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    14 Best Glasses for Oval Face Male in 2024
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    14 Best Glasses for Oval Face Male in 2024

    Updated on 5 January 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Best Glasses For Oval Face Male

    Have you tried the eyewear online shopping experience? If not, you are missing out on a lot! Browsing around our online shop can be so satisfying. Just like sunglasses, you always want to choose that perfect pair for your face shape for the best final look. If you still don’t know your face shape, check out our easy and simple guide to determine your face shape. So you may have guessed that if you have an oval faces, this blog is specifically for you! We are here to present to you the best prescription eyeglasses for oval faces.

    Consider yourself, lucky! We're here to offer you unique eyeglasses of all shapes and sizes. The right eyewear will make your oval profile look even better!

    Featured Eyeglasses

    Featured Eyeglasses

    Characteristics of Oval Faces

    You know what they say: Your face shape is just one measure of beauty. Although it is not the most important one; however, it does affect many things such as picking out the perfect glasses for your face shape and others!

    Having an oval face shape is considered to be ideal. It makes things easier to style for a man or a women and it's the most attractive face shape. But. don’t get us wrong; all face shapes are equally alluring. We’re all about embracing your natural beauty with a little touch of eyewear glam. So, what is so great about having an oval face shape?

    • Balanced Proportions
    • Tiny Forehead
    • High Cheekbones
    • Slim Jawline
    • Facial Features appear longer than reality

    Watch: How to know if your face is Oval or Long?

    Some female A-list celebrities that have an oval face shape are Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Courtney Cox, etc. As for oval faces male A-list celebrities, you can find Adam Levine, Jude Law, Zac Efron, Chris Pine, etc. So what about eyeglasses? Please read below to find out what we have picked for you!

    Celebrity with oval face shape, Cameron Diaz
    Celebrity with oval face shape , Chris Pine
    Celebrity with oval face shape, Rihanna

    14 Best glasses for Oval Faces

    The oval faces bring no trouble at all. Almost all shapes and frames will go well with you. Whatever you decide to choose, if it doesn’t bring out the best of your facial features, it isn’t worth buying. The goal is to find eyeglasses that are a little wider than your own face. With that being said, you will notice how the chosen eyeglasses will provide balance and make your cheeks look slimmer. It would help if you didn’t buy a pair that is too big. It can instantly cover your face.

    So let's dive in and look into 14 of the best glasses shape for oval face:

    1. Square Eyeglasses

    As our first choice, we are going for a geometric look. We pledge that this look will make you stand out from the crowd. Scout’s honour! Squared eyeglasses will always work nicely and are good for rectangle glasses frames for oval faces. Square glasses provide dimensions to your facial features. We already discussed the idea of having a balanced proportion. Also, the reason why square eyeglasses are still trendy is the equal form. Put them both together, and you’ll get a match made in heaven!

    For this look, we got the perfect fit for both our men and women customers. the Brave Rose square eyeglasses and the Brave Brown wooden eyeglasses. They are purely sustainable, made from sustainably sourced wood, and on trend. It is a medium fit frame shapes which means it will look great on small to medium oval faces. The Brave eyeglasses are available in two different colours: Rose and Brown. These unisex glasses are equipped with an aluminium core, and are water and sweat resistant for extra resistance and durability! Two of the great oval face shape glasses.

    2. Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

    We’re sorry, gents; this one goes out for the ladies! May we have your attention, please? Have you ever thought about buying an accessory that goes well with literally any outfit? We do stress on the word: Literally! The Charm and Enchanted cat-eye glasses are it and they will look extra flattering as eyeglass frames for oval face shape!

    For a bold look, the Charm eyeglasses made from authentic wood are a large frame shape fit that comes in two colours: the Charm Rose cat-eye glasses are made from Red Cherry Wood and the Charm Purple wooden glasses are made from Sandal Wood. These winged frames will enhance your features and turn heads wherever you go!

    For an elegant look, the Enchanted eyeglasses are available in two colours, the Enchanted Gold cat-eye eyeglasses are made from matte black and gold stainless steel, and the Enchanted Silver semi-rimless eyeglasses are made from matte black and silver stainless steel. They are both accentuated with wooden arms. If you like to have a unique mixture of materials with Stainless Steel and Wood, you should head towards the enchanted road.

    Both eyeglasses are made from eco-friendly materials and make for a modern chic look. We always advise people to get out of their comfort zone when it comes to eyewear, and with the Charm and Enchanted glasses, you definitely can! The cat-eye glasses shape will highlight the structure of your cheekbones and enhance your facial features. The good news is that both pair of glasses frames for oval face shape oval are on sale. So look them up; we know they will be perfect!

    3. Rounded Square Eyeglasses

    The geometric combo! This is another way of describing our next type of eyeglasses. This one goes out to all the people who are fans of geometric frames. For our oval face readers, rounded square glasses are one of the best glasses shape for oval face. They will soften the general shape of your face, so we highly recommend this shape to you. Also, these types of frames are suitable for both men and women.

    For a pair of stylish rounded square glasses, we would like you to meet Harmony wooden eyeglasses! The former is a pair of medium frame shapes fit glasses that looks great on small to medium faces. This vintage-inspired frame shape is handcrafted from natural Oakwood. Also, it is equipped with an aluminum core for extra durability and resistance. These frames will feel light and will make you look flawless. The combination of your face shape and the frames will be harmonious!

    4. Rounded Rectangle Eyeglasses

    Have you ever wondered what is so great about round frames as oval face shape glasses? You can combine it with another frame shapes. As mentioned before, Harmony is our round square eyeglasses. But, don’t think we left the rectangle behind. If you are torn between the rounded glasses and the rectangle one, why don’t you meet yourself halfway?

    Just like its name, the frame has an upper round shape and a lower rectangle shape. Meet the Bliss rectangle eyeglasses, a small frame fit that is available in purple sandalwood. Just like the other wood frames, they are sweat and waterproof. We promise comfort, and we deliver it with these lightweight frames. If purchased, the eyeglasses come with a 12-month warranty along with free shipping! So hurry up, earn your own bliss with this exquisite pair of eyewear!

    5. Aviator Eyeglasses

    We know that retro glasses may not be everyone's style, but they do look great as oval face shape glasses. Aviator eyeglasses are still a staple eyewear shape and fully on-trend in 2021. To be specific, vintage-inspired metal aviator glasses now make for a contemporary and fashionable look. Aviator glasses go on most face shapes, and more importantly, work best on an oval face shape like yours. So how can you choose the right one? Here’s a little tip from us: the bridge of the glasses should sit comfortably, and your eyelashes should not touch the lenses. If that happens, your aviators are considered to be small.

    At Kraywoods, you can find the Purpose Black aviator glasses. They are a large frame fit and look great on medium to wide faces. Available in both gold and black, you can choose whatever look you prefer best! The pair is handmade from premium Stainless Steel along with authentic Rose Wood temples. The final look is clean, sharp and polished. This staple eyewear style is here to stay on-trend, making it an unmissable addition to your collection and glasses shape of oval face.

    6. Squared Aviator Eyeglasses

    We know what you are thinking; will it look good to include another shape to the aviators? If it doesn’t, we wouldn’t even have it in our collection. Kraywoods offers the trendiest and most fashionable glasses frames for oval face. Squared aviator eyeglasses are suitable for men and women. Now that retro fashion is back in full mode, you can't get more trendy than these. You know what they say: old is gold.

    For a pair of fashionable and premium squared aviator eyeglasses, we present to you Drive. The former is a medium frame fit that looks great on small to medium faces. It has an upper square shape and a lower aviator shape. .

    The Drive collection is available in two tones: Drive Gold double bridge eyeglasses and Drive Silver metal frame glasses. The first is made from gold Stainless Steel and Sandal Wood. The second is made from silver Stainless Steel and Zebra Wood. Both pairs are water and sweat resistant, so you can do any activity with no worries about durability! With a blend of vintage-inspired design elements and premium materials, these sophisticated glasses are a must-have fashion statement piece in your eyewear collection.

    7. Rectangle Eyeglasses

    Although it is considered to be classic, many see it as à la mode. Rectangle frames are usually wide and one of the best glasses shape for oval face. As a result, you should always look for frames that are as wide as the broadest part of your face. In other words, the region around the eyes. Bad news for the ladies, our rectangle eyeglasses can be found in the men’s collection. We want to introduce the men to the Euphoria and Bold rectangle eyeglasses.

    The Euphoria glasses are part of our geometric eyewear styles. Euphoria rectangle eyeglasses is a two-tone frame available in one colour only: black and gold. These glasses are medium fit and they look great on medium to wide faces. The material used to make this pair is premium Stainless Steel along with luxurious Ebony Wood arms. These two-tone matte black and gold glasses combine on-trend modern and retro styling that will add sophistication and character to your everyday style!

    Furthermore, the Bold wooden eyeglasses are large frame fit, fully made from Oak Wood and equipped with an aluminum core. These warm-coloured glasses with modern and versatile styling will be sure to add character and edge to your everyday style! There is a slight difference between the two: the Bold has a thicker frames than Euphoria. At the end of the day, thin and thick rectangle frames are oval face shape glasses.

    To conclude, all eyeglasses are made with nothing but love and finesse. By taking care of you, nature will be taken care of as well. With each purchase of Kraywoods eyewear, a tree will be planted in your name as a thank you. An important note to mention here, all glasses come with a 12-month warranty. More so, we strive to offer you the best quality for the price you pay and give back for every purchase. So when you buy a pair of Kraywoods eyewear, not only are you getting premium eyewear, you're also planting a tree in Kenya! You should want to throw in some sunglasses for oval faces as well, it will elevate your style to new levels!


    14 Best Glasses for Oval Face Male in 2024

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