How to Purchase Eco Friendly and Ethically Made Sunglasses


Whether you're just starting on your journey to a more eco-conscious lifestyle or already fully there, this guide is for you!


Switching up your closet from fast fashion items to pieces that are made from eco-friendly materials using ethical practices can sometimes be overwhelming. When looking for sustainable alternatives, it’s important to find the right ethical and eco-friendly brands that align with your values. With lots of new eco-fashion and lifestyle brands popping up, you can now find an eco-friendly alternative for almost any item you can think of, even sunglasses!

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While you might not think that there is an eco-friendly alternative to something like a pair of sunglasses, there are quite a few options! You can find different types of sunglasses that are responsibly made from eco-friendly or recycled materials, and by ethical brands.


Every action counts, when you’re purchasing a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses that are ethically made from sustainable materials, you’re having a significant impact on the environment by minimizing your carbon footprint. This means reducing chemical waste, deforestation, and the pollution of our rivers and oceans! Not to mention supporting ethical brands promotes fair labor and often helps contribute to the social or environmental causes they support.


So how do you make sure to purchase a pair of eco-friendly and ethically made sunglasses? We got it covered for you!


Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

Eco-friendly sunglasses can be made from two types of materials: eco-friendly sustainably sourced materials or recycled materials. Wooden sunglasses made from sustainable sourced wood are a great alternative to plastic sunglasses! Wood sunglasses can be made out of different types of wood such as bamboo wood, ebony wood, walnut wood, zebra wood, and many more. Other than the eco-friendly aspect, wood sunglasses provide many other benefits. To read about all the benefits of choosing wooden sunglasses, check out our blog here!

Sunglasses made from recycled plastic, acetate or metals have also become easy more and more common. The advantage of those is that they look just like your regular pair of sunglasses! If you don’t want something that stands out, these can be a perfect eco-friendly alternative to your regular plastic sunglasses!


With consumers becoming more eco-conscious, sustainable fashion is on the rise and wooden sunglasses or sunglasses made from recycled materials are part of the latest trends! They come in fashion-forward styles and a variety of colours and shapes for you to choose from.


Ethical Brands 

While making sure to purchase sunglasses that are made from eco-friendly or sustainable materials is great, going the extra-mile and making sure that they’re made by an ethical brand is even more rewarding and will have a much bigger impact! Supporting ethical brands helps contribute to an even bigger cause such as ethical and fair trade, which in result helps provide relief to communities in need in one way or another.

Not all companies that make sunglasses from eco-friendly materials will be ethical. When you're out shopping for wood sunglasses or recycled plastic sunglasses, and want to make the most impact with your purchase, then you'll need to know what to pay attention to. Look for the brand’s mission, values and cause. Make sure that along with your purchase, your money is also contributing to a cause or a charity. Most ethical brands also make the effort to help support environmental or social causes. For example, some companies might be offering a set amount of money for every pair of sunglasses bought to charity. To find out more about what makes a brand ethical, check out this blog here!


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At Kraywoods, for every pair of wooden sunglasses sold, part of the proceeds go to planting a tree in Kenya through One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation.