are handcrafted from authentic Oak Wood and equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance. In addition, these lightweight, thick frame glasses will provide extra comfort.

    Moreover, the classic rectangle frame with retro detailing features slightly rounded edges and a standout keyhole bridge for an effortlessly fashionable and bold look. Finally, the warm or cool coloured thick aviator transparent thinner frames with their modern flair will be sure to add character to your everyday style.

    The rectangle glasses frames look great on oval, round frames, heart and oblong face shapes.

    3. Rounded Rectangle Thick Frame Glasses

    If you like our first two options of thick oversized frame and can't decide between them, we have a solution for you. We understand how it can get overwhelming when going on an eyewear shopping spree. But, sometimes, the glasses shapes that we want may not turn out to be the best for us. Geometric glasses bring out the funky side of us. It combines two standard frames into one. Therefore, Bliss eyeglasses is the best of both worlds.

    The rounded rectangle thick tortoiseshell glasses are handcrafted from authentic Sandal Wood and are equipped with an aluminum core for superior resistance and durability. In addition, these glasses shapes are designed with a keyhole bridge featuring delicate and clean lines for a subtly bold and elegant look for different skin tone. These simple stylish frames will give you a hint of attitude. As a result, the rounded clear frames and rectangle glasses will add a chic final touch that will charm your everyday style!

    The thick rimmed glasses look great on oval, round, heart and oblong face shapes as per popular brands like Ray Ban.

    4. Square Thick Frame Glasses

    Moving on to another thick frame glasses style, square glasses have been around for a long time. However, they are often seen as outdated. On the contrary, they are more modern than your traditional round glasses. Square thick rimmed glasses like the Brave collection are perfect for giving a bold impression. You can instantly elevate your style with a simple trick: putting your square thick frame glasses on! We're confident they go with any outfit you put on.

    Our unisex square glasses are available in two colours: Rose and Brown. The Brave Rose eyeglasses are handcrafted from authentic Rose Wood. Also, the Brave Brown eyeglasses are handcrafted from genuine Walnut Wood. Both thick frame glasses are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. Although the pair of squared shapes are clear frame glasses, they ensure maximum comfort.

    As for the design, the classic square stylish eyeglasses frames have slightly rounded edges and a saddle bridge that is sophisticated and distinct from any other thick square frames you've worn before. In addition, the two-tone glasses and earth shades will quickly become a staple in your eyewear collection!

    The square thick frame shape look suitable on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes. clear

    5. Browline Thick Frame Glasses

    Going back to geometric glasses, to this day, people want to look their best no matter what they wear. Fashion is always on the move. So, we should always be on the lookout for what is on-trend and what isn't. For thick rimmed glasses, geometric glasses like the Harmony eyeglasses are the way to go. So, if you're in the mood for vintage glasses frames, you know what to look for.

    The browline thick oversized thicker lens glasses are handcrafted from authentic Oak Wood and are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. The rounded square browline frames combine retro winged tips and a keyhole bridge for a vintage flair with sophisticated and modern aesthetics. In addition, these fashion-forward glasses with versatile styling are perfect for a charming, refined and on-trend look.

    The browline thick frame glasses style looks suitable on oval, square, rectangle and oblong face shapes.

    6. Cat-Eye Thick Frame Glasses

    Our last pick of thick frame eyeglasses goes out to all the geometric fans out there. We honestly believe that one pair of geometric glasses is not enough. The great thing about them is you can mix and match. In other words, you don't have to stick to the combination of two thicker lenses shapes into one. There are plenty more geometric eyewear trends where that came from. American talk show host and philanthropist Opra Winfrey is a fan of eco friendly frame glasses. She's often spotted wearing geometric thick frame glasses like the Charm collection.

    The rounded cat-eye thick frame eyeglasses are available in two colours: The Charm Rose eyeglasses are handcrafted from authentic Cherry Wood. The Charm Purple eyeglasses are handcrafted from the original Sandal Wood. The two cat eye prescription glasses are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. In addition, these thick frame glasses are made for a flawless fit and superior comfort.

    As for the design, the upswept cat-eye thick oversized frames with rounded edges and subtly winged tips give out an all bold and feminine vibe. Moreover, these sophisticated cat eye frames will be sure to add flair and a hint of glamour to your everyday looks!

    The rounded cat-eye glasses look good on round face, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong long face shapes.

    6. Oval Thick Frame Glasses

    Presenting our latest picks for thicker lenses from the Fierce collection – the Fierce Black and Fierce Brown eyeglasses, available in black tortoise and clear brown acetate, respectively. For those who appreciate a vintage-modern aesthetic and prioritize comfort and sustainability, the round Fierce Black eyeglasses are the perfect choice. Handmade with eco-friendly materials, the thick acetate frames featuring walnut wood temples seamlessly blend luxury with environmental consciousness.

    As our second option, the Fierce Brown eyeglasses, crafted with translucent brown acetate frames and walnut wood temples, offer the same vintage-modern aesthetic and eco-conscious craftsmanship. Both options are designed with integrated nose pads, adjustable acetate temple tips, and flexible spring hinges, ensuring a customized fit and all-day comfort.

    The bold, thicker frames and keyhole bridges of the Fierce Black and Fierce Brown eyeglasses add a statement-making element to your look, making them suitable for any occasion, whether it's running errands or attending a fancy event. Embrace the fusion of style and sustainability with the Fierce eyeglasses collection, offering versatile options that complement rectangle, square, diamond, heart, and oblong face shapes, as well as medium to large faces. Elevate your eyewear game with these bold and chic additions to our thick lenses collection.

    Do you think you can rock a pair of stylish thick frame glasses? We believe you can! The variety of glasses shapes will go well with any outfit and any style you decide to go for. If you have high prescription, thick frame glasses are the perfect high prescription glasses. However, no matter the lenses or your prescription, thick frame glasses will look great on you! So remember to feel good and confident as you walk out that door. We assure you the thick frame glasses are statement-making pieces that will never go out of style. Happy shopping!


    10 Best Thick Frame Glasses Styles Trends in 2024

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