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    John Lennon Sunglasses | The Trending Immortal Fashion
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    John Lennon Sunglasses | The Trending Immortal Fashion

    John Lennon Sunglasses

    Updated on 6 March 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Have you ever wondered what inspires the designs of your favorite designer brands? Well, it turns out that they often draw inspiration from various sources, such as a particular era or an influential persona. For example, whenever there is a small pair of round sunglasses with thin frames and dark tinted lenses, we can't help but think of one person: John Lennon.

    These style of round glasses and round sunglasses are trendy in themselves, despite the fact they are associated with a famous icon. In modern times, you can now find them in multi-tinted colours to hit the jackpot in the visual aesthetic appeal. So, what's their secret? How can a pair of shades be so popular to a point where they're still wanted by many years later? We're here to dive deep into John Lennon: the musician and the sunglasses.

    1. John Lennon: The Legend
    2. Teashade Sunglasses: Forever A Fashion Staple
    3. The John Lennon Sunglasses
    4. Strawberry Fields Forever
    5. The Best Sunglasses Inspired By Lennon Frames

    Retro Round Sunglasses

    Retro Round Sunglasses

    1. John Lennon: The Legend

    John Lennon, the renowned English singer, will forever be associated with the legendary band "The Beatles," which he founded. He's often credited with igniting the "Beatlemania" craze that swept the world. In his early years, Lennon drew musical inspiration from the great Elvis Presley, but it was his collaboration with Paul McCartney that truly made history. Little did anyone know that this dynamic duo would go on to form one of the most successful bands of all time, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

    During the '60s, The Beatles were extremely popular with the ladies, especially in the music industry ad. Their loving fans went crazy for songs like "She Loves You" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand." So much so, the intense fan frenzy was confined 'Beatlemania' and is reminisced even to this day.

    After releasing their last recorded album as a band, "Abbey Roads" in 1969. John Lennon went on to excellently collaborate with other musicians like Elton John, David Bowie and his wife Yoko Ono.

    The couple made headlines during the Vietnam War with a peaceful protest contrary to the war known as 'bed-ins.' John and Yoko sat in bed for two weeks at a time, sought demands to stop the war.

    The activist and iconic singer died tragically after being assassinated by a crazy fan. Yet, John Lennon lives on today because of the musical work and the John Lennon Wall in Prague. The famed wall serves as a symbol of peace, non-violent rebellion, free speech, and memorial.

    John Lennon wearing vintage round sunglasses

    2. Tea Shade Sunglasses: Forever A Fashion Staple

    Initially, tea shade sunglasses were made from perfectly round lenses and thin wireframes. They came out strong during the 1960s. Pop culture legends of that era adopted the round Lennon specs in their own way like Ozzy Osbourne. In the past few decades, celebrities have joined the retro round club which immediately made some eyes turn like Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher and Roger Daltrey. Even pop star singer, Lady Gaga, was spotted wearing the Lennon frames in her publicity shots. All those who previously worn the John Lennon's glasses and small sunglasses contributed to the late musician's style and success. There is no doubt about that.

    These eyeglass frmaes are not only limited to the music industry. It is also well-followed in television and movies. Actor Collin Chou who plays Seraph in "The Matrix" series wore the sunglasses in the movie. So, the specs can be a source of attraction for people of all ages!

    Sometimes great unique style becomes popular and trendy. It all started in the 1960s and continues till this day. The John Lennon glasses frames are among the most popular sunglasses styles of all time. The English icon not only made history with music. But, with authentic and unique fashion style too. Worn in different frame materials and colourful lenses, the tea shade sunglasses will forever be a fashion staple.

    3. 'THE' John Lennon Sunglasses

    John Lennon sported a unique pair of sunglasses that curved around the bridge of his nose and featured two circular lenses, slightly larger than the classic teashade sunglasses. In the last few decades, there have been several replicas of the iconic frames. These variations play with colours, frame shapes and materials, just like the artist had done himself when Teashade sunglasses became so popular. But one thing for sure, no other specs are as fashionable and stylish as a traditional pair of Lennon sunglasses.

    Many styles from the 60s and 70s have made a comeback such as - denim jumpsuits and bell-bottom flares. But, when it comes to accessories, the John Lennon shades of fashionable sunglasses have never really been out of style. They have always been everywhere in one form or another.

    Vintage round sunglasses take on different types, yet they remain strictly loyal to the "rebellious" design. There is even an entire collection of retro-round sunglasses that deviate somewhat from the traditional Lennon style sunglasses. However, this collection continues to boost inspiration from the timeless look.

    John Lennon wearing his iconic vintage round sunglasses

    4. Strawberry Fields Forever

    Tea shade sunglasses defined John Lennon very much that even when he tragically died, his partner Yoko Ono began wearing them regularly. She knew how to preserve the shining memory of her precious husband.

    On October 9, 1985, the Japanese artist and musician inaugurated the "Strawberry Fields Plaque," a monument in Central Park, NYC, where the English songwriter was shot to death. The name is based on the famous Beatles song with the same title. It shows jerry-rigged tiles on the floor of the park where black stones form the word, "Imagine." It quoted John Lennon's most famous song and became recognized as the "Imagine mosaic."

    To this day, many people perform the Beatles' and Lennon's songs in this special place as a tribute to the late singer. They remember this legend through music and fashion after more than forty years since he left this earth on December 8, 1980.

    5. The Best Sunglasses Inspired by Lennon Frames

    Shopping for sunglasses can be a bit tricky. We may have our eyes on a pair of shades but as you know, you can't always get what you want. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the sunglasses need to work well with your face shape. It's all about balancing your facial features. We don't want anything to look too big or too small. That's why finding the perfect glasses for your face shape is crucial. Now, let's uncover the sunglasses inspired by John Lennon.

    1. Lennon Sunglasses

    Our Lennon sunglasses are not named after the legend for no reason. Every aspect of these sunglasses is inspired by John Lennon's iconic round sunglasses. From the shape, to the colour of the frame and the lens tint.

    These John Lennon inspired retro-round sunglasses are designed with a polished gold metal frame and a curved bridge and feature slim Zebra Wood temples for a retro vibe and unique and alluring finish. The retro purple gradient lenses on these Lennon sunglasses also have the '60s and 70's colour vibe, inspired from when John Lennon started to rock this style.

    2. Jazz Sunglasses

    The Jazz sunglasses are very much inspired by the John Lennon sunglasses fashion. The singer made iconic round glasses unforgettable by wearing them on the front cover of the "Imagine album." In the official video of that song, John is sitting behind a piano, performing his most legendary song "Imagine" wearing a version of these eyeglass frames with orange-tinted lenses.

    The trendy retro-round Jazz sunglasses are designed with a translucent brown frame, a keyhole nose bridge and slimline wooden arms for an irresistible John Lennon's glasses and a throwback look. Equipped with brown contact lenses, these fun and bold sunglasses combine contemporary styling and a retro flair to shade your eyes from the sun in Lennon fashion.

    3. Aspen Gold Sunglasses

    The Aspen Gold Sunglasses are yet another pair that you can opt to channel your inner Lennon. These retro-round sunglasses boast the classic round shape that was always worn by the English singer.

    The round frame is accentuated with the charming brown tones of Ebony Wood around the lenses and features a gold metal rim with a standout double-bar bridge. If you're looking for a unique twist on the classic John Lennon Sunglasses then these frames are for Featuring dark grey polarized lenses, these lightweight lennon shades are the perfect pair for a vintage-inspired look to protect your eyes from the sun.

    4. Aspen Silver Sunglasses

    Not to steer away from the Aspen sunglasses, but we have another color ready to be worn by you! If you happen to love the one mentioned above, you're going to get obsessed with the Aspen Silver Sunglasses. The retro-round glasses will elevate your style and your entire outfit in a few seconds.

    They are made from Swiss Walnut Wood making them lightweight and sitting comfortably around your eyes. Should you wish to look for a vintage-inspired frame, the silver one, featuring dark grey polarized lenses, will be your go-to pair for all your summer plans and activities.

    5. Groove Sunglasses

    It's crucial for any type of fashion item to match your sense of spirit and personality. You are what you dress, are we right or not? Your entire outfit, including your sunglasses, can speak on your behalf to the world. So, are you willing to show of your crazy vibes with Groove sunglasses?

    These clear framed sunglasses will clear the path for you to own the street with a captivating look like no other. They are designed with Zebra Wood temples combining vintage with contemporary features. The specs feature polarized silver mirror lenses for an optimal coverage in the sun.

    6. Roseland Sunglasses

    Aren't you feeling the Lennon vibes with every sunglasses mentioned? Just you wait, we have one last choice for you! If you're a fan of the round frames and looking for a little mix in colour, look no further than the Roseland sunglasses.

    They offer all the needed coverage from the sun's harmful UV rays. These retro-round glasses are designed with a keyhole bridge combining Ebony Wood and Rosewood. You heard us correctly, the last pick is a two-tone, high quality coloured frame. Do you want an upscale feel? Make your way towards Roseland.

    It's been fun looking back at how the journey of the John Lennon sunglasses started. He, himself, made round eyewear a fashion trend so strong that it is still present to this day. You can never go wrong with a pair of round sunglasses to enhance your outfit and add a fashionable touch to your look! Consider adding a stylish flair to your outfit with a pair of round sunglasses, which are always a reliable choice. To discover which celebrity's style resonates with you the most, take a glance at Iconic Glasses Wearer.

    Imagine - John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band


    John Lennon Sunglasses | The Trending Immortal Fashion

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