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    15 Best Metal Frame Glasses Styles in 2024
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    15 Best Metal Frame Glasses Styles in 2024

    Best Metal Frame Glasses Styles

    Updated on 22 September 2023 • Maguy from Kraywoods

    There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what you exactly want when going on an eyewear shopping spree. With a lot of choices in front of you, things can get pretty confusing. Naturally, you would like to wear glasses that are timeless, classic, stylish and comfortable. So, have you thought about going for metal glasses frames?

    Metal frame glasses and metal frame sunglasses are not only stylish and trendy, but they are extremely durable, comfortable and practical. Metal frame glasses are classics that suit whatever face shape you have. In addition, the wire-rimmed glasses come in several shapes and styles. Therefore, you can easily find your go-to pair that will showcase your personal style and elevate it. 

    So, if you're looking for a bit of eyewear edginess, you know what to do. Here's why you should check out the best metal frame glasses.

    Featured Metal FrameGlasses

    Why Choose Metal Frame Glasses Over Plastic?  

    There will always be this ultimate debate: What kind of glasses should I get? Plastic or metal glasses? We know for a fact that plastic glasses represent a sign of boldness. This is because they come in a set of different colours and pleasing shapes, which, in return, attract people. Don't get us wrong; both materials are fantastic options.

    However, metal frame glasses are considered a high-end material than plastic. Therefore, we do advise you to stick to wire-rimmed glasses for three simple reasons:

    1. Long-lasting
    2. Lightweight
    3. Low maintenance

    When it comes to metal frame glasses, they are durable, lightweight and comfortable. You might think they are limited in style but on the contrary! You can opt for thin wire frames for a minimalistic look or a bold and perfect pair of metal framed glasses for that statement making effect.

    But you can also find several colour options in metal glasses too such as Rose gold metal frame glasses, gold metal frame glasses, black metal frame glasses. Even if plastic frames do tend to be more affordable, challenge yourself. Think outside the box and present the world with a new version of yourself wearing metal glasses frames.

    Keep in mind that no matter what you decide to choose, you should make sure it goes well with your face shape. Finding the best glasses for your face shape is crucial because it can make or break your outfit. Wearing a frame that doesn't compliment your face can ruin your outfit. Whether it's women's metal glasses frames or men's eyeglasses, your eyewear should balance your facial features. For example, no glasses should be too small or too big on your face. On the contrary, your wire-rimmed glasses should complement your complexion and highlight it better.

    What Are The Best Metal Framed Glasses?

    Whether you're looking for prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, our metal frame picks will make you look extra stylish and on-trend.Generally, metal glasses frames are people's ultimate and great choice of eyewear. We don't blame them. This material is lightweight and comfortable around the face.

    A good pair of metal frame glasses will match any outfit on any occasion. We know you'll get obsessed once you start wearing them. Find out what are the best wire-rimmed glasses for you:

    1. Circle Metal Sunglasses

    Is this your first time buying metal frame glasses? If so, we need to have your full attention. Round metal glasses, also known as circle metal glasses, are the latest trend of the year and wanted by many. So many A-list celebrities are known for their signature round metal frames. There's no need to question why it made it to the best metal glasses list. If you happened to be a fan of the retro era, you'd definitely remember the iconic musician: John Lennon. He was known for his iconic look: round wire rimmed glasses and long hair. You can pay tribute to his style with the Lennon sunglasses.

    These large metal frame glasses will give you the retro vibes you've been longing for. These circle metal glasses frames designed with a curved bridge combine a sleek gold metal frame with slim Zebra Wood temples for a touch of a modern look. Also, the round metal glasses feature purple gradient polarized lenses to protect your eyes from the sun with fashion.

    These r metal frame glasses look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.  

    2. Retro Round Metal Sunglasses

    Sticking to the round shape of steel frame glasses, let's think of this for a second: You always find people who are either fond of silver or gold glasses. They're both timeless colours and go with everything you look at. But, ever thought of adding to these two colours different materials such as wood for some texture? To combine all these elements, you'll get round gold metal frame glasses or the Aspen sunglasses collection.

    Starting with the Aspen Gold sunglasses, these retro-round metal frame glasses are made from Ebony Wood and are accentuated with charming brown tones. Also, they are designed with a double-bar gold metal bridge. Featuring dark grey polarized lenses, these wire-rimmed glasses are the ultimate protection against UV rays.

    Moreover, moving on to the Aspen Silver sunglasses, these vintage-inspired metal frame glasses are made from Swiss Walnut Wood that are accentuated with charming grey tones and designed with a double-bar silver metal bridge. In addition, the wire-rimmed glasses feature dark grey polarized lenses and grant you complete protection against the sun.

    These small metal glasses frames look suitable on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    3. Geometric Metal Sunglasses

    Fashionable accessories, like oversized metal frame glasses, are always on the move and wait for no one. It's kind of tough to keep up with all the trends happening. However, some styles will stand out among the crowd. Of course, we're talking about geometric shapes! Geometric metal glasses with a touch of gold will result in gold metal glasses frames, it's a simple equation.  

    Should you wish to think and look outside the box, no need to search a lot. Instead, just dive right into the world of geometric eyewear. They're so unique and versatile; We guarantee the Elton sunglasses will perfectly match your crazy personality. You guessed it correctly, they are inspired by the legend Sir Elton John and his quirky taste in sunglasses.

    These geometric hexagon metal frame glasses are designed with a slim gold metal frame along with a raised bridge. In addition, the wire-rimmed glasses have alluring Rose Wood arms. The pink polarized lenses are all you'll ever need to achieve that glamorous fashion-forward look.

    The wire glasses frames look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart, oval and oblong face shapes.

    Didn't truly identify with the previous metal frame glasses? No problem! There's plenty more from where that came from. That's what's excellent about wire-rimmed glasses. Each shape will speak to you differently. So it's vital to go for the pair that is closest to your style and showcase it like the Daze geometric sunglasses.

    Unlike the Elton, these geometric metal glasses are designed with slim silver metal, a curved bridge, and Walnut Wood arms. As a result, the thin metal frame glasses are not only statement-making frames but will help you stand out from the crowd as soon as you strut down the street. Featuring dark grey polarized lenses, the wire glasses frames will ensure effortless protection against the dangers of the sun.

    The metal glasses look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart, oval and oblong face shapes.

    4. Black Aviator Metal Sunglasses

    For a beginner in the world of eyewear, an excellent choice for you would be aviator sunglasses. Getting aviator metal glasses is a classic move.

    You can create your own version of Tom Cruise's look in Top Gun. Although the movie came out a long time ago, metal glasses in aviators are trendy now more than ever. Therefore, we should find our final pair for the day, the Leo sunglasses, somewhere in your closet.

    The aviators are designed with a sleek black metal frame and upgraded with luxurious Ebony Wood temples creating a classic style with a modern twist. In addition, these black metal frame glasses include dark grey polarized lenses that will take your outfit to a whole new level. Be sure to include the Leo frames in your wardrobe.

    The aviator wire-rimmed glasses look suitable on oval, diamond, round, rectangle, square, oblong and heart face shapes.

    5. Two-Tone Metal Eyeglasses

    Metal eyeglasses have been in the market for a very long time now. Although many trends come and go, others like metal glasses evolve into something better. They surely know how to stay at the top of the best glasses list.

    Rectangle-shaped metal glasses frames, to be specific, are wanted and worn by many. But, of course, some people think they're standard. But have you ever thought about adding a little modern spark to it?

    The Euphoria eyeglasses are handmade with premium stainless steel. Talk about high-end quality. They are also made with authentic Ebony Wood temples. As for the design, the wire-rimmed glasses have subtly rounded edges along with a standout double bridge featuring sharp lines and fine delicate metalwork. Moreover, the two-tone matte black and gold metal glasses combine on-trend modern yet retro-styling.

    Should you wish for a bold and elegant look, the rectangle wire frame glasses look suitable for people with oval, round, heart and oblong face shapes.

    6. Vintage Aviator Eyeglasses

    Just like the sunglasses version, metal frame glasses in the aviator shape will bring character to your style. They're just as effective as the sunglasses. But what if you happened to find aviator metal glasses frames in big size? That's probably better.

    Oversized metal frame glasses are the next big thing, we assure you. However, they will still sit comfortably on the face, and you can find them in all shapes like the Purpose metal aviator collection.

    They're perfect for men and women, and they can be found in two colours: The Purpose Gold eyeglasses and the Purpose Black eyeglasses. Both models are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Rose Wood temples. However, the first frames of metal glasses are designed with a standout black bar and a raised nose bridge featuring an alluring gold metallic finish for a clean and sharp look.

    While the second frames of metal glasses are designed with a straight top bar and a raised nose bridge featuring a monochromatic black finish for a polished look.

    The aviator signature of wire glasses frames will add flair to your everyday style. The oversized metal frame glasses look great on oval, diamond, round, rectangle, square, oblong and heart face shapes.

    7. Fine Round Eyeglasses

    Head for that statement-making frame, none other than metal glasses. As mentioned earlier, round metal glasses had their good times in history. Musician John Lennon was known for his round sunglasses. With that came the success of round eyeglasses too!

    Round metal glasses frames are featured in movies like the Harry Potter series and TV shows like Peaky Blinders. If you noticed, they are years apart, but glasses in films remain iconic for years. In other words, the round wire-rimmed glasses will never run out of style. The Joy collection are timeless pieces.

    Starting with the first pair, the Joy Rose Gold eyeglasses are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Ebony Wood temples. In addition, the rounded metal glasses frames boast a shiny gold finish for a sophisticated look.

    Moving on with the second pair, the Joy Silver eyeglasses are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Walnut Wood temples. Also, the rounded metal frame glasses include a shiny silver finish for a sharp look.

    Both wire-rimmed glasses include fine features like slim lines and an arc-shaped nose bridge for a classic, minimal and versatile finishing for a modern look with a touch of retro vibes.

    The Joy collection look amazing on people with rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    8. Vintage Squared-Aviator Eyeglasses

    Do you know what's better than one famous metal frame glasses? A combination of two! You will get the best of both worlds. You probably never thought about getting a shape that mixes between two frames. Sometimes, they work better than either one of the two.

    The Drive collection is suitable for men and women. These metal frame glasses combine the traditional aviator shape with the square shape for a vintag. It gives Drive Gold eyeglasses, squared aviator glasses with an eye catching retro vibes. The collection consists of two metal glasses available in two colours: Gold and Silver.

    Drive Silver eyeglasses are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Sandal Wood temples. The squared-aviator metal frame glasses are designed with a straight top bar and a raised nose bridge. In addition, they feature monochromatic gold or silver finish for a flawless fit and look. These sophisticated wire-rimmed glasses are a must-have to ensure superior comfort.

    The metal glasses look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.

    9. Semi-Rimless Metal Eyeglasses

    Our last choice on the list of best metal frame glasses is specifically dedicated to the ladies. You'll want to get a pair that brings you confidence, sassiness and style. What's the only square shape that will ensure you the qualities mentioned? The semi-rimless cat-eye metal glasses from the Enchanted collection.

    The two pairs, are handmade from premium stainless steel. However, the Enchanted Gold eyeglasses feature authentic Ebony wood temples with a gold metal finish that enhances your facial features. The semi-rimless glasses designed combined with gold accents will surely attract attention while blending perfectly with any outfit.

    Enchanted Silver eyeglasses includes original Cassia Siamea Wood temples and a silver finish. The striking cat-eye semi-rimless metal glasses feature angular lines and a winged butterfly tip combining modern and vintage styling for a bold look. Embellished with a two-tone gold or silver and matte black finish, these are the wire-rimmed glasses you need to add just the right amount of confidence, glam and sophistication to your everyday look!

    These semi-rimless metal Enchanted cat-eye collection looks great on round, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong face shapes.

    One of the great things about metal frame glasses is that they can be bent back to their original shape if you've ever noticed any deformation take it to your local optician. Metal glasses frames are genuine eyewear accessories for authenticity. What matters most is choosing a shape that will elevate your outfit along with your entire wardrobe.

    Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Once you've chosen your wire-rimmed glasses, you can accessorize it in your own way too! How about adding some trendy, modern glasses chains to them? You'll stand out from the crowd even more!


    15 Best Metal Frame Glasses Styles in 2024

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