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    12 Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2024
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    12 Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2024

    Sunglasses for Small Faces

    Updated on 2 January 2024 • Chloe from Kraywoods

    Are you struggling to find to best sunglasses for your small face? There's no disappointment like falling in love with stylish sunglasses and then trying them on, only to find out that they aren't a good fit. The good news is that this doesn't need to happen again!

    It's only natural that you want to have a comfortable fit with your next pair of sunglasses. We're here to give you tips on how to find the best sunglasses for small faces and what shapes and designs will work best according to your face shape.

    We've listed below the best small sized sunglasses for men and women for the most stylish look and comfortable fit! So without further ado, let's get started.

    Featured Small Sunglasses

    What To Look For When Buying Sunglasses

    Is this your first time buying a pair of small size sunglasses? Nobody said it would be an easy job to do. With so many choices of frames available, this can get a little confusing. However, we’re here to give you the dos and don’ts. We’re warning you; it’s going to be a lot of information. So, are you ready? Below are 4 things you need to look for when buying sunglasses:

    1. Frame Size & Fit

    When buying sunglasses for small faces, you are limited to certain criteria by default. The first thing to look for is the frame size and fit. Although oversized sunglasses are now in trend, purchasing a bigger frame size than what you need could potentially lead to some inconveniences. If the sunglasses are stylish but uncomfortable and don't stay in place, where’s the joy in having them fall off your face every time you move?

    Size and fit can be the conclusive issue while purchasing sunglasses. If the frame has modifiable nose pads, then they can be adjusted to keep the sunglasses from slipping off. Other than that, make sure to look out for this potential issue. On the other hand, you can also adjust sunglasses for small faces by tightening them around the temples; However, it’s only a matter of time before they tend to loosen up again.

    In order to avoid these potential size and fit issues, we recommend choosing a pair of frames that have an optimal bridge width for your face when shopping for sunglasses for small faces. How can you do that you ask? Perform a quick mirror test. It simply requires wearing the sunglasses in front of a mirror and seeing where your eyes are located through the lenses. For the best sunglasses fit, your eyes should be centered behind the lenses of the frame. You can also look at the face size indicated inside the sunglasses temple length. To find out more about frame mea, you can check out our size guide.

    Sunglasses Size Guide

    2. Frame Materials

    Whether you have a small or narrow face, it's important to choose prescription sunglasses that match your style. We’re specifically talking about frame materials. There are different types of materials to choose from. You need to select the type of materials that are comfortable, lightweight, flexible, and able to withstand in any climate situation. So how about you look for acetate, metal or wooden sunglasses?

    3. Lens Type

    When you finish settling on the right sunglasses for small faces, you need to consider the next important thing: lens type. People tend to ignore that for the sake of fashion and style. Of course, looking stylish is vital but quality and safety first! Your desired lens material will depend upon the type of sunglasses frames you choose as well your optician’s recommendations. Here are a few lens height properties below that you can consider:

    1. Polycarbonate Lens: This is a popular choice for sports and semi-rimless sunglasses due to the impact resistance of this material. Polycarbonate lenses are very much wanted. And, you can find them easily. The good news is they will not break or chip. This material is also very lightweight. So, comfort is a priority for you.
    2. Plastic Lens: Also known as organic lenses, they are the most used for optical glasses and sunglasses nowadays. They are best for sports sunglasses as well as kids sunglasses. Worry not, they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Unlike glass lenses, plastic lenses have a great impact resistance and do not break easily. Therefore, plastic lenses are the most common type of lenses used in eyewear, especially for sunglasses.

    4. UV Protection & Polarization

    UV protection is another thing to consider while choosing lenses. Both polycarbonate and plastic lenses can be treated with UV-blocking coatings and contain an added polarized filter. There are different degrees of UV protection. So, make sure your aviator sunglasses are equipped with UV400 lenses which block 100% of the UVA and UVB rays.

    If you're looking for added protection and superior visual clarity and comfort, then we recommend polarized sunglasses for small faces. Polarized lenses will cut out all the glare and eliminate the reflections of the sunlight, as well as enhance the contrast of the images. Educate yourself on the difference between polarized and non polarized lenses before purchasing your next small sunglasses.

    how polarizing filter works

    How to Choose the Right Sunglasses For Small Faces

    It may be hard to find sunglasses for smaller faces, however we're here to make it easier for you! There are many factors which determine the right sunglasses frames for you. It’s safe to say that there is a pair out there for every face shape and size possible. You just have to work through the factors and choose wisely. The best match for your small face, delicate features and style depend on a few things, let’s check them out:

    1. Face Shape: Every person has a certain face shape with unique facial features. When accessorizing your look with sunglasses for narrow face, make sure to match the frame with your face shape. In other words, don't only look for small sized sunglasses, consider their shape as well. You can always find a pair to highlight your beautiful features to achieve a flattering look. When looking for glasses for your face shape, you will find what type of sunglasses for small faces as well as the shape of it. Certain frame shapes help balance out narrow faces in a very natural way. If you don’t know what is your face width, we got you covered!
    2. Skin Tone: There is no denying that there are two different skin tones. In eyewear, soft pastels, cool blues or bold purple will match great with a cooler skin tone. However, for warmer skin tones, you can just skip to earthy colours like brown, gold, orange and even olive green! Add a pop of color to match the edginess with bold red or yellow frames.
    3. Hair Colour: Believe it or not, this is another factor to keep in mind. If you want a subtle look that will just blend right in, go for a pair of stylish small sunglasses that match your hair colour. If you’re going for a bolder statement look, a pair of contrasting frames is the way to go! If you pick a pair of contrasting colours, make sure the frame isn’t too large for your face.
    4. Eye Colour: People do have different eye colours and yes it does affect your shopping choices. If you want your eye colour to pop, go for a pair of petite sunglasses that will match them nicely. Frame thickness, frame width and lens colour would play a vital role in this regard.

    Sunglasses guide is a great way to find out more on how to choose the best sunglasses according to your face shape, skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.

    Best Sunglasses For Small Faces

    Looking for the best polarized sunglasses for small faces? You have come to the right place. We have gathered up some of the best frames which we think work exceptionally well on a face shape like yours.

    There is no shame in having a small face, you just have to grow your confidence. Do you know how to do that? In style, of course. Work that outfit, accessorize it well and soon enough you'll see all heads turning towards you! Here are our top choices:

    1. Small Square Sunglasses

    For those with a small square or oval face shape, diving into the small fit square sunglasses trend opens up exciting possibilities. Beyond the flattering combination of a flat browline and a rounded bottom frame that suits almost any face shape, there's a unique advantage. These small-sized squared sunglasses not only enhance the charm of your petite facial features but also offer a brilliant way to achieve the coveted oversized sunglasses look without overwhelming your face.

    The key lies in selecting frames with a smaller lens width, ensuring a perfect fit that complements rather than overshadows your small face shape. The small fit Cosmo sunglasses, with their square frames crafted from black acetate and Bamboo temples, are an ideal choice for achieving this stylish balance. Enhanced with a finely braided metal bar bridge, they not only provide a great fit sunglasses for small faces but also exude an irresistible throwback appeal. So, if you're eager to rock the oversized sunglasses trend with confidence and style, these small fit square sunglasses are the perfect addition to your eyewear collection.

    2. Small Rectangle Sunglasses

    Discover the perfect blend of style and comfort with the Scott sunglasses – an ideal choice for of sunglasses for petite faces. The sleek black acetate frame and ebony wood temples not only exude style but also ensure a secure fit, featuring acetate tips and spring hinges for added comfort.

    The real star of these black rectangle sunglasses is the dark grey polarized lenses, offering glare reduction and a touch of mystery. With winged frames, slim lines, and modern styling, they provide a clean and classic finish for a fashion-forward look.

    Whether you're running errands or enjoying the sun, these small sunglasses add a striking touch to your style. Elevate your eyewear collection with the Scott sunglasses for small faces. Don't wait – make heads turn with these small rectangle frames today.

    Ideal for oval, round, heart, and oblong face shapes, the Scott small sunglasses offer the perfect fit for small to medium faces.

    3. Small Tortoise Sunglasses

    You know what they say: old is gold, right? Whatever was fashionable in the past is trending now more than ever. If you don't have access to a true vintage pair of tortoise sunglasses, we got you covered! Because owning one pair of small sunglasses isn’t enough, you can find our tortoise cat-eye sunglasses right around the corner.

    The Stella sunglasses are waiting to be worn by you! These narrow sunglasses for women are equipped with 100% UV protective polarized lenses look extra flattering on small to medium faces! The Stella is designed with tortoise acetate and smooth Bamboo temples combine retro vogue fashion and modern appeal.

    4. Small Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Small cat-eye sunglasses are a great option for you if you have a narrow face. They allow to draw the attention more on the style of the frame rather than its size or the size of your face. A thicker frame can make for a great look on narrow faces. You can find a wide variety of bold frames available in all kinds of styles, shapes and colours for you to choose from.

    We recommend opting for the small-sized Selena sunglasses designed with an alluring, curved brow line are handcrafted from ebony wood for a luxurious upscale feel. These small cat-eye sunglasses for women will give you that feminine vogue look and shield your eyes from the bright sun rays.

    5. Tiny Round Sunglasses

    Tiny round sunglasses are right on trend nowadays, and they come in many different vintage inspired styles and sizes. You can find them in all sizes, from very small to oversized round sunglasses. If you have a small face, you want to be careful when choosing round sunglasses because if they are not the right size, they can look too big on your face.

    You also have to make sure that the frame you choose sits below or just on the eyebrow, and doesn't fall too long down on your cheekbone. Make sure to try different sizes of small round sunglasses to see which ones suit you best. After finding the right size of round sunglasses for your face, you can choose a style that will match your face shape and structure.

    From our small sunglasses collection, we recommend the Magnolia sunglasses for this look! These small round sunglasses look great for men and women with small faces. Featuring a luxurious Ebony wood frame, these ultra-chic and lightweight polarized sunglasses are a must-have fashion statement piece to face the sun on any day.

    6. Small Retro-Round Sunglasses

    If this is your first-time buying small sunglasses, we advise you to go for something classic. What’s more timeless and classic than a pair of round frames? These small retro-round sunglasses are a fashionable pieces that will never go out of style. They are simply timeless! We're talking about the Aspen sunglasses collection.


    These small sunglasses frames are available in two colours: Silver and Gold. Starting with Aspen Silver sunglasses, these retro-round frames are made from Swiss Walnut wood. They are accentuated with charming grey tones and designed with a double-bar silver metal bridge. In addition, they feature dark grey polarized lenses.

    Moving on to Aspen Gold Sunglasses, they are made with Ebony Wood. They are also accentuated with charming brown tones and designed with a double-bar gold metal bridge. Just like the silver ones, Aspen Gold features dark grey polarized lenses. Rest assured, these small sunglasses frames will offer plenty of protection fprotect your eyes from the UV rays.

    7. Small Wood Sunglasses

    Elevate your style with our Ralph sunglasses – the perfect fit sunglasses for small faces. Handcrafted from rich walnut and ebony wood layers, these ultra-cool round frames boast a vintage effect with winged frame tips and a raised keyhole bridge.

    Beyond their throwback style, these wooden sunglasses prioritize eye protection with dark grey polarized lenses blocking harmful UV rays. Ideal for small faces, they offer a unique blend of timeless style and optimal fit.

    Add a retro touch to your outfits with these one-of-a-kind round wooden sunglasses. Whether you're exploring the town or running errands, these wood frames bring glamour to any look. Don't miss the chance to own these small face-friendly sunglasses.

    The Ralph round sunglasses complement rectangle, square, diamond, heart, and oblong face shapes, making them the ideal choice for small to medium faces. Discover the perfect synergy of style and fit in these sunglasses designed for small faces.

    8. Small Round Acetate Sunglasses

    Do you know what’s so special about fashion? Whether it’s clothes or eyewear, there is always room to accessorize and enhance your style. This one accessory will be sure to elevate your look. We're talking about the Jazz sunglasses. These small round sunglasses were made for narrow faces. The trendy designed combines a translucent brown frame along with a keyhole nose bridge and slimline wooden arms for an effortlessly stylish look. These polarized sunglasses are the perfect combination of retro and contemporary.

    And that's not all! If you're looking for the same style in a different hue, check out our Flash sunglasses. Available in a stunning translucent blue frame, these sunglasses are also tailored for small faces. The Flash sunglasses provide the same blend of retro and contemporary style, ensuring you find the perfect accessory to complement your fashion-forward look.


    These small sunglasses look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes and small to medium faces.

    9. Small Round Metal Sunglasses

    Step up your style game with the Austin Gold sunglasses – the ideal pair for small faces. These retro round sunglasses feature a gold stainless steel frame and standout Zebra Wood temples, combining style with a touch of retro charm. Designed for comfort, these circle frames boast adjustable silicone nose pads and flexible spring hinges, ensuring a snug fit all day. The brown polarized lenses not only provide top-notch eye protection but also add a vintage touch to the minimalist finish.

    What makes these round metal sunglasses truly flattering for small faces is their sleek design and proportionate size, offering a perfect balance that enhances your facial features without overwhelming them. Elevate your look with this must-have accessory tailored for those who appreciate comfort and fashion-forward design.

    Step up your fashion game with our final pick, the Austin Black sunglasses – a must-have for the fashion-forward individual. Handcrafted with a black stainless steel frame and standout Ebony Wood temples, these retro round sunglasses seamlessly blend style and retro appeal, making them perfect small sunglasses for small faces.

    Designed for comfort, the adjustable silicone nose pads and flexible spring hinges ensure a snug fit all day. The dark grey polarized lenses provide top-notch eye protection and add a touch of vintage charm to the minimalist finish of the circle frames.

    Perfect for small sized faces and complementing Rectangle, Square, Diamond, Heart, and Oblong face shapes, the Austin Black sunglasses are the ultimate fusion of style and functionality. Step out confidently and make a statement with this versatile accessory tailored for small faces.

    We know that finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for small faces might seem like a daunting task. But, if you make sure to follow all the tips, you will find that it's not so difficult after all. Remember to keep looking untill you find the right narrow sunglasses for the best fit. Our last tip for you when shopping for petite sunglasses is to not be shy to try on different styles, shapes and colours and get out of your comfort zone!

    If you're looking for something eco-friendly and lightweight, you know where to go to! Why not contribute to mother nature while looking all chic? For every pair of Kraywoods sunglasses, we plant a tree in Kenya through One Tree Planted. You can even personalize your small sunglasses by adding some trendy glasses chains. For now, we wish you happy shopping!


    12 Best Sunglasses for Small Faces in 2024

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