How Sunglasses Can Transform Your Look


Sunglasses are never out of fashion. You can wear them any day and on occasion. Sun or cloud, sunglasses can be worn as a simple and effortless fashion accessory to add more style to any casual wear. All you need to do is to put on a pair and et voila—your look is transformed and complete.


When did sunglasses become a fashion accessory?

When sunglasses were introduced in the 1920s, they were worn by the regular people like you and me as a simple fashion accessory. Back then, sunglasses were used only for extreme water adventures and snow sports. They were also mostly associated with people who worked in the travel industry, such as pilots and aviators.

Between the '50s and the '60s, Hollywood stars started wearing sunglasses to conceal their identities from the intrusive paparazzi and their exploding light bulbs. Since sunglasses were been adapted by Hollywood stars, they have been then associated with fashion and glamour.

From then on, sunglasses have become a fashion staple on the runways and a trendy accessory that can transform your look!


How can sunglasses transform your look?

Depending on the type of the sunglasses you choose, you can instantly transform your look! The shape and color of the frames can have a big impact on your overall look and feel, and the image you project. With the right pair of sunglasses, a basic outfit can go from giving out a casual to an edgy and sophisticated one! Here are a few ways you can transform your look with sunglasses!


1. Give your look a pop with coloured sunglasses

If you’re someone who owns a wardrobe that mainly consists of classic colours and likes to stay away from flashy and bright colours, you may find yourself blending into the background and wishing for a little colour to accentuate your look from time to time. A pair of sunglasses with coloured frames or bright reflective mirrored lenses can really make your outfit pop and add that vibrant touch to dark coloured ensemble. Bright coloured sunglasses will add that touch of colour to your classic outfit, giving a unique edge to your look and making an effortless fashion statement.

model wearing green mirror walnut wood sunglasses

Here are a few coloured sunglasses from our collection that would allow you to accomplish this transformation!

Walnut wood sunglasses with green mirror lenses Wood sunglasses with silver mirror lenseswomen bamboo sunglasses

2. Look glamorous with a pair of cat-eye or oversized frames 

Do you find yourself always opting for a comfy-feel look with a laid back casual wear on the go!? No worries, you’re not alone! Minimalist and casual sporty looks are so on trend right now and aiming for that street-style look is definitely the way to go for every day style.

If you’re into this simple and stylish image, we're all for it, but casual doesn't have to be all that casual. If you think you can’t look glam in your street wear, think again. A simple pair of cat-eye sunglasses will give you that chic feminine look in a second!

polarized bamboo sunglasses womenDark bamboo wood sunglasses with polarized lenses and 100% UV protectionwomen bamboo sunglasses 100% uv protection

A pair of dark oversized sunglasses will also give you that bold glam look, all while looking effortlessly fashionable!


Women wearing vintage round wood sunglasses with gold metal


3. Look professional and sophisticated with classic styles 

You may love your stylish cat eye sunglasses or retro-round frames for day-to-day wear, but there are certain occasions when you need to project a more professional and sophisticated look. While donning a smart blazer, adding a tie, wearing a pair of heels or accessorizing with a chic purse are all great ideas, choosing the right sunglasses is one of the easiest ways to transform your look from fun and casual to classic and sophisticated. 


 fashion wood sunglasses


For those times when you want your sunglasses to compliment your classic outfit and add that sophisticated touch, opt for dark coloured sunglasses with classic square, rectangular or aviator shapes.

men wayfarer ebony wood sunglassesmen aviator wood sunglassesebony wood wayferer sunglasses


Sunglasses are practical as well as fashionable. If you know how to pick the right pair sunglasses for your outfit and for the occasion, you style will always be on point and you’ll have no trouble turning heads wherever you go! Sunglasses will become your staple accessory and you will never leave the house without the perfect pair! 


To shop your staple accessory now, head to our store and find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you from a variety of styles, shapes, textures and colours!




women round wood sunglasses

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