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    13 Best Gaming Glasses For Avid Gamers in 2024

    13 Best Gaming Glasses For Avid Gamers in 2024

    Best Gaming Glasses

    Updated on 23 August 2023 • Maguy from Kraywoods

    Anyone who has used the screen for a long time knows how easy it is for your eyes to get tired. If you are a part-time or full-time gamer, you may have experienced the blur, the headaches, dry eyes and neck/back pain that comes with it.

    Thankfully, good men's glasses and women's glasses for gaming exist. They can help reduce any blurry vision problems you might have without ruining the thrill and excitement of playing online. In addition, fashionable gaming glasses come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

    To make things easier, we've gathered everything you need to know about gaming glasses:

    1. What Are Gaming Glasses?
    2. How Do Gaming Glasses Work?
    3. Can You Get Prescription Gaming Glasses?
    4. How Long Can You Wear Gaming Glasses?
    5. Gaming Glasses to Avoid.
    6. What Are The Best Gaming Glasses Of 2023?

    Featured Gaming Glasses

    What are Gaming Glasses?

    As its name suggests, gaming glasses are glasses made to wear while playing games online or offline. If you happen to spend long hours in front of a tablet, computer or TV screen, then we definitely reccommend that you to wear gaming glasses.

    The best gaming glasses are equipped with lenses that have an anti-reflective coating, blue light blocking coating and UV protection. These feature are essential for reducing eye strain and prevent eye fatigue and improve eye health and increase eye protection durring the long hours you may spend while PC gaming.

    How do Gaming Glasses work?

    Now that we have got the definition off the table, it's time to move to the next level (we just can't help but use gaming slang). Most people often underestimate the power of glasses for gaming. If you don't wear contact lenses or prescription blue light blocking glasses, the gaming glasses won't ruin your eyes or vision.

    On the contrary, when you buy the right computer glasses of good quality, your eyes are protected from any dangers. Here's how gaming glasses work:

    • Gamer glasses help reduce and block blue light glare and strain: When you spend long hours in front of any digital device, this emits blue light. As a result, the dangerous light causes your eyes to feel tired. Gaming glasses can reduce that.
    • Gamer glasses help improve clarity and provide a lighter yellow tint to help you see colours better.
    • Gamer glasses will help you keep up with fast-paced games because you'll get a more precise, clearer vision.

    It's safe to say that this is an investment that will prevent you from vision problems, especially if you're an intense gamer or you participate in competitions. But, of course, you can also look good while playing your favourite video games with friends.

    How gaming glasses can protect your eyes from screens

    Can You Get Prescription Gaming Glasses?

    Standard gaming glasses usually come as non-prescription blue light blocking glasses. However, you can get prescription lenses by customizing your prescription anti reflective lenses with an additional blue fluorescent lighting blocking coating and UV protection. As a result, you'll be able to enjoy the same protection as non-prescription game glasses longer and better.

    Find a style that speaks to you most out of the different blue light blocking glasses available. It is important to consider your lifestyle, personality, look and face shape.

    You can also check out our our face shape glasses guide to find the best gaming blue light blocking glasses shape that perfectly matches your face.

    How Long can You Wear Gaming Glasses?

    You may think that gaming glasses or computer glasses are strictly for those who spend long hours in front of a tv or computer screen.

    However, anyone who minimally sits in front of screens or uses digital devices is exposed to the harmful blue light rays, and therefore even people with limited screening time can still benefit from these anti glare blue light gaming blue light blocking glasses.

    Many ask themselves the following question when it comes to blue light glasses: Do Blue light Glasses work? The answer is that they absolutely do! You can try them out for yourself and notice the difference.

    On the other hand, since the other gaming glasses also contain UV protection, you can enjoy a day out in the sun without causing any harm to your eyes. Even people with limited screening time can still benefit from them. Remember that safety comes first, and try to enjoy several restful sleep cycles to rest your eyes!

    Gaming Glasses to Avoid

    Many people don't understand the dangers we put ourselves in when sitting on any digital device. Even if it's for a short period, blue light will harm your eyes. If the negative effects don't show now, then they definitely will a few years later. Blue light coating is essential for numerous reasons and constant digital screen exposure is just one thing of them.

    So, gamers you know that you have to protect yourself by getting the anti blue light gaming glasses. Now that you have an idea of how things work, are there any glasses for PC gaming to avoid?

    The answer is simple, any two pairs of prescription glasses without any blue light coating will harm your eyes. Without the blue light protection filter, you will be exposing yourself to harmful UV rays from your computer screen. You can even get anti glare blue light filter glasses without any prescription. So protect your eyes form the blue lightning bolt now and have better sleep quality.

    What are The Best Gaming of 2023?

    No need to explain even more how crucial blue light gaming glasses are for kids and young adults. You spend so much time in front of the screen without any eye sleep cycle; your eyes are bound to get fatigued. So, what are you waiting for? You can now protect your eyes by choosing FDA-approved stylish gaming glasses.

    Find out more about the 13 best gaming glasses in 2023:

    1. Vintage Aviator Gaming Glasses

    People spend long hours playing online games. As a result, your gunnar gaming glasses need to sit comfortably on your face. Timeless pieces such as the Purpose collection serve you well as pair of gaming glasses. They are available in two different color spectrum: black and gold.

    These quality frames are aviator-shaped and perfect for those gaming days. The Purpose Gold eyeglasses are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Rose Wood temples with a gold finish. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable, which makes them the ideal frame for those long hours of gaming.

    The vintage-inspired aviators are specifically designed with a standout black bar. In addition, the Purpose Black eyeglasses include a raised nose bridge featuring a matte black monochromatic finish for a polished look. You can benefit from the blue light sensitivity lenses with this eyewear style too!

    These fashionable anti glare gaming glasses look great oval, diamond, round, rectangle, square, oblong and heart face shapes.

    2. Upswept Cat-Eye Gaming Glasses

    Accessories, like gaming glasses, are part of the fashion world. Wooden glasses for gaming are the next big thing. Like the cat-eye glasses in the Charm collection, they give out a badass look that can be perfect as part of the gaming glasses! Ladies, the charm collection is irresistable as it brings style and comfort while you enjoy your favourite games.

    Starting with the first pair, Charm Rose eyeglasses are handcrafted from authentic Cherry Wood.

    The second pair, Charm Purple eyeglasses are handcrafted from genuine Sandal Wood. Both frames are quite chic and modern due to their ergonomic design and premium materials. The upswept frames are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability.

    Also, they include rounded edges and subtly winged tips to add that chic, feminine look. These sophisticated, fashionable gaming blue light blocking glasses will sure help you with your win!

    These cat-eyes look great on oval, round, square, rectangle, heart and oblong face shapes.

    3. Semi-Rimless Gaming Glasses

    A recent study done by statista was performed in the U.S and shows that women spend an average of 1.51 hours playing games online. We guarantee that these people are not applying the 20-20-20 rule. So next time, think about logging in while wearing one of the best blue-light-blocking glasses for gaming.

    The first pair, Enchanted Gold eyeglasses, are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Ebony Wood temples. The second pair, Enchanted Silver eyeglasses, are handmade from superior stainless steel and feature original Cassia Siamea temples.

    The striking cat-eye gaming glasses are semi-rimless featuring angular lines and a winged butterfly tip. So if you're looking for a vintage-modern styling for any gaming session, you now know exactly what to look for.

    Embellished with a two-tone gold/silver and matte black finish, these glasses for gaming look good on round, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong face shapes.

    4. Fine Round Gaming Glasses

    Another stylish eyewear material is the metal in round frames like the Joy collection. Premium metal in any shape adds a unique touch to the overall look. There shouldn't be any doubt that they are among the best gaming glasses.

    They are available in two colours: rose gold and silver. Both frames are handmade from premium stainless steel. However, the Joy Rose Gold eyeglasses are prescription gaming blue light blocking glasses that includes authentic Ebony Wood temples,

    While the second, the Joy Silver eyeglasses features original Walnut Wood temples. Moreover, fine metal round frames of gaming computer glasses feature slim lines and an arc-shaped nose bridge for a classic look with a touch of retro vibes. The rounded metal rim boasts a shiny gold or silver finish with unique wooden temples for a standout look.

    The round blue light gaming glasses look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    6. Retro Squared-Aviator Gaming Glasses

    The great thing about eyewear trends is that brand new designs can elevate your look in just a simple try. The idea works the same for gaming blue light blocking glasses because you will be protecting your eyes while looking as fabulous as ever.

    For example, the Drive collection consists of geometric eyeglasses which give you the focus you need to win a game online. First, Drive Gold eyeglasses are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Sandal Wood temples.

    Then, to continue, Drive Silver eyeglasses are handmade from high-quality stainless steel and feature original Zebra Wood temples. The squared-aviator gaming glasses ensure superior comfort. Also, they are designed specifically with a straight top bar and a raised nose bridge featuring a monochromatic gold/silver finish for a sharp look.

    These sophisticated blue light gaming blue light blocking glasses are must-have fashion pieces. They look good on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.  

    7. Bold Rounded-Rectangle Gaming Glasses

    As gaming glasses, you want an accessory that suits your face shape to sit comfortably around the eyes. In addition, the chosen stylish frame of gaming computer glasses should be lightweight and durable enough for you to use with or without gaming headsets like Bliss eyeglasses.

    The rounded-rectangle polycarbonate lenses are handcrafted from authentic Sandal Wood and are equipped with an aluminum core for superior resistance and durability. As for the design, the gaming glasses include a keyhole bridge featuring delicate and clean lines for an elegant look.

    The stylish frames look good on oval, round, heart and oblong face shapes.

    8. Two-Tone Rectangle Gaming Glasses

    What's excellent about eyewear styles is the ability to find several options. First, you can find on-trend modern styling of gamer stylish glasses with sophistication and character like the Euphoria Gold eyeglasses, which protect your eyes from digital devices.

    The gaming glasses are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Ebony Wood temples. Also, the rectangle frame is designed with subtly rounded edges and a standout double bridge featuring sharp lines and delicate metalwork. The two-tone matte black and gold glasses combine retro vibes with a modern twist.

    The fashionable gaming glasses look great on oval, round, heart and oblong face shapes.

    9. Vintage Browline Gaming Glasses

    We guarantee you will love our final top choice for the best gaming glasses. For a flawless fit, these fashion-forward Harmony Brown eyeglasses will do you justice for you to win your best game. They are extremely comfortable and fit perfectly with any gaming head

    They are handcrafted from authentic Oak Wood and are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. In addition, the rounded-square browline eyeglasses combine retro winged tips and a keyhole bridge for a vintage flair with modern aesthetics.

    The wooden glasses look great on oval, square, rectangle and oblong face shapes.

    It does not take a bachelor's degree to know that it is essential to take care of your eyes while playing your favourite video games online. Gaming glasses will protect your eyes from digital eye strain and fatigue.

    Wearing glasses while facing computer screens for long periods is not for those who play games only, but for anyone who sits for long hours in front of a computer, like graphic designers or online students.

    That being said, we know that with so many eyewear trends and styles available every new year, the process of choosing the right gaming glasses might be a little confusing, right?

    What matters most is making the top pick for the right gaming computer glasses for your face shape. You don't want anything to look too small or too big. For now, we wish you good luck on your next game!


    13 Best Gaming Glasses For Avid Gamers in 2024

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