Where To Find Kraywoods in 2018


Everyone loves online shopping in 2018… we get it… you get the products you want without ever stepping out your front door. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s convenient.


As a brand that stands for sustainability and a greener future, we find it important to take part in causes and events that support what we believe in.

There’s also a special feeling we get from meeting and interacting with our customers face-to-face that often gets lost with the whole online shopping experience.

Having the opportunity to speak to our customers and interact with them on a human level, learn about why they choose to support sustainable brands like ours, and how we can improve our product and service to deliver a superior experience every time is exactly why we founded Kraywoods.

If you find yourself near any of these following events or locations, we urge you to drop by and give our products a try. Let’s meet and be friends!


  • Boutique YUL Designs - Montreal Retail Location

    Kraywoods In Yul Designs Boutique

    YUL Designs offers products exclusively designed and, for the most part, manufactured in Montréal. This means you get to enjoy an incredibly unique shopping experience and support local businesses at the same time. We're happy to say that our sunnies have found a home at YUL Designs Boutique, and you can try them on in-person at any time of the year!

  • Veg Summit - Montreal - Aug 25th

    Kraywoods At Veg Summit 2018

    Veg Summit is a full-day event, featuring some of the most inspiring speakers the vegan community has to offer. We had the incredible opportunity to be one of the sponsors for this event and held a booth where you could meet us, share high-fives and try on our collection of unique wooden sunnies! Let's meet again next year!

  • Festival Végane de Montréal - Montreal - Oct 20-21

    Kraywoods At The Montreal Vegan Festival

    That's right! You'll be able to find us at the biggest Vegan event happening in Montreal. The festival will take place at the Palais des congrès and it's free admission for all! You will find us among 160 other vegan & eco-friendly vendors showcasing what the world of sustainability has to offer. We'll be there to help you with the styling and fitting so you can finally own the perfect pair of wooden shades!

  • PAUSE Conscious Pop-up #6 - New York City- Nov 8-17

    Kraywoods At Pause NYC

    PAUSE Conscious Pop-Up is a 10-day dynamic pop-up event where sustainable fashion, art, live performances, and music meet. PAUSE aims to create a space that allows us to rethink our choices and the way we present ourselves to the world, and ultimately to inspire others to connect with their personal consciousness. We couldn’t be more proud to have our Kraywoods products featured in a space that celebrates sustainable fashion design, art and consciousness.

  • VegFest London – Ontario - Nov 10

    Kraywoods At VegFest London Ontario

    A local offshoot of the global VegFest movement, the goal of London's festival is to “branch out” to others in an effort to grow awareness of the impacts our dietary choices have on animals and the greater planet…and of course, to eat a whole lot of greens! We will be attending in-person and showing off our latest collection of Kraywoods sunnies, eating lots of delicious vegan food and promoting compassionate, sustainable & healthy living for all.


If you find yourself near any of these locations during those dates, drop us a message to meet or come by and say hello! We’re always happy to meet our customers and form new friendships with the people that support us and what we stand for. 

If you want to see Kraywoods at an event near you, send a message to marketing@kraywoods.com with the details and we'll make sure to get back to you and try our best!

We hope to meet you soon!


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