Eco-Friendly Products We Love to Use in 2022

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Eco-Friendly Products We Love to Use in 2022


Eco-Friendly Products We Love to Use in 2022


UPDATED • 21 January 2022 • Chelsea from Kraywoods

Have you ever thought of the environmental impact some of our actions and the products we buy and use can have on our planet?

Many of the products we use on a daily basis can be harming to the environment and even to us, without us being aware! From clothes, to accessories, to lotions and skincare products, to transportation to energy consumption to shopping habits, each of the items we use and our actions affect our carbon footprint and can impact the environment we live in for better or worse.

The great news is every action counts, even small changes can have a positive impact on the environment and help us make an immense difference for nature and benefit our planet in the long run. Almost every item we use can have a eco-friendly alternative. Making these simple changes can be simple, easy, and even fun!

We gathered to so many eco-friendly products and ideas to give you sustainable alternatives to the items you wear and use every day!


With the immense negative effects of the fast fashion industry has on the environment, you should always care about how your clothes are made and with what materials. Eco-friendly clothes can be made from many different materials such as recycled fibers or organic fabrics such as Bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Often you can find them with no added chemicals that are harmful to the environment and the price are reasonable. With sustainable fashion becoming more accessible, it’s become easy to find the perfect fashion brand that makes clothes that align with your ethical and environmental values.

Featured: Sportswear made from recycled fibers by Cerinic

Another eco-friendly and sustainable clothing brand we love is a local Canadian brand from our own beloved city Montreal: PLB Designs. Their high quality organic t-shirts and hoodies made in Canada are super comfortable & sustainable! Their men's t-shirts are made of preshrunk organic cotton, and their women's t-shirts are made of super soft bamboo for an attractive feminine fit! If you haven't tried one of their high-quality, fashionable and sustainable t-shirts and hoodies, don't wait any longer!

Featured: T-Shirts and Hoodies made from organic cotton by PLB Designs


Choosing eco-friendly eyewear is always better for both your eyes and the environment. There are so many eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastic eyewear. You can find eco-friendly sunglasses made from sustainable materials such as recycled acetate, reclaimed wood, bamboo, cork or even coffee. Eco-friendly eyewear is often made to be light, durable, and stylish. At Kraywoods, our wooden sunglasses and prescription glasses are made from sustainably sourced wood and also come with a recycled cardboard case and a recycled linen pouch to keep your sunglasses safe at all times, even during your travels!

Featured: Bamboo Sunglasses by Kraywoods


Another common eco-friendly product is a bamboo toothbrush. Replacing your conventional plastic toothbrush with one made of bamboo helps reduce the use of plastic and makes a big impact on the environment. Often made with super soft eco-friendly bristles, once you try a bamboo toothbrush, you can’t go back! Since we’ve tried it, we don’t use any kind of toothbrush other than bamboo. If you’re more than one person in your household, bamboo toothbrushes come in a variety of beautiful colours to choose from and be able to differentiate yours from the others!

Featured: Bamboo Toothbrushes by All Bambu

Reusable Containers

For a non-toxic solution and to reduce the use of plastic, avoid the use of plastic bags and containers. For food and snacks, re-useable containers with moveable or removable dividers are so practical! When packing your lunch and snacks, make sure to use reusable containers to avoid single use plastic items, this not only helps reduce your carbon footprint and use of plastic, but also helps keep your food fresh and at an ideal temperature.

Featured: Reusable Stainless Steel Lunchbox by Plantbox

Reusable Bottles and Cups

For water and drinks, switching to reusable bottles and cups helps reduce the use of plastic bottles. When it comes to water bottles, we love the ones made from bamboo wood, they’re eco-friendly and help keep your water at a cool temperature. You can also find bottles and cups made from recycled plastic, and they’re available in various colors and styles. Many companies also offer programs for reusable cups, where you can get free refills for a certain number to reduce waste.

Featured: Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle by S'well

Reusable Shopping Bags

Nowadays, supermarkets and stores are trying to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags by replacing them with paper bags or giving you the option to purchase a reusable bags. You can also find different types of eco-friendly bags for grocery shopping such as string bags or tote bags made from organic cotton and organic mesh. Always make sure to be prepared when going shopping by carrying your own reusable bag. It reduces the number of plastic and paper bags and makes carrying your grocery or shopping much easier and eco-friendly!

Featured: Eco-friendly String Bags by Eco Bags


Super light, easy to carry around and read in any place at anytime. Downloading books to an E-reader rather than buying them helps significantly reduce the use of paper and transportation. It’s practical, easy to carry and allows enjoy your reading while passing the time in any kind of transportation.

Featured: E-Reader by Kindle

Shower Timer

it helps me keep an eye on how long you spend under hot water which can help you save on water and reduce your energy consumption. You can even find water-resistant timers that you can bring into the shower with you!

Featured: Water-proof Shower Timer By Dretec

Reusable Straws

Reusable straws are now the easiest eco-friendly product to find! With businesses and people becoming more and more eco-conscious, reusable straws are now available in most coffee shops and stores. We always keep our reusable straws at hand which helps us reduce our use of plastic on a daily basis.

Featured: Stainless-Steel Straws with Cleaning Brush By Net Zero Co.

Rechargeable Batteries

we all know that chemical batteries are a big cause of soil and water pollution. It’s not a wise thing to throw them into landfills once they can’t be used anymore. The easiest way to solve this issue is by using rechargeable batteries, which will help you save money and energy and reduce pollution!

Featured: Rechargeable Batteries By Energizer

rechargeable batteries by energizer

Wood Watches

Wood watches are eco-friendly, lightweight, comfortable and extremely stylish! You can find watches that are made out of sustainably sourced wood and rechargeable via solar power. Often times, these brands also support eco-friendly causes and give back part of their proceeds for the planet.

Featured: Wood Watch By Tense Watch

Organic Beauty Products

With more and more sustainable and eco-friendly brands coming up, it’s become easy to find eco-friendly alternatives for your beauty products. Everything from shampoo to skincare to makeup is now available in natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and without testing on animals. By using products made with organic ingredients, free of parabens, sulfate and fragrances, you are keeping your health, body and skin safe from any toxic ingredients. Not only are these products good for you, they will also make you feel good about making eco-conscious choices and supporting eco-friendly and ethical brands.

Featured: List of Organic Skincare Products & Brands By Cosmo


One of the most used and essential products, especially in the summer and during your travels. Always make sure to find biodegradable sunscreen with no chemical additives as these can be harmful not only for you but also for the environment.

Featured: Organic Sunscreen SPF 50+ By Thinksport

Foot Wear

Brands that make sustainable footwear are on the rise. It’s become easy to find fashionable and comfortable footwear made from vegan leather, cork or recycled materials such as cotton, plastic, fishing nets and rubber. Eco-friendly footwear comes in all kinds of fashion-forward designs and styles that you won’t have a hard time making the switch!

Featured: Sneakers Made From Recycled Plastic By Adidas

There are so many ways to help make a positive environmental impact with our day to day actions. Every action counts and every small changes makes a difference and can have an immensely positive impact on the environment and the planet. By being more eco-conscious in our daily habits and consumption, we can help preserve our beautiful planet earth and make this world a greener place one person at a time!

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By Rachad Kabbara