Our Guide To Choosing The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Wearing sunglasses is a great fashion statement, especially on a bright, sunny day. Other than protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays and other particles that can enter the eyes, sometimes you want to wear them just for style. Whether you want to rock a flattering pair of stylish shades to elevate a basic outfit, or you just want classic black pair that will blend perfectly with your laid-back week-end look! 

But, are you wearing the right pair of sunglasses for you?

There might be some designs of sunglasses that look good on you, but don’t necessarily complement your face shape and features. While choosing sunglasses is effortless, it’s easy to go with the wrong shape, color or design. That’s why it's important to know what to look for when buying a pair, and one of the main considerations is your face shape as well as the shape, size and colour of the sunglasses themselves.


Determining Your Face Shape 

The first step is to identify your face shape and that’s an easy thing to do! Take a lipstick or an erasable marker. If you have neither, you can use a bar of soap. Stand in front of the mirror and, on its surface, trace the outline of your face. Try to keep your hand from straying. Take a step back and look at the shape. Is it oval, heart, square, or round? If you're still not sure what is your face shape, click here for a guide to help you determine your shape.


Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Round Shaped Faces

Your objective when picking the right pair of sunglasses is to give a lengthening effect to your face. To do that, you must choose glasses with dark frames. The darkness narrows the face and gives an illusion of an oval shape. If you have an uneven facial shape, choose a frame where the height is less than the width.  Oversized, rectangular and cat-eye frames offset the roundness.

Round face shape

Your Sunglasses: The ideal sunglasses for this shape of face are pointed (cat-eye), square and rectangular. Pick sunglasses that have frames wider than the face or that are oversized, so that it will add balance to the soft features, as well as enhance the face and make it look longer or thinner. Avoid round glasses and narrow frames, they will only emphasize the roundness of the face and won’t be as flattering.

Wood sunglasses for round faces

Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Oval Shaped Faces 

If you have an oval-shaped face, your objective when picking the right sunglasses is to emphasize the harmonious proportions of your face. You should avoid choosing sunglasses that look larger or oversized, the frames should only be as wide as your face. Also, make sure that the upper frame does not go beyond your eyebrows.

 Oval face shape

Your Sunglasses: An oval face shape is the most versatile when choosing a flattering pair of sunglasses. Don’t pick sunglasses that have prominent edges or that appear too big and wide. The frames that match your facial shape should be smooth-lined. People with this face shape can rock the Aviator shades like the stars.

Sunglasses for oval face shapes

Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Square Shaped Faces

Rounded sunglasses are perfect for square face shapes. Choosing round or oval frames will make you look bold and super fashionable. These shapes of glasses will also help you achieve visual balance on your face, as well as soften overall facial proportions.

 Square Face Shape

Your Sunglasses: Pick large glasses where the frame width is proportionate to the width of your face. On the topic of going bold, choose coloured frames, these will be even more flattering. And last but not least, avoid sunglasses with frames that are wider than your face.

sunglasses for square face shapes

Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Faces 

The narrowest point of a heart-shaped face is at the jawline, with a wide top third and a narrow bottom third. Ideally you want your sunglasses to reduce the apparent width of the top of the face. Thin and light-coloured frames are good choices for heart shaped faces.

 heart shape face

Your Sunglasses: Any frames that are wider on the top then they are on the bottom will be flattering on a heart faced shape. Cat eye frames with high pointed edges and aviator style sunglasses are the very flattering for this face shape. You’ll be sure to look like a real fashionista while rocking these sunglasses!

sunglasses for heart face shape


Now that we've given you the most common face shapes and the different types of sunglasses that would best fit every shape, choosing the right pair of sunglasses for you will be a piece of cake! 

If you still feel unsure and having second thoughts, we’ve also created a detailed SIZE GUIDE that will help you with sizing the sunglasses for a perfect fit! You won’t be able to go wrong when referring to our size guide to pick the perfect and most flattering pair of wooden sunglasses for you!



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