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    20 Best Quality Non-Prescription Reading Glasses From Kraywoods
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    20 Best Quality Non-Prescription Reading Glasses From Kraywoods

    Best Quality Non-Prescription Reading Glasses

    10 min read • Updated at 1:30 pm • 08 May 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    You need to find a pair of best quality non-prescription reading glasses if you want to get younger and start to experience eye strain when trying to read.

    Do you find that even with occasional trips to the optometrist, your vision is still becoming more strained, or do you need support for daily activities such as reading and crafting?

    Who better to trust than Kraywoods, makers of some of the industry's best quality non-prescription reading glasses today?

    With their expertly designed reading frames using only premium materials, like titanium, acetate plastic, and stainless steel, these 20 pairs will surely fit any style. Now, you can stay comfortable while reading and look great.

    Featured Reading Glasses

    Charm Rose Eyeglasses

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    Brave Rose Eyeglasses

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    Purpose Gold Eyeglasses

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    Joy Silver Eyeglasses

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    Enchanted Gold Eyeglasses

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    Euphoria Gold Eyeglasses

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    Faith Ivory Eyeglasses

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    Trust Grey Eyeglasses

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    What is a non-prescription reading glass?

    A non-prescription reading glass, also known as an OTC (over-the-counter) reading glass, is an inexpensive and convenient form of eyewear worn to improve near vision.

    These blue light protection glasses have no corrective progressive lenses; they magnify the image viewed so the wearer can see clearly when focusing on nearby objects such as a book or phone.

    Non-prescription non cheap reading glasses are designed for people with presbyopia. This condition makes it difficult to focus up close as one ages and naturally loses the ability to adjust focus from faraway objects to near objects quickly.

    vision through reading glasses

    The level of magnification is determined by the diopter rating, which determines how strong the reading lenses need to be to view near text or items comfortably.

    While most often used by those 50+ years old, many 20 and 30-somethings find them helpful since smartphones and other digital screens strain our eyes more than ever.

    Non-prescription readers come in different styles and sizes, like full-frame blue light glasses peepers or half-eye metal frames; they also range in strengths from +1 through +3 diopters at varying price points, making them both affordable and accessible options for anyone needing help with their vision up close.

    Additionally, they're typically very lightweight, making them comfortable on your face while looking stylish too.

    You can often try out a few pairs before settling on just one since plenty of stores provide samples right in the store, so you can make sure these are something you feel comfortable wearing throughout your day-to-day life.

    Non-prescription readers are great solutions for forgetful wearers who don't want to lug around multiple pairs of expensive quality non prescription reading glasses along with contact prescription impact resistant lenses whenever transitioning between tasks requiring different levels of visual acuity, from distant scene viewing vs. working on small details and texts, allowing easy transition without having forgotten your actual prescriptions at home.

    How To choose The best reading non-prescription glasses?

    Here are the factors you need to consider before choosing the right glass between all the best quality non-prescription glasses available:

    Prescription lenses features

    When buying glasses, paying close attention to the features and qualities available for your prescription lenses is essential.

    From scratch-resistant coatings to lightweight materials or unique blue light-blocking treatments, these options can help ensure you get exactly what you need from your eyewear without spending extra money on something unnecessary.

    Take a look at these unique options carefully before making any final decisions.

    Frame material

    When looking for the right prescription glasses, you have two primary materials: plastic, metal, and wireframes.

    Plastic is typically considered more durable, but if portability or convenience matters, folding metal glasses may be your best bet. Read each frame's material description to find what works best for your needs.

    Lens Material and blue light

    Shopping for best reading glasses can be daunting, with seemingly endless factors to consider and compare. One of the most important is lens coating and material. It affects optical clarity, durability, and weight.

    Plastic CR-39 single-vision impact resistant polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and economical but may perform poorly in extreme temperatures or directly exposed to UV light.

    Polycarbonate blue light filtering lenses offer superior scratch resistance compared to other materials and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection from sunlight; however, polycarbonate lens also tends to be thicker than traditional plastic glasses, making them more noticeable on your face.

    Injection molded plastics tend towards offering clearer vision due to their higher index rating that allows some greater curve allowance which helps minimize distortion; nevertheless, those frames do come at an extra cost since production requires special machinery, thus driving up prices considerably if you're looking for stylish options like designer name brands or custom fittings such luxury isn't cheap.

    Considering all these points while shopping around really pays off, try different kinds before buying any specs and see what suits you best.

    Return Policy and Warranty

    If a worry-free purchase matters, verifying any company's return and warranty policies is always best before buying quality non prescription reading glasses.

    That way, you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong with your eyewear, there is someone behind them who will make sure the problem gets taken care of.

    You should get the right one on the first try

    Ready to find your perfect pair of readers? As Dr. Raviv advises, start with a +1 strength and then adjust according to how comfortable they feel when you use them, but don't skip the eye exam.

    This extra step can ensure that we get everything medically crucial while making sure you get just what feels suitable for your reading needs.

    Consider both durability and affordability

    When buying quality non prescription reading glasses, there are a few essential things to remember. Sure, you can buy some cheaply made and affordable glasses from the dollar store, but they likely will only hold up well over time and provide adequate optical clarity because of poor construction.

    It's best instead to invest in comparatively more expensive metal frames with anti-scratch. These anti-reflective coatings also offer protection against harmful UV rays, all recommendations suggested by The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

    To ensure your lenses will measure up for quality assurance purposes, speak with an ophthalmologist or optometrist before purchasing.

    Woman wearing reading glasses and holding a book


    What is the relation between price and quality?

    Suppose there's a massive difference in the quality of reading glasses, no need to worry. This is only sometimes the case.

    More expensive models often have better blue light filtering lenses and more durable frames. Still, get yourself a pair with the proper magnification strength (and be okay with having them around for a short while). Cheaper ones can do precisely what pricier versions will, allowing you to enjoy your favorite books or pastimes without strain.

    Are affordable quality non prescription reading glasses better?

    If you have a habit of being hard on your reading glasses, having access to cheap frames is useful. Having multiple pairs around can make life easy when your usual pair goes missing.

    However, it's always essential to have at least one good quality set made by an optometrist that matches your prescription; this ensures the best vision and comfort while you read.

    Do you need an eye doctor for reading glasses?

    Finding the best strength for your best bifocal reading glasses is vital in maintaining healthy eyesight. To ensure you get the optimal magnification, it's always a good idea to consult an eye care professional or an eye doctor when selecting them.

    Generally speaking, low-strength magnifying lenses (+1.00 to +1.25) are most often recommended; however, if this doesn't provide sufficient clarity of vision, higher strengths may be needed up to 2 diopters above that range, depending on how nearsighted you are.

    Ultimately, remember that finding comfortable and practical magnification should be based on personal comfort level and individual sight needs. Feel free to seek help from professionals who can see what works best for your situation.

    The best quality non-prescription reading glasses

    1- Cheer Rose Eyeglasses

    Are you looking for stylish quality non prescription reading glasses that won't break after one wears them? Look no further than Cheer Rose's rosewood plastic frames.

    These blue light glasses are handcrafted with genuine wood and an aluminum core, making them strong and resilient. They also feature integrated spring hinges and acetate temple tips, providing all-day comfort.

    But these round prescription lenses are unique because of their vintage charm and modern flair, perfect for creating a classic fashion statement while keeping up with current trends. So don't wait any longer: get your hands on Cheer Rose today.

    Cheer Rose Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    2- Charm Rose Eyeglasses

    Introducing the Charm Rose reading glasses, a timeless combination of style and comfort that will keep you looking your best all day.

    Crafted by hand from lavish cherry wood, these cat-eye frames boast an aluminum core for extra strength.

    The spring hinges and acetate temple tips allow them to fit snugly on any face shape, while their upswept silhouette adds charm with its subtly winged design.

    Remember the two-tone color palette that creates visual contrast to ensure you stand out. With rounded edges bringing a touch of class, what more could one ask for?

    Put: if fashion is at or near the top of your priority list, this must-have accessory should make it into your wardrobe ASAP.

    Charm Rose Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    3- Charm Purple Eyeglasses

    Step into luxury with the Charm Purple reading glasses. Handcrafted using authentic sandalwood and reinforced with an aluminum core for extra durability, these cat-eye frames are designed to stay comfortable throughout the day.

    They feature upswept cat-eye silhouettes that create a bold yet chic look, perfect for any confident fashionista.

    With subtle winged tips and rounded edges that add glamour, you'll take your everyday look up several notches in style when wearing these wood frame light blue glasses.

    So don't hesitate, give yourself something special today with this must-have accessory, THE Charm Purple Eyeglass collection has arrived just in time.

    Charm Purple Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    4- Brave Rose Eyeglasses

    Are you in search of quality non prescription reading glasses that combine style and functionality? Look no further than Brave Rose, a timeless collection made from genuine rosewood with an aluminum core for ultimate comfort and durability.

    The classic square shape frame features slightly rounded edges to provide an elegant, sophisticated look, while the integrated spring hinges and acetate temple tips ensure all-day wearability.

    With these handcrafted wooden wear glasses on your face, you'll turn heads as soon as you enter the room.

    Brave Rose Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    5- Bold Brown Eyeglasses

    Elevate your look with the Bold Brown quality non prescription reading glasses. These rectangular plastic frames are handcrafted from authentic oak wood and offer a unique and stylish appearance that will turn heads.

    Not only do they feature natural charm and lasting durability due to their careful craftsmanship, but they also come designed for maximum comfort, thanks to integrated spring hinges and acetate temple tips, which are gentle on sensitive skin.

    So take advantage of this one-of-a-kind accessory now; you will be satisfied.

    Bold Brown Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    6- Purpose Gold Eyeglasses

    Look no further. At Purpose, we've perfected the classic aviator style with our Gold reading glasses.

    Every pair is handmade from premium stainless steel and features authentic Rose Wood temples for a unique look that will turn heads everywhere you go.

    Integrated nose pads, spring hinges, and acetate temple tips make these frames comfortable enough to wear all day long without sacrificing an ounce of stylishness, so why wait? Make your statement today by adding on-trend Gold best reading glasses from Purpose Glass.

    Purpose Gold Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    7- Joy Rose Gold Eyeglasses

    Joy Rose Gold Eyeglasses offer a modern twist on classic sophistication. Crafted from premium stainless steel, these frames are handmade with Ebony Wood temples for added quirkiness.

    Not to mention their superior comfort; integrated nose pads and acetate temple tips ensure an excellent fit that won't budge throughout the day. Plus, you get some extra flexibility thanks to the spring hinges.

    With slim lines and retro-inspired arc-shaped nose bridges, Joy Rose Gold reading glasses allow you to look fabulous while feeling great all at once.

    Joy Rose Gold Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    8- Joy Silver Eyeglasses

    Joy Silver Eyeglasses are here to revolutionize your everyday style. Crafted with premium stainless steel and Walnut Wood temples, these round frames feature a classic yet quirky design that ensures you'll turn heads for all the right reasons.

    But it doesn't end there. We've added integrated nose pads and acetate temple tips to ensure they fit comfortably wherever the day takes you.

    Plus, with their slim lines and arc-shaped bridge adding a touch of retro flair, to wear reading glasses genuinely have something for everyone who loves fashion as much as function.

    Joy Silver Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    9- Purpose Black Eyeglasses

    Whether you want to make a bold fashion statement or enhance your everyday look, Purpose black reading glasses are here for you.

    Handcrafted from quality stainless steel and featuring genuine Rose Wood temples, these aviator frames combine luxury materials with an iconic frame shape.

    We've also included integrated nose pads, spring hinges, and acetate temple tips, so you'll remain comfortable no matter what the day has in store.

    Furthermore, this stylish finish is given a modern twist thanks to its matte black monochromatic design. It will ensure you can always stay up-to-date wherever life takes you, work meetings, or evenings on the town while looking sharp.

    So add these one-of-a-kind metal wear glasses to your collection today.

    Purpose Black Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    10- Enchanted Gold Eyeglasses

    Stylish and comfortable, the Enchanted Gold reading glasses from Ultra Vision Eyewear bring modern sophistication with a touch of vintage glamour into your look.

    Crafted in premium stainless steel with genuine Ebony Wood temples, these semi-rimless cat-eye frames have an eye-catching two-tone gold and matte black finish that will add style to any outfit.

    But this pair isn't just fashionable. Integrated nose pads, spring hinges, and lightweight acetate temple tips make for a secure fit all day, so you can stay looking sharp without sacrificing comfort.

    Enchanted Gold Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    11- Bliss Purple Eyeglasses

    Make a statement every time you step out with these stylish yet sophisticated reading glasses. The Bliss Purple frames boast superior craftsmanship and materials that create an eye-catching accessory.

    Durable Sandal Wood is the base material of each pair, while integrated spring hinges and acetate temple tips ensure all-day comfort, no matter where your adventures take you.

    These handcrafted glasses flaunt a bold rectangle frame with a keyhole bridge for a subtle elegance that will not go unnoticed, perfect for completing any look from casually cool to office chic.

    Step up your style today; get ready to experience quality assurance in fashion form like never before.

    Bliss Purple Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    12- Euphoria Gold Eyeglasses

    Looking for glasses that will complete your outfit with a touch of class and glamour? Meet Euphoria Gold, the perfect style, luxury, comfort, and durability mix.

    Handcrafted from premium stainless steel with Ebony Wood temples combined with a matt Black and gold finish, these rectangle glasses are an ideal choice to spoil yourself or someone special.

    The integrated nose pads, spring hinges, and acetate temple tips provide a superior fit to enjoy effortless everyday wear without discomfort. The sleek frame design featuring rounded edges along a double bridge gives it a unique retro charm that won't go unnoticed.

    Make a statement in style wherever you may be, workdays at the office or fun nights out on the town. Euphoria Gold reading glasses are sure to turn heads.

    Euphoria Gold Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    13- Faith Black Eyeglasses

    Make a statement with the Faith Black otc reading glasses. Featuring an iconic geometric design and bold black acetate frames, you'll be sure to attract attention wherever you go.

    Crafted from luxurious rosewood temples to flatter skin tones, these reading glasses are also made for practical comfort. Integrated nose pads, adjustable temple tips, and flexible spring hinges make them stylish and supremely comfortable.

    Stand out amongst any crowd when wearing Faith Black eyewear. With their unique contemporary and timeless appeal, why not add some oomph to your wardrobe today? Get yours now.

    Faith Black Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    14- Faith Ivory Eyeglasses

    Add a touch of rebel-chic to your look and turn heads with the Faith Ivory eyeglasses wherever you go. These eye-catching frames will give your wardrobe an ultra-modern, contemporary flair.

    Their geometric shape is designed for maximum attitude, handmade from Ivory acetate frames with rosewood temples that flatter all skin tones perfectly.

    Comfort is remembered, too; these babies come packed with features like integrated nose pads, adjustable acetate temple tips, and flexible spring hinges, so they'll fit comfortably no matter what day you're having.

    Get ready to show off unapologetic style thanks to the timeless appeal offered by this on-trend piece: make sure everyone knows who's boss when it comes to fashion sense. Get yours today before we sell out again.

    Faith Ivory Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    15- Fierce Black Eyeglasses

    If you're looking for a pair of eyeglasses as stylishly chic and comfortable as sustainable, Fierce Black's round black glasses have you covered.

    Handmade with eco-friendly materials like tortoise acetate frames and walnut wood temples, these luxurious vintage-modern specs look magnificent and come designed with an array of features crafted for comfort.

    These include integrated nose pads, adjustable temple tips, and flexible spring hinges, all providing custom-fitted wearable ease perfect for everyday use.

    And there's no missing out on fashion either; this retro round style boasts a bold high frame fit paired off seamlessly with its keyhole bridge design: sure to make any outfit stand out.

    Fierce Black Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    16- Hope Black Eyeglasses

    Crafted with eco-friendly materials and a classic retro design, the Hope Black eyeglasses will surely appeal to those who value style as much as sustainability.

    Featuring black tortoise acetate rims that encase zebra wood temples, these oval glasses offer sophisticated versatility for any occasion or outfit. Integrated nose pads provide custom comfort while adjustable temple tips and spring hinges make them an ideal choice for all-day wear; their subtle cat eye shape only adds charm.

    The Hope Blacks should be your go-to if you're searching for frames with others turning heads. Stylish yet sustainable, it never looked so good.

    Hope Black Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    17- Trust Grey Eyeglasses

    Are you looking for a fashionable, eco-friendly eyewear option filled with modern sophistication?

    The Trust Grey and Brown glasses are the perfect fit. Handcrafted from sustainable materials, these square frames feature Zebra Wood temples and provide adjustable acetate temple tips and flexible spring hinges to ensure long-lasting comfort no matter what your day has in store.

    Not only will you look stylishly intellectual when wearing them, but their timelessness ensures they never go out of style, so you can trust doing good for yourself and the planet by choosing this pair today.

    Trust Grey Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    18- Enchanted Silver Eyeglasses

    If you're searching for statement eyewear that is both stylish and comfortable, look no further than the Enchanted Silver Eyeglasses.

    Crafted from premium stainless steel with Cassia Siamea Wood temples, these cat-eye semi-rimless glasses provide a sleek modern edge.

    Step into the spotlight in a pair of Enchanted Silver Eyeglasses today. The two-tone silver and matte black design boasts retro vogue appeal.

    At the same time, meticulously integrated nose pads, spring hinges, and acetate temple tips make them lightweight yet adjustable to your preferences, so they can keep up with all of life's activities without sacrificing style or comfort.

    Enchanted Silver Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    19- Grace Clear Eyeglasses

    Ready to step up your eco-friendly fashion game? The Grace Clear eyeglasses are the perfect accessory for stylish sophisticates looking to upgrade their wardrobe.

    Handcrafted with sustainable clear acetate and Cassia Siamea Wood temples, these classic square frames offer a timeless look that will never go out of style.

    Plus, integrated nose pads, adjustable temple tips, and flexible spring hinges make them comfortable for all-day wear. You can confidently rock those glasses at the office or on an evening night out.

    So say goodbye to boring accessories, and let those beautiful Grace Grey eyeglasses take center stage in any ensemble.

    Grace Clear Eyeglasses

    Sold out

    20- Grace Grey Eyeglasses

    Looking for an eco-friendly fashion statement? The Grace Grey eyeglasses have got you covered. These handcrafted frames are made with sustainable grey acetate and Cassia Siamea Wood temples, giving them a classic yet sophisticated finish.

    They look great, but the integrated nose pads, adjustable temple tips, and flexible spring hinges ensure comfort throughout your day. And no need to worry about going out of style; their timeless square shape makes them perfect for any occasion.

    So rock those fabulous green glasses proudly, knowing that looking good has never been so easy or eco-friendly.

    Grace Grey Eyeglasses

    Sold out


    Kraywoods has you covered when it comes to buying your new reading glasses. Our website has a great selection that suits all budgets and tastes, from fancy designer eyewear to budget-friendly options.

    Our world-class anti-scratch lenses are the perfect blend of superior optical technology and comfortable, modern style.

    Whether you're looking for an everyday pair of reading glasses or something a bit more stylish, at Kraywoods, we always strive to provide the best quality non-prescription reading glasses at an affordable price with excellent customer service.

    So don't wait any longer. Head to our website now and start shopping for your next favorite pair. Also, check out our blog page, where you can find helpful tips and advice about reading glasses. You won't regret it.

    We've convinced you that Kraywoods is the one-stop shop for eye care needs. Check our website for more info and happy shopping.


    20 Best Quality Non-Prescription Reading Glasses From Kraywoods

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