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    10 Best Golf Sunglasses To Have Professional Golfers' Vibes In 2024

    10 Best Golf Sunglasses To Have Professional Golfers' Vibes In 2024

    Best Golf Sunglasses

    10 min read • Updated 5 April 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Golf is a fantastic sport; part of the experience includes seeing crystal-clear shots amid impressive landscapes. Beyond just being able to see the ball, though, one of the best aspects of playing on the course is looking good while you're doing it. What would be a better look than wearing the best golf sunglasses with your golf bag full of golf clubs?

    How can you upgrade your golfer look this season? A good pair of shades. To help make sure that all eyes are on you as much for your style as it is for your skills, we've compiled a list of ten great pairs that will have any professional green-goer jealous.

    From statement pieces to traditional vibes, these sports sunglasses guarantee 100 percent satisfaction with added UV protection; who wouldn't want that?

    Featured Sunglasses

    10 Best golf sunglasses for professional golfer vibes

    1. Austin Black Sunglasses

    Upgrade your style game with these vintage-inspired round sunglasses that are a must-have for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement. These metal sunglasses are crafted with a sleek black steel frame and standout Ebony Wood temples that combine style and retro appeal.

    But these circle sunglasses maintain comfort since they come with an adjustable silicone nose pad and flexible spring hinges that offer a snug and comfortable fit all day. So you can step out in style and wear them from a sunny day to evening without discomfort.

    These retro-round sunglasses look great and provide top-notch protection with their dark grey polarized golf sunglasses, which have a touch of vintage charm. The circle frames have a minimalist finish, elegant curves, and sleek, chic, versatile lines.

    The Austin Black dark polarized sunglasses complement a wide range of face shapes, including rectangle, square, diamond, heart, and oblong, and are perfect for small to medium-sized faces. So why wait? Get these retro-round sunglasses and elevate your style game to the next level.

    2. Austin Gold Sunglasses

    Upgrade Your Accessory Game with these Retro Round Sunglasses; it's time to take your style to the next level with these must-have retro-round sunglasses. Designed with a sleek gold stainless steel frame and eye-catching Zebra Wood temples, these sunnies are the perfect blend of fashion and function.

    But that's not all; these circle frames are also crafted for maximum comfort. You can enjoy a comfortable fit all day with adjustable silicone nose pads and flexible spring hinges. Whether you're rocking them from dawn to dusk, you won't have to sacrifice comfort for style.

    Let's talk about the brown polarized sports sunglasses. Not only do they offer top-notch protection for your eyes, but they also add a vintage touch to these retro round sunglasses. With a minimalist finish, these sleek circle frames are stylish and versatile.

    But the best part? The Austin Gold brown polarized sunglasses look fabulous on various face shapes, including Rectangle, Square, Diamond, Heart, and Oblong. Small to medium-sized faces can rock these sunnies with ease.

    Elevate your look and add some retro charm with these round-frame metal sunglasses. You won't regret it.

    3. Tanner Sunglasses

    Looking for the best golf sunglasses that are both fashion-forward and practical? Say hello to the Tanner aviators designed in retro-squared shapes. With their timeless design and eye-catching features, these sunglasses are an essential accessory for anyone who wants to stand out.

    Crafted with a gauzy brown acetate structure, slim-designed Zebra wood arms, and a straight double bridge, these sunglasses add vintage charm and natural elegance to any outfit.

    And with brown polarized durable golf sunglasses that protect from harmful UV rays, you can enjoy sunny days without worrying about your eye health.

    Worried about how these sunglasses will look on your face shape? Don't be. The Tanner aviators look distinguished on heart face, diamond, rectangle, oblong, oval, square, round shapes, and medium to broad faces.

    So why wait? Elevate your style and protect your eyes with fashionable and functional Tanner retro-squared aviator sunglasses. Order yours now and experience the perfect fusion of retro and contemporary design.

    4. Oxford Sunglasses

    Elevate your fashion sense with these stunning wooden sunglasses. The mixed Ebony and Teak wood retro-square frames provide an attractive two-tone effect that will attract attention.

    If you consider yourself fashion-forward, these wood sunglasses are a must-have. The luxurious feel and stylish modern appeal make a statement wherever you go.

    These square frames, accompanied by dark grey polarized lenses, look incredible with any outfit and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Seize the chance to get these gorgeous wooden sunglasses.

    These Oxford polarized sunglasses blend beautifully with different face shapes, including oval, round, heart, diamond, and medium to broad faces. Take advantage of the chance to wow everyone with these sunglasses.

    5. Jazz Sunglasses

    Looking for a killer pair of round shades that tick all the boxes? Meet our gorgeous polarized brown sunglasses. These stylish retro-rounds will have all eyes on you, featuring a sleek, translucent brown frame with a keyhole nose pads and bridge and slimline wooden arms.

    And with polarized brown lenses that shield your eyes from dangerous UV rays, you'll look and feel great wherever you go.

    Get ready to take your style game to the next level and stay protected from the sun's harmful rays with these trendy and functional round polarized sunglasses. From the beach to the streets and everything in between, these vintage-inspired acetate shades are a must-have accessory for any occasion.

    The Jazz polarized brown sunglasses are perfect for rectangle, square, diamond, heart, oblong face shapes, and small to medium faces. Take advantage of the ultimate style upgrade; grab yours today.

    6. Parker Sunglasses

    Elevate your style game with our statement-making Parker retro-squared aviator sunglasses. These shades are a must-have for fashion enthusiasts who want to stand out. Thanks to their ebony wood arms, these sunglasses offer a luxurious and natural accent, adding a touch of retro charm to their modern twist.

    Our Parker sunglasses are crafted from high-quality black acetate with a flat woven texture, making them sophisticated and stylish. They feature an oversized aviator shape and are perfect for those who appreciate timeless elegance with a contemporary edge.

    The Parker sunglasses provide crucial eye protection. With dark-tinted polarized lenses, these sunglasses effectively shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, ensuring optimal visual comfort on even the sunniest days.

    These aviator shades are designed to complement a wide range of face shapes, including oval, diamond, round, rectangle, square, oblong, and heart-shaped faces. So elevate your look and embrace the captivating charm of the Parker sunglasses for a fashion-forward appearance.

    7. Ralph Sunglasses

    Transport yourself to another era with our stunning round-frame sunglasses. Handmade from rich walnut and ebony wood, these glasses exude timeless style. With a delicate winged tip design and raised keyhole bridge, the vintage vibe is irresistible.

    But style isn't everything; these sunglasses are also convenient. The dark grey polarized sports sunglasses effectively block damaging UV rays, keeping your eyes safe all day.

    Take advantage of the chance to add some retro charm to your outfit. Perfect for daily use, our unique wooden frames will elevate any look. Suitable for small and medium faces, the Ralph round sunglasses complement a range of face shapes, including rectangles, squares, diamonds, hearts, and oblongs.

    Trust us; these round wooden sunglasses are truly one-of-a-kind, so act fast and become the envy of your friends.

    8. Carter Sunglasses

    Bask under the sun in style with these fantastic retro sunglasses. These beauties are a perfect fusion of vintage and contemporary design, with winged square frames that effortlessly blend into any outfit. Decked out in gorgeous tortoise shades, a keyhole bridge, and slim Burl Wood arms, these sunnies ooze old-school cool while staying up-to-date with modern trends.

    And let's talk about the lenses; the grey polarized lenses help keep the glare at bay while adding an extra layer of sophistication to these tortoise square sunglasses. Moreover, they do an excellent job keeping your eyes safe from the sun's harmful rays.

    Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and top-quality craftsmanship, these acetate sunglasses are fashion-forward enough to make any outfit pop. Plus, they're so comfortable that you'll barely feel them on your face, making them perfect for everyday use.

    The Carter tortoise shell polarized sunglasses are versatile enough to flatter oval, round, heart, diamond face shapes, not to mention small to medium faces. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and elevate your sunglasses collection with these retro stunners.

    9. Funk Sunglasses

    Get ready to make a statement with our trendsetting clear-frame sunglasses. Fusing classic and modern elements, such as the beautiful Zebra Wood temples, creates a unique and polished appearance. These round clear sunglasses serve a dual purpose beyond glamorously framing your face.

    Our polarized green lenses give you a stylish solution to the sun's glare and protect your eyes from harmful rays. With translucent lenses and adaptable wood accents, these crystal-clear sunglasses complement any skin tone or ensemble, making them a foolproof wardrobe staple.

    Take advantage of this, add these unique green lens sunglasses to your collection today, and take your style up a notch.

    Our Funk retro-round sunglasses are perfect for rectangle, square, diamond, heart, oblong face shapes, and small to medium faces; you'll turn heads everywhere.

    10. Sunset Sunglasses

    Add color and style to your look with our Sunset sunglasses. The vibrant orange acetate frames and green lenses are a striking combination that will leave a lasting impression. The winged-out rounded edge and keyhole bridge create a bold statement that will turn heads.

    Crafted with the utmost care and luxury, these sunglasses are made with genuine Walnut Wood arms and polarized sunglasses that provide style and protection. The green gradient lenses enhance the rounded square frames, while the subtle colored accents and vintage-inspired silhouette add a touch of retro charm to your style.

    These sunset sunglasses are versatile and statement-making and suit almost any face shape. Embrace the perfect fusion of daring design, vintage vibe, and maximum comfort with our Sunset sunglasses. You won't be disappointed with these attention-grabbing sunglasses offering style and protection.

    10 Factors to consider when choosing the best golf sunglasses

    1. Lens color

    Tee off in style with the right lenses and tints. Whether you're an avid golfer or aim to improve your game, choosing the right shades for the course can make all the difference.

    But it's not just about the brand; you'll want to consider which tint will work best for your eyes and the weather conditions.

    For example, brown or amber lenses are ideal for cloudy days or low-light areas as they improve distance vision and contrast. On the other hand, rose copper tints eliminate red and yellow tones from the greens, making it easier to read breaks and contours.

    But remember that lens tint can also make a big difference on the course. Choosing the right color can enhance contrast and improve distance vision, especially in low light or cloudy conditions.

    For example, sunglasses with a brown or amber tint are ideal for cloudy weather and can make the grass stand out more. On the other hand, the rose copper tint helps eliminate red and yellow lenses in the green, making it easier to read breaks and contours.

    Keep poor vision from holding you back on the course. Try these tint options and see the difference they can make in your game.

    2. Focus

    Do your golf games need to catch up? It's time to strengthen your focus. Despite the top-of-the-line equipment, it can all be used if your concentration is up to par.

    But wait, there's more to enhancing your golf game than mental preparation. Sunglasses are the perfect solution to elevate your style and keep your eyes safe. Don't be fooled by the trendy designs; look for sunglasses that are also functional and block out the sun's harmful rays.

    Make heads turn and optimize your game with the ultimate combination of fashion and productivity. Your focus and comfort are priceless, and so is your success on the green. Don't settle for less, and invest in the best sunglasses for golf.

    3. Durability

    Regarding golf, wear and tear is just par for the course. So, if you're investing in golf sunglasses, ensure they can handle the occasional rough and tumble. But don't sacrifice style for sturdiness; thanks to technological advances, you can have both.

    While there are countless options when selecting a pair of golf sunglasses, keep an eye out for durable designs made from sturdy materials. But don't worry; you won't have to sacrifice comfort for durability.

    Thankfully, lightweight models can still be rock solid. Plus, scratch, impact, and water-resistant models will go the extra mile.

    Whether you play competitively or for leisure, there's no need to settle for anything less than a pair of sunglasses that can take a severe beating. So, be sure to look for models that have undergone impact testing or are composed of unbreakable, flexible materials.

    And let's be honest, as an athlete; you don't want to replace your sunglasses every year. Opt for durability so you can get multiple years out of your investment. Take advantage of a step or a chipshot due to shoddy sunglasses; invest in a pair that'll last.

    4. Lens type

    From driving down the fairway to hitting a challenging putt, you want to protect your eyes during your 4+ hour rounds of 18 holes. Look no further than the polarized lens technology with a full wrap lens, which offers the highest coverage and blocks the bright light from every direction. And the height of the lenses matters too.

    While a taller lens may provide more coverage, it can be bulkier on your face. But whether you opt for full-rim golf sunglasses or not, ensure they have a good-sized lens.

    This ensures the lower frame doesn't obstruct your vision of the ball. Plus, full-rim, scratch-resistant lenses typically have a flatter frame.

    Do you want even more options? Many golf sunglasses manufacturers provide multiple interchangeable lens types with various tints and colors. Educate yourself about the lenses most suitable for multiple weather conditions.

    You may have to change your lenses accordingly. And don't worry about weight either. Most polycarbonate lenses are manufactured using lightweight materials, weighing approximately a third of a glass lens.

    Not to mention, it is more durable and scratch-resistant than glass. So, when searching for your ideal durable golf sunglasses, choose a pair to keep your eyes protected while focusing on your swing.

    5. Budget

    Investing in golfing accessories such as sunglasses can add up, so setting a budget is essential. While cheaper models can do the job, premium golf sunglasses are available for those willing to spend a little more.

    Golfers can expect to pay a price point between $50 and $250 for the best sunglasses for golfing, depending on the desired features and quality. Remember that specialized golfing sunglasses will be pricier than regular ones.

    Budget-friendly and top-designer brands are available, so choose wisely based on your usage and budget. This guide covers a range of budget options, but consider that lens choice can affect the price.

    Confirm that the manufacturer can accommodate your needs if you require prescription lenses before buying. Invest in your game without breaking the bank with our top golfing sunglasses picks.

    6. Technical specs

    Get ready to take your golf game to the next level with the advanced features of today's sunglasses. Say goodbye to sunscreen dripping in your eyes and hello to improved clarity on the course.

    Golf sunglasses now offer many options, some of which may even help shave off a stroke or two. With UV protection as standard, these glasses also come equipped with other features like photochromic lenses, which enhance your vision while on the golf course.

    Also, interchangeable lenses are available in non-prescription and prescription options, making these sunglasses versatile beyond the golf course. Why stick to one pair when you can switch it up and save money simultaneously?

    7. Grip

    Refrain from settling for mediocre sunglasses when hitting the links. Opt for flexible and durable shades with a solid grip that's oh-so-comfortable.

    And if you tend to sweat more than most, check out the Funk and Carter options on our list, complete with non-slip rubber grips to ensure your shades stay put, even when wet. But let's remember the style. Sunglasses are an essential accessory, protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays and rogue sandblasts.

    Choose a pair that fits your practical needs and fashion sense, which you'll wear beyond the golf course. If you wear prescription glasses, there is no need to fret, and you have a few options.

    Go for specially-made prescription sunglasses, or opt for an easy-to-use solar shield, like those from Foster Grant, that fit right over your regular eyewear.

    8. Design

    Are you seeking the best value golf sunglasses to suit your unique style and face shape? Look no further than the vast array of designs offered by Kraywoods. Whether you're hitting the links or just going about your daily routine, there's a pair of shades out there for you that will make you look great and enhance your experience.

    If you wear prescription lenses, don't worry, many manufacturers offer golf sunglasses with prescription lenses so that you can enjoy the benefits of clear vision on the course. But not all sunglasses are created equal.

    While sporty designs look great while playing golf, there are more stylish choices for everyday wear. And while traditional-looking sunglasses are perfect for your daily routine, they might offer only some of the features you need for golfing.

    Luckily, lightweight plastic frames are a popular choice for golfers because they're durable and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

    With high-quality plastic frames, you won't have to worry about them getting damaged if you accidentally drop them. And when it comes to style, there are plenty of options; wrap-around, aviator, and rectangular frames are just a few of the fabulous types featured on this list.

    So choose the style that suits you best, whether sleek and sporty or classic and timeless. With the right pair of sunglasses, you'll look great and improve your game on the course.

    9. Comfort

    Are you an avid golfer who enjoys playing on sunny days? Then you know how important it is to have a comfortable pair of sunglasses. No one wants to spend hours on the course with their glasses slipping and rubbing their nose and ears raw. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also distract you from your game.

    So, when choosing a pair of golf sunglasses, make sure they prioritize personalized grip and comfort. The materials must be soft and grippy, especially around the nose and ears. You want to spend only part of the day fidgeting with your glasses; you want to focus on your game.

    Fortunately, plenty of sunglass options are designed to make you forget you're wearing them. Look for lightweight materials that won't irritate your skin, even after hours of wear.

    Be bold and try different models before purchasing to feel confident in your choice. Invest in a pair that fits comfortably on your nose and stays in place to keep your eyes on the ball and your mind on the game, not your glasses.

    10. UV and glare protection

    Regarding golf sunglasses, finding a pair that looks good and protects your eyes from damaging UV rays and glare on the brightest days is essential. Ophthalmologists recommend wearing sunglasses on most sunny days to safeguard your vision in the long run.

    Don't just settle for UV protection; look best for golf sunglasses with glare-reduction technology to help your eyes adjust to varying light conditions more quickly. After all, even the best golf equipment is only helpful if you can focus properly.

    So, find a pair that combines style and functionality to keep your eyes safe and enhance your game. Be different from most players who prioritize looks over performance; give your eyes the protection they deserve.


    1- Are polarized lenses the best to wear on a golf course?

    Are polarized lenses worth investing in? Only if you're into water or snow activities where glare can ruin your mood.

    Polarized lenses aren't necessary for golfers, many avoid them because they can distort vision, and golf is a precise sport; if you're like me and love to fish or do water sports on top of golfing, go for it. Opt for polarized lenses to ensure maximum glare protection on the water.

    And if you are also super sensitive to light, these lenses will have the bonus of blocking the pesky horizontal wavelengths of light. Remember, for those exclusively golfing, it might be best to steer clear of polarized or photochromic lenses.

    2- What is the best color tint for golfing?

    Are you a golf enthusiast looking to improve your game? Look no further than the power of tinted lenses. With advanced technology and specialized tints, sunglasses can elevate your outdoor experience.

    Our top pick, the Oxford prizm lenses, is specifically designed for golf with tints that highlight the lush greens and fairways of the course. Refrain from settling for dull sunglasses that darken the light.

    Opt for tinted lenses that enhance contrast and dim the brightest of days. Browns, ambers, and coppers are all popular choices for golfing eyewear. Take your game to the next level with the best sunglasses on the market.

    3- How can you clean golf sunglasses?

    We have tips to keep your sunglasses clear and clean from cloudy vision on the golf course. Many models today come with a convenient cloth for cleaning the lenses, but hold the frames when wiping them to avoid damaging them.

    Skip the cleaning products only if the manufacturer recommends them, as it can be tough to determine which chemicals might damage the delicate lens technology and coatings.

    Your best bet is to stock up on microfiber cloths and gently dab rather than rub; aggressive rubbing can peel off those coatings and dull your view. Keep your focus on the game with crystal-clear sunglasses.

    4- Why are Oakley sunglasses so popular?

    Have you ever watched professional golfers wear sunglasses on TV and thought, "What kind of sunglasses are they wearing?" Well, I wonder no more.

    While golfers sport a variety of brands, Oakley is the go-to for famous golfers like Danielle Kang, Harris English, Rickie Fowler, and Nelly Korda. Henrik Stenson takes it to the next level by owning his sunglasses line.

    Other top players, such as Adam Scott, Justin Rose, and Garrick Higgo, shield their eyes with stylish Half Jacket 2.0 XL shades from the sun's glare. So, if you want to look like a pro on the golf course, Kraywoods and Oakley half jacket 2.0 may be your ticket to success.

    Can you wear contact lenses with golf sunglasses?

    Attention golfers, are you tired of swapping out your standard specs for prescription sunglasses every time you hit the links? If you're a contact lens wearer, we have good news. You can still sport some stylish shades without sacrificing visual acuity.

    Here's the deal, non-prescription golf sunglasses with sufficient tints will do the trick. However, we recommend a wrap-around frame design that arches out and around the face to ensure maximum comfort and protection. This will give your delicate peepers some breathing room, preventing any annoying plastic-on-cornea action.

    So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, keep glasses (or lack thereof) from getting in your game. Slip-on tinted shades, pop in your contacts, and hit the fairways in style. Your eyes (and your handicap) will thank you.



    The right sunglasses can make all the difference while on the golf course. From protecting your eyes from strong sunlight and glare to reducing potential eye strain, it's crucial to find a pair that fits your needs without compromising style.

    We've showcased ten golf sunglasses with professional golfer vibes so you can look like an expert even if you don't play like one.

    Whether you choose a more subtle and classic pair or something bold and stylish, many options are available for all golf lovers. With this knowledge, you'll be swinging like a pro soon.

    So, if you're looking for a stylish yet practical pair of golf sunglasses, the Kraywoods website contains even more information and varieties that will surely make anyone sporty and chic. Check out our website today for more info.


    10 Best Golf Sunglasses To Have Professional Golfers' Vibes In 2024

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