20 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts - The Green Gift Guide

Posted at 1:30 pm • 11 November 2020 • Chelsea from Kraywoods

The holiday season is right around the corner! Besides your friends and family, there is be one particular companion who has always been by our side since day one. And, the last month of the year is the perfect time to give back. Have you guessed who it is? It’s our dear Mother Earth!

Eco-friendly gifts are the best options to go. Do you know what is even more exciting? The numerous choices of purchasing sustainable presents for this year! Whether it is fashion, travel, hygiene, eyewear and face masks, the environment has it all ready for you!

A large number of the things we use daily can be replaced. But, nobody is there to make us aware of what is better and durable. It is time to change our mindset. Buy something that cannot be thrown away, like your old sweater. Be part of the change. For that reason, we encourage you to celebrate with your loved ones by celebrating Mother Earth!

If you don’t know where to start, you can check out our previous blog, eco-friendly products we love to use, for ideas. Continue reading below to find out what is new, fresh and sustainable!

Cotton Face Mask

This year’s talk of the town is face masks. But, who said you couldn’t be rocking yours on the streets? Kraywoods cares about your safety while still looking stylish. Ever since the virus spread across the world, sowing face masks is becoming the next mandatory trend. Do you know what makes it fashionable? Sustainability; by that we mean, creating a fashion item using products that aren’t harmful to the planet.

Kraywoods’s number one mission is to be eco-friendly. Our cotton face mask is washable, reusable and non-medical. It is made with 100% soft cotton fabric. It has three breathable and protective layers. Do you wish to help the planet? Start now by purchasing our cotton face mask. It is available in 3 classic colours: brown, pink and black.

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Women’s Cardigan

This cute and versatile cardigan by Tentree is a perfect gift. It comes in handy for the cold breezy nights. Several brands are doing more harm than good when making a collection. But, you should drift away and think green! People are becoming more interested and attracted to sustainable fashion. You can check out our blog all about sustainable fashion for more details about it and why it matters.

Tentree in Canada designs this eco-friendly piece of clothing. It is made from recycled cotton. It comes in 5 sizes and different colours. What makes this company so great? They plant ten trees with every purchase! So far, they have planted over 30 million trees. Think green, grow green!

Arts and Crafts Busy Box

A rainy day calls for arts and crafts! This gift is perfect for the holidays. Vacation is all about spending time with your little kids. What preferable approach to do so than by doing it sustainably! Earth Hero provides a busy box. It is a must to teach your kids to be kind to Mother Nature.

This busy box is all about natural creativity. It contains:
-Two pack of eco-dough
-Beeswax candle-making kit
-Paper magic origami kit
-Five beeswax crayons.

A little side note, the eco-dough is all-natural and plant-based dough. Also, you can take the box with you if your kids have a play date!

Sustainable Eyewear

At Kraywoods, every wood has a story. This has always been our motto. If you want to look for a gift for him/her, you can shop at our online store for our sustainable wooden sunglasses. Each pair comes from naturally sourced wood. All sunglasses are kept safe and clean inside our hard bamboo case.

So, why should you buy eco-friendly sunglasses? Well, it is better for the eyes. It is long, long-lasting. Also, all products are sustainable materials such as recycled plastic, sustainably sourced wood, bamboo, etc... And, because we care so much about the environment, we plant a tree in your name or the name of your loved one with every purchase made. We will send you a signed certificate as a thank you for your contribution.

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Coconut Bowls

This next gift is a perfect example of how nothing can go to waste. Bowls are always necessary for any house. So, why not have your home bowls made with unwanted coconut shells? They are organic and 100 percent sustainable. Also, they are waste-free and biodegradable. You can find them on the Coconut Bowls website; not only that, it is one of their community’s favorite!

What makes this company unique is its mission. They want to inspire a healthy lifestyle for children and adults. You can also find different offers and packages for coconut bowls, such as the cocoa combo and coconut bowls family pack. Some even come with accessories!

However, you can’t put scorching food in them. The eco-friendly bowls are made for cold and room temperature foods.

Bowl Covers

Are you willing to support a family of sewers? This gift is perfect. The bowl covers are cotton.
Also, they are all handmade in different sizes. They come as a set of 3. Moreover, they can
make your kitchen look colourful! Jennifer Zamudio, the designer, wants everyone to have eco-friendly kitchen accessories. The covers are just one of many. They are breathable and reusable. Instead of throwing food away, the bowl covers will preserve anything from salads to fruits to bread dough. To discover more about them, you can purchase them from Uncommon Goods.


If someone you know is an activist, this item is the perfect gift. Conscious Step is a company that fabricates socks from vegan and eco-friendly materials. They are not just some random sock makers. On the contrary, they believe that everyone can make a difference in this world. Step by Step, you can change it. The socks are made from a high-quality organic cotton fabric.

But, I know what you are thinking, why is it essential to buy from them? With each purchase, you donate a dollar to an organization working for the better. So, you are keeping yourself warm while doing a good deed! Conscious Step designs and sells socks for a good cause such as protecting the ocean, saving dogs, preventing breast cancer etc. Not only is the packing ecological, but each cause has also a specific sock colour. You can purchase them on EarthHero.


Kraywoods offers you fashionable eyewear, safety masks and accessories! You can go online and check out our bracelets. The former are all made from wood. Specifically, you can find three types:
-Oak Wood bracelet
-Oak & Marble bracelet
-Oak & Onyx bracelet

Not only are they made with love and care, but they are sustainable, trendy and wearable with any outfit. Not only are they a fashionable accessory, they can also be used as essential oil diffusers to carry your favorite scent wherever you go, so these are great for your dear scent lover friends. Also, they are befitting for men and women. Do you have someone in mind? Visit our online store and shop now!

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; except, this doesn’t include diamonds. You can never go wrong with some jewelry. But, not just any jewelry! Eco-friendly ones that will make you smile from ear to ear. This gift is a fantastic neighbour, and even your wife or maybe you! Christine Street, living in Sunnyside Los Angeles, is the owner of Chocolate and Steel. She takes inspiration from our homeland, Earth. She creates and designs her own jewelry line. All sustainable and ready to be worn by you! She sells necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Like many other stores, Christine likes to give back. Therefore, your purchases will help support several organizations that Christine believes in, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. For further information, you can check on her website.

Yoga Mat

Calling out all Yoga lovers! There is nothing like a gift that can be useful in many ways. Whether it’s raining or sunny outside; Yoga can be practiced anywhere! Haute Health is a company in California that produces its own cork rubber yoga mat. For those who don’t know, cork is a dead tissue found on a cork oak tree. It is 100 percent natural, reusable, and recyclable.

If you know someone who likes to meditate or Pilates or yoga, this gift is suitable and sustainable, thanks to Hautest Health! It is available in two colours: black and brown. What better way to become one with Earth than to relax and meditate on a natural mat. You can find out more about Hautest Health’s yoga mat on Amazon.

Produce Bags

Supermarkets around the world are trying to get rid of plastic grocery bags. They are replacing them with paper. However, you can buy reusable produce bags to help the environment. One small eco-friendly act can make a significant change! By taking your own reusable bags on your shopping journey, you reduce the number of single-use plastic bags.

You can find reusable produce bags on Uncommon Goods online. Both linen and cotton can be bought. Some even have funny prints related to vegetables and fruits! These types of bags are advised to use because they help your food stay fresh!

Tea Infuser and Strainer

This sustainable gift is for all the tea addicts out there. How is it sustainable? Well, LeafLife presents you with an original bamboo tumbler. Like wood, bamboo gives the item a stylish look. It is perfect for picnics in the park and camping in the mountains. Bamboo tumblers are becoming extremely popular due to it being environmental and reusable. It has a stainless steel interior. In addition, it maintains your tea hot for almost 12 hours. LeaflLife presents you with an item that is also suitable for travel. Just ditch the plastics and carry the bamboo! Hop on their website and purchase it now!

Phone Case

Are you in need of a phone cover? Are you bored of the ordinary rubber or plastic ones? Pela has more than 36 thousand customers. Each buyer made the switch to sustainable phone cases. Whether you are an iPhone, a Samsung, a Huawei or a Google Pixel phone carrier, Pela has got it all covered. These phone cases have lower carbon than regular plastic ones.

Also, they have limited edition cases in honour of some animals they admire, like their very own honey bee phone case. With each purchase, Pela is generous enough to donate 5% of its total sales and profits to organizations that help save coastlines, oceans and wild animals. Visit their website and benefit from their biggest sale of the year!

Silk Scrunchies

Women can never get enough of having things. In 2019, scrunchies were the most prominent fashion trends. In addition to pulling your hair up, they can be worn on the wrist. They help enhance your outfit and have you in style. This eco-friendly gift is from Simora. The silk scrunchies come with a set of 3. Although they don’t look like it; but, they are all made from leftover silk to scale down the fabric waste. You can find them on amourvert.com.

Eco-friendly gifts: Silk Scrunchies by Simora


What are some of the most useless retail items? You guessed right, footwear. Shoes and sneakers take on a lot of time to decompose. And, footwear manufacturing is not slowing down. Are there any sustainable footwear brands you can benefit from? Yes! Oliberté is one of them. From Ethiopia to Canada, this eco-friendly shoe factory creates and manufactures shoes for men and women.

Back in September 2013, they were the world’s first Fair Trade certified shoe factory. The boots are made of high-quality leather obtained from African farmers. They have a vision of making the world a little greener. According to the Green Willow Homestead blog, they are among the top 3 sustainable shoe companies. Check out their website and read more about their unique story!


Who can forget about makeup? We found the perfect gift for all the ladies with an eco-friendly perspective. Elate Cosmetics is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty company in Canada. Their mission is to become the first cosmetics company that is waste-free. Also, they want their clients to fall in love with themselves, their products and the Earth.

Moreover, they have a firm belief that one small individual actions can affect the entire globe. They have sustainable products for the eyes, such as eye pencils and mascaras. The face such as foundation, highlighter and primer; the lips such as lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss. They also have bamboo makeup accessories such as palettes and brush sets. There's so much to choose from for your friends and family who love makeup and skincare at Elate Cosmetics!


There is nothing better than buying a gift that can be used for several occasions. Towels are always necessary. Whether it’s for a vacation on a tropical island or a stay-cation in your own country, towels are needed. Nomadix is known for its eco-friendly towels. They have several colours and patterns. Each towel is named differently. Also, this American company makes accessories, blankets and shawls. The funny thing is that they started their journey with a road trip. With it came one realization: with less, you can do more.

So, what makes their towels eco-friendly? Thirty recycled plastic water bottles can help them put together one towel. Towels are also sand-resistant and pet hair-resistant. So, you can dry off your golden retriever with zero worries! Moreover, they use fibres that dry quickly. Therefore, you will be saving water because you will be washing it less. Finally, Nomadix donates 1% of its profits to environmental NGOs.


Holidays are all about family gatherings. Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, there is nothing like beating your uncle on game night! Though there are many fun games to play, Jenga is definitely one of the most stressful. One particular version of the game helps save ocean animals! This is mostly a gift for kids though it has no age limit.

However, Jenga Ocean can teach kids how to keep life in the sea by following specific rules. Players will understand how nets are dangerous to marine animals. Also, it is the first board game ever to be built from recycled plastics. Each block is made from 25 square feet of fishing nets. Sail the night away with Jenga Ocean!

Beard Oil

At some point in his life, every man decides to grow a beard. Badger is a company that started in 1995. It is based in New Hampshire. It is known for their beard oil. The former is certified organic and 100 percent natural. Beard oil is not only good for facial hair, but it is most beneficial for the skin underneath. Also, it works as a moisturizer and provides a glow for your face. This eco-friendly gift is for all the men who wish to enhance their skin routine.

The company has won awards for several years now. So you might as well check out their products. They are filled with antioxidants and vitamins. Also, plants like Jojoba and oils like Babassu are incorporated in the mix. Not only are their products organic, but they maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as serving their employees organic lunch! The Badger Company proved that you could get the best, healthiest, and most beneficial results from your backyard plants no matter how many years go by.


Holidays are known for having too much food left in the fridge. If it’s not the mash potatoes, then it’s the turkey or the pie. You continue eating leftovers for a week until your jeans don’t fit you anymore. So, this last gift goes out to all the home cooks. Amelia Wasiliev and Giovanna Torrico are the writers of “The Zero Waste Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Cooking without Waste”.

These ladies give great advice on how to make cooking fun without throwing anything away. From lemon zest to vodka to sunflower oil, you learn that nothing, we do mean nothing, can be thrown away. It is true the book, itself, is not sustainable. However, the outcome of it is. This fantastic book can be purchased on Amazon.

To conclude, people are aware, now more than ever, of the impact humans can have on the planet. With climate change and pollution, you can help save the world in many different ways. The holidays are the most special days of the year. What better way to gift others sustainable presents as a reminder that we would have no gifts to give without Earth. Teach the younger generation to be kind to nature. Once they do so, the planet will have its ways of rewarding us for our good deeds. So think green, do green and save the green.