5 Reasons Polarized Sunglasses Are Better

What are polarized lenses, and why are they better?

Often we hear about polarized sunglasses being superior, that they're better for our eyes and offer more protection from the sun. What are polarized lenses and why are polarized sunglasses superior? Let’s explore how a polarized lens is made and what are the benefits of having polarized versus normal UV protection sunglasses.

Here are some of the advantages and reasons why you should definitely make sure to treat yourself to a pair of polarized sunnies this summer!

1. Eliminate reflective glare:

Polarized lenses' main advantage is primarily eliminating reflective glare. When performing outdoor activities like jogging, biking, boating, skiing, golfing, or any other activity you can think of on a bright sunny day, the sunlight reflected can sometimes be so strong that it completely obscures your vision. Polarized sunglasses will block out those shiny glares for you and better protect your eyes from those harmful ultra violet rays. 

Reflective Glare


2. Reduce Eye strain

When we are subjected to reflective glares, our eyes are constantly adjusting to keep our vision clear, which causes stress on the eye muscles (yes eye muscles are a thing), leading to increased eye fatigue. Through polarized lenses, reflective glare is eliminated so you're not constantly straining your eyes and you'll feel more comfortable and relaxed.



3. Increase visual Comfort

Visual comfort is crucial, especially when you’re spending a full day out in the sun, on a boat or on the beach. Bright sun rays and reflections can get very tiring for your eyes. If your eyes are not being constantly challenged by bright rays and reflections, vision will be much more comfortable!

Visual Comfort

4. Clearer vision in sunlight

If you tried driving on a bright sunny day with regular sunglasses then you'll relate to these scenarios: objects in the distance appeared hazy, road signs were hard to read or other vehicles were reflecting light in a way that's nearly blinding! With polarized sunnies, all your struggles are gone hun. Don't beleive me? Buy one of our polarized sunnies and experience it for yourself!


5. Enhance Contrast

Sunglasses often have the downside of masking true colors. When wearing a dark pair of sunnies, the world around us can look darker, while colors appear with a gray hue depending on the color of your lenses. With polarized sunglasses, colors remain bright and stand out even more! The world around you appears more vivid and contrasted, while staying unaffected by the tint of your lenses.

Groove Polarized Lens
Pictured: Our GROOVE polarized sunnies

Once you’ve had the chance to enjoy the superior visual clarity and comfort of a polarized pair of sunnies, you won’t ever wanna go back! Your eyes deserve the best care and protection, so treat yourself to a pair of polarized sunnies and we'll take them back if you're not saying WOW after trying them on!