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    11 Fashionable Accessories to Elevate Your Style

    11 Fashionable Accessories to Elevate Your Style

    Accessories To Elevate Your Style

    Posted at 1:30 pm • 28 September 2021 • Chelsea from Kraywoods

    "I've always thought of colorful accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit." Can you guess who said that? This quote was taken from an interview with none other than American fashion designer Michael Kors. This renowned fashion figure has been in the industry for 10+ years. Accessories are probably the last thing you put on, but they're the essential part of an entire outfit. Save the best for last, are we right?

    In the world of fashion, accessories can make or break your look. From the boldest item like sunglasses to the most delicate, every unique piece you own tells a story. If you want to make an impression, you need to master outfits with bold accessories that elevate your style. For that, we're excited to explore with you 11 right accessories to elevate your style:

    1. Sunglasses

    Do you wear sunglasses often? If you don't, then you're not taking care of your eyes enough! Sunglasses should be a staple accessory in your closet, not only for style but also for protection. If you don't know where to start, take a look at a sunglasses guide; it should cover all the tips and tricks. Sunny days are all about showing off your favourite pair of sunglasses while protecting your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. So, how about doing that in style!

    Sunglasses are a great essential accessory that can take an outfit from basic to glam in just a few seconds. The good news is that there are so many trending and stylish shapes, sizes and even materials to choose from! So pamper yourself by thinking outside the box with funky a pair of wooden sunglasses. They're so in this season. You can create a fashionable look that will make heads turn.

    2. Glasses Chains  

    We're still in the eyewear business, and we're here to tell you what's great about fashion. It's always on the move, searching for the next big thing. Since we mentioned eyewear before, did you know you can personalize your own pair? Glasses chains officially got high fashion's seal of approval.

    If you paid attention to celebrity fashion, almost everyone, including supermodel Gigi Hadid, singer Jennifer Lopez, TV persona Carrie Bradshaw, were styling their pair of sunglasses with glasses chains. Designers have improved the accessory through premium materials. You can find glasses chains in metal, pearls, beads etc. Glasses chains will be sure to take a boring pair of eyewear to the next level and add a touch of glam to your overall look.

    Although in the past they were strictly for your grandma, fast-forwarding to now, the retro style made a huge comeback. Glasses chains are functional, easy to use and chic. Don't ask yourself how to wear glasses chains because they are so easy to style!

    3. Face Masks

    At the end of 2019, the world was hit with a shock when a deadly pandemic arrived and obliged everyone worldwide to stay at home. However, with precautions being taken seriously, fashion designers took the chance to make use of a needed accessory to elevate eye catching personal style: face masks.

    Since we're forced to maintain safety by wearing a mask, why not take the opportunity to personalize your look and have it match your outfits all at once. Face masks are now a fashion accessory that you cannot avoid, so let's take it and elevate our style with it!

    Man wearing black face mask with all black outfit

    4. Bandana  

    If you think our next accessory is unnecessary, then you are very much mistaken. A Bandana, also known as a kerchief, is practically a summer essential for this season. Not only does it elevate your look, but it gives life and pop of colour to your entire outfit. Since summer is all about looking fresh, search for a bandana that reflects your aura. We're sure you'll find precisely what you are looking for.

    If you haven't uploaded a picture of yourself wearing a bandana to your Instagram, you're not too late to the party. Women are obsessed with this accessory because of its multi-use. In other words, you can wear it around your neck with a jumpsuit. Better yet, wrap it around your head while you're sipping a cold drink on the beach. Do you like that idea?

    Originated from the Indian subcontinent, silk scarf and bandanas are regularly made from silk or cotton. Which one do you prefer?

    5. Belt  

    Oversized tops and pants are the new IT things. Not just in women's clothes but men's too. People are now into the bohemian street style rather than looking all elegantly chic the entire time. To compliment your look, you can add a belt.

    This accessory is often underused. Many tend to ignore it, but little do they know that it can completely transform your day-to-day outfits. There are different shapes, sizes, contrasting colours and patterns for them. So, how can a good belt elevate your look? The answer is simple: you have to know how to style it.

    The highest-paid supermodel, Kendall Jenner, was spotted in New York City wearing Marie-Kate and Ashley Olsen's luxury brand The Row. She wore a white shirt, a thin leather belt and a pair of high-waisted pleated trousers with a pair of thong kitten heels. Notice the irony of putting on a skinny belt to an oversized look for comfort and style. The black belt adds structure, contrast and balance.

    Moreover, you can try on a thick waist belt. The former helps draw on a beautiful silhouette. It also gives the illusion of a thinner waistline and adds a little sophistication to a casual look.

    Kendall Jenner wearing thin belt with oversized The Row outfit in New York

    6. Cross-Body Bag

    If you ask a woman what one of the essential accessories to any outfit is, she'd immediately answer with a designer handbag. You can either go too big or too small. Both sizes can do you justice. For this season, a cross-body bag is a final touch to a street-fashion style Wednesday outfit.

    Cross-body bags come in various geometric shapes like round or rectangular, and this season's most fashionable and practical choices include fanny packs, bucket bags, and more. In the spirit of both style and convenience, consider opting for a stylish fanny pack as your go-to cross-body bag. This trendy acessory is perfect for a music festival or night out with your friends.

    Woman wearing cross-body fanny pack pink

    7. Layered Necklaces

    Remember how denim on denim was never a thing? People disagreed and continued wearing layers of denim on top of each other until it actually became a trend. The same thing happened to jewelry. The former is an excellent accessory that can easily elevate your look in an instant. If you're a fan of Hailey Baldwin Bieber, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

    Model Hailey Baldwin's jewelry that she wears is something to get your hands on. Even if she is wearing her workout clothes, you can always spot something shining around her neck. She is practically known for wearing layered necklaces.

    If you ask us, there is no simple rule on how to put them on for visual interest. You can start with a choker then move upwards with the lengths. Find your inspiration from Hailey herself. She's living, breathing proof that this method is effective.

    Layered necklaces are perfect for a night out for dinner, even for a concert too. You can even twist them when wearing an open-back shirt or dress; you'll have necklaces dangling from your back to add an edge. How about that for a change?

    Hailey Baldwin Bieber's own layered necklaces part of her jewelry line

    8. Sandals

    Shoes are one of the most diverse accessories that can make or break any look. No matter what season it is, walk the walk with a statement pair of shoes. Did you really think we weren't going to include sandals on our top list of accessories that elevate your personal style? Ever since Julia Roberts played the iconic Vivian in Pretty Woman, footwear became a part of fashion game that we could never let go of.

    For summer, sandals are THE item of decoration that will take your outfit to a whole other level. So what's the first thing people notice when a woman steps out of a car? Sandals! You may find these cute shoes embedded with beads or sequins tassels. If you're a fan of open-type shoes with straps around the ankles, then we'll show you in many ways the right thing to do: there are several brands that classify as highest selling in the world, and year round we see the best women's sandals.

    Hermes oran sandals in brown

    9. Anklets

    Since we're discussing the footwear area, remember when we mentioned personalizing our own accessories? Summer is all about decorating your feet with an anklet like no other. Many people wear them as an accessory to add chicness, but ankle bracelets were worn as amulets in the past.  

    Depending on the side or colour, anklets mean various things. Initially, if the anklet is on your left foot, they were considered a good luck charm. By contrast, if the anklet is on your right foot, it means they're single, and they have no lover.

    If you haven't considered them before, now is your chance to try them. Anklets are recommended for people who enjoy casual fashion statement. You can sport them with sandals, flats and even your favourite pair of running shoes! There is no stopping you now.

    Two silver ankle bracelets

    10. Brooches and Pins

    In Viking times, brooches and pins were worn every day by men and women. Looking closely at them, they included a diverse level of detailing. Although they weren't considered part of jewelry or even created for that reason; however, today, they are under this category and ready to be worn by you!

    Traditionally, brooches and pins are meant to hold fabrics together. They are a decorative accessory that promotes your fashion level. You can either see them on the big screen in Game of Thrones, the Harry Potter series and Star Wars too!

    As for pins, you can stick them to your jackets, bags, scarves, along other materials. They are usually ornamental and symbolic. Moreover, pins are identified with a particular organization to identify a certain belonging or ranking, like in the military.

    Today, brooches and pins have made it to the list of best accessories that elevate your fashion style, besides other accessories such as eye catching statement earrings.

    Woman styling her winter coat with an exclusive Channel Brooch

    11. Bracelets

    There's nothing easier than adding a bracelet on your wrist to accessorize your outfit and elevate your style! While you're on the go, this staple accessory is quick to put on and off and easy to match with any outfit. A stylish and unique bracelet can work wonders to your look! With an infinite variety of bracelets and cuffs, you'll. be sure to find something that represents your style and speaks to you!

    Our unisex beaded bracelets made from natural sustainably sourced materials such as oak wood beads, marble beads and onyx beads will make you feel closer to nature all while elevating your personal style. Easy to match with any outfit, these unique bracelets are inspired by the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it. You can mix and match the bracelets together for an extra fashionable look, or even get a pair of matching bracelets for you and your loved one! More so, you can enjoy carrying your favourite scent wherever you go by using the genuine wooden beads as essential oil diffusers. What more can you ask for!

    There are different types of accessories in fashion. There is no such thing as too many decorative items in one outfit. No matter how much you wear, each addition has its own value and specific role. Whether it's a statement piece of jewelry, a stylish pair of sunglasses or a minimal cross-body bag, you'll learn to rely on the accessories to elevate your look, taking them from casual to chic in an instant.


    11 Fashionable Accessories to Elevate Your Style

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