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    12 Best Sunglasses for Big Noses
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    12 Best Sunglasses for Big Noses

    Updated on 2 January 2024 • Chloe from Kraywoods

    Do you tend to hide your insecurities when you’re going out? In case you haven’t noticed, fashion has a new of way thinking, including eyewear too. The past was all about looking at your finest. However, modern times call for self-expression. In other words, it’s all about embracing that little sprinkle of insecurity such as big noses.

    Many people wonder: are there any men's sunglasses or women's sunglasses for big noses? No matter your facial features, there’s always a pair of sunglasses that will look extra flattering on you. Accessories, like stylish sunglasses, can help you balance your overall look, you just have to choose wisely. Since today is all about bringing you joy, we’ve gathered some of our favourite pairs of sunglasses for big noses:  

    1. Retro-Square Sunglasses
    2. Winged-Square Sunglasses
    3. Dark Sunglasses
    4. Bold Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    5. Gradient Tint Sunglasses
    6. Retro-Round Sunglasses
    7. Oversized Aviator Sunglasses
    8. Rounded Square Sunglasses
    9. Winged Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    10. Browline Sunglasses
    11. Oversized Round Sunglasses

    Featured Sunglasses For Big Noses

    Featured Sunglasses

    Tips on How to Choose Sunglasses for Big Noses

    Is this your first-time buying eyewear? If so, sunglasses for people with big noses require close attention. There are a few things to look out for when you set your eyes on an alluring pair. To those who have a big nose, large sunglasses are the best size for you. If you don’t believe us, just ask the Vision Council of America. Therefore, our motto for you is go big or go home! It works perfectly well in this case.

    If you’ve been wearing small sunglasses, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Think of your face shape and go with the eyewear that is large enough for you. In case you’re not sure about your face shape, be sure to check out our face shape glasses guide.

    As mentioned earlier, it’s all about balance. But there are other factors that can affect your purchase. Some needs to be highlighted while others need to be toned down. The nose is an important feature. If you think about it, the sunglasses will hold still against it. This can be a problem for people who wish to downsize the area. Feeling a little lost? We’ll just gather the tips on how to wear your trendy sunglasses:

    1. Buy Thick Frames
    2. Lower the Bridge
    3. Go for Dark Colours
    4. Add Style and Flair

    12 Best Sunglasses for Big Noses

    Eyewear designers try to create designs that fit for almost all face shapes and sizes. The main focus should be your facial features. For the people with big noses, what can balance your face is one thing: angular frames. You might also know them as geometric figures. They’re the best place to start. Therefore, go for lens shapes like square, rectangle and cat-eyes.

    Moreover, rounded frames with soft edges can work too. These frames will definitely draw the attention away from your nose. Here are our 11 glasses for people with big noses:

    1. Retro Square Sunglasses

    Who doesn’t love a blast from the past? We love going back in time. If this is your first-time shopping for eyewear, we advise you to stick to basics. The ordinary frame will make your life easier. As mentioned earlier, angular shapes will do you justice. A little sprinkle of the nineties theme will give you Oxford sunglasses.

    The retro-square frames are unisex. So, you can enjoy coordinating the sunglasses with their outfits. As for the premium material, Oxford combines Ebony and Teak wood for an alluring two-tone coloured frames. A high-quality feel is guaranteed for you. These retro sunglasses feature dark grey lenses bringing you a contemporary look.

    Oxford are the perfect sunglasses for a big nose and will be sure to provide full coverage around the eyes. No more dangerous UV rays from our greatest enemy: the sun! The Oxford sunglasses look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.

    2. Winged Square Sunglasses

    In modern times, you can spice it up with a little pattern. But, have you ever thought about spicing it up with a mixture of frames? We’re talking about winged-square frames like Carter sunglasses. They look great on small to medium faces. These winged retro-square sunglasses designed with an alluring tortoise frame, keyhole bridge and slim Burl Wood arms. In addition, they feature dark green lenses for an upscale look that is contemporary and versatile.

    The Carter polarized sunglasses look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes. It will most definitely look flattering on faces with big noses.

    3. Dark Sunglasses

    Generally, people pick sunglasses related to the shape. But many tend to over underestimate the effect of colours. The former is as equally important as the frame itself. As mentioned earlier, it is better to go for solid colours for those who own a big nose. In terms of colours, stick to basics and by that we mean go black. This colour is not only for your fashion experience. Also, it is necessary for any eyewear accessory. You know what they say, women must have one black dress or on black high heel shoes. For men, they should at least have one black shirt in the closet. Add a black sunglasses frame for your wardrobe.

    You can kick it up a notch wearing Shade sunglasses. They’re perfect for guys with big noses. They bring attention to themselves. This particular pair is ideal for big noses due to its dark colour and geometric shape. As for the high-end material, they are handcrafted with Ebony Wood. They’re strongly built to sit perfectly around the nose. They feature a sleek fat top and subtle geometric styling around the eyes.

    Another advantage is that Shade is an oversized style. Therefore, you will be able to downsize your nose while looking elegantly chic. Featuring dark grey lenses, you will be able to shield your eyes from the brightest light. The Shade sunglasses look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.

    4. Bold Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Another pair of dark sunglasses for big noses we must recommend are the Selena sunglasses. These alluring cat-eye sunglasses are designed with winged edges and a curved browline. They will elongate your face shape and make your nose look slimmer. Handcrafted from luxurious Ebony Wood for a luxurious upscale feel and a sophisticated finish. Featuring dark grey polarized lenses, these modern winged sunglasses will give you that feminine vogue look and shield your eyes from the bright sun rays.

    The Selena polarized sunglasses look great on round, oval, square, rectangle, heart, oblong face shapes and small to medium faces.

    5. Gradient Tint Sunglasses

    A big part of the eyewear journey is related to the person himself. If you think about it for a second, what makes a good pair of shades so noticeable? The answer is simple: Style. If you this is your field of expertise, we have nothing to worry about.

    Add your personal touch to your wardrobe and make yourself stand out. There are a lot of hints and tips available. You can purchase sunglasses with patterns, gradient tint lenses or metal add-ons to shift away the attention from the nose. For the men in the room, we are addressing you now with Hazel sunglasses.

    These are squared frames that will look flattering on you. No need to wonder about the material, you know it is going to be good! The Hazel sunglasses are handcrafted from Walnut Wood. As for the design, this pair of shades features alluring gradient brown lenses and slim gold temples combining a minimalistic silhouette and a raised keyhole nose bridge for a subtle retro twist. These lightweight sunglasses will grant you a comfortable feel. Also, they will add a contemporary appeal, character and style to your everyday journey.

    The Hazel sunglasses look great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.

    6. Retro Round Sunglasses

    For men and women, fashion itself can make a big change. Whether it’s hats, scarves, haircuts, a cut of the beard or moustache, your facial features will be highlighted. Does that apply for sunglasses for big noses too? Of course, going back to rounded frames like Lennon sunglasses. They will do the balancing on your behalf.


    These retro-round sunglasses feature gradient purple lenses. Also, they are designed with a raised curved bridge, which fits great and looks extra flattering on big noses. The frames combine a sleek gold metal frame with slim Zebra Wood temples for a modern look with a retro twist. If you have a big nose and are looking for pair of sunglasses that will provide a comfortable fit and enhance your appearance, then these sunglasses are for you!

    7. Oversized Aviator Sunglasses

    Oversized aviator sunglasses, like the Parker Sunglasses, are a timeless trend that flatters faces with bigger noses, as they draw attention away from this feature. Their unique appeal lies in their retro aviator shape and the exclusive double bridge design, setting them apart from the rest. These retro frames feature a black acetate frame complemented by a smooth ebony wood temples. The Parker sunglasses exude an irresistible vintage charm, blending it seamlessly with modern fashion and essential sun protection, all while subtly redirecting attention away from big noses.

    These oversized aviators are an ideal choice for oval, round, heart, and diamond face shapes, ensuring a stylish and comfortable fit for all.

    8. Classic Square Sunglasses

    The fourth choice is dedicated to the men out there. To be more specific, the men who love classic frames. This year, thick frames have been added to most trending eyewear collection. It’s what is trendy, catchy and wanted most. Whatever shape you choose, a sturdy frame will grab all the attention and people will look towards the ears. The overall look will blend in.

    Suppose you tend to agree with what you read; you might as well check out Challenger sunglasses. The former shades boast a rounded square shape, which is a flattering shape if you have a face with a big nose. They are designed with luxurious Ebony Wood temples, adding an upscale touch to the classic contemporary look. These lightweight sunglasses feature dark grey lenses providing decent coverage and sunlight protection. The Challenger sunglasses look great on oval, square, rectangle, oblong and diamond face shapes.

    9. Winged Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Angular frame styles always seem to add a special touch to the overall look. Not only do angular frames make the face shape look even better; They also add flair to your everyday street style look. Geometric and angular frames are the best eyewear for big noses. The sharper corners of the cat-eye sunglasses work better with large noses because they will draw the attention away from one angle.

    To all the ladies out there, we advise you to choose thick frames. Dedicate your time to adding your personal touch to your new favourite Willow sunglasses. These alluring cat-eye are a large frame fit. As for the design and material, well, you won’t be disappointed. The Bamboo sunglasses are contoured with a subtle golden metal accent, adding a sophisticated touch to your classic winged frames. Besides, they feature dark grey lenses. They are lightweight but sturdy enough to sit nicely on your nose and to protect the whole area around the eyes.

    The Willow sunglasses collection looks well on round, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong face shape.

    10. Browline Sunglasses

    The next recommended trendy frames for big noses are browline sunglasses. Not only are they stylish and on-trend, they will certainly elevate your look! The reason why these sunglasses work well for big noses is that the thicker top part of the frame will draw attention away from your nose and on the sunglasses themselves. An added advantage is if the sunglasses are dark.

    Both men and women can look elegantly chic with the Black Jaguar sunglasses. The frames combine a thick acetate browline, a thin silver rounded lens rim and authentic Ebony Wood temples. Featuring dark grey lenses, these lightweight sunglasses are a classic and timeless fashion piece that will be sure to flatter your features and block out the brightest sun!


    The Black Jaguar polarized sunglasses will look great on an oval, square, rectangle, oblong and diamond faces with a big nose.

    To complement a bigger nose, consider the contemporary appeal of Casper Sunglasses.. Their adjustable silicone nose pads not only ensure a comfortable fit but are also ideal for sun-drenched days. These browline sunglasses, crafted from luxurious Ebony and Walnut Wood, stand out for their adaptability, making them an excellent choice for those with bigger noses. Enhanced with acetate temple tips, these upscale sunglasses exude effortless sophistication and vintage charm. Plus, the dark grey polarized lenses add a touch of modernity and timeless style. With their versatility, these browline sunglasses suit various face shapes, including oval, square, rectangle, oblong, and diamond.

    11. Oversized Sunglasses

    Fashion is all about improvement, believe it or not, going too little or too big are in-trend for this season. But, let’s focus on the oversized sunglasses as our last choice glasses for people with big noses. Not only do they guarantee full coverage around the eyes; But, they look great on a face like yours. The oversized frames will help balance out facial features and draw attention away from your nose to look extra fitting for you like the Ava Sunglasses.

    They are an oversized frame with bold black acetate with a high nose bridge, which fits all the criteria you want in sunglasses for a big nose. The frames are made from Ebony Wood and are designed with straight lines and sophisticated details. Feature dark grey polarized lenses, these voguish sunglasses will make your Monday meetings less boring, and your Wednesday lunch dates more exciting!

    The oversized sunglasses look great on rectangle, diamond, heart, oval, oblong and round faces with a big nose.

    No matter your facial features, with all the perfections and imperfections, keep in mind that you are beautiful just the way you are! We all sang Lady Gaga’s Born This Way song, and now, it is the time to apply it!

    With eyewear accessories, there are no rules. You go on a search journey, try and see what works best for you, and the rest is history. Remember, the number one factor to consider above all is your face shape. No need to worry about the rest. All sunglasses we've recommended above will do a great job to help balance out your features for a flattering look, so make sure you choose a stylish pair. Finally, don’t forget to add some flair to your overall look with some trendy glasses chains! We can’t wait to see what you choose!

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    12 Best Sunglasses for Big Noses

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