Eco-friendly Products To Reduce Plastic Waste

Posted at 3:00 • 24 March 2020 • Ray from Kraywoods

In our day to day, we happen to produce so much plastic waste without even realizing. Plastic is found everywhere, in our homes, in grocery stores, in shopping stores, in the wrapped and packaged products we buy, etc. Whether we like it or not, completely eliminating plastic from our lives is a challenge. Even if we manage to eliminate it from our homes, we have no control over plastics used by businesses and corporations and the plastic wrapping and packaging that comes with the groceries and products we purchase. Plastics are practical, inexpensive and durable, but as a result of humans’ excessive use, plastic waste and pollution of has overwhelmed our planet.

According to studies, 40% of plastic produced is single-use packaging, used just once then discarded and some 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year. According to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund):

  • For a single piece of plastic hundreds of years will take to decompose.
  • Around the world, only 9% of plastics are recycled.
  • 80% of plastics enter our ocean through rivers and streams.


We can prevent the earth’s destruction by taking small steps. If every household managed to reduce their plastic use by at least half, imagine what a positive environmental impact that would have. Although finding eco-friendly alternatives to everything plastic can sometimes be a challenge, every small action you take can contribute to saving our planet.

To make it easy for you, we’ve made a list of eco-friendly products to help you go green and reduce your waste of plastic in your everyday life!

Bamboo Toothbrush

The best replacement to a conventional plastic toothbrush is the Bamboo toothbrush. With the bamboo toothbrush, you're not only saving on the plastic used to make the product, but also the plastic packaging! This bamboo toothbrush comes in eco-friendly recycled packaging and the bristles are soft and BPA free.

Featured: Bamboo Toothbursh made by Ecofrenzy

Ethique shampoo/conditioner/face cream

On the market Ethique has a wide range of the best eco-friendly skincare products from shampoo to face cream. All products come in eco-friendly packaging and are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. Every product is TSA, cruelty-free and compostable. One bar of Ethique can help save three plastics bottles from ending up in landfills.

Featured: A Collection of Hair Products (Hair Sampler) by Ethique

Stainless Steel Razors with Blades

This stainless steel razor is the perfect solution to save on disposable plastic razors. It's solid, durable and comes with a pack of 20 blades. You can even get a much cleaner shave with these types of razors.

Featured: Stainless Steel Razors by Leaf Shave

Silk Floss

You’ve probably never thought about it, but the floss we generally use is most often made of plastic, and coated with toxic chemicals. These chemicals (PFC’s) have been linked to dementia, cancer, thyroid disease. Silk floss, on the other hand, does not contain these harmful chemicals and will help you save on your plastic waste.

Reusable Organic Makeup Remover Pads

These eco-friendly makeup remover pads are made from organic bamboo fibers, they're biodegradable and can be washed to reuse over and over again. They come in a pack of 14 with a full set of cleansing gloves, make up remover cloth and a small laundry bag. The pads are made of organic bamboo fibers.

Featured: Reusable Organic Makeup Pads by Uppwell

Eco-friendly organic makeup remover pads

Reusable Cups

Many coffee shops such as starbucks now offer the option to serve you your drink in your own reusable cup. You can buy reusable cups for warm drinks as well as or cold drinks. Imagine how many plastic cups you’d be saving at the end of the year.

Featured: Reusable Cups By Starbucks

Clothes made from recycled fibre

There are so many sustainable fashion brands that make clothes from recycled fibres instead of synthetic materials that negatively impact our environment. This does not only eliminate the waste of synthetic and plastic materials, it also helps diminish the use of harmful chemicals, dyes, and carbon footprint in the making process of the product.

Featured: Recycled Fibres by Repreve

Go Toob Bottles

These are made from toxic-free durable silicone. They're small, practical and airplane carry-on approved. These 100% BPA free and eco-friendly bottles can be used for all kinds of products you want to carry with you on the go!

Featured: Silicone Bottle by Go Toob

reusable ecofriendly silicone tube bottle

Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

These insulated tumblers are made from durable stainless steel and keep your liquids cold and hot two times longer than traditional mugs. It also comes with a metal straw and recycled packaging. It's the perfect set to replace throwaway styrofoam and plastic cups for your coffee and drinks on the go. With this, you won’t ever need to use wasteful plastic cups or plastic straws!

Featured: Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler by Healthy Human

Bamboo Straws

Plastic straws are used once and then thrown into landfills to pollute our oceans and rivers. That’s where bamboo drinking straws come to the rescue. They are eco-friendly, reusable and BPA free, the perfect alternative to disposable plastic straws!

Silicone Straws

Another eco-friendly alternative to way plastic straws is straws made from silicone. If you don’t like the feeling of having a metal straw in your mouth, then that’s the perfect for your drinks. The silicone makes it comfortable for your teeth and super soft to sip on, you’ll want to carry this everywhere you go!

Lifestraw Go Water Bottle

This water filter bottle is BPA free and extremely durable. Because of the filter inside, you can fill up your water anywhere. The filter lasts for 1000 litres and filters out 99.9999% waterborne bacteria and 99.9% waterborne protozoa. This eco-friendly product can provide one person with safe drinking water for a year. A reusable water bottle use has to be the easiest way to save on single-use plastic bottles.

Featured: Filter Water Bottle By Lifestraw Go

Bamboo Utensil Set

For a more sustainable lifestyle, owning a set of reusable bamboo utensils is a must. This eco-friendly product is super practical and helps you cut back on disposable plastic utensils. It's made from top grade natural bamboo and 100% food safe, and it comes in a small travel pouch, making it practical to carry with you on your travels, camping trips and wherever else you go! Save the planet one meal at a time with your own natural bamboo travel utensil set.

Featured: Reusable Bamboo Utensil Set By Bamboo Essentials

Bento Lunchbox

These eco-friendly bento lunchbox containers are the perfect solution to eliminate plastic Tupperware from your life! They are made of safe biodegradable, non-toxic raw materials such as processed wheat fibres, straw, rice. Unlike plastic, they're 100% eco-friendly and completely decompose after disposal. They also come with a set of eco-friendly utensils, so this kit will even help you save on disposable utensils.

Featured: Eco-friendly Lunchbox By Bento Lunch

Reusable Grocery Bags

You can’t go green without eco-friendly reusable bags for your shopping and groceries. Plastic bags are the first thing to eliminate from your life to significantly cut down on plastic waste and plastic pollution, and reusable grocery bags are the perfect eco-friendly solution!

Recycled Toilet Paper

You can find toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper fibres, bamboo or sugarcane. This eco-friendly product helps reduce carbon emissions and save trees and water. Most of the brands that make these eco-friendly toilet papers also contribute part of their profits to environmental causes. It’s always rewarding to know that while buying an eco-friendly product, you’re also supporting a great cause.

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the amount of plastic waste and pollution harming our environment. The toxic polluants caused by plastic waste negatively affects our environment, plants, wildlife and even humans themselves. Small changes go a long way and to new habits can be formed in as little as 3 weeks time. By making small changes in the products we purchase and use in our day to day, we can reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce and help save our one and only planet and it’s biodiversity from plastic pollution for generations to come.


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