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    Top 12 Accessory Trends for Spring 2024

    Top 12 Accessory Trends for Spring 2024

    Accessory Trends For Spring

    Updated on 29 December 2024 • Maguy from Kraywoods

    Fashion shows are master classes in showing people what is out with the old and in with the new. Like the flowers in spring, fashion has renewed itself by presenting us with the latest accessory trends. It is no surprise that accessories can elevate your style. For all that we know, they can make or break an outfit.

    From fashionable Parisian berets to full wood sunglasses, the spring season is all about self-expression and showing off to the world your personality with style. After sweeping the latest runway outfits and eyeing high-end fashion influencers, we gathered for you some of our favourite looks to give you the top 12 accessory trends for spring 2024:

    1. Parisian Beret
    2. Glasses Chains
    3. Funky Sunglasses
    4. Biodegradable Shoes
    5. High Heel Shoes
    6. Bracelets
    7. Oversized Tote Bags
    8. Purple Bag
    9. Green Accessories
    10. Pearl Jewellery
    11. Double-Layered Necklaces
    12. Head Scarf

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    What are The Top Accessory Trends for Spring 2024?

    Have you noticed that people are paying more attention to details when it comes to styling outfits? Well, according to Vogue, the accessory market is booming and it's easy to see why! Accessories can transform an outfit from plain to stylish in seconds. From statement earrings to oversized sunglasses, the options are endless. So, are you guilty of leaving the house without wearing at least one of the latest accessory styles?

    Spring season is all about bringing back the classic elements but with a modern twist. Although we advise you to dig deep in your closet, there are probably iconic fashion pieces that need to be updated. So, for now, jot down a few notes as we go over the top 12 accessory trends for spring 2024:

    1. Parisian Beret

    Fashion lovers, buckle up! After a year of being stuck inside, the latest post-lockdown fashion runways are reminding us of our love for shopping adventures, even if it's just for the little things. So, let's take a trip to Paris and explore the first of many accessory trends for Spring. Now, we know hopping on a plane isn't exactly feasible, but don't worry because we've got you covered. Just grab a Parisian beret, and you'll feel like you're strolling the charming streets of the City of Love in no time. Trust us, it's the perfect way to escape reality for a few hours and spice up your wardrobe. So, who's ready to add a touch of French flair to their outfit?

    As history shows, Dutch artist Rembrandt was the first person ever to wear the latest trend. Berets are France's first iconic accessory worn by the working class, such as farmers and artists. In the past, it was easy to distinguish the social status of French citizens by the color of their beret. Those in the elite ranks of the army would often wear a light blue beret, while peasants were limited to wearing black. Regardless of the color you choose, a beret is an excellent way to add a touch of French sophistication to any outfit.

    The beauty of a beret is that it's lightweight enough to bring you into Spring. As a result, this trending fashion accessory is effortless and makes a massive comeback with a bit of twist: we're talking about a netted beret. You can wear it with a tailored ensemble while keeping your jewellery to the minimum. Your primary focus should be on the accessory trends found on your head. Therefore, place the netted beret on your head, have it cover most of your forehead and make sure it is an inch behind your ears. Next, you'd want to pull it on one side while having the net cover your entire face.

    Bella Hadid Wearing Black Leather Beret and Accesories

    2. Glasses Chains

    Our following selection of accessory trends for Spring 2024 is known to have been the breakout star in the 90s. You might be shocked as to why glasses chains would ever come back. However, people are finding them to be useful now more than ever. Don't you feel bad when you just can't find your glasses anymore? They're a great way to keep your eyewear at hand if they are not on your face. In addition, you can style them with your sunglasses, eyeglasses and face masks too! Knowing how to wear glasses chains is crucial in order to keep your outfit looking classy and chic.

    The inspiration for new designs can come from anywhere or anyone. For glasses chains, inspiration drew from Victorian socialites, 90s streetwear and even librarians! But of course, you need to upgrade the whole product. As a result, you can now find these accessory trends with high-end materials such as links, beads, pearls, Cuban links, herringbones, and even lanyard glasses chains.

    As part of the spring/summer 2024 trending fashion accessories, we advise you to choose a strap that suits you. With a lot of variety in front of you, you may feel a little lost. Don't forget to add your personal touch to it too! With the glasses chains, your overall look should have your name written all over it.

    3. Funky Sunglasses

    Talking about glasses chains, you need something to attach them to, right? Layering doesn't only work on clothes, it can also work for accessories! What's the perfect trendy accessory to attach your fashionable glasses chains to? You got it right, we're talking about a pair of funky sunglasses: the latest eyewear trend!

    Geometric frames, such as hexagonal or octagonal sunglasses, are part of the list of accessory trends for spring 2024. As mentioned earlier, fashion is all about self-expression. So, embrace your quirkiness and go all out with your eyewear styles. Since the number one rule is always to protect your eyes from the U.V. rays, you can now do so while rocking this latest accessory trend. Just like the glasses chains, you have a lot to choose from.

    How about go for something concious as much as it is fashionable and trendy? In other words, you can embrace sustainability with this trend by choosing eco-friendly and polarized sunglasses made from premium sustainable materials such as wood, metal and acetate. Let us tell you that sustainable accessories will make you look even better! While you're at it, make sure to choose funky suglasses that balance your facial features. So, study your face shape and go accordingly.

    4. Bracelets

    Another selection of accessory trends for Spring is a fan-favourite. Bracelets are a means of self-expression. They are not your ordinary addition. On the contrary, they elevate your style by taking it to a whole new level. Did you know that bracelets have a specific cultural significance? In the past, our ancestors wore wrist bracelets to protect themselves from evil spirits or the harsh sun. They are meant to send away all the negative energy for you to attract the good ones. Over time, bracelets have evolved to become a trendy fashion accessory.

    While you're choosing the perfect bracelet, why not choose something with a special meaning for you? Our bracelets are handmade from premium sustainable materials with a reminiscence of nature in it's essence. You can find modern beaded macrame bracelets featuring delicate gold, rosegold or gunmetal beads and a standout all-natural Oak Wood bead in the center for a bold and timeless statement piece. These unique designs are inspired by the latest jewelry trends and the beauty of nature.

    5. Biodegradable Shoes

    Stella McCartney is one of the first brands to think about sustainability. Her eco-friendly products are making a change in the world. You, too, can be part of that universal movement by shifting towards eco-friendly accessory trends. Just look at Loewe. Their first-ever sustainable menswear in 2019 Eye/Loewe/Nature has gained much attention. Fast forward to two years; they launched their biodegradable shoes.

    There is a reason why they made it to the list of top accessory trends for spring 2024. They are not only comfortable to wear but stylish too! In case you were wondering, sustainable shoes are made from plant-based materials.

    As a result, by wearing eco-friendly shoes, you will be sending out a message to the world. We know that it's about time for people to stop producing items using plastic and other non-biodegradable materials.

    Loewe's Spring Ready to Wear Biodegradable Shoes

    6. High Heel Shoes

    Let us ask you this, do you think shoes are an essential piece of clothing? If you thought we were done with footwear, you're mistaken. When it comes to styling, people underestimate the power of footwear. Just like many other accessory trends, your shoes can make or break an outfit. Gorgeous shoes can express your taste and artistic sense. What could be more alluring than a pair of chic high heel shoes?

    We're not just talking about any high heel; we're dealing with gigantic heels like you've come out from the 80s. Remember, a good pair of shoes only adds to the elegance of your outfit and gives you that confident posture. John Updike once said: "A woman's beauty lies [...] in the arabesque of her spine." thanks to the newest style of high heel shoes, of course.

    And, for this Spring, the higher the heel, the better you feel! New York, Paris, London and Milan runways have displayed the different designs of footwear which earned them a spot on the list of top accessory trends for spring 2024.

    P.S.: Be careful not to fall when you take your first steps.

    High Heel Shoe spring Accessory for 2023

    7. Oversized Tote Bags  

    Moving on to something bigger, we're not only giving away our following accessory trends; it's a piece of fashion that will save your life. As mentioned earlier, we presented many environmentally friendly fashion accessories. Honestly, we can't stress enough how crucial it is to become a conscious consumer while looking your best. Therefore, tote bags have made their way to Spring's best accessories.

    However, you know how "oversized" was the new I.T. thing last year? Going big is relatable now more than ever. With tote bags, the rule is no different. Everyone loves a good tote bag; the primary purpose is to just carry everything with you at once. They're versatile, convenient, durable and reusable. Basically, a canvas tote bag is made from the long-lasting fabric of cotton or linen. In addition, it fits every occasion and mood. Not to mention how useful it is on our busy days while running errands.

    As a result, oversized tote bags were spotted in different colours and materials on the runway. Designers made it easy for us to pack everything up and head back to our routine in style. You can never really enter a house without spotting one to the least. They're the perfect accessory trends for Spring.

    Salvatore Ferragamo's Oversized Tote Bag 2022

    8. Purple Bag

    With the Spring season comes the blossoming of flowers and the birth of new accessory trends. But, of course, we all know how Spring focuses on colours. Who doesn't like to add a pop of colour to their outfit? So, we advise you to look well into your closet because you're going to need a purple bag for this season. This trendy fashion accessory came out of nowhere. And, there is no better way to elevate your style than using a jewel tone to give you that modern twist you've been looking for.

    Indeed, for bags, any kind of size is helpful; it all depends on your lifestyle. But, as long as it's purple, you're well on your way to following the fashion trends. No matter what shade you decide to put on, purple will instantly illuminate the outfit. We guarantee you'll have heads turn the second you walk into a room. This resulted from the runways for designers' spring/summer collection.

    However, it is a difficult colour to deal with. If you wish to play it safe, you can always pair it with classic black, grey or white. You can go for blue or pink if you want to kick it up a notch. But, if you're going to show off your wild side, a little yellow or green won't do you any harm.

    Purple Bag as Spring Accessory Trend for 2022

    9. Green Accessories

    Since we're talking about colours, green also makes its way to the list of top accessory trends for spring 2024. Designers get inspired by the beauty around us. And, it's time to give credit to the unexpected colours. Like purple, the colour green is THE shade taking over this Spring season. It doesn't really matter which item you choose, but as long as a green accessory is spotted in your outfit. Then, you'll be good to go.

    You may think it's a difficult colour to deal with, and there is a sure way for you to incorporate these 2024 fashion accessories into your outfit. Our advice would be to go casual with the clothing. Soothing colours or even denim can help bring that attention to green. You can try green sandals, a mini bag or even green sunglasses.

    With so many options in front of you, indeed, you'll want to experiment with it.

    A Collection of green accessories as part of the trend for spring 2022

    10. Pearl Jewelery

    We're near the end of the list and we're saving the best items for last. The next one of the list of accessory trends is quite valuable to every woman. By reading the title, you know what we're going to talk about. We're not really dealing with the expensive pearls but think of them as a tribute to all the sophisticated females that came before us—one person in particular: former First Lady of the United States Jackie Kennedy.

    During her life, she was known for being a fashion icon. She inspired women around the world, specifically with pearl jewelery. Therefore, she transformed pearls and turned them into essential statement-making pieces. So, technically they're not really a new accessory. They just come back stronger than ever.

    Moreover, there are different ways to rock on this accessory trend. Of course, you can go with a traditional pairing of pearl earrings with a matching necklace. Or, you can style them in your hair or around your foot like a cute anklet. But, it's essential to have at least one piece of pearl in your jewelery box. There is never a wrong time for sophisticated fashion pieces. And according to Jackie O, pearls are always appropriate.

    Former First Lady of The United States of America wearing Pearl Jewelry

    11. Double-Layered Necklaces

    As far as jewellery, you can never do anything wrong. You just have to stay aware of the newest style. For this Spring, double-layered necklaces are THE accessory trends to follow. Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin were spotted wearing thin layered necklaces as part of their street style. So, who wouldn't want to dress like them?

    Turn it up a level with double-layered necklaces to make you stand out from the crowd. Use different lengths to create an illusion of a longer neck. And the good news is, whatever style you decide to go for, the layered necklaces will fit in magically. So you can go for punk, denim or even classic.

    It's fascinating how some accessory trends are right under our noses, yet it takes us way too long to realize their importance. Just like sustainable accessories and eco-friendly products. With that said, the double-layered necklaces are classic pieces of jewellery that you'll be wearing for years.

    Woman wearing double-layered thick necklaces as an accessory trend for spring 2022

    12. Headscarf

    We've come down to our final piece of fashion for spring 2024. The season is all about expressing your freedom and letting go of bad days. Therefore, the fashion world will never let you miss out on an opportunity to renew yourself and your sense of style. The final trendy fashion accessory we're presenting is the headscarf. You can find them in all sizes, textures, patterns and colours. So if you want to give out the Ibiza vibes, we'll need you to put on a headscarf that matches your fierce sunglasses.

    For a bit of history, American actress Grace Kelly was known for the multiple headscarf designs she'd wear when going out in public. Naturally, therefore, this accessory trend never went away. You can still spot it as part of the latest fashions on the runway.

    American Actress Grace Kelly wearing a headscarf and wrapping it under her chin

    We enjoyed showing you our top 12 accessory trends for spring 2024. We believe we chose the best of everything. What was your favourite? You're probably thinking of revisiting every piece you own, and that's okay!

    Remember to transform things the way you feel most comfortable. Your style needs to be significant; Now that you know the trendy fashion accessories, there is no excuse to update your wardrobe. We can't wait to see the new you!


    Top 12 Accessory Trends for Spring 2024

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