6 Ways To Care For Your Wooden Sunglasses


People nowadays are becoming more environmentally conscious and looking for ways to live more sustainably, whether it be in what they wear, what they eat or what they consume. With the growing impacts of climate change, there’s a growing movement to eliminate the use of plastic in its entirety, which has led to more people proactively avoiding the use of plastic as much as they can.


Have you ditched your plastic straws yet? If not, you’re late on that train! Metal or bamboo straws are now such a must that some places don’t even give out plastic straws anymore! Water tumblers have also become a sustainable staple to help reduce the use of one-time-use water bottles. We’re even seeing the sustainability movement take over the cosmetic and fashion industry in big waves. With growing demand, the use of organic, eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials is on the rise.


Along with replacing plastic straws and water bottles for more sustainable alternatives, people are also slowly ditching their plastic sunglasses for wooden sunglasses instead! Wooden sunglasses are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! They’re not only made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, but they also have so many benefits over regular plastic sunglasses. We’ve already covered all the benefits of wooden sunglasses in our blog here!


If you own a pair of wooden sunglasses, we’ve gathered some tips on how to care for them so that they last you for as long as possible!


1. Use both hands to remove your sunglasses

Many people make the mistake of taking off their glasses with only one hand. Doing this often can compromise your glasses’ alignment. In order to ensure that your glasses remains properly aligned without becoming crooked with time and especially with frequently use, use both hands whenever you put them on and remove them.

women wearing sunglasses

2. Store them properly 

When removing your sunglasses, make sure to always store them securely in their case. Keeping them anywhere else but in a safe case can risk losing or breaking them. You can grab one of our sturdy bamboo cases specially designed to safely store and protect your sunglasses.

bamboo sunglasses case

3. Avoid placing them just anywhere

When not in use, many people tend to let their glasses rest on top of their head, in their hair, or hanging on their shirts. These habits can distort the shape of your sunglasses over time. The best place to store your sunglasses and keep them in perfect shape is in your glasses case.


4. Avoid overexposure to the sun when not in use

This sounds ironic, doesn’t it? A pair of sunglasses is supposed to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. The fact is that leaving your sunglasses lying outside their case and in places with direct sunlight exposure, such as on the dashboard of your car, can damage the tint and surface coatings on the lenses and reduce their lifespan.


5. Keep them afloat!

All our wooden sunglasses are treated to be water-resistant, not waterproof. This means that they can withstand sweat and small quantities of water. Submerging them it in water for long periods can cause the wood to change colour over time, so make sure to keep them afloat!

water resistant sunglasses


6. Clean it properly

Avoid using anything other than a glasses cloth when it comes to cleaning the lenses on your wooden sunglasses. Avoid wiping your glasses on your shirt, jeans or with regular tissues to take off dirt as you can risk scratching the lenses. 

Microfiber cloth


To make sure you're already all equipped to apply these care tips, all our sunglasses already come with a complimentary pouch, storage box and microfiber cleaning cloth! If you want to have add that extra protection, you can purchase one of our bamboo cases along with your sunglasses for 50% OFF! 

Knowing how to care properly for your wooden sunglasses is essential. Since wood is a very durable material, with proper care and use, you’ll be able to have your sunglasses for years.


PS: These care tips can also be applied to any type of glasses you have, wooden, plastic, acetate and metal! 👓 🕶️


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