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    7 Best Glasses For Small Faces (Updated 2024)
    Eyeglasses, Face Shape & Size Guides

    7 Best Glasses For Small Faces (Updated 2024)

    Best Glasses For Small Faces

    Updated on 13 April 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Finding the perfect glasses frame for your face shape is a huge struggle, but we are here to help! Do you happen to have a small face shape? Do you find it challenging to buy eyeglasses? Kraywoods is here to assist you!

    Who doesn't love a little eyewear shopping? It can get a bit tricky with men's eyeglasses and women's eyeglasses collections; you just don't know what works best. Fear not; we are here to guide you. By offering tips, you will be able to choose the right pair of modern eyeglasses. To all the small faced readers, fasten your seatbelts because you are about to ride on the train of eyeglasses express!

    Here's what to look for when shopping for eyeglasses for small faces:

    1. Frame Size & Fit
    2. Face Shape
    3. Skin Tone
    4. Lens Typed & Materials
    5. Hair Colour & Length
    6. Eye Colour
    7. Lifestyle

    Featured Glasses for Small Faces

    Featured Glasses For Small Faces

    What to Look for When Buying Eyeglasses

    We all feel bummed when that one pair of fashionable eyeglasses does not work for us. "It's too big!" or "No, the colour doesn't match that of my eyes." Or "I don't like the frame." With so many different shapes and sizes, it can be a little disappointing. In order to avoid this, there are some important factors to consider while looking for glasses, so let's go over these together!

    1. Frame Size & Fit

    Now that online shopping is the new thing, we see pictures of glasses and accessories on every platform. We scroll through eyeglasses of different sizes and shapes to find the ones that we want. Let's not forget that people have preferences. However, not all frames work. It is helpful to understand the information regarding the glasses size and fit. In other words, lens width (two digits), bridge width (two numbers) and temple length (three digits). The digits, found in the temple, reveal the size of the glasses. They are mentioned in this particular order.

    What is the number one rule? Keep glasses from slipping off your face which is why you need to make sure to choose the perfect frame for your small face. If the frame is too broad, your glasses will fall when you look down. Also, we strongly advise you to pick a pair that has the best width for your face. So, everything comes down to balance. The glasses should look good and make you feel good.

    2. Face Shape

    Many people mistakenly buy eyeglasses that are too big or too small because it looks cooler. But, this shouldn't be the case. You will frequently be wearing your eyeglasses, so all elements must fall into place. Your face shape plays a huge role. It determines what eyewear will make your facial features look better. Are you not sure of your face shape? Taking a look at our face shape glasses guide can help you determine your shape and make shopping for eyeglasses a lot easier.

    Different types of face shapes

    3. Skin Tone

    The third factor is rarely taken into consideration. On the contrary, it is as equally important as the others. Not all eyeglasses with colour frames can match your skin tone. If you are warm-toned, try shopping for glasses with neutral frames. It will look great on you. Yet, if you have a cool complexion, pick frames that are jewel-hued.

    4. Lens Types and Materials

    The eyeglass lens is customized to fit your eye sight perfectly. Before anything else, your visuals are the most vital thing to consider. Therefore, you must get yourself examined first by a professional. As a result, you agree on the best lens and materials. There are numerous types of optical contact lenses such as single vision, bifocal and lens materials like glass and polycarbonate. Each lens has its own characteristics. We recommend you discuss your options with your eye specialist.

    5. Hair Colour and Length

    Believe it or not, your hair colour can actually affect your overall physical appearance when you wear your eyeglasses. Not only that, your hair length will highlight your face shape. As we previously mentioned, your face shape is one of the things to consider when purchasing any type of eyewear.

    6. Eye Colour

    Are your eyes blue or brown? It is preferable to coordinate between your eyeglasses' frame and the colour of your eyes. If you want your eyes to stand out, go for a more muted colour glasses frame. For instance, if your eyes are green, you can buy thinner frames or transparent frames. Also, your frames' thickness and colour will naturally show what particular eyeglasses will suit you most.

    7. Lifestyle

    The fact that you will be wearing your eyeglasses most of the time, the chosen pair will need to match your personality and lifestyle. Are you a positive person? Buy some bright glasses! If you're more of an outdoor person, go for small acetate glasses to withstand any activity you might endure. It is known that eyewear can make a fashionable statement. So express yourself and let loose! There are many odd, geometrical and quirky concepts of glasses for small faces such as the cat eye frames, hexagon, 18th-century spectacles etc.

    Best Eyeglasses for Small Face Shapes

    Individuals know how frustrating it is to find the right size of eyeglasses. Specifically, the ones who possess petite facial features; luckily, there are plenty of frames that can go well!

    1. Cat-Eye Glasses

    You read correctly! We are bringing this 1930's look to the year 2023. The edgy frame will never be out of style. Even for eyeglasses, the cat-eye frame is perfect for small faces! Celebrities like Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez were once spotted rocking the cat-eye glasses. This frame is so popular because it brings out the shape of your cheekbones.

    If you have a small face, then a pair of cat-eye glasses is not to be missed in your eyewear collection! We recommend the Enchanted Gold cat-eye glasses and Enchanted Silver Cat-eye Glasses for a glamorous and bold look. This medium fit frame is available in both Gold and Silver Stainless Steel, along with wooden arms. They are water and sweat resistant, perfect for everyday wear! What are you waiting for? Channel your inner Jenny from the block and purchase your cat-eye glasses!

    2. Rectangle rectangular frames

    If this is your first eyeglasses purchase, then rectangle frames are a good starting point. They fit well for a small face like yours. If you are bored of your old glasses and like to have some new ones; Rectangle discontinued frames can easily be added to your eyewear collection. With this geometric look, you can add the word "smart" to your checklist. Celebrities like Kaley Cuoco and Hugh Jackman were spotted wearing rectangle eyeglasses.

    Rectangle frames like our Trust Eyeglasses collection, available in grey and brown, will give a sense of depth and sophistication to your small face. These are the perfect professional glasses for small or narrow faces. Available in brown and grey, It is a medium frame fit that would look great on small to medium faces. The Trust Brown rectangle eyeglasses are handcrafted from tortoise brown acetate and ebony wood. As for the Trust Grey Eyeglasses, they are handcrafted from tortoise grey acetate zebra wood. If you have a small and narrow face and you're looking for a chic, classic, yet understated look, these are the glasses to go for!

    3. Squared Aviator Glasses

    You don't have to put on aviator sunglasses to feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. You can try it on with eyeglasses as well! It is a common mistake to think that an aviator frame cannot work on small faces. So, why not make it extra special? We added a little geometric edge to it. Both genders can rock out the squared aviator look.

    Without further a due, we introduce you to the Drive Gold squared aviator eyeglasses and the Drive Silver metal frame eyeglasses. This medium frame fit is available in both Gold and Silver. If you are wondering about the material, they are made from premium Stainless Steel and equipped with natural wooden arms. Talk about stylish frames and one of a kind pair of round oval frames! These squared aviator sunglasses will not only offer a great petite glasses fit for small petite faces, but also an on-trend look!

    4. Round frames

    Circular petite frames can work great on small faces too, celebrities like Niall Horan seems to love them. However, they can be a little tricky as they come in different sizes. For example, the progressive lenses can be too big for your face. You have to be careful with the height of the round shapes lens. We advise you to choose a pair that is vertically shorter on the lens. It will balance out your small features. Don't worry about them being retro. You know what they say, what is old is new again.

    If you prefer going for a bold and vintage-inspired look, then we have a variety of stylish round glasses for you! If you prefer going for a subtle yet fashionable look, you can opt for plastic frames or the the metal frames Joy Rose Gold round eyeglasses and Joy Silver metal frame eyeglasses made from stainless steel and accentuated with wood arms. They're the perfect glasses for small faces as they compliment your features in a subtle way.

    5. Rounded Rectangle Glasses

    As previously mentioned, round and rectangle eyeglasses are suitable for small faces. So, why not combine both adult frames in one? You will get the best of both worlds! Bad news for you gentlemen, we only have a frame from the ladies collection. Say hello to the Bliss Purple wooden glasses. It is made from natural Sandal Wood with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. Just like all other eyeglasses, these are also water and sweat resistant. These glasses were made to look flattering on small faces so you can't go wrong with the fit!

    6. Square Glasses

    We are travelling back in time to the 1950s! The year when square eyeglasses were introduced to the world. It only took the English actor Sir Michael Caine to wear the natural spectacle. It wasn't until later on that women fought the status quo by wearing squared eyeglasses. Then the rest is history. But definitely one thing is that when it comes to eyewear, squared shapes are always trendy. Men and women with small faces can enjoy this specific type of eyewear. What makes it unique is their exact proportions. Also, the length of your face does appear to be taller.

    We have two choices of squared eyeglasses for you: the Brave Rose square glasses made from Rose Wood or the Brave Brown wooden glasses made from Walnut Wood. Both glasses are equipped with an aluminium core for superior resistance and durability and they are also resistant to water and sweat. You can't go wrong with this classic style, these unisex glasses will enhance your look on any day!

    7. Rounded Square Glasses

    Who said a geometrical combination doesn't work well? Separately, they fit for small faces. But what happens when you get torn between getting a round frame and a squared frame? We would like to introduce to you the Harmony Brown wooden glasses. This rounded square frame is available in one colour only, brown. These medium fit glasses are made with Oak Wood and equipped with an aluminum Core. Just like the others, they are also water and sweat resistant. Both ladies and gentlemen can enjoy a little sense of vintage inspired fashion with the harmony eyeglasses.

    To conclude, having a small face shape is not a bad thing. There are a lot of options which can work for you. It all comes down to your own taste! Eyeglasses are just as popular and trendy as sunglasses. Why settle for plain when you can look subtle, witty and fashionable? Kraywoods offers you a varied collection that matches all types of personalities and face shapes. Should you wish to return or exchange any item, there is a specific policy we tend to follow. In both cases, all eyeglasses come with a 12-month warranty. If you happen to also be on the search for a pair of sunglasses, we can show you the Best Sunglasses for Small Faces.


    7 Best Glasses For Small Faces (Updated 2024)

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