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    How to Wear Glasses Chain? Trendy Glasses Chains Ideas
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    How to Wear Glasses Chain? Trendy Glasses Chains Ideas


    Updated 15 April 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Accessories...they can make or break a look! In the fashion world, accessories are an essential part of every outfit. Every item you accessorize with plays a role in elevating your entire wardrobe. Sometimes it only takes one big and bold accessory to spice things and take your look to a whole new level. In the world of eyewear, this on-trend accessory will be sure to get you on the high-fashion road.

    We're here to introduce you to the next big trend: Glasses chains! Back in the day, eyewear chains were strictly used for their functionality, whereas now, they have evolved into the ultimate eyewear fashion accessory. Take a pair of boring sunglasses and accessorize them with glasses chains made from metal, chains, pearls, beads or colourful ropes and you've transformed your look. Not sure how to accessorize your eyewear with the right glasses chain, we're here to guide you through this new trend!

    Here's your complete guide on how to wear glasses chains:

    1. What are eyeglass chains?
    2. How can eyeglass chains be Used?
    3. How to Attach your eyeglass chains?
    4. How to Style your Glasses Chain?
    5. Glasses Chains We Love

    Featured Glasses Chains

    What are Glasses Chains?  

    You might want to dig up your grandmother's old glasses chains from the attic because they might come in handy. Nowadays, chains for glasses are the new must-have accessories. But, did you know they are also called granny glasses chains?

    We once questioned our grandmother's taste in accessories, thinking they were just a one-time thing. Who knew, years later, we'd actually go back in time and use these accessories again, including glasses chains. Don't miss out on the trending accessories of 2023. In case you haven't heard, the item consists of a chord that you add to the end of the glasses and wear around your neck. Think of them as a tribute to the vintage era. They are fashionable, functional and ready to be styled by you!

    How Can Glasses Chain be Used?

    Now that we covered the general information, it is time to get to the juicy stuff. How can glasses chains be used? Believe it or not, there are so many different uses for this one. Did you ever wonder how these chains suddenly became so popular? Are they for older people? Are they strictly for eyeglasses? The good news is that cool glasses chains are for beach sunglasses too!

    Just take a look at Gigi Hadid back in April, the supermodel captured by paparazzi wore a pearl eyeglass chain with her white shades and a tie-dye sweatshirt. You may see it, at first, as a bit of grandma-ish look, but if Gigi is rocking the trend, we want in! So, you might ask: can the chains work on wooden sunglasses too? The glasses' cords are not tied down to any material. So, they work on any frame you like.

    Moreover, people might associate granny glasses chains back to when their grandmother would wear them around the house to hold onto their little pair of readers. Let us tell you that you can style them with any pair of eyewear, even with your prescription eyeglasses that you wear on the daily. If you have simple wooden frames, they'll add a little pop of colour and make heads turn as soon as you enter a room. If you have simple metal frames, your glasses chain will break the simplicity and add texture to an ordinary design.

    Woman wearing metal glasses chain at NYFW

    On another note, did we also mention that glasses chains are not strictly meant for eyewear? Of course, you can hook your chain to your face mask too! But, how can you use glasses chains for masks?

    Some glasses chains, like ours, include a durable brass clasp on each end that you can attach to any accessory that you want to keep within reach, including face masks. For some inspiration, we often see this American politician and activist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, accessorizing her mask with glasses chain. What a clever invention, right?

    Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez wearing. aface mask with a metal chain

    How to Attach your Glasses Chain?

    What is the sole purpose of using glasses chains? First, they're a great way to keep your eyewear close at hand if they are not on your face. Second, your parents can benefit from them if you attach them to their reading glasses or even blue light glasses.

    Back to the main issue, how do you slide them on, you ask? Simple, follow these instructions:

    1. Place your eyeglasses on a flat surface. Make sure the earpieces are resting down on the same surface.
    2. Open the loops on the eyeglasses chain. Place a loop in each earpiece.
    3. Slide it to where it fits comfortably on your face.
    4. Push the small plastic or metal slide beneath the loop or ring to tighten it to the earpiece.
    5. Create a snug fit to prevent your glasses from slipping.
    6. Wear your glasses around your neck. Check the snug every now and then to make sure everything is still in place.

    How to Style your Glasses Chain?

    Sunglasses or eyeglasses chains are the easiest way to guarantee your eyewear will stay in one place. With the last glasses chains trend in 2021, you can find the optical chains ranging from 100$ to even a thousand dollars. But, of course, this depends on how big and fancy you wish to go.

    Rubber grip or lobster clip? Not familiar with these terms? Here's where it can get a little tricky: There are two types of glasses holders. Starting with the rubber grip, it is a fan favourite and the easiest of them all. Then, you have the lobster clip. They are a little different but still wanted. However, in both cases, the eyewear does have a chance of falling off. So, you better adjust them now and then.

    With a wide range of shapes, colours and styles, it can be a little confusing to pick the perfect strap to go with your outfit. Eager to check how you can style your glasses chain? Just follow our lead:

    1. If you're going for a casual lunch, you can straighten your hair and add stylish barrettes that go well with your outfit. For an extra layer of sparkle, wear the giant earrings you may have. That's what you call drama.
    2. In case you're wondering how you can wear them, well, you can put them behind your neck as a classic style or just dangling in front.
    3. Clothes, in this case, don't make a difference. In other words, you could be suiting up on your way to a business meeting, or you could be heading towards a casual lunch date with your girlfriends in your favourite pair of jeans, and it wouldn't matter. On the contrary, you can buy different styles of glasses chains. In that case, you'll be ready for whatever wardrobe situation you will be. Just remember to work it!
    Woman wearing bold glasses chain at balmain fashion show

    Glasses Chains we Love

    Our line of trendy glasses chains features stylish, elegant and polished designs. Their goal is to elevate your look while keeping your favourite eyewear always within your reach. Isn't life more accessible that way?

    Should we wish to give you solid advice, make sure you choose a strap that suits you best. There are many materials to pick out from, such as metal, cotton, leather, etc., but your type of activity will be your primary determining factor. Whatever you decide to go for, make sure to add your personal touch. The overall look should have your name written all over it!
    With a variety of glasses holders, here are some of the glasses chains we love:

    1. Link Glasses Chain

    We're super excited to show you some of our glasses chains that are changing the entire fashion game. As mentioned earlier, accessories are a massive part of your look. So, you might as well choose wisely when putting them on.

    We are introducing our set of glasses chain available in two colours: Silver and Gold. The first, silver link glasses chain, features oversized links to take your eyewear product to the next level. To specify, the chords include silver-plated brass and clasps in addition to durable silicone loops.

    Then you have the gold link glasses chain, which contains gold-plated brass and clasps along with durable silicone loops. These trendy link minimalist chains will be sure to add a chic touch and enhance any piece of eyewear. Both colours are 75cm long.

    2. Beaded Chains

    Moving on, the second glasses chain is popular among the crowd. Available uniquely in gold, this vintage-inspired gold beaded glasses chain will add luxury to your everyday look. It includes gold-plated brass beads and clasps along with durable silicone loops. This gold glasses chain is 70 cm long.

    3. Pearl Glasses Chain

    Do you know how they say diamonds are a girl's best friend? Pearls are the next best thing. They are appealing luxury items that create a story. Start yours now with our own white pearl glasses chain. The former features bright white pearls that will add chicness to your glasses. It is 70 cm long and includes faux pearl along with gold-plated clasps in addition to durable silicone loops. A treasure indeed.

    4. Cuban Link Glasses Chain

    You'd be surprised by how expensive Cuban links are. Do you know why? Cuban chain makers create most of them from solid gold. Few of the not-so fragile chainc contains diamonds as well! If you want to feel like a million bucks, go for the gold cuban glasses chain. This trendy gold glasses chain is designed with bold curb links featuring a flat finish. In addition, it includes gold-plated brass and clasps along with durable silicone loops. Are you feeling the Cuban heat like us?

    5. Herringbone Glasses Chain

    This particular style is one of the most popular because it has been around for a very long time. But, don't you worry, it's not outdated. On the contrary, people consider herringbone to be timelessly chic! So are you looking for a touch of elegance? Say hello to our rose gold herringbone glasses chain. It has rose gold-plated brass along with gold-plated clasps. Also, you have durable silicone loops, and it is 85cm long. Should we guide you in the rose gold direction?

    6. Black Pearl & Gold Glasses Chain

    In eyewear, you can combine shapes to create a new one. As a result, you'll get the best of both worlds. The same rule applies to glasses chains; not only will you get the luxurious feel of two materials, but you have the privilege to brag about it in front of your friends! With our new black pearl and gold glasses chain, get ready to take your eyewear fashion game to the next level. The chain includes faux black pearl and gold-plated brass. In addition, you'll find gold-plated clasps and durable silicone loops. What a combination!

    7. White Pearl & Gold Glasses Chain

    You can get your own glasses chain in white for those who aren't big fans of black! You know how white is the colour of elegance. We want nothing more than that for you! This white pearl and gold glasses chain will give you the delicate feeling you have longed for. It is 75 cm long, and it includes white faux pearl and gold-plated brass. In addition, you have gold-plated clasps and durable silicone loops. Now that's luxury!

    8. Lanyard Glasses Chain

    Our final pieces include materials that are not going away anytime soon: Lanyard. Care for some good news? They are available in two colours. The first, red glasses lanyard, featured a unique braided design. For all the red colour fans, you can purchase your handmade rope lanyard along with durable silicone loops. In case you don't like red, we do have another option for you.

    The Green glasses lanyard also includes a braided design with a bold colour and unique design that will make your frames stand out from the crowd. Both glasses chains are 70 cm long. If you're feeling unsure about which colour to go for, then why not go for both!

    If you didn't get in on this hot trend yet, then we're here to tell you that glasses with a chain attached are the new way to go. If Gigi Hadid can sport pearl ones, so can you! We're not just talking to you ladies. Men's eyewear chains are in-fashion too. Although people often mistake this jewelry accessory to attach reading glasses only, glasses chains will enhance any pair of eyewear and allow you to always keep it within reach.

    Since fashion is always on the move, vintage trends keep coming back strong and glasses chains are yet another one to be added to the list. Spotted on celebrities in the streets, at fashion shows and on runways, they have become an essential part of completing an outfit. Tired of wearing your glasses and having the same look every time? Shop your favourite glasses chain and add this hot jewelry onto any pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses you own for a standout look!


    How to Wear Glasses Chain? Trendy Glasses Chains Ideas

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