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    Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

    Take your style to the next level and add some flair to your outfit with our collection of tortoise shell sunglasses! 

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    Tortoise Shell Sunglasses: Timeless Elegance with a Contemporary Twist

    Rock a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses for that classy, sophisticated appeal. Featuring an old-school, retro charm, tortoise sunglasses are the missing piece to your rock and roll ensemble.

    Ladies, you can find the perfect grab-to-go pair of tortoise frames with upgraded contemporary touches, from oversized tortoise shell sunglasses to browline tortoise frames.

    Whether you’re after an occasional accessory or everyday chic, these sunglasses will add something unique to your look. Usually featuring a classic rich walnut and toffee colour, you can find different coloured tortoise sunglasses at Kraywoods.

    Explore a variety of tortoise patterns and styles, from oversized to square, and find the perfect high-quality tortoise shell sunglasses to fit your unique style. Their versatile style and colourful design make them a must-have accessory for any fashion-conscious individual. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Shoppers Guide To Buying Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Frames

    It refers to the outer shell of turtles. Tortoise shell was the semi-transparent yellow and brown shell of certain turtles, typically used to make jewellery or ornaments.

    Today, accessories aren’t actually made out of the shell, but the pattern has been replicated.

    It also comes in different colours like brown and grey, blue and black and many more. The Cosmo sunglasses are a perfect example of tortoise shell sunglasses.

    The tortoise sunglasses won't be going out of style any time soon. Their pattern is the perfect amount of subtle yet stylish, making it coveted and loved by many people.

    Fashion experts say that it’s popular because tortoise shell sunglasses suit pretty much everyone and anyone.

    Their warm brown and amber colours will brighten darker skin tones while they are also a great softer option for fair skin types where black frames can prove to be a little too harsh.

    The Carter sunglasses are the perfect tortoise frame if you want that dark square sunglasses effect without it being too harsh on your skin.

    Absolutely! Our versatile tortoiseshell sunglasses collection offers styles suitable for everyone. Discover options like the Runner sunglasses and Carter sunglasses, crafted from green tortoise, which may appeal more to men, and styles like the Stella sunglasses and Cosmo sunglasses, made from brown tortoise, that are particularly appealing for women. Explore the diverse range to find the perfect pair for your unique look.

    Tortoise shell sunglasses are the perfect frames to keep in your car or bag as they go with everything.

    Pick neutral-toned tortoise sunglasses and let them do the talk. Available in many different shapes, opt for tortoise sunglasses for a classic yet trendy look.

    They look good on everyone, and that’s why they are loved by many. Fashion experts love tortoise sunglasses, and so do we!

    Not only do they look good on every skin tone, but they are now available in many different colours and designs, allowing you to choose the frame that looks best on you!

    Square tortoise shell sunglasses are one of the most popular frames. Lucky for you, we have a few selections of square tortoise frames.

    If you’re looking for warmer traditional tones of tortoise, then go for the Felix frames. For a cooler undertone, the Sky sunglasses are the perfect fit.

    Another popular tortoise sunglasses style is the tortoise geometric Meteor sunglasses. They are the ideal trendy sunglasses for that fashion-forward look. 

    Our tortoiseshell sunglasses are crafted with durability in mind, featuring high-quality materials like acetate. While maintaining a stylish appearance, these sunglasses ensure long-lasting wear.

    Yes, our tortoiseshell sunglasses are crafted with eco-friendly materials, ensuring a sustainable and stylish choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

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