Wooden Sunglasses - 5 Reasons to Embrace the Trend

Multiple trends for eyewear can be found, but this season’s popular pieces aren’t the usual bright-coloured accents, heavily-printed plastic pieces and the like; high street brands took a contrasting turn when it comes to designing for the new season. In an expected but slightly twisted turn, craftwork, neutral palettes, and wooden eye silhouettes are dominating this time around.


The wooden sunglasses trend combines practicality, eco-responsibility and high-fashion. Take a peek at their classic frames, crisp lines, and unique detailing, and you’ll see how the wooden design subtly sets you apart from the crowd. With a variety of shapes and designs, wooden sunglasses are a must-have for him and her!


Unisex Wood Sunglasses


Why Choose Wooden Sunglasses?


 1. Wooden Sunglasses are Easy to Pair with Any Outfit


Earthy accents are a trusted staple for modern fashion and wooden sunglasses will be your go-to with an array of wood colored tones. It’s easy to find pieces that fit both your casual style and your sophisticated fashion looks. The wooden touch can complement any mood - be it the casual gal out in the city, a formal yet eye-catching fit for the girl boss in you, or even at classy parties as the earthy design can instantly elevate your look.


Women wooden sunglasses


2. Wooden Sunglasses Give a Neutral yet Sophisticated Look


Neutrals dominated the streets of fashion in the past seasons, earthy palette are seen during the autumn season and there’s resurgence this summer with wooden beige and brown designs for sunglasses. When it comes to monochromatic dressing, we always gravitate towards neutrals as the classic hues make for a sleek, effortless look. When it comes to eyewear, trust that brown tones got you covered.

bamboo sunglasses3. Wooden Sunglasses are Durable and Guarantee Value for Money


Wood is a highly durable material that requires little to no maintenance, making it ideal for daily use without running into the risk of wear-and-tear. Additionally, wooden sunglasses are resistant to heat, water, corrosion and pollution, making it as functional as it is fashionable that can serve your understated elegance for years.

sunglasses case4. Wooden Sunglasses Support Sustainable Fashion


Our wooden sunglasses are all handmade from bamboo and exotic woods, which are eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Sustainable Fashion aims to eliminate the use of plastic and waste of materials that have immense detrimental effects on the environment and our planet. By using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, the carbon footprint, chemical waste, pollution of rivers and oceans can be minimized. In sustainable fashion, the quality of the materials used is also a very important focus, as the goal is to maximize the repair, reuse and recycling of a product in order for it to have a longer life-cycle. When choosing wooden sunglasses, you’re making a choice to say no to fast fashion, helping raise social awareness in terms of eco and social responsibility and encouraging the sustainable fashion movement.


sustainable fashion

 5. Wooden Sunglasses are Unique for Every Pair


If you want to rise from mainstream fashion and be unique, wooden sunglasses are the choice to make! No two pairs are ever exactly alike, each pair and type of wood holds their unique grain, color and texture, making it a one-of-a-kind design. While plastic sunglasses showcase their distinct prints and patterns for design, wooden sunglasses offer a different style subtle lines in the frame that differ from every pair to the other.


Ebony wood sunglasses


The benefits of choosing sunglasses made of wood over any other material are endless!

By making conscious choices and opting for products that are made from eco-friendly materials, you are contributing to a bigger cause and raising awareness for social and environmental responsibility.


Choose your favorite pair of wooden sunglasses from our collection and BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT!