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    Tips To Buy Affordable Glasses & Top Affordable Glasses Online

    Tips To Buy Affordable Glasses & Top Affordable Glasses Online

    Posted at 1:30 pm • 15 February 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Tips To Buy Affordable Glasses

    Are you looking to upgrade your prescription eyeglasses frames but worried about the cost? Glasses are becoming a staple accessory in fashion and life. As a result, buying reading glasses, blue light glasses, or prescription glasses online is one of the many ways to find affordable glasses. When shopping for eyewear online, you will find many affordable glasses brands to choose from.

    Finding a new pair of glasses can sometimes be challenging, especially if you're on a budget. To make things easier for you, we gathered our favourite picks of top affordable glasses online for you:

    1. What to Look for When Shopping for Affordable Glasses Online?
    2. How to Tell if Your Affordable Glasses Are of Good Quality?
    3. Best Affordable Glasses for Under 200$
    4. Best Affordable Glasses for Under 150$

    Featured Affordable Glasses

    Featured Affordable Glasses

    What to Look for When Shopping for Affordable Glasses Online?

    Are you struggiling to find high quality and durable affordable glasses? Buying affordable glasses online or from a discount stores is not like sunglasses. Sure, the process might be similar, but prescription glasses require more delicacy. Don't you know where to start? We got you covered. Here are five things to look for when shopping for prescription eyeglasses online on a budget:

    1. Prescription Information

    Without your prescription information, there's no way you can buy affordable glasses online. Generally, the validity of a glasses prescription is two years, so make sure you have an updated version before choosing your glasses frames. If it's been longer than a year since your last exam, it's probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with your optometrist to get your eyes checked. You don't want to risk having blurry vision through your new pair of glasses.

    2. Pupillary Distance

    Did you ever hear about the PD? That would be your pupillary distance. As the name suggests, the measurement is about the distance from one pupil to another. It might seem odd, but you must have this measurement in hand, preferably from an eye doctor, before purchasing affordable glasses online. Your PD will allow the focal point of the prescription lenses to be centred over your eyes, which is optimal for clear vision. If you don't have your pupillary distance, you can easily measure it by yourself with a stGenerally speaking, a pupillary distance falls between 54 and 68 mm.

    3. Type of Lenses

    Next up on the line is your lens thickness. We all have specific preferences, and you need to know what type of lenses you need to get the best cheap glasses online. There are different types of lenses: single vision lenses, progressive lenses, reading glasses, etc... Whatever you choose, make sure it's the right one for you. Also, you can consider upgrading to affordable blue light glasses if you spend too much time on digital screens. To find out more about the different types of lenses and lens coatings, you can check out our prescription lens guide.

    4. Frame Size

    When buying affordable eyeglasses online, you want to make sure they are the correct frame size for the best comfort and fit. Since you'll be wearing these glasses f you wear your glasses frames for long hours, you must get those numbers right. The key measurements you need include:

    • Lens Width: This determines how big the glasses frames look on your face.
    • Bridge Width: This plays a role in how your affordable glasses are situated on your nose, whether the glasses frames have nose pads or not.
    • Temple Length: This determines if the arms of your glasses frames are the right size for your head.
    • Frame Width: This helps determine how large a pair of glasses frames look on your face.

    Keep in mind that all measurements are made in millimetres. If you have existing glasses frames, check out the frame size on the numbers printed inside the arm. Our glasses size guide can help you identify your correct frame size.

    Eye Size Frame Size

    Small Eye Sizes

    40-48 mm

    Medium Eye Sizes

    49-54 mm

    Large Eye Sizes

    55-58 mm

    5. Face Shape

    Our final criteria for you to pay attention to involves your face shape. How can you choose your affordable glasses if you don't know which face shape category you belong to? Your glasses frames should balance out your facial features. You wouldn't want to be wearing smaller, affordable eyeglasses. So, find the glasses for your face shape; things will go easier from there.

    How to Tell If Your Affordable Glasses Are of Good Quality?

    Buying glasses online can get quite tricky. You can never know if your affordable glasses are of good quality or not until they arrive at your doorstep. However, we have some tips for you will help you look out for any red flags. Apply these three rules, and you'll have yourself eyeglasses online with good quality:

    1. The Quality of The Frames

    When shopping online for affordable glasses, you should pay attention to the materials of your frames. Each type of high quality material has its own benefits. That is why we recommend to take a closer look and determine which pair is best for you. Our first category is non-other than the fan favourite: full wood glasses. Made from sustainably sourced wood, these frames are durable, lightweight and eco-friendly. Acetate glasses, made from cellulose plastic, offer rich designs and guaranteed durability as the colour is embedded in the material of the frame itself. Don't forget the most important factor: they are hypoallergenic! Finally, our last pick of high-quality material is metal frame glasses. They are made from premium stainless steel, so the colour won't tarnish with wear over time. So, if you're looking for a minimalist and lightweight pair of affordable glasses, go for metal glasses for great style and comfort combined!

    2. The Quality of The Lens Material

    Our next tip for you would be to look out for the quality of the lenses such as polycarbonate lenses. When buying affordable glasses online, the quality of the lenses may not always be optimal. You want to make sure that your glasses will be equipped with high-quality lenses and deliver clear vision. Try looking for high definition (HD) lenses as these are high quality lenses that will deliver superior visual clarity.

    3. The Coating on The Lenses

    Sometimes looking into the extra details will make your affordable glasses all better. Coating on the lenses includes: anti-reflective coating, blue light, and scratch-resistant which are all part of having good quality glasses. In addition, you can opt for these glasses online at an affordable price.

    Best Affordable Glasses for Under 200$

    We all want to look our best at all times and on all occasions but might not be able to afford expensive glasses to complete our outfits. Getting glasses frames on a budget is a tip many fashion stylists recommend in order to complete your look. Some of the best affordable glasses are incredibly stylish, durable and made with premium materials. They will give you the comfort you want while showing off your fashionable outfit.

    To make things easier, we gathered our favourite looks so you can buy glasses online for under 200$

    1. Affordable Round Glasses

    Many eyewear designers call this next pair of affordable glasses: timeless chic. We can't help but agree with that saying. Indeed, round glasses have been around for a long time, and they continue to be popular till this day. So, if you happen to have refined cheekbones and a strong jaw, round glasses are for you! There's a variety of round glasses in different colours, materials and style waiting to be worn by you.

    Starting with Cheer Rose Eyeglasses, these prescription glasses are handcrafted from authentic Rose Wood and equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. They are lightweight, affordable glasses that are made to ensure a comfortable fit all around. In addition, they are eco-friendly, so you'll be able to help the environment for just under 200$!

    As for the design, these retro-inspired round frames combine subtly winged tips and a standout keyhole bridge for a throwback appeal. The wood material adds modern touch to the frame that is right on-trend. These two-tone, affordable glasses are classic, versatile and sophisticated. So, to enhance your everyday looks, round wooden glasses are the ones for you!

    If you don't feel like wood glasses match your style. You can always opt for round metal frames for your non-prescription or prescription glasses. Minimal-style metal frame glasses are a part of this year's eyewear trends and styles and they could be within your reach for just under 200$.

    You can go for the Joy Silver Eyeglasses, they're affordable eye glasses with high-quality materials. Handmade from premium stainless steel, they feature original Ebony Wood temples. These glasses frames are adjustable to ensure a superior fit and comfort all day long.

    As for the design, the delicate round affordable glasses feature slim lines and an arc-shaped nose bridge for a classic, minimal and versatile look. They boast a shiny silver finish and standout wooden temples for a unique, fun and quirky touch to your everyday style.

    The affordable glasses online look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    2. Affordable Square Glasses

    What are one of the most popular glasses frames for this year? Square glasses. They are 2022's IT silhouette and have been around so long that they never seem to go out of style! Although the glasses frames are widely popular, you don't have to search far and wide to get a pair of square glasses. You can get some of the best online glasses within a budget. Specifically, you can go for Brave Brown eyeglasses for just under 200$.

    The wooden affordable glasses frames are handcrafted from authentic Walnut Wood and equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. They are lightweight prescription glasses made with high quality materials for an ensured comfortable fit all day long. Our glasses come in two different colours. The Brave Rose eyeglasses are the lighter version of your budget friendly square glasses.

    In terms of design, the classic square shape with slightly rounded edges and a saddle bridge is sophisticated and distinct, perfect for a bold and confident look. So, these affordable prescription glasses will quickly become a staple in your eyewear collection.

    The square glasses look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.

    3. Affordable Cat-Eye Glasses

    Like the years before, cat-eye glasses are still a big trend. You can find affordable glasses frames in the cat-eye shape for just under 200$. These fashionable glasses bring elegance to almost all outfits. In addition, you can now buy affordable glasses online and elevate your style with the Charm Rose eyeglasses.

    The prescription glasses are handcrafted from authentic Cherry Wood and are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. In addition, these cat eye glasses are lightweight and provide a comfortable fit for all-day wear.

    As for the design, the upswept, affordable prescription glasses have a cat-eye silhouette with rounded edges and subtly winged tips. These are at once bold, chic and feminine. Also, these sophisticated glasses will be sure to add on a hint of glamour and confidence to your everyday looks.

    If you wish to go for something funkier, semi-rimless call for you. These lightweight frames debuted back in the mid-1800s; the rest is history. People go for semi-rimless glasses for simply two reasons: comfort & style. So for budget friendly cat-eye glasses, the Enchanted Silver eyeglasses are ready for you.

    They are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Ebony Wood temples. In addition, the special semi-rimless affordable glasses frames feature angular lines and a winged butterfly tip combining modern and vintage styling for a bold look. You can add a touch of glamour and retro vogue appeal with our Enchanted eyeglasses collection. Moreover, these affordable glasses are embellished with two-tone gold and matte black finish. These are the best cheap glasses online you need to keep up with the latest trends.

    These cat eye glasses look great on round, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong face shapes.

    4. Affordable Rectangle Glasses

    If you happen to be looking for affordable glasses online similar to the Brave collection, but square glasses are not for you, you can think about moving towards rectangle glasses. The angular glasses frames add a unique touch to your everyday style. We ensure these affordable glasses frames will go well with your lifestyle and style through its design and colours. So, how about having a look at the Bold Brown eyeglasses?

    The rectangle glasses are handmade from Oak Wood and are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. In addition, these glasses frames are among the best affordable online glasses as they provide a comfortable fit.

    As for the design, the classic rectangle glasses with retro elements feature slightly rounded edges and a standout keyhole bridge for an effortlessly fashionable and bold look. These best online glasses are warm-coloured with modern and versatile styling that will surely add character and edge to your everyday eyes. The Bold Black affordable glasses are a good option for a unique colour!

    The rectangle glasses look great on oval, round, heart and oblong face shapes.

    5. Affordable Aviator Glasses

    Going on a budget friendly fashion spree will allow you to level up your fashionable game and invest money for other important needs. You can look like a million bucks wearing timeless glasses designs for just under 200$. If you are a fan of the aviator glasses frames, you'll surely love the Purpose Black eyeglasses.

    The aviator glasses are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Rose Wood temples. These lightweight metal frame glasses will give you style and comfort for everyday wear. The affordable glasses frames are a classic aviator designed with a straight top bar and a raised nose bridge featuring a matte black monochromatic finish for a clean, sharp and polished look. These smooth lines and detailed finishing have made the aviators worth having as prescription glasses or even affordable blue light glasses. You can have these glasses in gold too!

    These best cheap glasses online look great on oval, diamond, round, rectangle, square and oblong face shapes.

    6. Affordable Geometric Glasses

    Our last spot of the affordable eye glasses goes out to the geometric glasses frames. If you were wondering, geometric glasses combine two glasses frames into one. You'll know what we are talking about once you set your eyes on the Drive Gold eyeglasses. These men's and women's prescription glasses are just under 200$!

    The affordable glasses are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature original Zebra Wood temples. They are a square aviator frame designed with a straight top bar and a raised nose bridge featuring a monochromatic gold finish for a sharp and polished look. These elegant affordable glasses blend vintage-inspired design elements and premium materials.  

    These geometric glasses look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.

    Best Affordable Glasses Under 150$

    Did these collections pique your interest? Wait till you see what we have in store for you. Acetate affordable glasses are the new IT thing. They are often considered high-quality prescription glasses that are better than plastic frames. With various affordable glasses frames, you must choose what is closest to your lifestyle. Here are our picks of the best affordable glasses under 150$:

    1. Affordable Square Glasses

    We're not going to wait any longer; we're starting the list of the best cheap glasses online with the square glasses. To be more specific, the Trust Grey Eyeglasses. They are handmade with eco-friendly grey tortoise acetate and luxurious Zebra Wood temples. These affordable glasses bring comfort and style wherever you go.

    As for the design, these square glasses present a high raised bridge and a unique yet understated pattern that brings out your stylish looks. The wooden temples that contrast the acetate frames create an intellectual and traditional look that captures an air of responsibility combined with sharp lines and clean looks. Can you imagine being innovative and on a budget? Of course, you can also get these affordable glasses frames in brown!

    If you're looking for affordable glasses online that are entirely outside the box, then the Grace collection will do you justice. They are available in two colours: Clear and Grey. The Grace Clear eyeglasses are handmade with eco-friendly clear acetate frames. These affordable glasses include Cassia Siamea Lam Wood temples for just under 150$!

    As for the design, the classic square glasses feature soft, slim lines and an arc-shaped nose bridge for a versatile yet sophisticated look. In addition, these honed glasses frames have sleek wooden arms making them an excellent pair for your daily wear. Lightweight and durable, these affordable glasses frames will last forever while never going out of style.

    All square glasses look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.

    2. Affordable Oval Glasses

    Angular frames may not be your thing, but oval glasses could be! With high-end acetate frames available in different colours and sizes, it will allow you to choose from a variety of options. Our next selection is the Hope Orange eyeglasses. They are handmade with standout orange tortoise acetate and upscale Ebony Wood temples.

    As for the design, these oval glasses include a keyhole bridge for that throwback appeal. Also, the rounded acetate rims, flexible spring hinges and standout wooden temples scream uniqueness. Show off your personality with the Hope collection and enjoy a touch of quirky charm.

    These cheap glasses online look good on the diamond, rectangle, square and oblong face shapes.

    3. Affordable Round Glasses

    People sometimes believe that oval and round glasses are quite the same. However, they are mistaken. The similarities are close, yet there are some obvious differences. If you liked our previous collection, we know that the Fierce Brown eyeglasses will be on YOUR list of top affordable glasses online.

    These affordable glasses are under 150$ and are handmade with translucent brown acetate frames, and luxurious Walnut Wood temples. The Fierce collection embodies both vintage and modern vibes. Also, the keyhole bridge on the acetate frame puts a cheeky twist on a classic shape.

    As for the design, these round glasses feature adjustable acetate tips and flexible spring hinges that are quintessentially chic. The vintage design and long arms make these frames supremely comfortable while giving Hollywood film directors appeal. Of course, you can go for the same affordable glasses in black too.

    The cheap glasses online look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    4. Affordable Geometric Glasses

    We're ending our top affordable glasses online list with our very own geometric glasses. If you like the geometric shape, you'll enjoy the Faith Ivory eyeglasses for prescription or blue light glasses. They are handmade with ivory tortoise acetate frames and feature rosewood temples complementing any skin tone.

    The geometric glasses present a cutting-edge look that will catch the eyes of your audience. These glasses frames feature a unique take on a classic pair. They add sophistication your look to keep you looking on point in every way.

    The geometric glasses look great on the rectangle, diamond, heart, oval and oblong face shapes.

    Did you like our selection of top affordable glasses online? If you do your research correctly, some prescription glasses are online and just under 200$ and 150$. Now that you know what to look for, your chances of obtaining affordable glasses are much higher. If you're not sure about which style of glasses to choose from the affordable glasses, take a look at the best eyewear trends of 2022 and then take your pick. Style yourself the way you want with your affordable glasses, and we know you'll look good either way.


    Tips To Buy Affordable Glasses & Top Affordable Glasses Online

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