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    Get the Look of The Most Iconic & Famous Glasses Wearers
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    Get the Look of The Most Iconic & Famous Glasses Wearers

    • Updated 5 April 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Most Iconic & Famous Glasses Wearers

    For some people, eyewear is an extension of their physical appearance. They are so essential to their look that we might not even recognize them without their glasses. Several media personalities and celebrities have fallen into this category of iconic glasses wearers, making their sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses their trademark.

    Celebrities whom we are not used to seeing with glasses can catch us by surprise when spotted casually rocking their eyewear while going on their daily errands. It can be easy to forget that these famous people have entirely separate lives off-screen and off-stage. However, they too are people like us hence, why they are part of the eyeglasses-wearing family.

    Read along for a brief rundown on some of our favourite famous glasses wearers such as musicians, fashion designers, and actors and find out what styles they wear!

    Featured Iconic Glasses

    Featured Iconic Glasses


    1. John Lennon

    Starting the list of iconic celebrity glasses wearers with none other than the legendary English singer-songwriter John Lennon – the vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles. Like the band's music, Lennon's round glasses are iconic in every sense of the word. But, he's not just a random famous person who wears round frames.

    Without a doubt, the music and his specific choice of round glasses will be remembered. They marked their time throughout the history of music, fashion, and the world. Yesterday, today and surely tomorrow, people go for the Lennon Sunglasses because of the retro vibes. They want to pay tribute to the good old days.

    2. Elton John

    Award-winning English singer-songwriter Sir Elton John has always completed his eye-catching looks with a pair of positively eccentric and futuristic glasses of all shapes and sizes. In 2019, Billboard reported that John was rumoured to own over 200,000 pairs of sunglasses. In the new biopic of Elton John's life and career, we can see how the costume designers have carefuly crafted his iconic glasses.

    John is often seen wearing his unique pink-tinted lenses. But once he has a show to perform, he continues to go all out with his wardrobe. There's just a mystery behind the quirky Elton sunglasses. It brings out a side of you that you probably might not have known. His love for geometric glasses will never end hence always being part of iconic glasses wearers. Elton john eyewear will forever remain iconic through decades to come.

    3. Will.i.am

    American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, Will.i.am has proven that he can successfully pull off most sunglasses and eyeglasses styles. Fans are always excited to see famous glasses wearers like him and what he will be wearing in terms of eyewear.

    It goes without saying that his glasses are carefully selected to fit his outfit. The record producer is not only talented but likes to get involved in fashion too. His eyewear complements his facial structure and his face shape. As a result, his outfits are rarely complete without a pair!

    Fashion Designer

    4. Karl Lagerfeld

    Moreover, the aviator glasses is an excellent shape to same style. The aviator sunglasses go well with whatever you might wear. You can rock it on a fun day out with your friends or for a business meeting. Aviator sunglasses like Runner Sunglasses are known as fashion-statement-making pieces.

    The late Creative Director of Chanel and iconic glasses wearer in the fashion world, Karl Lagerfeld, almost always donned a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses as his trademark getty images. Spotted in all his interviews and fashion shows, it was rare to see him without them! The legendary designer was always spotted wearing bold, stylish black aviator sunglasses.


    5. Robert Downey Jr.

    A great actor known for always wearing strange sunglasses is Marvel's favourite, Robert Downey Jr. The American actor rarely appears without a pair of square glasses in all styles, colours, and sizes.

    You have probably seen him in many different shape of glasses ranging from aviators to round glasses. However, he is very often seen wearing his iconic glasses like the Grace Clear square glasses. They're popular because of their minimalist yet stylish look. They make the styling effortlessly cool. And, we all want to be cool like Iron Man.

    6. Johnny Depp

    Iconic glasses wearers include talented actor Johnny Depp who is no stranger to the costumes and characters. We all loved his character, from Pirates of the Caribbean's Captain Jack Sparrow to the weird Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Willy Wonka to Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands and more. The Hollywood star can transform and take on various different roles.

    However, when it comes to his style, Depp sticks to modern bohemian charm. Ladies admire him and gentlemen want to dress like him. Fittingly, his choice of casual eyewear is a vintage classic: a retro-round glasses that also compliments the musician in him. The Cheer Black Eyeglasses perfectly embody his style with it's full wooden frame. So, to gather things, he's a rockstar, an A-list actor and a fashion expert with his round glasses.

    7. Jennifer Aniston

    Loved since her early role as Rachel Green in the American sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston is part of the iconic celebrity glasses wearers. She has been seen in various eyeglasses frames over the years. Recently, she's been seen in online interviews and on social media sporting retro metal-rimmed aviator glasses like Purpose Gold Eyeglasses.

    In 2020, actress Courteney Cox posted a picture on social media wearing Aniston's hair and glasses with a sweet caption. Fans instantly noticed the gold metal aviator eyeglasses she was wearing. Additionally, Aniston gave us what we wanted. She was spotted wearing these glasses during the interviews while casually sitting a.

    8. Courteney Cox

    Speaking of famous glasses wearers in Friends, Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller, wears her pair of square glasses in pictures on social media and sometimes on the red carpet. Being around the business for a long time, Cox knows exactly what to look for when it comes to eyewear fashion. Eventually, she has settled for black, thick-framed, rectangle glasses.

    You might have noticed how thick frames add a minor character to your overall style. In addition, the rectangle glasses are trendy as ever especially if they have a full wood frame like the Brave Brown Eyeglasses. She has opted for black, thick-framed, rectangular glasses.

    9. Stanley Tucci

    We don't think the world can imagine or even recognize actor Stanley Tucci without glasses which is why he made it on our list of iconic glasses wearer. He is known to be a fan of two shapes: round glasses and square glasses. On the red carpet and interviews, he rocks one of each with a well-tailored suit. He was recently spotted rocking a pair of black square frames, like the Grace Grey eyeglasses, that became a part of his trademark

    The now 60-year-old has previously starred in major films, including the likes of 'Beethoven' 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and more recently, 'Captain America: The First Avenger' and 'Transformers: The Last Knight.'

    Given the fact that he also starred in Broadway musicals, we'd like to think yes, his eyewear choices are as good as his acting!

    10. Hilary Duff

    Actress Hilary Duff also has an eyewear collection. So, it's safe to say that we can add her to the list of iconic glasses wearers. Duff has been spotted wearing dozens of frames ranging from round glasses to cat eye glasses and more.

    We can all agree she looks terrific in pretty much every frame. As for personal preference, Duff has appeared in paparazzi pictures wearing bold square glasses like the Trust Brown eyeglasses. As mentioned earlier, bold glasses are the new big thing. Whether it's round glasses or any other geometric glasses, these glasses will make heads turn as soon as you walk into a room.

    11. Julia Roberts  

    The award-winning American actress and part of the iconic glasses wearer Julia Roberts is a sure fan of stylish glasses, wearing them any time she is out and about.

    Based on her posts on social media, the iconic glasses wearer often wears prescription eyeglasses when she is at home or while working. Her choice of eyewear is a classic square shape with rounded edges similar to the Brave Rose eyeglasses.

    You might think it's unusual to choose a pair of eyeglasses that combines two geometric shapes. However, a geometric cocktail might be precisely what you need! This stylish trend of geometric eyeglasses will bring you the best of both worlds! So, why not give it a go.

    12. Hugh Jackman  

    Australian actor Hugh Jackman, best known for his breakthrough role as Wolverine, wears these very cool squared-aviator style frames with a straight top bar and raised nose bridge. His glasses are on the bolder side, that's what famous glasses wearers usually go for. Whether he rocks them on the red carpet or wears them casually, they excellently balance his appearance.

    Just like sunglasses, aviator glasses are timeless pieces. Even if they are made with thin wire frames like the Drive Silver Eyeglasses, they are still extremely durable and can make you look like your favorite celebrity. They've been around for a long time for an excellent reason. People just can't seem to get enough! So, why not design a pair adding another geometric shape to it?

    13. Steve Carell  

    Although his best-known character Michael Scott (in The Office), doesn't wear glasses, the American actor Steve Carell does wear glasses and other shapes off-screen. So it's safe to say he is a fan of retro-round eyewear.

    Recently, the iconic glasses wearer can be seen with round glasses in real life and in his role as Mitch Kessler in the hit series The Morning Show. You can check out more celebrities wearing eyeglasses on-screen in our previous blog: Best glasses featured in TV shows.  

    14. Tina Fey    

    Our next pick of iconic glasses wearers is a famous person who wears glasses all the time. She is an American actress, comedian, writer, and producer: Tina Fey! She has been commonly seen wearing glasses on and off-screen. But, like her character, Liz Lemon, in the sitcom 30 Rock, Fey has rocked a pair of rectangular glasses for years.

    More recently, she's been seen wearing a different style similar to an upswept cat eye glasses silhouette with rounded edges and softly winged tips. Just like our Charm Purple eyeglasses! We all know how cat eye glasses changed the world of eyewear. It may have started with Marilyn Monroe, but cat eye glasses just keep more attention as time passes by. Women seem to love the effect it has. You can style it, however, and you'll look confident as ever.

    15. Ryan Gosling    

    We're saving the best for last! This might come as a shock to you, but it's safe to add him to the list of iconic glasses wearers. Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, famously known as the romantic lead in The Notebook (2004), is one of many male celebrities who are occasionally seen wearing glasses.

    The Hollywood heartthrob usually sports a rounded square glasses with a slight winged tip. Take a look at our Harmony Brown eyeglasses and you'll understand what we mean. His bold choice of dark-coloured frame is actually a smart thing. It brings out the best feature of his face: his bright blue ocean eyes.

    We constantly advise you to choose your eyewear wisely in order to highlight your facial features in the most balanced way.

    Now that we've rounded up our humble list of iconic glasses wearers who have blessed the eyewear community with their participation – whether it's daily or an occasional fashion choice. Do you feel inspired?

    Their is a bunch of other celebrities and famous public figires who rocked unforgatable glasses looks, like Anna Wintour, Woody Allen, Audrey Hepburn, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, and many other who inspire poeple with their looks and character.

    You can always snatch their looks and their worn glasses, try something new, and elevate your style with different kinds of accessories.


    Get the Look of The Most Iconic & Famous Glasses Wearers

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