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    17 Best Eyeglasses for Oblong Face Shape
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    17 Best Eyeglasses for Oblong Face Shape

    • Updated on 19 January 2022 • Chelsea from Kraywoods

    Best Eyeglasses for Oblong Face Shape

    It's remarkable to consider how people share fundamental similarities, yet exhibit unique qualities and distinct physical features. Despite being members of the same species, each individual possesses their own set of characteristics and appearance. This includes your facial features as well. You don't have to compare yourself to other people. See how you can make yourself look and feel good too. It's all about looking confident and embracing your uniqueness.

    If you haven't already guessed, in this blog we are talking to our oblong faced shape readers. If you still haven't found out your face shape, check out our guide: How to find your face shape in 3 easy steps. We have gathered a collection of distinctive eyewear for men and women that look best on oblong face shapes.

    Having trouble figuring out which men's eyeglasses and women's eyeglasses suit your oblong shaped face best? We're here to help you solve that problem with awesome recommendations!

    Featured Eyeglasses

    Featured Eyeglasses

    Characteristics of an Oblong Face Shape?

    Did you know that you happen to have an attractive face? You heard right, having an oblong shaped face is wanted by so many. So finding glasses for your face shape has gotten easier as style evolved. It suits both men and women. Oblong faces are best complemented with a style that has the shape of the high cheekbones; to distract yourself from the length of your overall look.

    The term oblong can be separated into two: oval and long. So is there a difference between oval and oblong face shapes? Technically, there is just a tiny detail that separates the two from each other. You pretty much have a more extended version of an oval face shape. Remember the three most important components?

    • Forehead
    • Cheekbones
    • Jawline

    If you have an oblong face shape, your face is longer than it is wide. Also, your forehead will typically be the widest part of your face. You will have a rounded chin and jawline. Basically, every other facial feature will be shaped as round and soft.

    Watch Below: How To Find Your Face Shape

    Are you looking for A-list with oblong frame shapes? Celebrities such as Olivia Munn, Julianne Moore, Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton and Ben Affleck have one thing in common with you. You all possess an oblong face shape.

    Now that we got that covered, the team has gathered up a list of eyeglasses that will look perfect on you.

    Celebrity with oblong face shape, Jessica Alba
    Celebrity with oblong face shape, Ben Affleck
    Celebrity with oblong face shape, Julianne Moore

    17. Best Eyeglasses for an Oblong Face Shape

    1. Browline Eyeglasses

    We are kicking things off with a geometric combination. The first type of frame is loved by many. The reason why it is so common and popular is that you can master the frames on so many levels. In other words, you can choose to stick to the classical browline frame, or you can go as funky as you want. This type of frame was popular during a specific period between the 1950s and 1960s. The rectangular frames hit their peak, specifically in the United States of America. They are called browlines because the upper part of the frame matches how the eyebrows look above the glasses. They might seem to be retro, but they are in style up to this day.

    Once you check out the Harmony eyeglasses, you will know what we mean by that. If you are a fan of thick oversized glasses frames, this one is for you. The eyeglasses are a medium frame fit that look great on small to wide oblong shaped faces. The pair is rounded square and can be worn by men and women. Harmony is available in one colour only: Brown. If you wonder about the material, it is handcrafted with authentic Oakwood and supported with an Aluminum Core for durability. The Harmony eyeglasses are a mixture of retro winged tips and a keyhole bridge. It gives out that modern yet sophisticated vibe look. It is water and sweat resistant.

    2. Aviator Eyeglasses

    The second type of frame is well-known among eyewear fans. It is extremely wanted. We advise you to add this to your collection of spectacles. History can actually speak for itself, but we like to remind you how popular it is. Whether it's sunglasses or eyeglasses, aviators are worn by men and women. You can rock them with whatever style you decide to go for. This calls for the recommendation of two aviators.

    Let's start off with the Purpose eyeglasses! The former is a large frame fit that looks great on medium to wide oblong shaped faces. It is a mixture of thin round glasses and thick ones, too, around the temples. It is available in two colours only: Black and gold. It is handmade with premium Stainless Steel. Also, it features authentic Rosewood temples. The Purpose Black eyeglasses are designed with a straight bar and a raised nose bridge making it comfortable around your eyes. Don't forget the Purpose Gold Eyeglasses if you're looking for a more vintage look. Featuring a monochromatic gold finish, it will sure catch the eye of the crowd when you rock them with your favorite outfit!

    If you are searching for a small edge to your aviator, you can always go for the Drive cat eye glasses. The former is a medium to large frame fit that looks great on medium to wide oblong shaped faces. It is available in two colours: silver and Gold. In shape, it is slightly similar to Purpose. The only difference is that its upper part has the form of a square, while the lower has the form of an aviator. Drive Silver eyeglasses is designed with premium Stainless Steel and authentic Zebra Wood temples. On the other hand, Drive Gold eyeglasses  is designed with excellent Stainless Steel and original Sandal Wood temples. The squared aviators have a straight top bar and a raised nose bridge. They are lightweight, flawless, and on point!

    3. Round Eyeglasses

    You may think our next choice is obvious. However, it is still considered to be a must-have in any type of eyewear collection. Round eyeglasses can be described as vintage or modern. You can also combine the two at the same time. This all depends on the frame, the shape and your way of styling them. Don't worry, though; they fit perfectly to your oval faces shape. You won't even need any assistance. Since there are two options, we'll split the square frames into two groups.

    If you are a fan of thick striking eyeglass frames, then you must look for Cheer. It's a small frame fit which looks great on small to medium oblong shaped faces. It is available in two colours: the Cheer Rose eyeglasses and Cheer Black eyeglasses. The former is made with original Rose Wood, while the latter is made with original Oak Wood. The Cheer collection is reinforced with Aluminum Core for extra durability. Are these eyeglasses inspired by old times? Yes, of course. They are designed with winged tips and a standout keyhole bridge. The lightweight specs will grant you an edgy yet sophisticated look.

    Moving on to the second group, if you are a fan of thin frames, the Joy collection will undoubtedly be a must-have for you! It is a small to medium frame fit which looks great on small to medium oblong shaped faces. It is available in two colours only: Joy Rose Gold eyeglasses and Joy Silver eyeglasses. What makes this pair so unique, other than the colours, is the mixture of thin metallic eyeglass frame with thick temples. Joy Rose Gold is handmade with premium Stainless Steel and features authentic Ebony Wood temples. Joy Silver is handcrafted with superior Stainless Steel and features original Walnut Wood temples. The Joy collection includes slim lines and an arc-shaped nose bridge. Are you looking for classic, versatile and retro-touch? Joy is for you.

    Men and women can wear both Cheer and Joy. All four eyeglasses are water and sweat resistant. We know you'll style them up with your everyday look!

    4. Rectangle Eyeglasses

    Not all people would like to go for something fun for their first purchase. There are a lot out there who prefer to stick to the OG. Rectangle eyeglasses are considered to be classic. A good step to enter the eyewear world safely would be to buy something rectangle. No matter how many eyeglasses you decide to change, you'll find yourself wearing a rectangle one at some point in your life. Ladies listen up; this one goes out to you. If you are a first-timer, Bliss eyeglasses can give you a great push. It is a small frame fit, perfect for your face shape. With it, you will be able to enjoy the experience of having thick frames. Also, it is available in one unique colour: purple. As for materials, it is handcrafted from original Sandal Wood and supported with Aluminum Core for durability. A keyhole bridge adds an elegant look to its overall shape. All you need is a touch of bliss.

    Don't think we have forgotten about you, gentlemen. To each his own taste, you will like Euphoria if you are a fan of little cocktail. It's a medium to large frame fit. The Euphoria Gold eyeglasses are available in a two-tone matte black and gold colour only. What makes this shape so trendy is the mixture between steel and wood. We like to call it a cocktail. It is designed with round edges, a double bridge with sharp metallic lines. Euphoria is made of premium Stainless Steel with a black and gold finish and features authentic Ebony Wood around the temples. When you wish for comfort, just want for Euphoria!

    For all the men who desire to own the exact opposite, just think big and bold! The Bold collection includes thick cat eye frames. They are a large frame fit and available in two colours: the Bold Brown eyeglasses and Bold Black eyeglasses. Both colours are made with authentic Oak Wood and equipped with Aluminum Core for durability. Bold includes slightly rounded edges with a standout bridge shaped like a keyhole if you are wondering about the design.

    All eyeglasses mentioned above are lightweight. Whatever you decide to choose, you'll look effortlessly fashionable and chic. The rectangle specs are all water and sweat resistant and on sale!

    5. Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

    For our last pick of the night, it's all about the ladies' choice. Cat-eye spectacles are in style to this day. Curved eyeglasses make you look younger. Visually, it lifts the face skin and highlights your high cheekbones along with other facial features. For an oblong face shape like yours, this type of frame seems perfect!

    If you like bold classic frame style features with alluring colours, you can check out the Charm collection. It is a medium to large frame fit that looks great on medium to wide oval faces shape. Also, it is available in two colours: Charm Rose eyeglasses and Charm Purple eyeglasses. The first is handcrafted with authentic Cherry Wood, while the second is made with genuine Sandal Wood. Both eyeglasses are equipped with Aluminum Core for durability and extra resistance from sweat and water. What makes the Charm collection so unique? Of course, it is the upswept silhouette with winged tips. It's feminine, stylish and beautiful.

    On the contrary, if you like to mix things, have a look at the Enchanted collection. There are two colours available:Enchanted Gold eyeglasses and Enchanted Silver eyeglasses. Both frames are a medium frame fit. Also, they are semi-rimless frames featuring an angular line and a winged tip shaped like a butterfly. Enchanted Gold is made with premium Stainless Steel with Ebony Wood temples. But, Enchanted Silver is made of premium Stainless Steel with Cassia Siamea Wood temples. If you are looking for the three Cs (comfort, confidence and class), Enchanted will give it to you!

    To conclude, whatever pair you decide to go for, the eyeglasses will be a great asset to your accessory collection. From chic to retro, we have diverse choices for every face shape, including oblong like yours. There is nothing like an easy guide to help others make simple decisions. By purchasing an item, you will also be benefiting our dear planet Earth. All materials used are eco-friendly and one hundred percent sustainable. It is essential to mention that with each pair of specs comes a 12-month warranty. If you want to make sure to get the perfect fit when shopping for your next pair of eyeglasses, make sure to visit our frame size guide to find out which frame size works best for you!

    Picking out sunglasses for oblong face shape is just as easy as choosing eyeglasses. Don't wait and upgrade your wardrobe today and you'll thank us later!


    17 Best Eyeglasses for Oblong Face Shape

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