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    How To Choose Best Sunglasses For Big Heads
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    How To Choose Best Sunglasses For Big Heads

    Choosing Best Sunglasses For Big Heads

    Updated 20 March 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    When it comes to buying sunglasses, it is essential to determine your face shape and size. If the sunglasses are too big for you, they can always be adjusted and tightened to fit better. However, the opposite scenario isn’t possible. Therefore, you want to make sure that your chosen polarized sunglasses are the perfect size for a comfortable and flattering fit. You don’t have a clue about your face shape? You can find your face shape in 3 easy steps.

    If you have a big face, you might struggle to find the right pair of shades in a suitable size and flattering fit. If the frame’s arms are too tight, they may cause pressure on your temple which leads to headache and discomfort. But, don’t worry, we got you covered with some tips on how to choose sunglasses for a big head like yours:

    • Step 1: Measure Your Face Width and The Frame Width
    • Step 2: Shop For The Perfect Frames
    • Step 3: Try The Sunglasses On
    • Step 4: Get Your Sunglasses Adjusted

    Large Sunglasses

    4 Steps To Find The Right Pair of Sunglasses?

    Before going to details, you need to keep in mind that if you choose sunglasses that are too small for your head, there is no going back. The temples on a frame can't be loosened as much as they can be tightened. So, you're just stuck feeling uncomfortable as long as you have the glasses on. Therefore, know the glasses for your face shape first then the rest is history. Now, come on! Open your notebook and start jotting down these 4 steps of choosing sunglasses for wider faces.

    1. Measure Your Face Width and The Frame Width

    Let's pause for a minute before you leave for your shopping spree, Buying sunglasses for wide faces will require some simple measurements to understand what frame shapes and size you will require. Let's check out what you will have to measure before buying sunglasses:

    A. Face Width

    Measuring our face width or the size of our head is not something we commonly do. You probably don't even know how to do it. But, figuring out the measurement is essential to know the ideal size of the sunglasses frames. We want things to fit perfectly. So, what is the easiest way to measure your face width? Grab a flexible tape measure, pen, paper and stand in front of a mirror.

    As you're taking the measurement, make sure to place the tape measure flat against your face for the best and accurate results. Keep a straight face and measure your forehead at the widest point, meaning from hairline to hairline, and record the measurement in millimetres. Once you've found out the exact measurement of your face width, you're ready for the next thing!

    How to choose oversized sunglasses for big heads - Face Width Measurement

    B. Frame Width

    Welcome to the next level of eyewear fitting! If you have an old pair of glasses lying around, you can easily measure the temple-to-temple distance to determine the right frame size for you. But what if you don't have any glasses to measure?

    Don't worry, you can still get an accurate measurement using just your face. Simply measure the distance between your temples with a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string.

    Once you have your measurement, if it's larger than 140mm, then you should be looking for a wide frame. Don't settle for ill-fitting eyewear that slides down your nose bridge or feels uncomfortable. With the right measurements, you can find the perfect pair of glasses that fit comfortably and look great. So, start your search today and find your perfect fit!

    C. Lens Width

    As you may expect, lens width is the horizontal distance between either edge of the lens. The simplest way to find out the best lens width for your sunglasses is by checking an old pair of sunglasses that already fit you comfortably. You will find this measurement inside the temples of the adult sunglasses. We're talking about the three engraved numbers on the inside. These represent the size of your sunglasses. The first number is the one we want which is the the lens width (in millimetre). Sunglasses size guide can really help you during this step.

    Generally, the sunglasses that fit your head's width must have wide lenses enough for you. You want your lens width to be just wide so that your eyes can be centred behind the lenses of your sunglasses.

    D. Temple length

    If you choose to buy short temple arms, you will have a tight-fitting frame. On the contrary, long temple arms will slide right off your face while wearing it. So the question here is, how would you find the adult temple lengths?

    The third number on the arms will give you the measurement in millimetres. In this case, you can use a tape measure or a ruler to get the distance between the back of your ear to the front of your face. Does that answer your question?

    E. Bridge Width

    For those who don't know, the bridge distance can be defined as the space or gap between the inside of one lens to the other. This is a very important number to get right. Should you happen to measure it incorrectly, then the bridge size can make for a very ill-fitted pair of stylish sunglasses.

    A small bridge might tweak your nose, which may cause your glasses to sit too high on your face, whereas an oversized bridge will cause the frames to glide down your nose bridge. Once again, the easy way to get this measurement done is by checking a pair of sunglasses you already own. The bridge distance is the second number in this regard. The estimation will help you know at least which glasses should you consider if you haven't previously owned any.

    Here's what you can do, get something flexible like – a twist tie and bend it diagonally on the top of your nose bridge. Remove it and use tape or ruler to measure the distance between the segments where the bridge or pads will sit. If you don't have a pair of old sunglasses, it would be better to schedule an eye doctor appointment, and s/he will help you get an accurate measurement. The fun will begin when you have the size in hand.

    2. Shop For The Perfect Frames

    There are many sunglasses available, but you may not find them all available in a large size. When browsing for eyewear, you have to pay close attention to the size of the frames. Since big and oversized sunglasses are trending these days, it's become easier to find a variety of fashionable sunglasses that are ideal for big heads. We recommend going for a pair of aviators or classic square sunglasses part of men's sunglasses, as these styles are often made wide enough for big heads and will add an edge to your look. As for women, a pair of bold cat-eye sunglasses will make for a very fashionable option as the winged frame shape gives an effect of lifting and elongate the face!

    3. Try The Sunglasses On

    When buying new sunglasses, an optimal fit is extremely important, but it is not the only thing that you need to consider. You're also looking for a pair of sunglasses with a fashionable design that suits your taste and style. Sometimes, you may fall in love with a pair, but you won't really know how they look or fit before trying them on. If you're shopping in a store, don't hesitate to try on as many sunglasses as you like before buying. We need to keep up with the game!

    But, if you're shopping online, you can't really try on the sunglasses before making any purchases. Unless the website has a virtual try-on tool. If not, what can you do? Here's a simple solution: measurements! The frame measurements indicated for each pair will give you some sort of a clue. Or, you can refer to the size guide. Even so, you can use the numbers found on an old frame of yours.  

    4. Get Your Sunglasses Adjusted

    When you eagerly unbox a new pair of sunglasses, don't panic if you tried them on and you were doubting their vibe. Truth is, sunglasses don't fit perfectly right out of the box, even if they are the right size. They may need a bit of adjusting to get the best fit.

    This happens because our facial features are unique and never perfectly symmetric. So, each pair of glasses needs to get adjusted accordingly. When that happens, you can try to make simple changes to your sunglasses frames at home or visit your local optical shop and have an optician adjust them.

    If you didnt know, you can easily adjust your sunglasses by yourself at home with a series of easy steps. So, don't be afraid to try out different sustainable materials for your frames.

    What Are The Best Sunglasses for Big Heads?

    Now that we covered the best part, you know exactly what to look for when choosing the perfect pair and perfect size of shades for wide heads. Are you ready for the next step? Fashion is all about looking your best and expressing yourself. Let's take a look at some trendy and fashionable large sized sunglasses that will allow you to enhance your personal style while enjoying an optimal coverage.

    1. Large Aviator Sunglasses

    Did you know that the aviator shape matches perfectly on all face shapes? Aviator sunglasses are among the most classic and timeless eyewear styles, so if you don't already own a pair of aviators, now is the time! If you have a big head, you're in luck because aviator sunglasses are often made wide and offer a very comfortable fit for people like you.

    The Parker Aviator sunglasses are a large fit frame and are perfect for big heads! These aviators are designed with a sleek matte black metal frame and upgraded with luxurious ebony wood temples take a classic style and bring it to a whole new level. This classic pair will match perfectly with any outfit on any day!

    Moreoever, If you're looking for a pop of colour in your aviators, then the Runner Aviator sunglasses are for you! It is a medium to large fit frame that looks great on medium to wide faces. These stylish aviator sunglasses are designed with an alluring tortoise double-bridge frame and slim Burl Wood arms to create a bold silhouette with a luxurious look and feel. Equipped with classic green polarized lenses, these retro aviators will give your day a dose of vintage and promise all-day comfort and protection from the sun.

    2. Large Rectangle Sunglasses

    Rectangular shaped sunglasses are yet another staple in eyewear fashion! This classic shape has been trending since the the early 50s and 60s, and a timeless style continues to go strong until this day. Rectangle sunglasses look great on rectangle, square, diamond, oval, oblong and heart face shapes. If you have a big head, then these rectangle sunglasses are a great option, as they are often made wide, similar to the aviator style. If this shape appeals to you, then the Challenger and black Jaguar sunglasses will be on top of your wish list!

    The Challenger sunglasses are a large fit frame and are very well suited for big heads! These lightweight sunglasses designed with luxurious Ebony Wood temples will add an upscale touch to your look and offer superior comfort, optimal coverage and protection for long days in the sun!

    3. Large Browline Sunglasses

    The Black Jaguar large sunglasses, characterized by a prominent browline and alluring silver frame rims, are an excellent choice for those with bigger heads. Specifically crafted for an optimal comfort and fit, this large fit frame is designed with Ebony Wood temples and adjustable nose pads. The inclusion of dark grey polarized lenses not only enhances their timeless and classic appeal but also ensures a flattering look on almost any face shape. Enjoy the perfect blend of style and comfort tailored for individuals with larger heads.

    4. Large Winged Sunglasses

    Winged sunglasses are a great choice for big heads as their shape, colour and style will attract attention on the sunglasses themselves rather than their size. In eyewear fashion, when it comes to bold sunglasses, the bigger the better, which is exactly what you need! If you are going for this look, we recommend heading towards an oversized frame or a vintage-inspired pair of sunglasses. Whichever suits your flair.

    The Willow Cat-Eye sunglasses are big, bold and beautiful! These trendy large fit frames are made from Bamboo wood and contoured with a subtle golden metal accent, adding a sophisticated touch to your classic winged frames. Featuring dark grey polarized lenses, these ultra-lightweight sunglasses for big heads will be your favourite fashion accessory to block out the sun.

    5. Large Round Sunglasses

    The Lennon round sunglasses are bold, fun, and undeniably fashionable! These vintage-inspired large fit frames are specifically designed for those with bigger heads, offering a comfortable and stylish solution. With a curved bridge that seamlessly blends a sleek gold metal frame and slim Zebra Wood temples, these sunglasses offer a modern look with a retro twist. The purple gradient polarized lenses not only add a pop of flair but also make them your favorite go-to accessory, providing both eye protection from the sun and a touch of fashion. Enjoy the perfect blend of style and comfort tailored for those with larger head sizes.

    6. Large Square Sunglasses

    Large square glasses are the ideal choice for those with bigger heads, offering a stylish and comfortable solution. The square sunglasses we're presenting today are not only large, but they're also crafted from a unique material: wood.

    Wooden sunglasses are not only an eco-friendly option, but a very fashionable and unique one as well! Wooden sunglasses have been trending for a few years now, and the trend continues to gain popularity as consumers become more and more conscious of their choices.

    Did you know that wooden sunglasses have the cool aspect of being able to float in the water? What's more unique than that! When it comes to sunglasses for a big head, we have plenty of wooden options for you coming straight from the natural woods.

    The Shade D-square sunglasses are designed for an oversized fashion look! This medium to large fit frame is handcrafted from luxurious Ebony Wood feature a sleek flat top and a subtle geometric styling around the lenses. Featuring dark grey polarized lenses, these lightweight oversized unisex shades provide both comfort and style for a big head.

    The Oxford Square sunglasses are made from two different types of wood, offering a unique look and style! This medium to large fit retro-squared combines Ebony and Teak wood for an alluring two-tone coloured frame with a high-quality feel and upscale contemporary appeal. Featuring dark grey polarized lenses, these classic and modern shades will look good on medium to wide faces and provide all the needed coverage from the sun's harmful UV rays.

    7. Large Geometric Sunglasses

    Did you think people with big heads like yours have limited wooden sunglasses options? You thought wrong. We've come down to our final two picks for a big head and we have saved the best for last. Oversized sunglasses have been around for a while and they have proven to us that they are here to stay. With so many glasses shapes available, the idea of chosing one frame can get overwhelming. So, one look at the Ava black oversized sunglasses and you'll search for nothing more.

    The geometric sunglasses are designed with bold or matte black acetate and thick Ebony Wood temples that speak chic and fierce all at once. These oversized sunglasses feature dark grey polarized lenses to protect your eyes in style. The sophisticated details make the geometric sunglasses your go-to accessory for your everyday looks.

    Ladies, we know you can't get enough of the cat-eye sunglasses. It can get quite frustrating when a certain pair of stylish sunglasses doesn't work well. But, we guarantee that the Audrey cat-eye sunglasses will work out just fine for people with a big head.

    These oversized cat-eye sunglasses designed with bold translucent pink acetate and alluring Walnut Wood temples that can help channel your inner glamour. In addition, these playful geometric sunglasses feature amber polarized lenses that boast a unique silhouette and angled lines with a luxurious finish for an effortlessly elegant look.

    When shopping for a pair of sunglasses, it is important to find a pair that you will love to wear and enjoy the best and most comfortable fit. You might find that shopping for cheap sunglasses for big heads requires a bit of extra work. However, knowing your frame size will make your experience easier. We helped categorize our wooden sunglasses in three sizes: small, medium, and large fit.

    Our large fit sunglasses are made perfectly for a big head. Because you have to wear sunglasses every day, we made sure they're designed wide enough and extremely lightweight for you to feel comfortable while having them on all day long!


    How To Choose Best Sunglasses For Big Heads

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