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    How To Keep Glasses From Slipping Off Your Nose?
    Tips & Tricks

    How To Keep Glasses From Slipping Off Your Nose?

    How To Keep Glasses From Slipping

    Updated on 25 May 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Are you tired of constantly pushing your glasses back up your nose? We know how frustrating it can be to feel like you're constantly readjusting your eyewear throughout the day. But fear not, there are some simple adjustments you can make to get a more comfortable and secure fit. Your goal is not to have your prescription glasses or sunglasses fall down. There are some quick tips you can apply to keep your glasses still and in the right place if you are in a hurry.

    But, are you looking for a permanent suitable solution? You might have to adjust the frames so they can sit perfectly. Once you've got that covered, your glasses will stay where they belong throughout the day! So, let's address this once and for all: How can you keep your glasses from slipping? We have 10 easy and simple tips ready:

    1. Eyewear Bands
    2. Glasses Chains
    3. Frame Tightening
    4. Eye Shadow Primer
    5. Stick-On Glasses Nose Pads
    6. Wax Coating
    7. Friction Sleeve, Socks, and Heat Shrink Tube
    8. Rubber Bands and Hair Ties
    9. Temple Ear Hook
    10. Cable Temples
    11. Anchor Tips

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    Why Do Glasses Keep Falling Down?

    It's only natural for your body to go through certain changes. Your face could be looser and slimmer. If that's the case then you probably noticed how your glasses just slide down your face. If the glasses slipped from the first try, then you probably set your eyes on a pair that is not right for your face. Your face shape is one of the most important elements to consider when buying any eyewear. Don't forget to pick out a style of glasses for your face shape, this will elevate your style and wardrobe.

    Naturally, there will come a time when your glasses will be looser. It won't be because you have a small face, this just happens to everyone. However, there are other reasons that explains the reality of loose plastic glasses. Pick up a pen, paper and start writing things down:

    1. Oily Skin
    2. Slimmer Face
    3. Frames being too wide or too heavy
    4. The arms of your frames might meet your ears at the wrong angle.
    5. Bridge of your nose may be too narrow to hold your glasses.

    How To Keep Your Glasses from Slipping?

    If you are a permanent eyewear user, slipping glasses can be frustrating. From an engineering perspective, glasses design frames are not mechanically stable. You can still be able to wear glasses with a combination of material flexibility and friction without them falling off. But again, it won't help you enough in stopping the glasses slide down your nose. However, several hacks, frame designs, and accessories can help you prevent glasses to slide down your nose. Let's look into them below!

    1. Eyewear Bands

    Are eyewear bands used by sports and outdoor men? Mainly yes, but they can be a great option to help you tighten your glasses securely. In addition, these types of bands will prevent your glasses from slipping marking them safe on your nose. They're great for stylish eyeglasses, reading glasses and wooden sunglasses to keep your your go-to pair in the right place everywhere you go.

    You can use them comfortably. Trust us when we say that they won't bother you. Eyewear bands are often designed for ease. So, they are made with an adjustable length to fit your head and neck. Moreover, they are very easy to use and adjust. The only shortcoming is when you are not doing sports, they might seem out of place. Other than that, they're a great option to keep your glasses secure and prevent them from falling off or slipping!

    Black Glasses Eyewear Band on Black Round Eyeglasses to keep glasses from slipping off your nose

    2. Glasses Chains

    Ever thought of a practical solution to stop making your glasses slip? We're here to give it for you: Glasses cords and chains are the new IT accessories. Not only do they help your eyewear stay still, but you won't have the risk of loosing them too! Glasses chains can especially be great if you own a pair of reading glasses. The glasses chain will allow you to put them on and off whenever you need them, while keeping them within reach at all times! How awesome is that?

    You'll find lots of trendy glasses chains that will compliment your overall look. As a result, you'll look fabulous without worrying about the last place you put them. Thanks us later!

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    2. Frame Tightening

    Getting your glasses tightened by the optician at your local optical shop can help your eyewear mission. In most cases, this will help prevent your glasses from falling down. But, after a specific time, sometimes after a few months, the glasses tend to loose their grip and start to slide off again. Keep in mind that soreness might also occur if your glasses are too tight on the nose, the temples or behind the ears. As a result, you might have to go back to the optician to loosen them up again.

    Therefore, tightening your prescription glasses can be a good option, but maybe not the most convenient one as it's offers you a temporary solution only. You may risk having to return to the optician every few months for more adjustments. However, we can show you how to adjust your glasses at home! Great solutions for temporary fixes.

    4. Eye Shadow Primer

    Did you hear about the eye shadow primer trick? This is a circulated hack. Usually, applying eye shadow primer on the bridge of your nose, specifically where the adjustable nose pads come in touch, will prevent any slips. This is quite identical to sticking a nose pad rubber on your nose pad of your glasses. But this time , you need to apply the added friction to the nose bridge instead.

    The good news is It does not affect how your glasses are sitting on the bridge of your nose, unlike sticking rubber adhesive nose pads. The bad news is that this hack is only a temporary solution and needs to be done on a daily basis in order to prevent your glasses slide off your nose.

    5. Stick-On Nose Pads

    Our fourth tip for you is quite simple. The title speaks for itself: Stick-on nose pads for glasses. You can apply it in two ways:

    1. Stick a pair of rubber pieces in the nose pads of your glasses.
    2. Choose a pair of glasses with rubberized nose pads already in them.

    Either way, the rubber will make you feel steadier and better. The additional resistance on the nose pad will surely provide more support. However, the support lessens quickly when the users bend their head down such as looking down on the phone or doing push up.

    For stick-on nose pad, the inexpensive types often drop off after a few days. Better quality glasses may stay on for a few months. Also, some might be filled with unease with the stick-on nose pad rubber because of the added thickness.

    If you happen to like the picture, there's plenty of more where that came from. Stick-on nose pads do make it easier for the polarized sunglasses not to let glasses slip off of your face. There's a variety of shades that include adjustable silicone nose pads and temple tips to ensure an optimal and comfortable fit with a high quality-feel. This applies to the browline Casper Wooden Sunglasses, the aviator Leo black sunglasses, the Aspen Silver round sunglasses and the retro-round Lennon polarized sunglasses.

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    6. Wax Coating

    Don't think we're joking, applying wax coating is a smart move. Try it and see how they prevent you glasses slide. You can do so by using the wax on your nose pad area along with the temple where the glasses come into contact with the skin.

    In general, it works fine and it is nearly invisible. But there's a slight apparent downside: this process needs to be reapplied periodically. If you have an oily skin, you do need to reapply the wax regularly. Keep in mind that you will have to make sure to wash your glasses with soap every night.

    A picture of Wax Coating to use to keep your glasses from slipping off your nose

    7. Friction Sleeve, Socks, and Heat Shrink Tube

    Did you know that the tips of the temples are the main part of the glasses that prevent them from slipping? Your eyewear can never glasses slip if the tip is secure.

    Friction sleeves, shrink tubes and socks do work by increasing the resistance of the glasses temple. They are usually non-apparent and are useful in holding the glasses in place. It is best to remember that these hacks depend purely on friction. Therefore, they are sometimes insufficient if your glasses are equipped with a heavy lens.

    8. Rubber Bands and thin hair tie

    As silly as it sounds, hair ties and rubber bands on the temple tip is a great hack! It's a smart move that doesn't allow your glasses from falling off. You can tie one around the temple tip behind your ear. Notice how it will provide both slight mechanical support and friction forbidding your glasses from moving around.

    This is a low-cost method. With that comes a disadvantage, if the fit doesn't feel right, it will be difficult to adjust their position.

    Watch Below: How To Use Rubber Bands To Stop Your Glasses From Slipping

    9. Temple Ear Hook

    The temple ear hook is a more specialized eyewear accessory that can provide mechanical support behind the ear. These appendages are slipped onto your glasses' temple. They help you feel the support from the back of your ears. Is this an effective method? Very much so.

    However, the downside is that it is quite visible. What we mean is that when you take off the lenses, you need to lift the temple higher so that the ear hook could clear the ears' crest. The cheaper design might cause discomfort to the back of your ears because of the pressure.

    Watch Below: Silicone Anti Slip Glasses Ear Hooks

    10. Cable Temples

    In case you didn't know, one of the best solutions to preventing any eyeglasses from slipping are based on the design of the metal frames you choose. The cable temple will give you a curved temple tip with the structure to grip the back of your ears. They are just as handy as the ear hooks and less visible as well.

    Similar to a conventional ear hook design, you may experience some discomfort at the back of your ears with cable hooks, especially after a long day of having your glasses on. So, to prevent anything from happening, make sure they're not too tight and well-adjusted following the natural curves of your ears.

    11. Anchor Tips

    Most eyewear are designed and structured very similarly in terms of temples and tips behind the ears. When the temple tips of your glasses are made from acetate, they can easily be heated and adjusted for an optimal and comfortable fit.

    If this is not enough to hold your glasses in place, the added anchor tips provides a soft, high friction constant elastomer that uses both resistance and mechanical support to prevent glasses slip. There is a cushion loop where the temple tip of the glasses touches the back of your ears for comfort. Among all the hacks of the anti-slip solution of glasses, the anchor tip is the most effective.

    Achor tips on glasses temples

    If you happen to spend long hours wearing glasses, there will come a time when you will experience your glasses falling off. Whether it's sunglasses or eyeglasses, there is no specific time as to when that will eventually happen. But, at least you now know what to do! These incredible tricks will make your glasses brand new in no time.

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    How To Keep Glasses From Slipping Off Your Nose?

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