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    8 Best Glasses Featured in TV Shows
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    8 Best Glasses Featured in TV Shows

    Best Glasses Featured In TV Shows

    Updated on 12 September 2023 • Maguy from Kraywoods

    With the evolution of streaming services and Netflix, TV shows and mini-series are increasing by the day. So you can find whatever genre you favour online or on the big screen in the comfort of your own home. Sitcoms, dramas, soap operas and even cartoons have gained popularity over the years, and what do they have in common?

    These shows have glasses-wearing characters who marked their presence in history. But, whether it's men's glasses or women's glasses, the actors and actresses have inspired looks that are still trending to this day. So, if you're looking for glasses inspiration, we'll tell you exactly what to watch. Here are the 7 best glasses featured in TV shows:

    1. Rectangle Eyeglasses in New Girl
    2. Retro Round Sunglasses in Friends
    3. Bold Cat-Eye Sunglasses in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    4. Squared Aviator Eyeglasses in Breaking Bad
    5. Rounded Eyeglasses in Peaky Blinders
    6. Rounded-Square Eyeglasses in The Morning Show
    7. Double-Bar Round Sunglasses in Preacher
    8. Classic Aviator Sunglasses in Lucifer

    Featured Glasses in TV

    Can TV Characters Affect your Sense of Fashion?

    The golden age of television provides viewers with great stories and plot twists; But, they offer them great fashion styles. Going back to the old days, each era had its own fashion trends coming back to life in modern days. Can TV characters really affect our sense of style?

    We often see people imitating fictional people through small acts like buying the same glasses as your favourite character or getting the same haircut as their favourite character. Take for example the look of Clark Kent, the famous superhero known as superman. People can't get enough of his look and try to imitate him at every opportunity. However, this sort of behaviour of imitation can help us understand how entertainment works on us.

    Actor Henry Cavill posing as clark kent the reporter wearing a patterned shirt, tie and standing in his office as a reporter

    A study done by Image has shown that what we watch on TV can massively shape our social interactions and personality. This is because we get so involved in characters' lives to the extent of talking and wearing like them.

    They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but is it?

    Best Glasses Featured in TV Shows

    High-quality programming can be informative and enriching in terms of fashion and style. You look forward to seeing what your favourite characters are wearing while eating a bowl of popcorn. Each pair of glasses contributes to the story of the actors and actresses. We gathered up some of the best on-screen eyewear fashion that captured our attention.

    1. New Girl

    We're kicking our list of tv characters with glasses with a fan favourite: New Girl. You can't really think of the show without remembering the main character Jessica Day. This show is an American television sitcom that aired between 2011 and 2018. To sum it up, the show revolves around a quirky teacher, Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, after she moves to Los Angeles with three roommates: Schmitt, Nick and Winston.

    Fans of the show, along with the creator of it, would describe Jess as "simply adorkable." Not only does Jess have her weird persona, but she also has her particular sense of fashion, including her rectangle eyeglasses. Protected by her bangs, the glasses sit comfortably around her eyes, giving her a quirky look that only Jessica Day can pull off.  

    Do you want to hear a fun fact? Throughout the show's airing, many viewers have noticed her glasses don't actually have lenses. They are just frames! The creator thought it best to have Deschanel wear frames without looking like authentic eyeglasses to avoid lens flare and shadows and not ruin the actress's vision.

    Rectangle eyeglasses look great on oval, round, heart and oblong face shapes.

    2. Friends

    Hold the excitement; we know this show needs no introduction. The extreme popularity of it unleashed thousands, and we do mean thousands, of trends that are still going to this day. From Rachel Green's hairstyle to Monica Geller's cleaning habits, Friends once again scores another iconic fashionable moment, but this time with Joey Tribbiani.

    We know that Joey doesn't share food, but do you think he'll share the secret of his sunglasses? Actor Matt LeBlanc, who played the funny Joey Tribbiani, was seen rocking a pair of retro round Lennon sunglasses in one of the episodes.

    If you ask us, they're some pretty awesome eyewear. During the 90s, the round Lennon shape was wanted and worn by almost everyone. Men and women wanted to get their hands on at least a pair.

    Fast forward to today, the Lennon round sunglasses are still on top. They work perfectly on those with rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    We're sticking with sunglasses for this one too. But, we're moving forward in time and making a stop at the year 2017 with The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel. It's an American period comedy-drama starring actress Rachel Brosnahan. She plays Miriam "Midge" Maisel, a housewife in New York City who discovers a passion for standup comedy and pursues a career in it.

    Fans are not only hooked on the show but they are also attached to the fashion of Mrs. Maisel herself. She's fun, quirky confident and above all, stylish! One particular scene captured our attention: In season 2, episode 5, Midge wore a bold cat-eye frame like no other.

    With the frame colour matching her skin tone, the fruitfulness of her dress made it all the more appealing to the viewers. Isn't she taking the world by storm? Since the show is set in the 50s, the costume designer nods to the era by having Brosnahan wear a classic cat-eye frame. Women, specifically in the past, love this particular frame. It elevates your look and gives you the confidence you have been looking for.

    Cat-eye sunglasses look great on people with round, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong face shapes.

    4. Breaking Bad

    Walter White. Does that name ring a bell? Or should we say, Heisenberg? If these two names haven't made you jump in your seats yet, you haven't watched Breaking Bad. The show is an American neo-Western crime drama that aired back in 2008.

    Filmed in New Mexico, Breaking Bad tells the story of underpaid chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, who discovers having stage three lung cancer. Ready for the plot twist? The chemistry teacher partners with his former student to cook and sell crystal meth to secure his family financially before he dies.

    Walter White is one of the fictional characters who wear glasses on-screen. However, his clothing and eyewear choices change as viewers observe his transformation into becoming the drug dealer Heisenberg. He starts off the show with primary pastel colours and a rounded-rectangle pair of eyeglasses. You'll be surprised to know that Cranston also wears Smith Optics Turntable sunglasses. However, nothing stopped the fans from imitating their favourite character's overall look, including the eyeglasses.

    The rectangle metal frames look great on oval, round, heart and oblong face shapes.

    5. Peaky Blinders

    The nominee for best glasses featured in TV shows goes to criminal mastermind Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders. We're travelling to the UK for this one here. During the lockdown, Netflix has proven that they are indeed our number one source of entertainment. By releasing or creating one successful show after the other, whose here is to stop us from being inspired by the characters' fashion?

    The show, set in Birmingham, follows the journey of the Tommy Shelby crime family in the direct aftermath of the First World War. The main character, Thomas Shelby, not only has the hots for the ladies, but his round eyeglasses have captured our hearts and attention.

    Although the show is set in past, round eyeglasses continue to be on top of the best-selling frames. You can find them in all sizes too!

    Round eyeglasses look great on people with rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    6. Preacher

    We're going back to sunglasses for our choice of best glasses featured in TV shows. Did you ever watch Preacher? If you're a fan of anything related to sci-fi, this show is for you. It's an American supernatural adventure television series. It is based on a comic book with the same name. One particular tv character caught people's attention: We're talking about Tulip, actress Ruth Negga.

    She's feminine yet tough. She portrays a solid fictional character yet likes to mix her femininity with leather boots, jeans and floral jackets.

    One particular scene caught people's attention. In the pilot episode, Tulip was sitting in church wearing double-bar round sunglasses in a small size. They're trendy and adored by many. If you look closely, sunglasses are always part of her wardrobe. She tends to change between plastic and metal.

    Round double-bar sunglasses look great on people with rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    7. The Morning Show

    Our final fictional character who wears glasses is a woman known for her looks, talent, and hairstyle! You may know her as Rachel Green, but this generation probably knows her as Alex Levy in The Morning Show's hit series. Starring along actress Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston plays an anchor on a popular breakfast program broadcasted in Manhattan on the UBA network.

    Since Alex has to go on TV every morning, you can imagine what her wardrobe will look like. Skirts, shirts, jumpsuits and dresses, whatever speaks executive.

    Regarding eyewear, fans have noticed anchor Alexy Levy wearing rounded square eyeglasses. They combine the retro feel with a modern twist. Also, they reflect her sophisticated look and her position in power as she has been part of the breakfast program for 15 years.

    The rounded-square eyeglasses look perfect on people with oval, square, rectangle and oblong face shapes.

    8. Lucifer

    We're ending our trip of best glasses featured in TV shows with the audience's favourite Lucifer. Don't let the name fool you, it's not what you think. Taking you back to the year 2006, Lucifer is an American urban fantasy television series starring Tom Ellis. The former plays Lucifer Morningstar, supposedly the Devil, who escapes Hell and comes to Los Angeles as a consultant to the LAPD. Sound weird, right? But it's a hit show!

    Back to the eyewear, since we're dealing with detectives, you know that we're probably going to encounter some cool shades. So, who happens to play a female tv character with glasses? You know we're talking about Detective Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German. Who can show off a classic pair of aviator sunglasses than a hardworking detective in the LAPD? If this doesn't say cool, we don't know what does.

    Her version of the frames includes a golden double-bar with teardrop-shaped lenses. Aviators are timeless pieces of accessories, and we encourage everyone to own at least one pair. Men and women can enjoy the flawless fit of classic aviator sunglasses. If you don't already have one in your closet, we do encourage you to join the movement. We know detective Decker did!

    Aviator sunglasses look good on oval, diamond, round, rectangle, square, oblong and heart face shapes.

    We see also celebrities rocking signature sunglasses and eyeglasses from famous and top rated TV shows and movies franchises such stranger things, mad men and Harry Potter. Other celebrities Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Tommy Lee Jones, and Marilyn Monroe wear their famous sunglasses in mainstream media.

    With the increase of television shows, they truly are becoming a significant part of our lives. Whether it's from the 90s or now, each show paves the way for new trends to come along, and fans are happy to join the movement. But, of course, there is no harm in trying to look like famous characters with glasses. After all, fashion is there for a reason: inspiration. Characters also showcase their eyewear in movies and have become a source of inspiration for many. That's why we gathered the top glasses featured in film for you to explore.


    8 Best Glasses Featured in TV Shows

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