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    Top 10 Sunglasses Worn by Celebrities in 2024

    Top 10 Sunglasses Worn by Celebrities in 2024

    Updated of 24 February 2023 • Chelsea from Kraywoods

    We're starting the New Year with hot topics! This age is all about following the latest celebrity fashion and influencer trends. We can't help but get inspired by what our favourite celebrities have been sporting. From the latest clothing to eyewear, celebrities are always updating their style and fashion choices. Guess what? We are here to follow!

    We're talking about one of the hottest fashion item celebrities like to wear: polarized sunglasses. Not only do they shield your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays, a pair of trendy sunglasses can elevate your look to a whole new level. If you want to look like a celebrity yourself and rock a trendy pair of celebrity sunglasses, we got you covered!

    We've gathered the top sunglasses worn by celebrities in 2023. Keep on scrolling for a diverse collection of the most fashion-forward sunglasses for men and women this year.

    1. Dark Aviator Sunglasses
    2. Winged Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    3. Browline Sunglasses
    4. Rounded Square Sunglasses
    5. Oversized Shield Sunglasses
    6. Oversized Sunglasses
    7. Retro Square Sunglasses
    8. Round Sunglasses
    9. Tinted Sunglasses

    Featured Sunglasses

    Featured Sunglasses

    How to Choose The Right Sunglasses

    Before we start, we need to tackle this question! This is a common question that gets asked all the time. It is essential to mention that finding the right pair of sunglasses is a process that doesn't only start with trends and style preferences. Several components affect your matter of choice in order to find the most flattering and suitable pair for you.

    The primary consideration is your face shape. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and look at these four elements:

    • Forehead
    • Cheekbones
    • Jawline
    • Face Length

    Measure them all in centimetres or inches and mark next to whichever is the largest. Other components taken into account are skin tone, hair colour, shape, size and colour of the sunglasses themselves. Sunglasses guide can offer more insight and help you choose the perfect pair.

    Now on to the next thing you want to consider: celebrity fashion trends! We've swooped the streets to bring you the latest celebrity sunglasses trends of 2023, so keep on reading!

    Celebrity wearing sunglasses: Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid

    Top Sunglasses Trends Worn by Celebrities

    1. Dark Aviator Sunglasses

    This type of sunglasses is familiar among celebrities. It all started with the famous actor Tom Cruise. In the iconic movie Top Gun, the star was seen rocking the aviator sunglasses. After that, the rest became history. Some sunglasses are even named after the film itself. The movie dates back to the year 1986. Now that it is the year 2023, are aviators still in style? Ben Affleck can answer that question for us. He was seen wearing aviators in downtown LA. Do you know what these sunglasses are often described as? Ageless Aviators! The shades were flooded in the spring of 2020. Runway shows such as Celine and Michael Kors made sure that the classic aviators were not left behind.  

    Moreover, Hollywood actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston are fans of aviators. They indeed have different face shapes. What's awesome about aviator sunglasses is that they look great on all face shapes. If you like these types of sunglasses, check out Leo and Ash.

    Angelina Jolie wearing aviator sunglasses
    Jennifer Aniston wearing aviator sunglasses

    To sport this celebritly look, you can opt for the Leo black aviator sunglasses. These classic aviators are designed with a sleek black metal frame, dark grey lenses, along with luxurious Ebony Wood temples. The material used upgrades the sunglasses from a classic level to a unique and stylish one.

    If you're looking for an extra trendy look, you can go for the Parker oversized aviator sunglasses. These vintage style frames will provide a standout stylish look that exhudes retro vibes. Equipped with sleek ebony wood arms, these polarized aviator shades will protect your eyes with style and look equally fashionable on both men and women.

    2. Winged Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    What is that one type of sunglasses that just keeps coming back? You guessed it right: the cat-eye. Famous musician Rihanna was seen wearing white cat-eye sunglasses on a red carpet. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Selena Gomez and Priyanka Chopra are often spotted wearing cat-eyes too. So what is the secret of their success? They can be passed on from generation to generation! The cat-eye sunglasses always come back on trend in different patterns, sizes and colours. The tiny cat-eye retro look keeps making a huge comeback. What better way to add a chic and glamorous touch to your look than the cat-eye glasses.

    Gigi Hadid wearing cat-eye sunglasses
    Miranda Kerr wearing cat-eye sunglasses
    Priyanka Chopra wearing small cat-eye sunglasses

    If you are looking for a new twist to your favourite sunglasses, ladies, you can check out Tom Cat, Willow or Stella cat-eye sunglasses. Each of these sunglasses has a style of its own. Starting with the first, the Ivy sunglasses are a classic cat-eye medium frame fit. This retro style pair designed with gradient tinted lenses for an added voguish vibe to your everyday look. The semi-rimless winged frame is made from bamboo wood which makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable!

    Moving on, the Willow bamboo sunglasses are a larger cat-eye frame fit. The pair is designed for an oversized cat-eye look, made from sustainably sourced bamboo and contoured with a golden metal accent. What makes Willow unique is the winged tip. The dark grey lenses will protect your eyes from the sun while granting you a fashionable look.

    Ending this section with Stella tortoise sunglasses, this medium frame fit looks sophisticated and glamorous. The alluring frame is designed with a printed tortoiseshell acetate and smooth Bamboo temples. These cat-eye sunglasses have brown lenses. The winged tips not only make Stella unique but will absolutely flatter your face shape with a lifting effect.

    3. Browline Sunglasses

    Can you guess which celebrity was spotted wearing browline sunglasses? We'll give you hints: he's British, a footballer, and the ladies adore him. That's right; it's David Beckham. He obviously loves his sunglasses, and we do too! If you don't have a clear idea of how browline-shaped sunglasses are designed, we can explain it. These sunglasses are close to square shaped sunglasses and characterized with winged tips and some angular parts. The upper part of it looks like a wanderer that goes down to a rimless or thinly rimmed portion on the bottom half. Other stars such as Robert Pattinson and Jessica Alba were also spotted wearing browline sunglasses sunny spectacle. So are these trendy sunglasses still in for the season? Well, if Queen B herself, Beyonce Knowles, was wearing them, then yes! These types of sunglasses are a great way to stand out from the crowd. They are understated yet elegant. In other words, you will look cool without even trying.

    David Beckham wearing clubmaster sunglasses
    Beyonce wearing clubmaster sunglasses

    If you would like to sport a similar style, you can have opt for the Casper browline sunglasses. Get ready to elevate your style game with these luxurious browline sunglasses for men and women! Handcrafted from the finest Ebony and Walnut wood, these shades are not only chic, but also ultra-comfortable thanks to their adjustable silicone nose pads and acetate tips. Whether you're dressing up for a night out on the town or simply running errands, these upscale two-tone sunglasses will add a touch of glamour to any outfit. So why wait? Step up your accessory game and make a statement with these beautiful browline sunglasses. If you have an oval, square, rectangle, oblong, or diamond face shape, then the Casper sunglasses won't disappoint!

    4. Wayfarer Sunglasses

    Let's take a closer look at one of the trends of 2023: Wayfarer sunglasses. Identical to the clubmaster yet slightly different, the wayfarer shape is trapezoidal and distinctive. It is much more like a cat-eye frame than a squared-off body. These sunglasses have been around since the 1950s and 1960s. Their popularity returned in the 1980s. Then we saw them rise up again in the mid-2000s. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jude Law are among the ones who are often spott seen wearing wayfarers.

    Taylor Swift wearing Wayfarer sunglasses
    Jake Gyllenhaal wearing wayfarer sunglasses

    if you want to sport a similar look with a pair of dark frames, look no further than the Challenger black sunglasses.These ever so classic rounded square sunglasses are designed with Ebony Wood temples, making them look luxurious yet classic. These black shades feature dark polarized lenses to offer you comfort, optimal coverage, and UV rays protection. What a challenger!

    You absolutely can't go wrong with a pair of black squared sunglasses. This sunglasses style has ridden the waves in fashion time and time again for it's versitality and timeless look. They are also perfect for face shapes such as oval, square, rectangle, oblong, and diamond.

    On the other hand, if you are looking to sport a similar look but with an extra pop of colour, watch out for Rover Mirror Sunglasses. The former is a medium frame fit. Men and women can wear them. A win-win situation! These sunglasses are so distinctive, they combine a full mirror front frame with alluring Zebra Wood temples for a touch of futuristic look. The lightweight Rover grants you comfort and adequate coverage for days in the sun.

    5. Oversized Shield Sunglasses

    Our fourth choice is a popular trend that has been sported by celebs in the past year or two and remains on-trend this year! As their name suggests, shield sunglasses are not only great to shield the eyes from the harmful UV rays, but also from the paparazzi! This makes them a popular choice among celebrities. Shield sunglasses are often characterized by an oversized frame with a flat top and rounded bottom. You can often spot celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Victoria Beckham rocking oversized shield sunglasses. Let us tell you that when you put them on, you will look and feel like a million dollars!

    Victoria Beckham wearing shield sunglasses
    Kim kardashian wearing shield sunglasses

    If you are a fan of the shield sunglasses trend, then the Shade oversized sunglasses are what you're looking for. These sunglasses are a medium frame fit that look great on medium to wide faces. Men and women can fashionably sport them. What makes Shade unique is the material. They are handcrafted from luxurious Ebony Wood with a matt finish and easy to match with your outfits on any day! The geometric styling of the dark grey lenses provides comfort and confidence. Shield sunglasses are perfect for those who have an oval, round, diamond or heart face shape.

    6. Oversized Sunglasses

    Fashion trends are on the constant move. Simply, there is no specific time between a trend and the other. As a result, we find ourselves looking out for the next eyewear thing with celebrities like Bella Hadid. She is seen sporting the black oversized sunglasses. The former are finding their way to the top with oversized sunglasses in multiple glasse shapes. You can go for oversized sunglasses on a hot sunny day and in every occasion.

    Bella Hadid wearing Oversized Sunglasses

    If you're looking to update your wardrobe, perhaps one of the most famous models Bella Hadid will give you the inspiration to go for oversized glasses frames like the Ava oversized Sunglasses. These square sunglasses are designed with bold black acetate and thick Ebony Wood temples that speaks chic and stylish. Moreover, the oversized sunglasses include dark grey polarized lenses with straight lines and sophisticated details that will make you standout from the crowd.

    7. Retro Square Sunglasses

    Did you hear about the sunglasses that caught people's attention on Vogue magazine? In the year of 2000, precisely the December issue, the square sunglasses made their debut. They were initially being photographed for Vogue in 1969. It has been a favourite among street style girls and models such as Gigi Hadid and her close friend Kendall Jenner. In the fashion world, the 70's era was known for oversized, retro-inspired sunglasses. Hollywood icon George Clooney was among the male celebrities who often sported classic squared sunglasses. These sunglasses just keep coming back again and again. They appeared ago in style in 2013 along with the year 2020.

    Gigi Hadid wearing square sunglasses
    George Clooney wearing square sunglasses

    Are you a fan of retro square sunglasses? We are talking to the ladies and the gentlemen. Who doesn't like a modern take on retro sunglasses; Look out for Oxford wooden sunglasses! These retro-square shades are a medium frame fit and look great on women and men. They combine Ebony and Teak wood for an alluring two-tone coloured frame with a high-quality feel. Oxford includes dark grey lenses that protect your eyes from the brightest the sun. They look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shape.

    Gentlemen, the last pick of this collection is dedicated to you. Hazel Gradient Sunglasses are a medium fit square frame handcrafted from Walnut Wood and featuring with slim golden temples. It is designed with a retro-square silhouette and a raised keyhole nose bridge for a fashionable retro twist. Just like its name, Hazel features brown gradient lenses for an added character to your eyewear. These lightweight sunglasses add comfort, confidence and style on any sunny day. The Hazel sunglasses look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shape.

    Square sunglasses are incredibly functional, and they cover most of the face from the harmful sun rays. No matter what occasion, this type of frame is a must-have to your collection.

    8. Round Sunglasses

    Saving the best for last, this style of frame may be one of the most popular among celebrities. Musician Ozzy Ozbourne cannot spend a day without putting on his round sunglasses. He is practically known for them! Round sunglasses are a must-have fashion accessory and they're trendy in all sizes and colours. Tiny or oversized, pink, yellow or red, round sunglasses are always on trend! Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Selena , Robert Downy Jr, Zayn Malik, the Hadids, the Olsen twins and more are among the long list of celebrities often spotted rocking the round sunglasses in the streets. So are round sunglasses still on trend? Aboslutely! They remain a fashion staple going into 2023.

    Lady Gaga wearing round sunglasses
    Selena Gomez wearing round sunglasses
    Zayn Malik wearing round sunglasses

    For a pair of medium round sunglasses with distinctive accents and patterns, check out the double-bridge Aspen sunglasses. These trendy frames are available in Gold and Silver and look stylish on both men and women! These retro style shades are each designed with a double-bridge gold and silver metal frame and accentuated with alluring wooden accents. Featuring dark grey lenses, these fashion-forward sunnies will protect you from the sun all year round! The Aspens are small fit and look great for rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.  

    If you're looking for a pair of trendy small round frames, then the Magnolia tiny round sunglasses are just the right choice for you! This small fit frame looks stylish on men and women. The retro-round frame is made from layered Ebony and Zebra Wood with accentuated brown coloured tones for a luxurious look and feel. This fashion-forward style will allow you to make a fashion statement and protect your eyes on any day will make you feel fashionably chic, comfortable and protected from the sun all at once! In addition, wooden sunglasses are long lasting, durable and sustainable. Aren't they perfect?

    Are you looking for some edge? You can kick up a notch with Groove mirror sunglasses! These crystal clear frames are designed with alluring Zebra Wood temples and silver mirror lenses. The mixture of vintage with contemporary features makes these sunglasses a chic and trendy choice. These lightweight frames look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes. If you want to opt for the round sunglasses look with a modern and classic look, the the Groove sunglasses are the way to go!

    Did you think we were just going to leave you with one mirror sunglasses? Next up in line is the Funk clear Sunglasses. These clear framed sunglasses designed with alluring Zebra Wood temples combine vintage and contemporary features for a refreshingly distinct and polished look. In addition, these translucent shades include polarized dark green lenses for maximum coverage.

    Are you a fan of The Beatles like us? Who isn't! Our last choice is an homage to the late John Lennon. His round sunglasses marked history. When you look at Lennon retro round sunglasses, you'll realize where the inspiration came from. These retro-round shades are designed with golden metal frame, a curved bridge and gradient purple lenses. These on-trend shades will become your favourite go-to accessory to protect your eyes from the sun with fashion.

    9. Tinted Sunglasses

    Celebrities are always thinking outside the box. Their stylists, and sometimes themselves, are always on the lookout for the next big thing. Tinted sunglasses have been around for a long time but it is not only until a few years back that tinted sunglasses, specifically pink lenses, found its way back to the top. Singers Miley Cyrus and Drake were photographed rocking the pink lenses in different glasses shapes. So if you've been wanting to bring out your quirky side, join the tinted sunglasses club!

    Gigi Hadid wearing Pink tinted sunglasses
    Miley Cyrus wearing pink tinted aviator sunglasses

    You'd be surprised when the first tinted sunglasses was actually invented. These stylish sunglasses were first used in the late 18th century in Venice, Italy! Years after, celebrities, specifically English icon Sir Elton John, was known for his love of pink tinted sunglasses. The stylish sunglasses were part of his musical character and performances on stage. So, if you're looking for an updated version of that, you can check out the Elton geometric Sunglasses.

    These geometric sunglasses designed with slim gold metal frame, a raised bridge and alluring Rose Wood arms. These statement-making geometric sunglasses include pink polarized lenses for a fashion-forward and glam look! These premium materials will ensure flawless comfort in the sun.

    To conclude, it is satisfying to some to own sunglasses that can be seen by celebrities. We feel this sort of special connection to them. Following the latest fashion trends online is definitely pushing people to act and wear like Hollywood stars. Who doesn't wish to be recognized? It is essential to mention that all the sunglasses we recommended are made from eco-friendly and one hundred percent sustainable materials. We believe in helping the environment. Therefore, all purchases made come with a certificate in your name. With Kraywoods, sustainable has never been so fashionable!


    Top 10 Sunglasses Worn by Celebrities in 2024

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