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    Top 12 Hipster Glasses Styles in 2023
    Eyeglasses, Sunglasses

    Top 12 Hipster Glasses Styles in 2023

    Posted at 1:30 pm • 27 January 2023 • Maguy from Kraywoods

    When was the last time you heard the word hipster? You might think it's weird to use it in the world of eyewear. However, hipster glasses are coming back stronger than ever. Eyewear designers have proved once again that you can bring back something from the past with a more trendy and updated version!

    Eyewear styles come and go, but one thing is for sure, hipster glasses frames are no longer at the bottom of the list of trendy glasses. Today, when shopping for a new pair of prescription glasses or even sunglasses, we can't seem to resist going for hipster styled glasses. As a result, you see people from all walks of life looking fabulous and fashionable. Find out more about the coolest hipster glasses:

    1. Retro-Round Sunglasses
    2. Tortoiseshell Octagon Sunglasses
    3. Tortoiseshell Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    4. Retro-Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    5. Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses
    6. Browline Sunglasses
    7. Geometric Sunglasses
    8. Tinted Hexagon Sunglasses
    9. Rounded Square Eyeglasses
    10. Vintage Aviator Eyeglasses
    11. Squared Aviator Eyeglasses
    12. Classic Round Eyeglasses

    Featured Hipster Glasses

    Featured Hipster Glasses

    What is a Hipster?

    Before looking at the trendiest hipster glasses, we need to understand the concept behind it first. So, you have probably heard the term like a million times: you're a total hipster, or you're dressing like a hipster! But, what does it actually mean?

    For starters, contrary to beliefs, being called a hipster is not a bad thing. A hipster is a contemporary subculture of men and women, usually in their 20s, that value independent thinking, creativity, intelligence, art and indie-rock music. For hipsters, authenticity is an important matter. You need to think, talk and even dress like yourself to be a true hipster.

    In other words, a hipster is a person who is interested in the latest trends such as music, fashion and lifestyle. However, it is crucial to note that hipsters are not into the status quo. Moreover, if everybody becomes interested in a particular trend, hipsters just leave it behind and search for a new thing to follow.

    A Little History

    You might be wondering: When did hipster glasses become popular? The history of hipster eyewear took an unexpected turn. Initially, the glasses were meant to be designed as a simple square frame. Instead, they're known today as wayfarers.

    With celebrities going out and about, the shape became popular. A-list stars like Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe and even Grace Kelly embraced the specific design either on-screen or off-screen.

    Soon enough, everyone wanted a piece of the hipster frames to the extent of wearing them without any prescription. You can get non-prescription hipster glasses to join the widespread movement. Today, these glassses are made with premium materials making them chic and comfortable for the eyes. They evolved into many different shapes of glasses under the label of "hipster".

    American Singer Songwriter Buddy Holly wearing hipster glasses

    Hipster Signs: How Can You Tell?

    The term hipster has been used rather frequently to define someone who doesn't believe in anything mainstream. If you're going to be different, be confident about it. That's an ideology that hipster follow. You already know that hipsters stand out from the crowd, but we can show you 10 hipster signs that you should keep on the lookout for:

    1. They have the same haircut as the opposite gender.
    2. Their facial hair is longer than their actual hair.
    3. They wear THOSE hipster glasses.
    4. They have no hesitation in getting a sleeve tattoo.
    5. They tell everyone they're gluten-free.
    6. They don't drink anything mainstream.
    7. They say, bro, too many times.
    8. They think kale is cooler than spinach.
    9. They don't watch movies; they watch films.
    10. Their drawer doesn't contain a single pair of plain socks.
    11. They wear jeans that are ten sizes smaller.
    12. They wear pre-faded vintage t-shirts.

    Bonus point: They get offended when you call them a hipster.

    Hipster man whose facial hair is longer than the actual hair with a full-sleeve tattoo

    Let's Talk Hipster Fashion

    Now that you know the concept really well, it's time to deal with hipster fashion. A hipster is searching for the uniqueness of things, the need to stand out and the desire to be an individual like no other. As a result, the world of fashion provides the opportunity to give him what he wants.

    Designers all over the world encourage authenticity and originality. Fashion has always been used as a means of self-expression. Allowing people to express their personality and opinions through their clothes and the fashion trends they personally follow.

    So, what does a hipster look like? Typical their fashion includes vintage printed shirts, skinny jeans, checked shirts, knit beanies, full beard, attention-grabbing moustache, vintage dresses, floral skirts, lace and big hats

    Three different hipster fashion styles

    What are Hipster Glasses?

    A big part of any hipster's final outfit is their eyewear. They do like to put on stylish pairs that just make your head turn. The good news is, you can have your own hipster prescription glasses. There are plenty of different designs out there just waiting to be worn by you! If that doesn't make you think that they're cool, you better change your mind.

    So, what makes a pair of glasses to be considered hipster? Well, to make it short, these glasses are not usually your number one option when looking for fashionable eyewear. They include unique designs and shapes that come in a variety of sizes. Hipster glasses are all about embracing your individuality and creativity. You may think you're out of your comfort zone. However, the right pair will make it all better.

    We're talking about cat-eyes, large round glasses, thick frames, anything that looks out of the ordinary is considered to be a hipster.

    Top 12 Hipster Glasses Styles

    If you looked at your personal sunglasses collection and are still unsure which frames are considered hipster, we're here to guide you and make things easier. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Tina Fey and supermodel Kendall Jenner have all been spotted wearing hipster sunglasses before. So why not you?

    Hipster glasses online and offline come in a variety of shapes and colours. They are designed to make the overall outfit stand out and look attractive. Remember to look for glasses for your face shape. You wouldn't want anything to look out of the ordinary. To make it easier for you, we have narrowed down some of hipster style glasses we love:

    1. Retro-Round Sunglasses

    One of the typical hipster shapes is round sunglasses. If this is your first time buying hipster sunglasses, round frames are considered beginner friendly. So what makes a pair of hipster glasses so interesting? Their throwback retro appeal. Iconic singer-songwriter John Lennon was known for his mastery of retro-round eyewear. His choices became so popular that people just couldn't stop wearing them.

    Lennon sunglasses are perfect for men and women. These hipster glasses frames are designed with a curved bridge combining a sleek gold metal frame with slim Zebra Wood temples for a modern look with a retro twist. Also, the sunglasses feature purple gradient polarized lenses making them your go-to accessory to protect your eyes from the sun.

    The lennon rsunglasses look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    2. Luxurious Octagon Sunglasses

    Not all people love hipster glasses. However, once you put one pair on, you know you will just keep wanting more! Hipsters are known to love a bold look. And a great thing about these types of frames is that you can go all out. Funky designs, like Meteor Sunglasses, are trendy and hipster byadding a tortoiseshell touch.

    These striking octagon sunglasses are designed with an alluring tortoise frame along with luxurious Rose Wood temples. In addition, these statement-making pieces feature grey polarized lenses that will bring flair to a day out in the sun!

    These geometric hipster sunglasses look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart, oval and oblong face shapes.

    3. Tortoiseshell Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    We already covered that a tortoise frame is listed under the hipster category. So, we want to show you different shapes of tortoiseshell sunglasses that also fall under the same category. Our next pick are Sky tortoiseshell sunglasses.

    Cat-eye sunglasses have been around for a very long time, for an excellent reason. People seem to love the effect that the cat-eye shape has. The Sky sunglasses are designed with a winged-out rounded frame in addition to a keyhole bridge and original Ebony Wood arms. A timeless design with premium materials. These trendy hipster sunglasses feature gradient grey polarized lenses.

    The feminine silhouette looks flattering on rectangle, square, diamond, heart, oval and oblong face shapes.

    4. Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Everybody has their personal opinion on hipster glasses. But, we can't ignore the fact that they are incredibly stylish. Cat-eye glasses, like the Stella sunglasses, provide a perfect finish to your standout look. So, whether you're going to the office or having lunch outside, you know exactly what kind of cute hipster sunglasses you need to buy.

    These alluring cat-eye sunglasses are designed with tortoise acetate along with smooth Bamboo temples. With Stella, you'll get the retro vogue look. Moreover, the posh winged sunglasses feature brown polarized lenses.

    These trendy sunglasses look great on round, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong face shapes.

    5. Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Think you got everything regarding cat-eye frames? Think again! We saved the best for last! Another qualification that speaks hipster is oversized! A lot of people fail to realize how vital size actually is. You can't go too big when you are meant to wear small and vice versa. So, bring oversized and cat-eye together you'll get the Willow sunglasses.

    These hipster sunglasses are made from bamboo wood and are contoured with a subtle golden metal accent. So you'll get a sophisticated touch to your classic winged frames. Knowing that they're made from bamboo, you will experience comfort when the hipster glasses just sit on your face. Bamboo Sunglasses are understated sunglasses that we can't wait to see more of. These ultra-lightweight sunnies feature dark grey polarized lenses giving you a voguish appeal.

    The Willow polarized sunglasses are suitable for people with round, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong face shapes.

    6. Browline Sunglasses

    When it comes to the trendiest hipster eyewear, few options can match the bold and stylish allure of browline sunglasses. This iconic shape represents a classic and enduring choice that defies the passage of time. The pronounced browline design of these sunglasses lends a genuinely hipster appeal. Whether you're seeking a unique frame or a sleek black browline style akin to the Black Jaguar sunglasses, there exists a pair of hipster glasses frames to suit every taste.

    To achieve this hipster look, consider the Casper browline sunglasses. These stylish shades are characterized by a black browline made from ebony wood and a rosewood frame, offering a unique and sophisticated contrast. They also feature adjustable nose pads, ensuring maximum comfort. What's more, their lightweight design incorporates dark grey polarized lenses, providing exceptional sun-blocking capabilities.

    These chic hipster sunglasses are well-suited for individuals with oval, square, rectangle, oblong, and diamond-shaped faces, making them a versatile and stylish choice for a wide range of wearers.

    7. Geometric Sunglasses

    As mentioned earlier, hipster glasses frames are all about thinking outside the box. Modern fashion is all about that too. Any clothing or accessory that pushes you out of your comfort zone is the way to go. This idea applies to geometric frames like the Daze Sunglasses if you usually go for classic styled sunglasses. 

    The silver geometric sunglasses are designed with a slim metal frame. They also include a curved bridge and alluring Walnut Wood arms. Of course, as hipster glasses should be, you need a statement-making piece that will wow the crowd. The Daze sunglasses include dark grey polarized lenses making the octagon frame retro and desirable.

    These geometric frames look great on rectangle, square, diamond, heart, oval and oblong face shapes.

    8. Glamorous Hexagon Sunglasses

    Hipster-style outfits are all about effortless Funk. Add a geometric frame, like the Elton Sunglasses, to your overall wardrobe, and you'll look effortlessly trendy.

    The uptown hexagon frame will ensure a fashion-forward appearance like no other. In addition, they're lightweight and will give you the comfort you need on any bright sunny day. These hipster glasses are designed with a slim gold metal frame, a raised bridge and alluring Rose Wood arms. To achieve that glam hipster look, add some premium materials like pink polarized lenses for a flawless fit.

    The Elton polarized sunglasses are suitable for rectangle, square, diamond, heart, oval and oblong face shapes.

    9. Rounded Square Eyeglasses

    Did you think hipster glasses are strictly sunglasses? Think again! Eyeglasses can be considered hipster too! You just have to find the frame that expresses yourself. Browline glasses, like the Harmony Brown eyeglasses, will help you let out your inner-hipster style.

    They are handcrafted from authentic Oakwood. Also, they are equipped with an aluminum core for extra resistance and durability. These rounded square browline hipster eyeglasses combine retro winged tips and a keyhole bridge for a vintage flair.

    These trendy eyeglasses look great on the oval, square, rectangle and oblong face shapes.

    10. Vintage Aviator Eyeglasses

    A good pair of eyeglasses is one that never goes out of style. If it adds quirkiness to your outfit, you are on the right path to gaining hipster glasses. What shape has been around for a while but is seen with every trend? We're talking about aviator shaped glasses like the Purpose Black Eyeglasses.

    They're a timeless piece that will elevate your style in a split second. Handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Rose Wood temples, these hipster eyeglasses are designed with a standout black bar and a raised nose bridge. Featuring either an alluring matte black monochromatic finish, they can make the perfect addition to your hipster outfit.

    The Purpose hipster eyeglasses looks great on oval, diamond, round, rectangle, square, oblong and heart face shapes.

    11. Squared Aviator Eyeglasses

    If you are torn between two different shapes of hispter glasses, why not combine both in one frame? Hipster style involves thinking outside the box. So instead of getting a pair of square eyeglasses and another pair of aviators, why not simply get the squared aviator eyeglasses like the Drive Gold Eyeglasses? They are amongst our top hipster glasses styles for a reason.

    The squared aviator frames are designed with a straight top bar and a raised nose bridge featuring a monochromatic gold or silver finish for a polished hipster look.They are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Sandal Wood temples. Not only will they look great and feel great but they are also made with high quality sustainable materials. Take one conscious step at a time towards saving our planet

    The Drive eyeglasses looks great on oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.

    12. Classic Round Eyeglasses

    We want to finish our list of the top 12 hipster glasses precisely like how we started them with: round glasses. The Joy Rose Gold Eyeglasses include design elements and premium materials which makes them part of the world of hipster eyeglasses.

    They are handmade from premium stainless steel and feature authentic Ebony Wood temples. The fine round frames feature slim lines and an arc-shaped nose bridge for a hipster look with retro flair. In addition, the rounded metal frames include a shiny rose gold finish and standout wooden temples for a fun look. Aren't these glasses frames unique?

    The Joy Rose Gold Eyeglasses looks excellent on rectangle, square, diamond, heart and oblong face shapes.

    Think you have a clear idea now about hipsters glasses trends and styles? The rest is up to you! We know that you will find the perfect pair of hipster glasses that will elevate your look after just one try. Whatever hipster glasses frames you choose, don't be afraid to be yourself and stand out from the crowd. A hipster look is all about being bold and unique! You can even accessorize your glasses to make yourself look a little extra hipster with some trendy glasses chains, perhaps? Shop the trendiest gla and wear what makes you, YOU!


    Top 12 Hipster Glasses Styles in 2023