4 Types Of Wood Sunglasses


On a mission towards sustainable fashion, the new trend for eyewear is all about sunglasses made out of wood, making for a unique, comfortable, and durable design. The sudden craze for wooden sunglasses is not without its merit as each pair of wood frame comes with a distinct look, colour and texture, making it the perfect fashion accessory for those looking to own something unique, fashion-forward and eco-friendly.


In the making of wooden eyewear, there is a very detailed and artistic process as each pair is handcrafted from a different type of wood. Every pair of sunglasses frame made out of wood come in a different wood grain, colour and texture with no two pairs looking exactly alike, making every pair unique on its own.


wood carving


Let’s explores the different types of wood that our handcrafted wood sunglasses are designed and  made of here at Kraywoods Montreal!


1. Zebra Wood Sunglasses

Originating from West Africa, Zebra Wood is an exotic hardwood characterized by dark brown to black stripes that are reminiscent of an African zebra. This dramatic-looking wood that combines light with dark is highly durable ad resistant. Zebra Wood is considered a luxury hardwood due to its distinctive bold coloured stripes and exceptionally beautiful finish.

zebra wood

Sunglasses made out of Zebra Wood look exceptionally unique as the stripes on the wood come in different patterns and variations of colour. To shop sunglasses made out of zebra wood, click here!

polarized zebra wood sunglasses

2. Ebony Sunglasses

Originating from Southeast Asia and West Africa, Ebony Wood is an exotic hardwood that exhibits an extremely high density and distinct black coloration within the wood. High in natural oil content, ebony wood responds beautifully to finishes and can result in a very high natural shine. It is one of the most valuable and luxurious types of wood in the world due to its distinctive dense black colour, fine texture and very smooth finish.

ebony wood

If you’re looking for wooden eyewear that will last you for decades, ebony is the wood of choice for its extreme durability, hardness, and strong resistance. The beautiful rich, dark colour of ebony wood sunglasses, on the other hand, will have people take a double-look as soon as you rock them! To shop sunglasses made out of ebony wood, click here!

ebony wood sunglasses polarized

3. Walnut Wood Sunglasses

Walnut Wood is an exotic hardwood originating from walnut trees found in European and South American countries. It is a wood that can vary in color, ranging from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Walnut wood is highly durable and resistant, it is known for its strength properties and beautiful rich brown coloured tones.

walnut wood

When made into eyewear, walnut wood makes for very unique and eye-catching sunglasses frames with no compromise on quality, durability and resistance. To shop sunglasses made out of walnut wood, click here!

walnut wood sunglasses polarized

4. Bamboo Sunglasses

Originating mainly from South Asia, Bamboo is one of the most unique and fastest growing plants. It is considered as one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable resources on the planet. Made from natural vegetation, it is a highly renewable resource that is able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. Bamboo is known for its distinctive pale colour and fine uniform texture.


As for eyewear, bamboo sunglasses are extremely lightweight and comfortable that you barely feel them on even after long hours of wear. With a beautiful colour, smooth finish and texture, you’ll be sure to attract attention with your bamboo sunglasses on! To shop sunglasses made out of bamboo, click here!

bamboo sunglasses


With the popularity of wooden eyewear on the rise, there are also many benefits to choose sunglasses made out of wood over any other material.

Wood in itself is a naturally beautiful material that comes in a variety of textures, colours and patterns, which allows for unique designs and one-of-a-kind pieces. More so, wood is a durable and resistant material that can withhold long use without degrading or losing quality with time.

Along with all these advantages, when you purchase a pair of wooden sunglasses from Kraywoods, designed here in Montreal, a part of the proceeds go to planting trees in Kenya.


Supporting sustainable fashion and making a conscious choice for the environment when buying a pair of sunglasses has never been so easy!