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    How to Style your Glasses in 2024
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    How to Style your Glasses in 2024

    • Updated on 05 February 2023 • Maguy from Kraywoods

    Glasses are more than just a tool for correcting vision, they can also enhance your personal style and boost your confidence. Whether you wear sunglasses or prescription glasses, a pair of trendy glasses can completely change your look and style. We can all agree that looking good can elevate your mood and improve how you feel! Learning how to style your glasses can take your outfit to a whole new level. You'll be turning heads as soon as you walk out that door.

    Fashion is a form of self expression, and to each their own way of styling glasses. But, as a general rule, you have to consider what looks good on you and matches your outfit. We're here to help you with that! So get a notepad and take notes on how to style your glasses for Sping/Summer 2023.

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    Can Glasses Make You Look Better?

    For starters, it's not easy to choose a pair of glasses that will add flair to your everyday style. We know that you'll be wearing your stylish sunglasses for a long time. So, it would be best if you chose wisely. Generally, trendy glasses frame styles for men and women are designed to make you look more intelligent and attractive. In addition, the right pair of stylish glasses will highlight your facial appearance. Of course, once people take a look at how you style your glasses, you might influence others because of your new and improved version of yourself.

    First, you just need to learn how to style your glasses properly. So, to answer your question, glasses can make you look better. As mentioned earlier, they uniquely elevate your style. Our most important rule is to choose a pair of trendy glasses that speaks to your personality most, so your entire outfit will have a more personal touch.

    How to Style your Glasses for Spring/Summer 2023

    Summer has plenty in store for eyewear trends. But, of course, if you haven't decided on a pair of trendy glasses yet, you can always get inspiration from eyewear trends. Circling back to the real deal, your everyday eyewear should complement your fashionable taste in clothing. So, we're here to give out the secret ingredients by telling you how to style your glasses for Spring/Summer:

    1. Pull up Your Hair

    You can style your glasses by focusing on the one thing that people don't usually think about: hairstyle. We often underestimate the power of having a good hair day. Likewise, you don't know that taking care of your hair can actually affect your overall look. Not only will you start getting compliments on how you style your glasses, but you'll feel better too. So, when it's starting to get warm outside, one way to properly style your glasses is to pull up your hair.

    A high-bun will look instantly chic; your hair will be away from your face. Therefore, the attention will be on your cute glasses frames. You don't have to keep doing a bun; you can experiment with different up-do hairstyles. For example, try going for a simple ponytail; it's great for a hot summer day. Also, it takes a lot of weight off your face, visually speaking. Finally, you'll show off your trendy glasses just as Supermodel Gigi Hadid did when she was spotted wearing her grey eyeglasses and a flirty high ponytail.

    Gigi Hadid styling Miu Miu Eyeglasses with her hair pulled up wearing a dark blue navy shirt and black gilet

    2. Try on Stylish Glasses Chains

    Summer fashion is all about playing around with patterns and colours. You're meant to feel free and comfortable in your clothing. Your goal is to look your best all the time. So, you rely on accessories to kick it up a notch. Eyewear trends can help you with that. Did you know that you can now personalize your cat eye glasses? One way to style your glasses is to add a statement-making accessory: Glasses chains.

    First, they are beneficial. You wouldn't have to worry about losing your trendy glasses frames. They can be attached to your polarized sunglasses and/or eyeglasses. You'll set an excellent example of what fashion in function actually looks like. If you ask us, it's the best of both worlds.

    In addition, you can find glasses strings in different colours and materials such as pearl, lanyard, Cuban link etc. You can even coordinate the colours of your outfit with your cute glasses strap. Learning how to wear your Glasses Chains can be a real game changer.

    Celebrities like Rihanna, Billie Eilish and Bella Hadid were photographed wearing their glasses chains on multiple occasions. Now, this is a must-have accessory to style your glasses.  

    3. Minimize your Jewellery

    Since we're talking about accessories, let's move to another thing that can help you style your glasses correctly. Jewellery is a girl's best friend. However, we're starting to see the existence of jewellery in men's fashion too. So there's nothing wrong with showing off to your friends your new bracelet or necklace.

    If you want to highlight and style your trendy glasses correctly, we recommend opting for classic and minimal jewellery. Going back to the top, if you're wearing your hair up, you can keep things light by wearing small earrings for a sophisticated look. Your jewellery needs to compliment your glasses, not overshadow them—the same applies for men's fashion. For example, opt for a casual t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a trendy beaded bracelet to complement your fashionable eyewear. Our stylish and timeless bead bracelets accentuated with a natural wooden bead are the perfect accessory to complement a pair of stylish glasses.

    4. Go for Tinted Glasses

    Eyewear trends are constantly changing as years pass by. Some new ones appear, and they find their way to the top with a blink of an eye. Another great way to style your glasses is to focus on the pair of shades themselves.

    There isn't a better way to upgrade your wardrobe than by wearing tinted glasses. Instead of finding a way to work around the eyewear, go for something new and trendy. Celebrities like Sir Elton John wear tinted glasses all the time.

    The good news is that you can select tinted glasses closest to your lifestyle and personality. In other words, there's a variety of glasses frames that can be challenging to choose from. So, assess yourself. Moreover, you can find the tinted glasses in different colours such as red, yellow, blue, green, brown and purple. Each has its benefits and safety conditions.

    5. Make Sure the Glasses Compliment your Face

    With many trendy glasses frames in front of you, the choice of narrowing your options down to one can be tricky. However, people fail to remember that you can't always get what you want. In other words, not all glasses frames go well with your facial features. You may set your eyes on a particular pair, but the results will not be the same once you try them on.

    Therefore, to style your glasses, the glasses frames need to compliment your face. One thing you can do is to study your face shape. You can easily find out what are the glasses for you face shape. Remember, you don't want anything to look too big or small.

    Different types of face shapes

    6. Select Bold Glasses

    Geometric glasses were part of last year's eyewear trends. They are stylish, and people seem to want more of them. So, we're not totally surprised to see them again this summer. They are also an excellent option for you in terms of how to style your glasses. But, once again, focus on the glasses frames themselves for styling. Before going any further, you have to know the two types of geometric shapes.

    First, you have the ordinary ones such as the round glasses, square glasses, rectangle glasses; then you have the extraordinary ones such as the Daze sunglasses. The glasses frames are designed with a slim silver metal frame, a curved bridge and alluring Walnut Wood arms. In addition, these uptown octagon-shaped geometric glasses include dark grey polarized lenses. They will ensure an effortless fashion-forward look with premium comfort.

    But, did you think geometric shapes were strictly for sunglasses? Think again! There's a whole collection of those for eyeglasses too! For example, you can find a combination of two geometric shapes in one like the Drive Silver eyeglasses. They are handmade with premium stainless steel and feature authentic Zebra Wood temples. In addition, the squared-aviator frame designed with a straight top bar and a raised nose bridge feature a monochromatic silver finish for a sharp and polished look.

    Now, tell us, aren't these glasses frames eye-catching? You now know how to style your glasses.

    7. Choose Eco-Friendly Glasses

    Everyone knows by now how fast fashion is dangerous to the environment. Therefore, we need to work together in reducing waste for a better world. You can start by styling your glasses with eco-friendly accessories and by wearing eco-friendly eyewear to reduce your carbon footprint. One type of eco eyewear are wood glasses. Wooden frames are the next big thing because they are harmful to the environment and fashionable too!

    For example, Oxford sunglasses are square sunglasses, with a two-tone design combining Ebony wood and Rosewood for a high-quality feel and appeal. In addition, these fun square glasses include dark grey polarized lenses giving you the exact coverage you need to protect yourself from the dangers of the sun.

    Moreover, wooden glasses are easy to style. They have the ability to make your prescription glasses light and comforting. You'll enjoy the Charm Rose eyeglasses. They are handcrafted from authentic Rosewood and are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. The oversized cat-eye glasses combines subtly winged tips and smooth curved lines in beautiful rose coloured tones for a unique and trendy glasses look

    8. Opt for Oversized Glasses

    In fashion, nothing is predictable. The same rule applies to eyewear trends. Since summer is about going all out, you can style your glasses by wearing them a size bigger. That's right, oversized is trendy again. They were all over in the 2000s, but somehow they found their way back. Playing with the sizes of your frames is a great styling tip that many fashion experts have stated in the past.

    Starting with oversized sunglasses, if this is your first time buying a bigger frame, Lennon sunglasses are a great start. They are designed with a curved bridge combining a sleek gold metal frame with slim Zebra Wood temples. In addition, the glasses frames include purple gradient polarized lenses for a modern look with a retro twist.

    The aviator glasses are another great shape that never seems to go out of style. Initially, eyewear designers created aviators for pilots to see better. Fast forward to today, you can style your glasses by getting an oversized aviator shape like the Purpose Gold eyeglasses. They are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Rose Wood temples. The vintage-inspired aviator glasses are designed with a standout black bar and a raised nose bridge featuring an alluring gold metallic finish for a clean, polished look.

    From round to aviator shapes, there's an extensive collection of oversized glasses to choose from. So, get ready.

    9. Dress Your Glasses Up

    According to the fans of Mad Men, Don Draper influenced men's fashion and men's glasses in different ways. The key is knowing how to style your glasses. Draper wears suits on the show and we know trendy glasses elevate your style. So, dress it up when necessary.

    Create your own version of Draper: Keep it classy by wearing a sharp collared shirt with geometric glasses. As for you ladies, wear your power suit or a scarf around your neck with a well-fitted dress for a change.

    10. Skip the Hard Makeup

    Glasses won't leave much room for something else to be highlighted on your face. Therefore, you have to be careful with the cosmetics. So one way to style your glasses properly is to skip the complicated makeup looks. They will take the attention away from your statement eyeglasses. So, say goodbye to the black eyeliner and heavy eyeshadow. Instead, write down these makeup tips:

    1. Conceal strategically as in work on the bags under your eyes.
    2. Go for navy eyeliner and light shadow.
    3. Apply mascara to your roots only and ease up on the tips.
    4. Tone down the lipstick, whatever your preference colour.

    With these 4 tips, you can really let your pair of trendy glasses shine and take center stage. Sometimes, the combination of one statement piece, simple garments and minimal styling can really make a stunning outfit. For example, the Joy Silver glasses can really elevate your style if you keep your makeup simple.

    Now that we've rounded up all tips on how to style your glasses for Spring/Summer 2023, we hope you'll apply these tips to create a fashionable look. Above all, remember to keep things simple and be comfortable. You need to feel good so you can look good in your glasses and outfits. Keep in mind fashion roots for individuality and self-expression. So, go out there and show the world what you're made of with your stylish glasses!

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    How to Style your Glasses in 2024

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