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    Elton John Sunglasses: Timeless Fashion Of The Music Icon

    Elton John Sunglasses: Timeless Fashion Of The Music Icon

    Elton John Sunglasses

    Updated at 2:30 pm • 30 Mar 2024 • Heba from Kraywoods

    Have you ever dreamed of being a celebrity for just a single day? Have you ever pondered the experience of walking in the footsteps of your favorite famous person? Imagine if we told you that you could make that dream a reality!

    Technically it would be in the form of sunglasses, not shoes. This musical legend has been rocking our world with his sunglasses fashion since his first tour in the 1970s. He has been known for his exquisite taste in clothes and eyewear. You guessed it right; we are talking about Elton John!

    Elton John eyewear fashion is not unknown to anyone! Since his debut, Elton has never once appeared on stage without a pair of unique and glamorous eyewear! Eyewear designers have been taking inspiration from Elton John eyewear fashion since the 70s, and these styles are trending to this day! Let's find out more about Elton John's signature sunglasses fashion and take a look at some fashionable Elton-inspired sunglasses!

    Featured Sunglasses

    Featured Sunglasses

    Who Is Elton John?

    Sir Elton John is a multiple Grammy-winning a list legend and flamboyant superstar. He is the most successful singer/songwriter of his generation. To summarize, his life and achievement would take a long while. Elton Hercules John is one of the most highly acclaimed and successful solo artists of all time.

    He was born in 1947 as Reginald Kenneth Dwight in Pinner, Middlesex, England. At the age of 3, he astonished his family by sitting on the piano and playing a classical music piece by ear. At the age of 11, he was awarded a scholarship as a Junior Exhibitor at the Royal Academy of Music. He attended the Academy every Saturday for four years straight. He ia an advocate to increase hiv education most of his life.

    The musical star is the most successful solo male in American charts' history and the third most successful artist overall after Madonna and the Beatles. He achieved seven number 1 albums in just three and a half years from 1972 to 1975. Also, he has been nominated for a Grammy award 11 times. Three of his albums have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Elton has scored 4 Oscar nominations and a Tony award with four nominations as well.

    Photo of Elton John as Rocket Man on a magazine cover

    Five Things You Didn't Know About Elton John's Stage Wear

    Apart from his talent in composing songs, music and having a beautiful voice, the costumes he wore when performing were out of this world. You can't help but remember the crazy clothes he wore on stage when you think of him. From colours to feathers and all other materials, here are five facts about the performer's wardrobe:

    1. From April 1968 till August 1970, Elton's stage wear was store-bought. His go-to outfit for the time was denim overalls (long or short-legged with modern colours).
    2. In 1971, he began incorporating clothing and winged boots from the popular Mr. Freedom boutique on London's Kensington Church Street.
    3. One of the first custom-made pieces of stage clothing Elton wore was made by his then-bass player Dee Murray's wife, Anett.
    4. Los Angeles-based designer, Bob Mackie, created some of Elton's iconic costumes like the LA Dodgers uniform and the Donald Duck outfit. The designer's multitude of sequins, feathers, boas, capes and hats created a lasting visual identity for the rock star.
    5. Elton's stage costumes between 2003 and 2010 were custom-made by Japanese Fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto who began his design career in the 1970s.
    Elton John Stage Costumes and Sunglasses

    The Evolution of Elton John's Sunglasses

    When you look back at the intersection of fashion and music throughout history, a few names will pop into your head, like Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Now, ask any person you know this random question: What comes to your mind when I say, Elton John? You will probably hear these three things: his outrageous costumes, his iconic sunglasses and Lion King.

    The British musical legend claims to own 250.000 pairs of sunglasses. He has been donning an outstanding selection of spectacles since the beginning of his career. The Hollywood actor Taron Egerton recreated and wore some of Elton John eyewear in his biopic Rocketman. Take a trip down memory lane as we pay homage to Elton John eyewear:

    • Elton's glasses game kicked it up a notch in 1974 when the English singer released his Greatest Hits album wearing his Rococo sunglasses.
    • Another strong outfit in 1974 involved dungarees, a mink fur coat for chic cowboy finishing, and enormous sunglasses with his initial EJ picked out in rhinestones in the centre.  
    • In October 1974, people saw Elton John take the stage wearing a silver jacket and gigantic specs embellished with curly feathers.
    • Elton finished off his dramatic outfit for the 1989 Victoires de la Musique event in France with a zebra-printed fez and some neon pink cat-eye sunglasses.
    • Elton John created his very own 3D sunglasses when attending a movie premiere in 2011 Who needs regular 3D sunglasses when you can naturally wear them?
    • A dazzling show was held in September 2015 when Elton appeared wearing a black and gold bejewelled blazer. To complete the look, Elton wore a pair of neon red glasses with a diamond pattern of crystals across the lenses.
    • In 2017, the singer wowed Moscow's people as he played some of his greatest hits, wearing a black and red jacket. He finished off his stage outfit with gold sunglasses covered in rhinestones and crystals.
    • Making an appearance at the 2019's Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Elton John did not disappoint the attendees and paparazzi with his outfit. He wore a gold sequined jacket along with sunglasses that look exactly like the ones of Dame Edna.
    Elton John Sunglasses Fashion over the years

    Elton John's Sunglasses Fashion

    The British singer is a musical icon. But, it's not just his words, voice or charitable work that makes him a living legend. His persona and love for fashion added to that too. As we've seen above, Elton John's fashion outfits were never complete without a funky pair of sunglasses! So what if you can be like Elton John? Would you be interested in seeing the world through his eyes? Let's take a look at some Elton John inspired sunglasses that will allow you to channel your inner Elton!

    1. Uptown Octagon

    When you say Elton, we think bold! If you want to be like Elton, you have to feel like him too. From wardrobe to eyewear, Elton's glasses have always been like no other.

    If you feel like you want to incorporate his style in a subtle way, just look at the Daze sunglasses. The geometric octagons are designed with a slim silver metal frame along with a curved bridge. The former shades are a medium frame fit. Also, they include alluring Zebra Wood arms to make it a self expression, unique piece of fashion. Featuring dark grey polarized lenses, these uptown octagons will ensure an effortlessly fashionable look.

    2. Retro Round

    While paying tribute to Elton John's sunglasses, you can't help but pay attention to the details and shapes. Although geometric shapes are becoming the next best thing, let's not forget the root that started it all—the one frame that should be available in every closet: the round non prescription sunglasses.

    To add a little modern twist to it just like Elton John would, check out the Jazz sunglasses. They are a small frame fit, designed with a keyhole nose bridge along with slimline wooden arms for an irresistible look. Featuring brown transparent acetate with brown polarized lenses, these bold sunglasses combine retro with contemporary styling for the perfect Elton John eyewear look.

    3. Vintage Round

    We think it's pretty awesome to have your name linked to certain things. Not only Elton John's music entered the homes of millions around the world, his high sense of fashion and eyewear did too.

    We like to pay tributes to the legends, even in eyewear such as the Lennon sunglasses. They are a medium to oversized frame fit. The retro-round polarized sunglasses are designed with a curved bridge. Also, they combine a sleek gold metal frame with slim Zebra Wood temples. These vintage-inspired sunglasses have purple gradient lenses. Do you know who would be proud of you for wearing them? John Lennon himself! These awesome vinatge sunglasses also give homage to Elton John with it's quirky and funky sunglasses.  

    4. Glammed Hexagon

    We have saved the best one for last. Throughout all of Elton John's performances, there are a couple of looks that will be unforgettable. We guess that's what Elton would have wanted you to feel: unique and unforgotten. With the aid of our Elton sunglasses, you can be! These geometric hexagon frames are designed with a slim gold metal frame and Elton John's signature pink lenses. Moreover, they feature Zebra Wood arms for a unique finish. They are the perfect pair to channel your inner Elton John and achieve that fashion-forward glam look.

    Since the beginning, the British singer has opened up his art and heart to fans worldwide. He shares his exquisite taste in music and fashion with the fans. Moreover, Elton John's sunglasses were an essential component throughout career. They're bold, bright, brash, and as unique as a pair of sunglasses can be! It is no wonder he inspired many with bold and unique eyewear designs. If you're an Elton John fan, then our Elton-inspired sunglasses foundations collection is waiting for you! If you're into iconic glasses wearer, then going for a pair of Elton John Glasses is the perfect choice for you.


    Elton John Sunglasses: Timeless Fashion Of The Music Icon

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