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    Best Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Trends & Styles in 2024
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    Best Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Trends & Styles in 2024

    Best Cat Eye Sunglasses Trends

    Updated • 21 February 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Do you buy clothes and accessories that caters to your personality? Do you style your outfit based on how you feel that day? Many people are big believers in this concept: wear what you think. However, there is one fashion trend that seems to be leading the way for everyone: cat-eye sunglasses. Whether it’s cat eye sunglasses, cat eye prescription glasses or even cat-eye blue light glasses, the situation is no different. Cat-eye frames are the hottest fashion accessory of the season!

    Are you looking for an ever so stylish pair of glasses that will add some personality and glam to your outfits? Only one frame can accompany any woman on her fashion journey, and that's a pair of stylish cat-eye sunglasses. Which style of cat-eye sunglasses will it be for you?! Let's explore the best cat-eye eyewear trends and styles in 2023:

    1. Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    2. Small Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    3. Bold Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    4. Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    5. Upswept Cat-Eye Eyeglasses
    6. Vintage Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

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    History of Cat-Eye sunglasses

    Just like any other frame, the cat-eye shape has been around for a very long time. Every decade is known for a specific reason. The cat-eye body is there through it all. There is a reason why it is standing still.

    Here’s how the story began: The shape was first created in the 1930s. Altina Schinasi walked by an optician’s office and noticed the lack of stylish frames for women. She had a vision, and she wanted to change that. Where did the inspiration come from? Ironically, it came from masks in Venice, Italy. Schinasi was fascinated by the shape. So, she designed glasses with oversized frames around the eyes. After that, she pitched in her drawn design, but several clinics rejected her. However, she never gave up. She finally gained a fan in a boutique in New York City. The rest is history.

    Altina Schinasi, the first woman to ever create the cat-eye glasses in the 1930s

    So many well-known celebrities rocked the cat-eye shape, which increased their demand and popularity. In the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe started wearing glasses in her movies. However, they were different from the 1930’s original shape. The glasses began becoming narrower and more pointed at the tip. The frames later became more famous for sunglasses. In the 1960s, the late Audrey Hepburn wowed the viewers by wearing the best cat-eye frames in Breakfast at Tiffany’s favourite movie.

    A black and white photo of Icon Marilyn Monroe wearing cat-eye glasses while putting her hand on her cheek

    In the 1970s, the eyewear trend grew bigger. In other words, oversized glasses were the go-to shape. The movement kept going to the 1980s as well with a bit of twist. Instead of the 70’s dramatic feel, you can see the oversized cat-eye sunglasses in metal frames. Moving to the 1990s, the size of the glasses was still significant, but the lenses became coloured. FYI, coloured lenses are making a comeback for this year too! Lastly, with the new millennium introducing more oversized frames. Cat-eye frames were being worn in thick frames, often with some spark on the sides.

    What Face Shapes Are Best for Cat-Eye Glasses?

    It’s hard to find the right pair of glasses when there is a whole variety out there that’s just ready to be introduced to the world. Whether it is sunglasses or eyeglasses, each pair speaks to different occasions and moods. But it is essential to choose a pair that matches your face shape, since it could make or break the final look.

    To begin with, there are five main categories of face shapes. It is necessary for those unfamiliar with the term to assess your facial features to figure out which type you belong to. Find the perfect glasses for your face shape and rock them with your favourite outfit.

    Once you have recognized your face shape, choose the frame which will look the most natural on your face. What balances it the most? For cat-eye style sunglasses and eyeglasses, the shape looks good on bottom-heavy faces. In other words, the main focus will be on the lower part of the face. Who can rock out the cat-eye trend? Anyone with a round, oval, square, rectangle, heart or oblong face shape.

    How to Style Cat-Eye Glasses?

    Did you catch Gigi Hadid’s post on Instagram? Our apologies, we should be more specific: the one which shows the supermodel rocking her black cat-eye style sunglasses! Would you believe us if we said that you could look just as good as Gigi herself?

    The best thing about this shape is the variety of outfits that can go with them. From a retro spec to a modern frame, the classic frames add confidence and classic style to your chosen looks. Starting with clothes, the best cat-eye sunglasses will add a sense of flair when you show off that short dress with your favorite pair of sandals heels. Of course, you can keep it to the minimum with boyfriend jeans and a crop top. It will be like mixing sporty with drama.

    Did you know that hairstyles can also make a difference? When you let your hair down, you’ll look hotter than a sunny day in California. But, when you decide to pull it up, people downtown will undoubtedly make way for you. Whether you’re in the mood for a messy bun or a proper ponytail, we’re pretty sure that all three choices will make you look glamorous once you style it with cat-eye shades. So go ahead, let your beachy hair fall or do your best messy bun look. Put on a little makeup and search for the best light. Then click! You’re now Instagram-selfie ready!

    What are The Best Cat-Eye sunglasses Trends in 2023?

    It’s pretty remarkable how one standard frame shape can live on for years. Just like everything else, it changes into something bigger and better. The evolution of the cat-eye frames is extraordinary. Up until now, there are different sizes, colors and patterns to the same frame. From oversized to small to rector, here are the trendiest cat-eye glasses:

    1. Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    When you think big, you have to wear big. We’re starting with an oversized cat-eye lenses frame. Who doesn’t love a voguish appeal on a sunny day? Now you can block out the UV rays while looking as fabulous as ever with Willow oversized sunglasses. The alluring cat-eye sunglasses are made from Bamboo wood. Also, they are contoured with a subtle golden metal accent. This will add a sophisticated touch to classical winged frames. These ultra-lightweight sunglasses feature dark grey polarized lenses.

    Eyewear designers think of all people. So, if you didn't happen to like the dark colours of the cat-eye sunglasses, we have a colourful pair for you. Oversized sunglasses are meant to make you look good. As a result, your overall stylish outfit will help you stand out from the crowd. So, can you imagine the effect you'll have if you had the Audrey Geometric Sunglasses with you?

    The oversized sunglasses are designed with bold translucent pink acetate and alluring Walnut Wood temples that can help you channel your inner stylish self while remaining on top of trends. These cat eye sunglasses feature amber polarized lenses that boasts a unique silhouette and angled lines with a luxurious finish for an effortless look.

    2. Small Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Do you believe that sunglasses are an essential accessory in fashion? Even if the size is small? You heard correctly; we just started with our small collection. And, they are fabulous! We like to please all women, so if you happen to be a fan of bold shades, Selena wooden Sunglasses is your match! These designer cat eye sunglasses frames are designed with an alluring curved brow line. In addition, they are handcrafted from Ebony Wood for a luxurious upscale feel. The sunglasses feature dark grey polarized lenses. Who doesn’t love a sophisticated finish? These modern winged sunglasses will give them for you. Go on, shield your eyes with a feminine, stylish look. You wouldn’t regret it!

    3. Bold Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Do you believe if a trend were popular in the past, the movement would never come back? Some people are all about the expression: out with the old and in with the new. But these bold tortoise shell sunglasses are here to prove you wrong. We’re talking about the Stella Tortoise Sunglasses. The former is all about giving you a blast from the past. These attractive cat-eye sunglasses are designed with tortoise acetate along with smooth Bamboo temples. This is a combination of retro vogue fashion with a modern appeal. Also, they feature brown polarized lenses. These posh winged sunglasses are flattering for any activity on any day! We can’t wait to see you protect your eyes in a sophisticated way!

    Since cat-eye sunglasses are all about taking risks and bringing out the fierce side of you. Why not go for something different in terms of colours? Of course, the tortoiseshell makes the cat eye sunglasses more unique. But add the blue colour to it and you'll get the Sky Gradient Sunglasses.

    They are designed with a winged-out rounded frame, a standout keyhole bridge and genuine Ebony Wood temples as premium materials for durability. They include dark grey polarized lenses as modern design elements with maximum coverage. The cat-eye sunglasses has a feminine silhouette and subtle coloured accents that will look flattering on almost any face shape.

    4. Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Step into retro-chic with our Ivy cat eye sunglasses, a standout among our curated selection of the best cat eye glasses trends! The two-tone Ebony wood and Rosewood frame exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a showstopper in the world of eyewear fashion. Beyond the stylish design, the dark grey polarized lenses offer exceptional sun protection, seamlessly merging fashion with functionality. Perfect for various face shapes, Ivy sunglasses turn heads and make a statement, whether you're strolling the streets or lounging by the pool. Embrace timeless fashion and practicality with Ivy designer cat eye sunglasses, a top pick in our collection of the latest cat eye glasses trends.

    5. Upswept Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

    It’s only natural to include cat eye shades of the same size. Life is all about balancing your choices. In the world of eyewear, the rule applies too. If you happen to be a fan of oversized eyeglasses, the Charm collection is precisely what you need. They are a medium to large frame fit. Also, they are available in two colours: Rose and Purple. Starting with the Charm Rose Wooden Eyeglasses, they are handcrafted from authentic Cherry Wood. They are also equipped with aluminum core for durability.

    Moving on to the Charm Purple Wooden Eyeglasses, they are handcrafted from original Sandal Wood. They are too fitted with an aluminum core for durability. As for the design, both colors have an upswept cat-eye lenses silhouette with rounded edges and subtly winged tips. These clear frames are made for a superior fit and comfort. They are perfect to be worn for hours.

    6. Vintage Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

    We want to finish this section precisely like how we started. It’s not a save the best for the last situation because all glasses mentioned are must-haves. The Enchanted collection is no different. They are a medium to large frame fit. Also, they are available in two colors. First, Enchanted Gold metal frame eyeglasses are handmade with premium stainless steel and feature authentic Ebony Wood temples.

    While Enchanted Silver eyeglasses are also handmade with superior stainless steel, they feature original Cassia Siamea Wood temples. As for the design, the striking cat-eye frames are semi-rimless. In addition, the frames feature angular lines and a winged butterfly tip to combine modern and vintage styling. Who wouldn’t want a bold look with a touch of retro glamour? Both eyeglasses are embellished with a two-tone gold or silver and matte black finish.

    Didn’t we just make you fall in love with cat-eye frames all over again? It’s fascinating how these frames continue to be popular even after decades. And we're here to tell you that both cat-eye sunglasses and eyeglasses are wanted now more than ever. A woman can never go wrong with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses! You can even style them with glasses chains too. These are the glasses you need to add just the right amount of confidence, glam and sophistication to your everyday looks! If you didn't get in on the cat-eye trend yet, it's never too late for you to grab a pair and join the crowd!


    Best Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Trends & Styles in 2024

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