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    metal frame sunglasses

    Metal Frame Sunglasses

    Add a touch of sophistication to your look with our stylish collection of metal frame sunglasses! From classic black to retro gold metal sunglasses, we have a versatile selection to choose from.

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    Shop Metal Frame Sunglasses Online

    Explore our metal sunglasses frames to get the best of both worlds - comfort and style all in one pair! Available in all unique signature styles, you can enjoy a barely-there feel when purchasing metal rimmed sunglasses. The soft glow of durable metal paired with high-quality wood temples offers a sense of style you can only get with metal frames.

    Check out the rest of our collection as it comes in every shape, style, colour and design possible. Our women’s metal frame sunglasses bring a versatile appeal to your outfits that can only be found using such sustainable materials. The same goes for our men’s metal sunglasses frame ; they are unique, durable and fashionable! Practical and functional, these are the perfect shades for your everyday errands. On a jog or going out for brunch, metal sunglasses frame are the perfect go-to accessory for any of your looks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Metal sunglasses frame are definitely in again. They have come a long way since the early Harry Potter era. Some of the first eyeglasses were plain metal frames. They are classic frames that suit any face shape. In addition, wire-rimmed glasses come in several shapes and styles. Therefore, you can easily find your go-to pair that will showcase your style and elevate it. For that throwback appeal, go for the Lenon sunglasses. If you're looking for a more modern pair, opt for the Aspen gold Sunglasses. You can never go wrong with the metal frame polarized sunglasses !

    Metal frames are known to be the lightweight option when it comes to sunglasses frames. This is because they are usually thinner and lighter.  Frames made from plastic are more affordable and offer the option of different colours. However, here at Kraywoods, metal sunglasses are as affordable as our acetate frames which are an eco-friendly substitute for plastic. Also, our metal rimmed sunglasses come in different colours thanks to their lenses. The sky’s the limit! So when it comes to choosing between the two, it all comes down to personal preference and style as they are both great options!

    Wire sunglasses are another name for metal sunglasses frame. The name gives it away; it features wire rims usually made of stainless steel for a high-quality and long-lasting feel. They are sunglasses similar to the Elton Sunglasses or Daze sunglasses which are made of high-quality materials and sustainably sourced wood.

    Yes, all of our sunglasses, even the metal-rimmed sunglasses, are polarized.

    To check for illustration purposes, there are two ways: 

    - Most polarized sunglasses will either have a tag that indicates that the lenses are polarized or the term “POLARIZED” engraved or printed on the inside of the sunglasses’ arms, this is found in other brands like Ray Ban.

    - Hold your polarized sunglasses in front of a computer screen and rotate your sunglasses to a 60-degree angle as you look through the lenses. If the lenses get darker and turn black as you rotate them, then your sunglasses are polarized.

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    Although round face shapes are recommended to go for angular frames, it is not a crime to wear round metal sunglasses. On the contrary, many different round-faced celebrities have opted for frames similar to the Lenon sunglasses rocking other brands like Ray Ban. However, if you still don’t feel comfortable, you can go for geometric frames. They are an alternative to the round metal sunglasses. For example, the Daze sunglasses has angular edges. Whichever you pick, you will rock our high-quality sunglasses and look stylish with our unique designs. 

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