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    Top 11 Trending Browline Glasses

    Top 11 Trending Browline Glasses

    Posted at 1:30 pm • 4 October 2022 • Maguy from Kraywoods

    Are you new to the world of eyewear and having trouble finding YOUR pair? Even if you're looking to expand your collection, you know that fashion knows no limits and continues to surprise us by bringing back the old in a modified modern version. If you love a retro throwback, you'll know browline glasses are back on the line.

    Celebrities have revived the browline eyeglasses trend through men's prescription eyeglasses and women's prescription eyeglasses. Guess what? You can also be part of the movement. The browline glasses frames made a come back into fashion for the third time, and you know what they say: The third time's a charm. To learn more, we created a guide to help you find your perfect browline glasses match:

    1. History of Browline Glasses
    2. What Face Shape Suits Browline Glasses?
    3. Top 11 Trending Browline Glasses
    4. How to Style Browline Glasses

    Featured Browline Glasses

    Featured Browline Glasses

    History of Browline Glasses

    Just like any other glasses shape, browline glasses have been around for a long time. Glasses frames don't just disappear. Like any timeless fashion accessory, they come and go but never go out of style. So there's a perfect time for trends to come back, and now is the time for browline glasses frames to shine. So, when were these glasses invented? What's the mystery behind the browline glasses fashion? Here's what you need to know:

    As you might know, the name "browline" glasses come from the design of the glasses frames. The upper part of the eyewear is thicker than the lower part and is meant to draw attention to the wearer's natural brow line. The original goal was to create customizable browline glasses. In other words, you would be able to change the wires, bridges and brows. As a result, their popularity started increasing because of the unique customization. So when did browline eyeglasses first appear?

    Actor Bruce Willis wearing Browline Glasses with a bowtie and white suit in the TV Series Moonlighting

    Jack Rohrback invented the browline glasses design in 1947. He was the vice president of the eyeglasses company: Shuron Ltd. During the 1950s, the browline glasses gained popularity, and their sales rose, making them a wanted accessory. In the 1960s, browline style glasses decreased because of the availability of plastic glasses but worked their way back to fame when Bruce Willis rocked a pair of browline glasses in his movie Moonlighting. As a result, Ray-Ban introduced the clubmaster glasses as traditional browline glasses frames with sunglasses lenses.

    Browline glasses fashion continued developing more by creating more patterns and colours, even so appearing on the big screen in Mad Men with their tortoiseshell browline glasses.

    So, are browline glasses in style now? This renewed spark pushed people to purchase the classic yet retro browline glasses, making them must-have statement-making pieces.

    Actor Rich Sommer wearing Tortoiseshell Browline Glasses with a red bowtie and dark navy suit in the TV Series Mad Men

    What Face Shape Suits Browline Glasses

    If this is your first time looking out for cheap prescription browline glasses, you might want to pay attention. With so many choices, picking just one pair out of the best browline glasses can get confusing. Sometimes, what you have in mind, may not be the right one for you. So, how can you tell? The answer is simple: face shape. You need to find the best glasses for your face shape as it will help you determine the correct browline glasses frames for you.

    Back to the hot topic, if you have an oval face with delicate features, then browline glasses with square lenses will work well on you. Also, there are great styles of browline glasses for round face with angular lens shapes. We're talking about geometric browline glasses.Moreover, having a heart or triangle face shape with an angular jawline will give you the chance to explore some fantastic browline style glasses. Just remember to choose carefully!

    Different mens' face shapes

    Top 11 Trending Browline Glasses

    Did you enjoy going through the history of browline glasses? Then, it's time for the most exciting part. Eyewear designers like the play around with materials, patterns and colours. Therefore, it gets pretty interesting when you change glasses every few years. Whether it's full wood, metal or acetate glasses, there's a long list of men's browline glasses and women's browline glasses to shop from. So, to make things easier, we gathered our favourite picks of browline style glasses for you:

    1. Full Wood Cat Eye Browline Glasses

    There's never been a style where it just simply went away, and everyone forgot about. Fashion always leaves room for improvement, so the comeback is bound to be stronger than before. This was the case for browline glasses. So how can we not start our best browline glasses list with ladies' choice? Women's browline glasses are all about adding an extra touch to your eyewear collection. By that, we mean the Charm collection.

    These cat eye browline glasses are available in two colours. The first is the Charm Rose browline glasses are handcrafted from authentic Cherry Wood.

    The second are the Charm Purple browline glasses that are handcrafted from the original Sandal Wood. These lightweight browline glasses are made for a superior fit and comfort, perfect for all-day wear!

    As for the design, the upswept cat eye browline glasses' silhouette with rounded edges and subtly winged tips are at once bold, chic and feminine. Stylish and sophisticated, the browline glasses frames will surely add a hint of glamour and confidence to your everyday look!

    2. Metal Cat Eye Browline Glasses

    As mentioned earlier, the great thing about eyewear is the diversity in materials. Although it's important to note that all our browline glasses are made from high-end materials, the Enchanted collection will do you justice if you're looking for a different style of cat eye browline glasses. They are available in two colours. Enchanted Gold browline glasses or the gold browline glasses are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Ebony Wood temples, starting with the first browline style glasses.

    The Enchanted Silver browline glasses are handmade from superior stainless steel but feature original Cassia Siamea Wood temples.

    As for the design, the striking semi-rimless browline glasses frames feature angular lines and a winged butterfly tip combining modern and vintage design elements for a bold look with a touch of glamour and retro vogue appeal. Embellished with a two-tone gold or silver and matte black finish, these are one of the best browline glasses you need to add confidence, glam and sophistication to your everyday look!  

    These two collections of cat eye browline glasses look good on round, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong face shapes.

    3. Round Browline Glasses

    To dive deeper into browline glasses, let's introduce a collection that would bring the spotlight to you wherever you wear them. Round glasses have been around long and never seem to go out of style. Can you combine browline glasses with round glasses frames? Of course, you can either go for the retro browline glasses like the Cheer collection and have a taste of the modern designs.

    They are a great example of browline glasses for men and women. The Cheer Rose browline glasses are handcrafted from authentic Rose Wood and flexible spring hinges.

    On the other hand, Cheer Black browline glasses are handcrafted from genuine Oak Wood. These lightweight browline style glasses are made for a comfortable fit all around!

    As for the design, the retro-inspired round browline glasses combine subtly winged tips and a standout keyhole bridge for a throwback appeal with modern styling that is right on-trend. Classic, sophisticated and versatile, these two-tone browline glasses will surely enhance your everyday look! These browline eyeglasses look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    4. Oval Browline Glasses

    If you're looking for something similar to the collection above, you can purchase the browline glasses in oval styling. In other words, the Hope collection. These browline glasses for men and women are an unmissable addition to your eyewear collection. The Hope Black browline glasses are handmade with black tortoise acetate and upscale zebra wood temples.

    In addition, the Hope Orange browline glasses are handmade with standout orange tortoise acetate and exclusive ebony wood temples.

    Both browline tortoiseshell glasses showcase a simple yet sophisticated look with a hint of geek-chic. These vintage oval browline glasses feature a keyhole bridge for a throwback appeal. The rounded acetate rims, flexible spring hinges and standout wooden temples give off versatile yet classic. Show off your personality with a touch of quirky charm.

    The oval browline style glasses look great on diamond, rectangle, square, and oblong face shapes.

    5. Rounded Square Browline Glasses

    Have you thought about combining two glasses shapes into one? For example, if you're a fan of round and square glasses, you can now get your hands on a pair of browline glasses that combine the two shapes. The Harmony Brown browline glasses will prove us right if you don't believe us.

    These rounded square browline glasses are handcrafted from authentic Oak Wood for a comfortable and flawless fit. As for the design, the browline glasses combine retro winged tips and a keyhole bridge for a vintage flair with sophisticated and modern aesthetics. These fashion-forward browline glasses frames with versatile styling are perfect for a charming, refined and on-trend look.

    These men's and women's browline glasses look good on the oval, square, rectangle and oblong face shapes.

    6. Geometric Browline Glasses

    Speaking of combining glasses shapes, we've reached our last collection and saved the best for last. Fashion encourages new designs and modern styling. You've probably noticed that people are sometimes wearing geometric glasses. They're the new IT thing, and we can't seem to hold back the excitement of having geometric browline glasses or what we call the Faith collection. The Faith Black browline glasses are handmade with bold black acetate for a modern take on geometric glasses.

    On the other hand, the Faith Ivory browline glasses are handmade with ivory tortoise acetate frames, which scream 70s eyeglasses.

    Both browline glasses feature rosewood temples complementing any skin tone. These geometric browline eyeglasses present a cutting-edge look that will catch your audience's eyes. These browline glasses frames feature a unique take on a classic pair that will add a sleek appeal to keep you looking on point in all directions.

    The geometric browline glasses look great on rectangle, diamond, heart, oval, and oblong face shapes.

    How to Style Browline Glasses

    Now that you got an idea of modern ideas of browline glasses frames, can you picture yourself wearing them? Men's and women's browline glasses are not so hard to style. Sure, you can have your retro browline glasses, but what you choose to wear with the browline glasses will say a lot about your style. So, if you're having trouble coordinating accessories and outfits, we gathered tips on how to style browline glasses:

    1. Keep it Classic

    Instead of going all out with your prescription eyeglasses, browline glasses are considered more on the classic and formal side, unlike aviator glasses. Some of the best browline glasses are suitable for work wear. So, what clothes can you wear that you can easily pull off with browline glasses? Ladies, we're going simple with this one: a regular pair of jeans and a tee for the summer or a good set and even a turtleneck with a couple of pants for colder days. Gentlemen, you can opt for a suit and tie with your favourite browline glasses frames and vice versa!

    2. Add Some Accessories

    Name a fashion rule that implies putting on one type of accessory. You can't! Fashion is all about self-expression and looking your best no matter the occasion. Browline glasses will instantly elevate your style and help keep the spotlight on you at all times. Accessories are essential elements that help convey a particular message through your outfit. So, why not add the latest jewellery trends to your browline glasses frames?

    We're talking about glasses chains. You can shop our unique selection of glasses chains for your eyewear and match them with whatever you decide to choose, be it gold browline glasses, tortoiseshell browline glasses or cat eye browline glasses. Featuring the most fashionable looks, you can opt for glasses chains in different lengths and materials like lanyard, Cuban link or herringbone.

    Another trend that is picking up quite quickly is the beaded bracelets. They're perfect for men and women and can add a simple touch to your outfit along with your browline glasses frames. Discover unique beaded and macrame bracelets crafted from authentic wood and stone beads.

    Have we motivated you to purchase a pair of browline glasses? Now that you know which year these glasses invented got picked up, you don't have to worry about them being out of style. The eyewear trend will never stop if you keep wearing some of the best browline glasses. From casual and laid-back clothing to professional styling, these browline glasses are as great as browline sunglasses. Take a look at the best eyewear trends of 2022 and choose which type of trendy glasses you want to go for! But we both know that browline glasses is on of the best trends.


    Top 11 Trending Browline Glasses