The Advantages Of Polarized Sunglasses


Shopping for sunglasses can sometimes be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. The most common question when buying for sunglasses is, “What type of lens protection is best, and do I really need polarized sunglasses lenses?” Many people may not even know what polarized lenses are and what are the advantages to having polarized sunglasses. Let's explore what polarized lenses are and what are the advantages of having them on your sunglasses.


What are polarized sunglasses lenses?

Polarized sunglasses lenses are meant to reduce glare from flat surfaces such as snow, glass, or water. Glare alters the true colours of an object, reduces visual clarity and contrast, as well as increases eye strain and ocular fatigue. Polarized lenses are designed with a special filters that can absorb the horizontal light that reflects on various objects in your surroundings. These sunglasses allow clearer vision and a superior protection for your eyes, which can be especially useful when driving or doing certain sports.


Polarized vision vs non polarized


Advantages of Polarized Lenses

1. They enhance visual comfort

With polarized lenses, your eyes will be more comfortable when under direct sunlight. You can see an object with more clarity because polarized lenses reduce the amount of glare you experience. With polarized sunglasses, colours are more clear, vibrant and contrasted which allows you to experience a better vision of your surroundings. Polarized lenses will also allow you to see brighter and more colourful marine life underwater, which Is why they are essential for water sports.


Man wearing polarized sunglasses


2. They reduce the harmful effects of UVB/UVA

If your eyes are frequently exposed to ultraviolet lights, your vision can get impaired with time. UV radiation increases the possibility of developing cataracts, leading to damage in the retina, and eventually causing macula degeneration. Polarized lenses can also filter the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, which provides you with a better protection for your eyes and dramatically reduces the risks of sun exposure. It is important to make sure that the polarized sunglasses you choose have 100% UV protection to maximize its effectivity. Check for a sticker on the product and make sure that they have the following information:

  • Lenses must be verified to block 99% to 100% of UVB and UVA rays
  • Lenses must indicate that when lenses are worn correctly, it can give UV400 protection


sunlight rays


3. They provide superior visual clarity and contrast

When you are not wearing any polarized sunglasses, your eyes tend to see over-exposed objects. With polarized lenses, you can see better and brighter colour contrast even with bright light conditions because the horizontal light patterns are filtered away. The enhanced colour perception allows you to have better visual clarity and comfort.


Vision through a polarized lens

Vision through our Groove Sunglasses' HD Polarized Lenses


Along with all these immense benefits that improve the clarity and quality of your daytime vision, keep in mind that there are a few circumstances where polarized lenses may be less appropriate such as night driving, viewing LCD screens, auto dashboards, clocks and instrument displays.


Often times, trying out polarized sunglasses is a one way road. Once you’ve had the chance to enjoy the superior visual clarity and comfort of a polarized pair of sunglasses, you won’t ever want to go back!

Your eyes deserve the best care and protection, so treat yourself with no compromise to one of our wood sunglasses made with HD Polarized lenses.