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    The Best Bamboo Sunglasses & Why They Aren't Just a Trend

    The Best Bamboo Sunglasses & Why They Aren't Just a Trend

    The Best Bamboo Sunglasses

    5 min read • Updated on 13 March 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    You might have been noticing more and more people around wearing wood frame sunglasses. Bamboo sunglasses have been a hot trend for a while now, but are they merely just a passing trend, or are they here to stay?

    If you’ve already tried a pair of wooden sunglasses for yourself, you’ll definitely understand what the hype is all about. Bamboo is a material that’s becoming more popular in the eyewear world and for so many good reasons. Let's see why bamboo sunglasses are a trend that's here to stay, and why you should get on that train and get yourself two pairs if you haven't already!

    Trending Wooden Sunglasses

    1. They Look Awesome & Unique

    Whether you're going for a classic or casual look, bamboo sunglasses are a stylish and versatile accessory that can be a perfect fit and enhance any look! Bamboo is naturally very appealing, known for its distinctive pale colour and fine uniform texture.

    Every piece of bamboo wood has it's own distinct pattern and grain, making each pair of bamboo sunglasses unique. No two trees are similar. Each has its own distinctive story, look and charm. A story that has been deep-seated within its bark and timber.

    Every new pair from the Kraywoods men's wooden sunglasses and women's wooden sunglasses collection is as unique as the trees and plants they come from.

    2. They’re Incredibly Comfortable

    Bamboo is naturally very light weight, more than any other type of wood. With an extremely fine and smooth texture, bamboo feels amazing to the touch. With all these properties, bamboo sunglasses offer an unbeatable comfort compared to metal and plastic, and even other types of wood.

    3. They Come in All Designs

    Bamboo is a versatile material used for many different purposes such as construction, furniture, home accessories, etc. When it comes to eyewear, Bamboo can be easily manipulated and handcrafted into any shape and design. It also reacts beautifully to finishes, making for a variety of charming colours and designs when it comes to eyewear frames.

    You can choose best pair of wooden sunglasses according to your colour preferences and choose which will make your wooden bamboo sunglasses truly one-of-a-kind.

    Several wooden bamboo sunglasses are available in different shapes and styles, like - browline, cat-eye, aviators, square, round, oversized, etc. so you can have whatever style you like in wood, and you will absolutely love it.

    4. They’re Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

    Most plastic materials are made from crude oil. Although these materials are sometimes required in eyewear, it doesn't mean that we can't minimize their use.

    For wooden bamboo sunglasses, natural woods are used to make the whole frame or, at least, the temples of the frame. These woods are sustainably sourced and handcrafted piece by piece.

    Many companies also use recycled plastic like acetate when making their bamboo sunglasses, along with the natural wood. Wood bamboo sunglasses are available with full wood or half wood frames and can be made from various wood types, including Bamboo, Walnut, Zebrawood, Ebony and many more.

    Bamboo is one of the most unique and fastest-growing plants. It is considered as one of the most eco-friendly resources on the planet. Made from natural vegetation, it's a highly renewable resource that can grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. When it comes to materials used to make your bamboo sunglasses, you can't get more sustainable than that!

    Higher demand for more sustainable lifestyles means that natural and eco-friendly materials are essential, even in the eyewear world. Considering the sustainability of bamboo sunglasses, it's the best choice for eco-conscious consumers looking for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to standard plastic frames.

    Additionally, most wooden bamboo sunglasses brands also offer sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging when purchasing a pair of bamboo sunglasses.

    5. They’re Extremely Durable

    Although Bamboo is mainly popular for its aesthetic properties, it is also very prized for its mechanical properties. Bamboo possesses some of the best stiffness/strength characteristics and strength-to-weight ratios of any other wood material on the planet. When it comes to eyewear, this makes bamboo sunglasses more resistant and durable than any other type of sunglasses!

    There is no doubt that durability is the most significant selling point of all-natural bamboo sunglasses. Wooden glasses are rough and tough from the trees when they came from. Better yet, wooden shades and bamboo sunglasses are made from the most excellent quality of exclusive woods to confirm superior quality, durability, and strength.

    6. They're Elegant and Warm

    Wood can turn a standard pair of bamboo sunglasses into a special and unique pair. Without being extravagant, bamboo sunglasses will take you well into a fresh and fashion-forward look.

    Why do people opt for wooden bamboo sunglasses? At the same time, not all the materials can satisfy so many different styles and tastes. Is wood masculine and hard? Yes, but without a doubt, they are also elegant and warm at the same time. Do bamboo sunglasses fit well on both men and women? Yes, absolutely. Wood is beautiful and versatile.

    The natural aspect of wood tones and the wood grain goes on pretty much anyone and with any style. Rather than glossy coloured plastic, wood tones are neutral and incline to match your look rather than the deviate attention. Additionally, the natural tones of wood complement every complexion and hair colour, so there's no way you're going wrong with a pair of bamboo sunglasses!

    Tom & Cat Sunglasses From Kraywoods

    Here’s a comprehensive and informative to why Tom & Cat Sunglasses are the best Bamboo glasses:

    Kraywoods’ Tom & Cat Sunglasses

    • Eco-Friendly Bamboo: Crafted with bamboo wood, these stylish sunglasses offer a sustainable choice for fashion-forward individuals. The bamboo frames are not only stylish but also represent a commitment to environmental responsibility.
    • Superior Clarity: Equipped with premium HD polarized lenses made in Canada, these bamboo shades provide enhanced visual clarity, ensuring that style does not compromise vision quality1.
    • Sustainable Style: The bamboo wood sunglasses are a testament to Kraywoods’ belief that sustainability and style can coexist. Each pair sold contributes to planting a tree in Kenya, adding to the over 72,000 trees already planted.
    • Comfort and Fit: Designed with bamboo arms, the sunglasses promise a comfortable fit without compromising on durability, making them suitable for everyday wear.

    Reasons to Choose Kraywoods’ Bamboo Products

    • Eco-Friendly Bamboo: By choosing eco-friendly bamboo products, customers support sustainable practices and contribute to reforestation efforts.
    • Quality Assurance: With a 12-month warranty and polarized lenses crafted by certified opticians, customers are assured of the quality and longevity of their purchase.
    • Stylish Protection: The sunglasses not only protect your eyes with polarized lenses but also serve as a fashion statement with their unique bamboo design.
    • Thoughtful Packaging: Each pair comes in a bamboo box, which not only protects the sunglasses but also aligns with the brand’s green philosophy.

    Kraywoods’ commitment to combining style with sustainability makes their bamboo eyewear products an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers looking for high-quality, fashionable sunglasses.

    With all these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder that bamboo sunglasses are becoming more and more in demand and will continue to be. With people becoming more environmentally conscious and the wide choice of products and brands to choose from, the eyewear and fashion industry is fast-changing and evolving.

    The use of innovative and eco-friendly materials is on the rise, and bamboo has now become a staple material for eyewear!


    The Best Bamboo Sunglasses & Why They Aren't Just a Trend

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