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    Why Choose Wooden Sunglasses? 10 Wooden Sunglasses Benefits
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    Why Choose Wooden Sunglasses? 10 Wooden Sunglasses Benefits

    Wooden Sunglasses Benefits

    Updated 21 May 2023 • Chelsea from Kraywoods

    Sunglasses are the classic summertime accessory! They’re perfect to compliment your outfit, enhance your style and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Stylish sunglasses come in different styles, shapes, colours and materials. However, there is one type of premium material that we highly recommend and love on glasses frames: wooden sunglasses.

    Sunglasses made from wood are stylish, practical, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We chose to have all our wooden sunglasses handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood because you can protect your eyes with fashion and sustainability!

    So, you may wonder: Why choose wood frames? We’re excited to share with you the 10 wooden sunglasses benefits:

    1. Wood is environmentally friendly.
    2. Wood does not contain harmful substances.
    3. Wood promotes health and wellbeing
    4. Wooden frames are highly durable
    5. Wooden sunglasses are comfortable
    6. Wood has many beautiful aesthetic properties
    7. Wooden sunglasses are unique for every pair
    8. Wooden sunglasses are versatile
    9. Wooden sunglasses are fashionable
    10. Supporting eco-friendly & sustainable fashion
    11. A Variety of unique designs and styles to choose from

    Trending Wooden Sunglasses

    1. Wood is environmentally-friendly

    By choosing wooden sunglasses, you are making a conscious choice to help save the environment. When it comes to eyewear, replacing a pair of plastic sunglasses with eco-friendly sunglasses like bamboo sunglasses can make a difference in your carbon footmark.

    Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, especially when it’s sustainably sourced! It is a unique material that helps tackle climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as reducing new carbon emissions into the air.

    The production and processing of wood frames require much less energy than regular sunglasses which leads to a lower environmental impact. Wood is also recyclable and bio-degradable. Sustainable wood is a renewable material that comes directly from trees. Contrary to other materials, it can be continually regrown through natural processes, replanting, and proper forestry management.

    Recycling sign surrounded by recyclable trash on blue background

    Did You Know?

    Nearly twice as much hardwood grows each year as is harvested? It’s true. In fact, in the past 50 years, the volume of hardwood species found in American forests has nearly doubled.

    At Kraywoods, we plant a tree for every product sold, which also allows us to give back to the environment and contribute to global reforestation. We also take this green approach a step further and make use of eco-friendly packaging for our wooden frame sunglasses.

    This should be enough reason to replace your plastic sunglasses with a stylish pair of wooden sunglasses for men and women. After all, is there a better way to look awesome while helping to save the planet than by wearing a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses?

    2. Wood does not contain harmful substances

    Wood is naturally durable, meaning that the material doesn't have to go through too much processing, if any, to make a pair wood frames. In other words, they're all-natural. When plastic or metal frames sunglasses are made, the production and processing of different chemicals to create the final product can produce harmful substances for the environment.

    Wood, however, comes as it is, with little to no processing. It is a natural hypoallergenic material, which allows for a healthier alternative rather than the use of other materials that may cause allergic reactions or other health issues.

    There aren't any harmful chemicals to be found in this wooden frame sunglasses, which means that you aren't at risk of toxic substances. That aspect can be especially beneficial for wooden sunglasses, as it allows for a continuous long day wear without the risk causing any skin irritation or subjective discomfort, contrary to sunglasses made from other materials.

    3. Wood promotes health and wellbeing

    That's right! Wearing accessories made out of wood is healthy. Exposure to wood can have positive effects on the health and wellbeing of a person. Probably a fact that most people weren’t aware of!

    Many studies have proven that the use of wood has measurable physiological and psychological health benefits. In these studies, they have found that people who are more exposed to wood generally feel happier, calmer, more relaxed and overall in a healthier environment.

    So why not add sunglasses made of wood to your collection and experience a touch of these positive effects?

    4. Wooden frames are highly durable

    Another reason to own a pair of wooden frame sunglasses is their durability. Wood is a durable material that can withhold long use without degrading or losing quality with time, making it ideal for daily use without the risk of wear-and-tear. Its durability makes it resistant to heat, water, corrosion and pollution.

    Most, if not all, sunglasses sold by reputable brands are made from the highest-quality wood for superior strength and durability. They are also treated with an additional coating, allowing them to ensure maximum durability and avoid changing appearance over time.

    If you’re looking to opt for the highest resistance and durability in sunglasses, then opt for bamboo is the best choice. Bamboo is known for its high strength, in fact, it has greater tensile strength than steel.

    Wood is a highly durable material that requires little to no maintenance, making it as functional as it is fashionable so the bamboo sunglasses can serve your understated elegance for years.

    5. Wooden sunglasses are comfortable

    Try on a pair of men's and women's wooden sunglasses, and you’ll find that they’re noticeably more comfortable when compared to any other sunglasses.

    Wood frames are extremely lightweight, providing superior comfort that can allow for long day wear without feeling any pressure or discomfort on the nose bridge or around the ears, contrary to plastic or metal frames sunglasses which are significantly heavier.

    6. Wood has many beautiful aesthetic properties

    Wood in itself is a naturally beautiful material that comes in a variety of textures, colours and patterns, which allows for many possibilities of design, and visual appeal when used for The same type of wood can vary aesthetically depending on its growth rings, grain structure, and grain type. For this reason, wood is a material that is more and more commonly found in the product design, jewelry and accessories. There's an undeniable aesthetic when worn by our customers. Take a look at our Shade Sunglasses and you'll see for yourself.

    Kraywoods wooden frame sunglasses are made from a range of natural exotic and domestic hardwoods, which gives each pair a unique look and feel, with no two pairs of sunglasses looking identical.

    For our current styles, we have used hardwoods such as Ebony wood, Walnut wood, and Zebra wood along with Bamboo wood. Of course, there are various types of woods that can also be used to make wood frames, such as Oak Wood, Rosewood, Cherry Wood and many more.

    Along with more styles of sunglasses to come, we will be using an even bigger variety of hardwoods, making our wood selection even wider.

    7. Wooden sunglasses are unique for every pair

    If you want to rise from mainstream fashion and be unique, wooden sunglasses are the choice to make! No two pairs of wooden glasses are ever exactly alike, even if they’re cut from the same tree. Each pair and type of wood holds their unique grain, colour and texture, making it a one-of-a-kind design.

    While plastic sunglasses showcase their distinct prints and patterns for design, wooden frame sunglasses offer a different style with subtle lines in the frame that differ from every pair to the other. Our Ivy wooden sunglasses are incredibly unique but also versatile that they can be worn with any outfit. If you want to rise from mainstream fashion and be unique, a pair of wooden sunglasses is the way to go.

    8. Wooden sunglasses are versatile

    It’s undeniable that wood is a naturally beautiful material that always adds flair and elegance, especially when it’s handcrafted. Whether it’s used to decorate the home with wooden furniture or enhance your outfit with wooden accessories like polarized wooden sunglasses! Without a doubt, wood is a material that can seemingly fit anywhere and with any style.

    The same applies to sunglasses. This season’s popular pieces aren’t the usual accents pf bright colors, heavily-printed plastic pieces. High street brands took a contrasting turn when it comes to designing for the new season.

    In an expected but slightly twisted turn, craftwork, neutral palettes, and wooden eye silhouettes are dominating this time around. Like all the sunglasses you might find, sunglasses made from wood can be designed and shaped and into different kinds of wood glasses.

    From square to round to aviators, all of them can come in wood. What makes these wooden sunglasses even more special and unique is the fact that the pattern on wood is never the same. Willow wooden sunglasses for example, is unqiue, versatile and durable but most importantly fashionable. They're the perfect cat eye sunglasses that are entirely made out of wood. Even though you might have a pair of cat eye wooden frames, you know that the wood grain and texture of it is going to be one-of-a-kind. When you’re rocking your wooden sunglasses, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd!

    9. Wooden sunglasses are fashionable

    Sunglasses made from wood are an easy way to give your wardrobe an instant refresh without looking like you’re trying too hard. They have an understated elegance about them and can instantly bring your sense of style in line with the latest fashion trends. Whether you decide to go for a casual street style vibe or a sleek, professional look, these bamboo sunglasses will always fit your style.

    Neutrals dominated the streets of fashion in the past seasons, earthy palette are seen during the autumn season and there’s resurgence this summer with wooden beige and brown designs for men's and women's wooden sunglasses. Earthy accents are a trusted staple for modern fashion, it’s easy to find a pair that complement any fashion sense with the earthy and neutral accents of wood.

    When it comes to monochromatic dressing, we always gravitate towards neutrals as the classic hues make for a sleek, effortless look. When it comes to eyewear, trust that brown tones got you covered. Casper Wooden Frame Sunglasses combines earthy tones and sleek wooden frames to give you the perfect timeless wood glasses. The wooden touch can complement any mood - be it the casual gal out in the city, a formal yet eye-catching fit for the girl boss in you, or even at classy cocktail parties as the sophisticated design can instantly elevate your look.

    10. Supporting eco-friendly & sustainable fashion

    Choosing wood frames helps grow eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. The former aims to eliminate the use of plastic and waste of materials that have immense negative effects on the environment and our planet such as an increase in carbon footprint and pollution of rivers and oceans.

    Nowadays, we are witnessing the environment being degraded, by Man, because of the increased use and waste of materials that are harmful. Our current fashion industry is mainly composed of fast fashion retailers that focus on selling bigger quantities at a faster pace and for cheaper prices.

    Piles of waste that are clothes made by fast fashion companies

    By using eco-friendly and sustainable materials like acetate, the carbon footprint, chemical waste, and pollution of rivers and oceans can be minimized. In a sustainable fashion, the quality of the materials used is also a very important focus, as the goal is to maximize the repair, reuse, and recycling of a product in order for it to have a longer life cycle. That's why we have created wooden frames that are made out of acetate and wood.

    We have a social responsibility towards the environment so by choosing and supporting eco-friendly and sustainable brands you are saying NO to fast fashion. Instead, raise awareness and encourage everyone to join the sustainable fashion movement.

    Man handcrafting wood eyewear frame

    11. A variety of unique designs and styles to choose from

    The benefits of choosing wood frames over any other material are endless, but one of the most important ones is that you get to choose from a variety of unique designs and styles!

    In the recent years, wood has become a more commonly used material in the eyewear world for prescription glasses and sunglasses. Wood in itself is a naturally beautiful material that comes in a variety of textures, colours and patterns, which allows for unique designs and one-of-a-kind pieces. More so, wood is a durable and resistant material that can withhold long use without degrading or losing quality with time.

    The wooden sunglasses trend combines eco-responsibility, practicality, durability and high-fashion. Take a peek at the classic wooden frames such as the Ash sunglasses, crisp lines, and unique detailing, and you’ll see how the wooden design subtly sets you apart from the crowd.

    With a variety of shapes and designs, wooden sunglasses are a must-have for him and her! One of the most important aspects when choosing a pair of wooden frame sunglasses is the type of material of the frame. Choosing the right material can have a huge impact on the overall look and most importantly, the comfort, performance and durability of your sunglasses, so making the right choice is important. That's why we came up with a guide on How To Choose The Best Sunglasses.

    In the making of wooden sunglasses for men and women, there is a very detailed and artistic process as each pair is handcrafted from a different type of wood. Let’s explores the different types of wood that our wooden sunglasses are made from here at Kraywoods!

    4 Types Of Wooden Frames

    1. Zebra Wooden Frames

    Originating from West Africa, Zebra Wood is an exotic hardwood characterized by dark brown to black stripes that are reminiscent of an African zebra. This dramatic-looking wood that combines light with dark is highly durable ad resistant. Zebra Wood is considered a luxury hardwood due to its distinctive bold coloured stripes and exceptionally beautiful finish.

    Sunglasses made out of Zebra Wood look exceptionally unique as the stripes on the wood come in different patterns and variations of colour.

    Zebra Wood Sunglasses

    2. Ebony Sunglasses

    Originating from Southeast Asia and West Africa, Ebony Wood is an exotic hardwood that exhibits an extremely high density and distinct black coloration within the wood. High in natural oil content, ebony wood responds beautifully to finishes and can result in a very high natural shine. It is one of the most valuable and luxurious types of wood in the world due to its distinctive dense black colour, fine texture and very smooth finish.

    If you’re looking for wooden sunglasses that will last you for decades, ebony is the wood of choice for its extreme durability, hardness, and strong resistance. The beautiful rich, dark colour of ebony wood frames, on the other hand, will have people take a double-look as soon as you rock them!

    Ebony Wood Sunglasses

    Ebony Wood Sunglasses

    3. Walnut Wooden Frames

    Walnut Wood is an exotic hardwood originating from walnut trees found in European and South American countries. It is a wood that can vary in color, ranging from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Walnut wood is highly durable and resistant, it is known for its strength properties and beautiful rich brown coloured tones.

    When made into eyewear, walnut wood makes for very unique and eye-catching sunglasses wooden frames with no compromise on quality, durability and resistance.

    Walnut Wood Sunglasses

    Walnut Wood Sunglasses

    4. Bamboo Sunglasses

    Originating mainly from South Asia, Bamboo is one of the most unique and fastest growing plants. It is considered as one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable wood resources on the planet. Made from natural vegetation, it is a highly renewable resource that is able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. Bamboo is known for its distinctive pale colour and fine uniform texture.

    As for eyewear, bamboo sunglasses are extremely lightweight and comfortable that you barely feel them on even after long hours of wear. With a beautiful colour, smooth finish and texture, you’ll be sure to attract attention with your bamboo sunglasses on!

    Bamboo Sunglasses

    Bamboo Sunglasses

    Sunglasses made from wood are arguably the best kind of eyewear you can ever own whether they’re bamboo sunglasses or other kinds of wood. They protect your eyes with fashion while reducing carbon footprint. With eyewear brands innovating and finding ways to create eco-friendly frames, the world of wooden sunglasses is getting bigger and offering you options that fit your style and values.

    Accessorize your look with your new pair of wood frames. Think of all these aspects and know that you’re making a difference. When you purchase a pair of wooden frame sunglasses from Kraywoods, a part of the proceeds go to planting trees in Kenya. So, be part of the movement!

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    Why Choose Wooden Sunglasses? 10 Wooden Sunglasses Benefits

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