4 Simple Ways To Keep Our Earth Green!

Have you ever thought of the environmental impact some of our actions can have on our planet?

Many of our daily actions can be harming to the environment, often without us being aware!

From transportation to energy consumption to shopping habits, each of our actions can impact the environment we live in for better or worse.

The great news is every action counts, and we can make a positive impact in very simple ways!

Here are 4 simple tips to reduce your carbon footprint on this earth and keep it green...


Bike Transportation


1. Transportation

Transportation can have a huge impact on our carbon footprint.

Did you know that exhaust fumes is one of the main perpetrators of climate change, global warming, air pollution and increased respiratory health problems?

On average, each vehicle releases over 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide and many other harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere...

We can help reduce our carbon footprint by taking advantage of car-pooling, using public transportation when possible, and walking or biking short distances!


Energy Consumption


2. Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is another huge contributor to our carbon footprint.

Electricity generated by fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas contributes to polluting air, water and land.

Consuming less energy reduces the amount of fuel needed to generate electricity and therefore decreases our carbon footprint!

A few ways we can reduce energy consumption is by turning off electronics when not in use, shutting off lights when they're not needed or simply taking shorter showers.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


3. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

    Increase in consumption and waste means more landfills are required.

    A few of the drastic effects of landfills include air pollution, ground water pollution, as well as soil and land pollution...

    This is why you should apply “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” as a mantra in your daily life!

    Find innovative ways to reuse or repurpose items you already own.

    Avoid single-use throwaways such as water bottles or plastic bags, and always recycle unwanted items. These simple changes in lifestyle can make a great positive environmental impact!


    Kraywoods Wooden Sunglasses


    4. Shop Sustainable

    Every choice you make as a consumer has a direct impact on the environment.

    When you're shopping for clothes and accessories, seek out sustainable brands!

    Finding companies who's values and mission align with yours is fun, and you'll be so much happier when your purchase aligns with your beliefs.

    We take pride that our customers don't just purchase our wooden eyewear because they look great, but because they love what we stand for, and that we plant a tree for every pair sold!


    If we implement these 4 simple tips together, we can help preserve our beautiful planet earth and make this world a greener place one person at a time!